Are Your Facebook “Friends” Informing On You for the Illuminati?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Be wary of “friends” who follow your posts a little too enthusiastically and push you to comment on political memes.

What do you really know about your Facebook friends, or even your family?

Do they have criminal records? Are they vulnerable to vice? Could they have been blackmailed for unsavory activities?

If you’ve ever suspected the people close to you of smoking hardcore marijuana, engaging in internet pornography, or even being secret Satanists, you should also worry what that information would mean in the hands of New World Order authorities.

This is how intimidation works in the police state that Hillary Clinton is envisioning for our nation in the new millennium.

First, they compromise one individual for a minor crime. Next, they use that information to honeypot someone higher up the chain. Again and again, until whole communities are beholden to their dark United Nations agenda of One World Luciferian Government.

This is the same type of psychological manipulation that has helped Canadian Intelligence wrestle control of Hollywood from the Jews. Radical Atheists followed this handbook in their brutal seizure of ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association). And we’ve seen this same ploy in the construction of Bernie Sanders’ dangerous cult of personality, which is threatening its own breakaway republic if Emperor Hillary does not bend to their socialist demagogue’s every wanton will.


Sex and marijuana are regularly offered by the Illuminati’s Facebook trolls in order to trap you for New World Order blackmail.

Have you ever been invited to a pot party? Has a promiscuous women messaged you late at night? Do your friends sit around in circles swearing oaths to the Democrat Party and self-flagellating themselves before the liberal media?

You need to be aware that this is precisely how the Illuminati traps you.

And don’t doubt for a second that YOU are a target.

They target anyone who exhibits unique intelligence! If you have doubts about the mainstream media, you’re on their list! If you distrust the authorities and read the alternative press, if you hate the Rothschilds and dream of a world where gun rights are protected and central banking is outlawed, you ARE in their sights!

Once you’ve been turned, these New World Order agents will force you to click and click and click again on their promoted pro-corporate media posts. They’ll censor any insightful memes from your Facebook feed. They’ll shape your mind to follow protocols laid out by the Tavistock Institute until you no longer know where the propaganda ends and the real world begins!

Welcome to the Matrix, my friends!

So next time you’re on Facebook, take a good, hard look at the folks in your feed. Do they seem a little bit too happy? A little bit too angry? Are they bizarre, erratic, outrageous and preposterous people? Do their photos strike you as ridiculous? Does Grandma’s overshares make you suspicious? Are your coworkers only letting you see the bare minimum? What’s up with your exes? Your old college roommate? Even your oldest and closest buddies may deserve a thorough examination!

If you’re not paranoid, my Facebook friends, you haven’t been paying attention!

Or have you?