World Cup Soccer: Is it Making You Vulnerable to an Illuminati One World Government?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
The US team's 30-second goal highlighted the ingenuity of American athletics.

The US team’s 30-second goal highlighted the ingenuity of American athletics.

“Maybe some day, all future conflicts between nations will be played out on the football field.” — Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

As television sets across the globe flicker with scenes of those verdant fields in Brazil, several significant geopolitical developments have taken place.* But you won’t read about them on the front pages. The entire world is tuned in and turned on to the soccer frenzy (and dropped out of the real news cycles).

Yes, issues of starvation, war and financial slavery pale in comparison to the World Cup. Some are calling this the greatest sporting event in human history. Others are heralding it as an important step forward for global peace. Strangest of all, many fans seem to be rooting for the vague notion of “football” itself as an essential unifying force.

A Sport Foreign to American Tastes

It helps, of course, that soccer is a game with few goals and many 0-0 finales. The desire to see an actual ball enter in a goalee’s net becomes an addiction. You watch these men pantomime more complex sports, while never actually achieving anything dramatic. It is the perfect way to distract and demoralize a people. Soccer is, if anything, a massive exercise in lowered expectations. As the quote above from Ban Ki-moon attests, soccer would be the perfect outlet for international tensions if you wished to maintain the status quo. Nothing would get decided, but everyone’s energy would be tapped out in the process.

The players themselves don’t conform to any traditional American norms. They lack the heartiness of our football linesmen, the shrewdness of our basketball forwards, the gravitas of our baseball pitchers and the poise of our golfers. Soccer players, for what it’s worth, tend to be handsome young men, but they don’t appear committed to athleticism. Many wear their hair long and in curls, like some guitar playing lothario you’d expect to see on the beaches of Cancun. Others dye and trim the sides of their manes like inner city hipsters.

Unlike the US team, foreign players are prone to melodrama on the field.

Unlike the US team, foreign players are prone to melodrama and bruised egos on the field.

The most successful soccer stars tend to be short and wiry little men with a Parisian mime’s gift of melodrama. They’re prone to laughable acts of hyperbole, falling over and gripping their knees at the slightest bump. And the referees indulge this ridiculously childish behavior, throwing out red cards for playing a contact sport with too much contact. One can only wonder how children in the Third World are affected by seeing so many exaggerated displays of self-pity. (Illuminati watcher Storm Pierreberg has noted that this is unsurprising, as one of the goals of the New World Order is to emasculate emerging populations.)

FIFA, The Globalist Trial Balloon 

What makes this World Cup particularly fascinating for analysts of global power structures is the unique nature of FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, FIFA operates as a private organization rich in cash but shrouded in mystery. It was founded in 1904 and has survived two world wars completely intact. It operates with a seemingly anonymous “supreme legislative body” known as the “General Secretariat” (notice the use of fascist terminology). But it is impossible to find out who, exactly, composes this inner circle.

FIFA’s leader is Sepp Blatter, a former government bureaucrat and Swiss banker who has a degree in economics and a great deal of experience in globalist organizations (he was even once the president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders!). FIFA’s anthem, which they pipe ceaselessly at every game and press conference, is an odd mix of America’s Stars and Stripes, and the Internationale, the battle cry of communism. FIFA’s song does not have words, according to its German composer Franz Lambert, though some have suggested a version exists with lyrics that extol Illuminati goals of unification, obedience and control. Subliminal messages, anyone?

Brazilian Fantasy, American Mania

If the World Cup is a test run for the New World Order, what better place to serve as a backdrop than Brazil!

Brazil is a multicultural society that has significant populations of Europeans, Asians, Africans and Native Americans. It is an economic powerhouse and a rising political player on the globalist scene. It represents that polyglot vision of a united planet under a One World Government so lovingly espoused by everyone from Google and the U.N., to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderburg Group (or should we simply say, the member organizations of the Illuminati).

FIFA occupies a massive but secretive compound in Zurich, Europe's banking capital.

FIFA occupies a massive but secretive compound in Zurich, Europe’s banking capital.

The mainstream media has sent out a very positive image of Brazil this month, while utterly censoring many important stories about the troubled nation. We have heard nothing of the protests all over the country against government corruption, specifically in connection with World Cup spending. The transit riots in Sao Paulo have also been demoted from primetime reporting as has the scandals surrounding the country’s radical socialist president, Dilma Rousseff.

