Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is a Powerful Metaphor for How Institutional Liberalism is Brutalizing Trump Nation

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

A new Hollywood thriller explores Republican identity in the era of leftwing violence.

Can you imagine anything more treacherous than being a Trump supporter in a blue state these days?

As a proud white Republican American woman, I have faced levels of prejudice never before seen in American history. That’s the sad fact of life in a country being torn apart by the violent Democratic Party.

There is one man in Hollywood who gets my struggle, however, and his name is Jordan Peele.

Peele’s new movie, Get Out, is about a young man fighting against a society engineered to persecute him simply for being honest about who he is. Sound familiar?

Rarely has a work spoken so passionately to me about my personal trauma and the trauma of all God-fearing believers in President Donald J. Trump’s vision for unity!

We shouldn’t mince words when it comes to Get Out: it’s unsettling and will leave you with rage and doubt. It takes you on a profound journey into the heart of enemy territory and turns your Christian beliefs upside-down. It’s a bold shot across the bow of Cultural Marxism, an honest statement about the crisis President Trump now faces.

Yet like Chris Washington, the hero of this story, we must fight back against our oppressors and make America great again!

Washington is a young citizen with a head full of ideals and a great love for his country. He counts law enforcement officers among his friends. For viewers like me, he was so easy to identify with. I related to his hopes and dreams and everything about him was like a mirror to my own life here in Tennessee.

Yet Chris is woefully unprepared for the psychotic depths he encounters once he ventures outside his bubble of family and faith.

Our protagonist is lured out into the suburbs of the coastal elite by a young harlot named Rose Armitage, a leftwing activist and sexpot. Her parents are Ivy-educated intellectuals with PhDs. They are surrounded by other hardcore liberal stereotypes: artists and libertines and professional layabouts. These are your predictable Hillary voters and the producers spared no effort in sketching out just how vile this crowd is.

Peele depicts the sinister danger of elite Democrats with shocking accuracy.

What makes Get Out so stunning is that Peele takes the horror many dramatic steps further to emphasize the true dangers of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Not to give away the ending, but the real conspiracy here is that they want to enslave our patriotic young hero in their sex-drenched cult of liberal insanity just like the radical left is doing to young people every day!

This movie is a giant metaphor for how difficult it is in this country even if you’re a fifth-generation Southerner who comes from a good home with good parents and a Christian upbringing. Even if you’ve worked so hard for all that, the Democrats still want to tax away your liberty and impose laws on Christ and force you to swallow that gigantic sausage of multiculturalism!

Watching Chris fight back against all that institutionalized liberalism reminded me of my personal struggles both at college and even around town in our local “artsy” coffee shops. So much of the internet is no longer safe. Facebook and Twitter have become dominated by hateful Trump haters who hate our freedom and Jesus more than I will ever comprehend.

Even now, I get tearful just thinking about it! 

Like Chris Washington, I emerge broken and bloody from my battles with the enemy, but I will continue to get up and get stronger no matter what they throw at me!

Thank you, Jordan Peele, for reminding all of us in Trump Nation that THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!