Why Isn’t Barack Obama Protecting White People From Racism & Hate?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

white christian racism

Racism. It’s a dangerous word with dangerous implications. Ever since our early flirtations with slavery, America has been under the microscope when it comes to racial relations. The truth behind our ethnic problem is not easy, nor is our solution clear yet our young black president, Barack Obama, has jumped headfirst into this difficult issue nonetheless. The frightening result: the Federal government has embarked on the greatest expansion of power into the private lives of its citizens. We will soon be told what we are allowed to think and feel when it comes to ethnic identities, under harsh punishment of law.

The most offensive thing about this new push to redefine our country is that one group is notoriously absent from this flood of governmental protections: White Christian Americans. White Christians suffer some of the greatest insults in the public sphere today. We are often accused of being terrible sorts of people– unintelligent, dangerous, violent, manipulative, greedy, overweight, feeble and evil. The stereotypes of white people are utterly disgusting. We are called the worst racist names imaginable. People, who neither know nor understand, hate us on sight! They hate us every day and in every way. They flood our email boxes with vile threats, they disparage our churches, rob our homes, steal our car radios, rape us, try to vote us from office, attack us on internet message boards and do everything in their power to suppress our free speech. And if that wasn’t enough, Islamic terrorists have specifically targeted the White Christian American way of life through their campaigns of murder, intimidation and war. If that isn’t the most extreme form of racism on the planet, then what is?

The precarious buzzword behind this reckless non-white agenda is “hate” as in “anti-hate” legislation. It’s an effective word. Who doesn’t hate hate? But the democrats have taken this flimsy ideology to an extreme only imagined in communist fairy tales. Under Obama’s new laws like EDNA, there are certain words you cannot utter, especially if you are committing another crime. The irony here, of course, is that members of these ethnic or sexual groups themselves use these words often, but outsiders are not permitted to do so. If I were a black homosexual I could call myself something that rhymes with “bigger maggot” but alas, I cannot. If I did, the government could stomp in with Federal charges against me!

white christian racism

As a society we have made so much progress. It would be wrong to deny that progress itself is truly indebted to the sweat and wisdom of the impressive white Americans who built this country. But that ability to work honestly and productively as a white man is being challenged today. How many white men from our heartland suburbs have been denied jobs due to affirmative action or Hispanic hiring managers? How many of us have gone on job interviews where you don’t even receive a courtesy call afterwards telling you the position has gone to someone else, possibly a black man? You may not even know that you have been discriminated against but if you’re unemployed and white, you very likely have. Obama and his multi-ethnic cronies have no interest in helping US! They have no interesting in protecting OUR freedoms, OUR rights, OUR jobs! It’s enough to tempt one to add an “iz” to the end of your name or to list “Hip Hop DJ” on your résumé to give you that extra edge…

One of the principal factors behind the legalization of white discrimination is demographic politics. The fastest growing group of voters today is your Mexicans and other Latin types. Politicians are greedy for their votes and have no shame casting white people aside to remain in office. They gladly extend protections to any shirtless Latino just off the bus with a bag full of chickens that a white banker with deep ties to the community would be denied.

As for the Latins, these people lust for our prosperity. They barge in with loud music and outrageous automobiles, their able-bodied men and scantily-clad women dance all night– a sight a few of us hardworking souls might spy from a lonely motel window on that last, desperate business trip to salvage our dying careers… And then there are the African-Americans and the Native-Americans! They have been effective in guilt-tripping ordinary citizens into believing we owe those people something for some nonsense that happened centuries ago. Health care and welfare are just black reparations in sheep’s clothing but can we really spare our sheep in this age of global terror?

white christian racism, latinos who threaten us

Ultimately, the question that needs to be asked is this: What about the white people? We are an endangered breed, surrounded daily by the ever-pregnant hordes of foreigners with their blowsy outfits and urban spices. Foreign men are equally insidious as experts in unabashed sexuality, loudly vocal about their hardcore lusts, prowling our streets with unbuttoned shirts and hairy, hard chests. They are also well acquainted with homosexuality, and the great spread of that peculiar orientation can be traced to their introduction to this country. They come here for our young men, seeking the innocence and promise of our noble white children, seeking to defile that purity in obscene ways in alleyways and against the walls of nasty public toilets…. destroying what hope we once had for the future of our own race for once a boy becomes a homosexual that identity replaces his whiteness.

What does the future hold for White Christian Americans? In the short term, the battlefront is our homeland. The liberal majority in Congress has embraced the most extreme tactics of social engineering to strip you of your faith and white heritage. They are radically redefining the idea of “Freedom of Speech” as enshrined in our Constitution. Obama has laws going into effect that will require Christian churches and other organization to hire the most flamboyant of transvestites and sodomites. We have other laws shoving homosexuality into our tight military barracks. We have lost the freedom to practice Christianity as the Bible mandates we should. This fight will only get more vicious.

The good news is that we, as a people, still have a lot of fight left in us.

Despite all the stereotypes, white people are athletic and fast. We can be muscular and agile, overpowering and dominating our worst enemies in sweaty fits and grunts, laying them flat on that mat of justice as they squeal and bump, their soccer-firm legs against our own, feeling that pulsing bicep against our throats, we continue to surge and rise in the glory of national pride and faith! I, for one, will be following this wrestling match closely!

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” –Psalm 23:1-4.