Instead, we have been fed a steady diet of spectacle. And Americans, once a people who treasured their independence and sovereignty, are eating it up (even though our team was sloppy and lacked the coordination of the Dutch, the charisma of the Brazilians or even the spirit of the Mexicans… though we did accomplish something no other World Cup team has done yet in this championship– score a goal in the first 30 seconds! God bless you, John Brooks!)

Many are asking what comes next. Will soccer rise on the collegiate level? Will billionaires start bankrolling national teams? Will American football be sidelined for “football”? How far will America go in adopting this slow-paced foreign refugee so anxious to land a home on our shores? The end result of the recent glamorization of soccer, it should be noted, could be calamitous. For it begs the question, will Americans bother to look away from their glowing green television sets when those blue-helmeted UN troops come marching through their doors?


* Some of the vital news items you have missed since the World Cup started include: ISIS, the Islamic militant group controlling much of Syria and Iraq, has surged to power and threatens to move on Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia next. King Juan Carlos, an ardent anti-fascist, was ousted from the throne in Spain, and replaced with the more banker-friendly, King Felipe VI. Tensions between China and Vietnam have reached a crisis point, Google announced it will launch 180 spy satellites in the next year, Vice President Joe Biden is in talks to send Guantánamo terrorists to South America, concerns are rising about increased chemtrail/aquatrial spraying and controversial marine, Bowe Bergdahl, has quietly slipped back into the U.S., where he was quickly confined to a mental hospital.


  • Georgia Randy

    I think you are missing a important facet or the emasculating nature of soccer. Its francophile origins and dedication to “Esprit decompetetion” is a blatant attempt to rob young men of their masculine drive to conquer the opponents at all cost. The fervent desire of the one world elitist crowd and sadly the american left to turn fired up clear eyed, hard charging american boys into limp wristed entitled co-operatist drug hazed lefties. And this crap has ben going on since the beatles.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      This has already happened! Just take a look around Facebook and all I see is red-eyed freaks talking about their hair styles and weed smoking. Has the Illuminati won already? By Facebook standards, the answer is yes.

      • po’ lease

        you must b proud!

    • po’ lease

      but the one world elitist crowd DO have the masculine drive to conquer their opponents at all costs. they want to put people into a lull while they do it. they want to see your smiling faces for they don’t understand, and if they don’t understand, that reinforces that they’re aliens who are civilization’s only hope.

      • po’ lease

        they’re also bisexual and american hating. they’d love nothing more than to throw the average american macho mentality man (who isn’t a cog in their machine who is playing the role) into a Rugby game. They’d watch with glee. They loathe hypocrisy, for it’s the one kink they’ll never work out of their “we are gods in a machine” mastery.

        • po’ lease

          Religion is hypocrisy to them. And because ‘you’re’ a hypocrite to them, that means you can’t be right. that is their logic. so when they buck the responsibility for bringing about wars and genocides, it’s because people killed in the name of jesus. they twist and turn, they put themselves everything and play people to act as cultural figureheads as they bastardize actual culture for a one world agenda. they twist and turn, anything to accuse people. you think it’s kosher for you now? wait until they do it to you after they kill off people and realize they don’t like you and that you’re just useful idiots meant to drive out, torture, and intimidate the people they were diametrically opposed to.

  • Colonel Major Dude

    Yeah this sport is just plain boring why they’re trying to make this a big American thing is ridiculous. Who gives a shit what the European bimbos love, its still not going to ever be big in this country.

  • Michael1981

    I love this: “Soccer is, if anything, a massive exercise in lowered expectations.”

    That is how I’ve always felt about watching soccer, though I must say it’s a lot of fun to play. We might just win this year. Take the sum of its digits, for example. 2+0+1+4=7. Seven is God’s favorite number, and we’re His favorite country outside of Israel. I like our chances!

    I agree with what you are saying on the subliminal level, as well. These people worm their way into our minds any way they can.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    No wonder the French love this game.

  • Blanche Beecham

    I don’t like the way soccer tries to indoctrinate our children. I don’t want to live in a neighborhood with a bunch of South American soccer players, yet that seems to be the real “goal” here. I am also troubled by the familiarity these players have with one another, their bodies like sweating stallions, romping and pawing at one another, their flesh rippling with sexual tension. It might be the saturated colors of the uniforms or shoes, but I think there are some distinct homosexual undertones that may go unnoticed by those drawn into the liberal trap of “tolerance” and “acceptance”