Anthony Weiner Could Finally Blow the Lid Off Hillary’s Secret Ties to Mossad, the Rothschilds, Body Doubles, Chemtrails and Scalia’s Assassination!

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Weiner's "Life Insurance" folder has Clinton terrified about an impending arrest.

Weiner’s “Life Insurance” folder has Clinton terrified about an impending arrest.

Is this finally the end of Hillary Clinton?

Federal investigators have obtained a warrant to search a secret cache of Anthony Weiner’s computer files. Marked “Life Insurance,” these documents are said to contain highly sensitive information that will implicate Hillary Clinton is a wide range of criminal activities.

FBI Director James B. Comey has undergone intense pressure from President Obama and Democratic members of Congress to end his case, citing national security concerns and a private agreement made by Attorney General Loretta Lynch that the agency would not arrest Mrs. Clinton.

The Justice Department’s efforts took a surprising turn this week when Weiner’s lawyers signaled that he may be open to negotiations with Comey. He is believed to hold several incriminating files that reveal new dimensions to the Clinton Foundation scandal, including “deep state” ties to Mossad. According to one source, he has also offered new details about payments made by the Rothschild international banking family.

Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is attempting to use this information to delay his arrest on pedophilia charges. The FBI has already discovered a trove of child pornography that could lead to a 60-year prison sentence for Weiner. According to one source, investigators have also unearthed detailed planning schematics of Leonard Nimoy’s so-called “wet works” conspiracy to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, as revealed in the Podesta email leaks.

Many Trump supporters are anxious to learn what Weiner knows about chemtrails and public health.

Many Trump supporters are anxious to learn what Weiner knows about chemtrails and Hillary’s connection to the industry.

Many analysts fear that if Weiner’s information is too sensitive, Obama may step in and seal all the evidence. Any acknowledgement of chemtrails geoengineering, for instance, would result in an immediate shutdown of Comey’s negotiations. As Wikileaks has shown, there is a grave concern among Hillary’s closest aides that secure data might end up in the public’s hands. For Abedin, this is a particularly thorny issue, as she was once a paid consultant to the Club of Rome and advised the United Nation’s on their draft of Agenda 21. Both are widely recognized as focal points of the chemtrails conspiracy.

This new evidence could finally vindicate Donald J. Trump and clear his path to the White House. A correspondent for Tweeted earlier today that the billionaire developer is in secret negotiations with Putin to offer Anthony Weiner asylum due to heightened safety concerns. Considering Hillary’s “kill list,” these fears are justified. Abedin has already had her passport seized, which may indicate that Clinton is preparing to make a move.

If Weiner does follow Edward Snowden’s lead and take refuge in Russia, he will play a crucial role in Hillary’s arrest and the release of additional top-secret files. When this happens, President Trump should make public any documents that prove Hillary’s connection to the disappearance of the Loch Ness Monster, the rise of the Super Homosexuals and immoral consumption of canine fetuses by the Radical Atheist Elite. Loyal Trump supporters will expect nothing less.