Why Doesn’t the Liberal Media Identify Murderers as Atheists?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

atheistdangerousThe liberal media has long had a queer relationship with religion. As we saw with the Norway shootings last year, journalists are quick to label someone a “Christian terrorist” on the basis of flimsy internet rumors. Yet when a criminal is known to be black or a Muslim, these facts are buried deep in a story or else left out entirely. Indeed, race has become so controversial in urban crime reporting, that newspapers regularly fail to notify the public about a Latino mugger or a violent Afro-American even when that information is vital for the safety of a community.

In this regard, it’s important to understand the rise of Militant Atheism and its connection to media elites. In essence, atheism is the denial of the existence of God so that the individual may pursue complete personal freedom beyond faith, justice or even common sense. It is a carte blanche to do whatever one feels like, no matter the horrific consequences. Often Militant Atheism is fueled by an utter hatred of Christianity and an open embrace of the sort of evil reminiscent of the days of Hitler and Stalin (both of whom subscribed to atheistic lifestyles– and vegetarianism!). Atheism is a religion of contempt and sensuality, violence and self-hatred. It goes hand and hand with sexual depravity and narcotics abuse. It shall come as no surprise, then, that many Militant Atheists celebrate sodomy, homosexuality, veganism, bestiality, pedophilia and marijuana addiction.

Do Atheists Commit More Crimes?

The vanity of nihilism.

The vanity of nihilism.

The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes, but don’t hold your breath waiting for any statistical evidence from the activist professors at our liberal universities. Among Democrat Party leaders, there is a fear that if atheist crime data were collected, it would reveal an epidemic of faithless offenses. In almost every state, law enforcement officers don’t even ask criminals if they are atheists, nor do they keep any records on the atheistic affiliations of those charged with heinous violations. This oversight does a grave injustice to the crime fighting efforts of our brave men and women who risk their lives every day protecting our families.

According to the FBI, close to 10 million people were charged with criminal offenses in 2010. Reviewing the categories in their statistics is like reading a Chinese menu of atheistic beliefs. As one would expect there are sex crimes and murder, acts that those who do not fear God are far more likely to commit. As the politicalization of atheism has grown, we are seeing an increase in loitering, vandalism, disorderly conduct and vagrancy charges. These are directly related to street protests (Occupy Wall Street, against capitalism, etc.) and the vigor with which the underground fights for its outrageous beliefs. Vice, suspicion, gambling and crimes against children round out the list, and highlight what happens when an individual strays far away from the wisdom of his faith community.

It should also be noted that within atheist political activism, there is a strong emphasis on marijuana agitation as well as radical sexual liberation. The vast majority of cannabis users are atheists and the most militant of them smoke reefer several times a week. If they were actually charged with a crime, our statistics would be far higher. Also, the prevalence of faithlessness among drug kingpins, human smugglers, assassins and Asian gangsters is nearly 100%. Add to this the number of homosexuals, sodomites, bisexuals, pedophiles, bestialists, masturbators and rapists in the atheist camp and our crime data shoots through the roof. Is it any wonder, then, that atheist groups keep their membership rolls a closely guarded secret?

hitlerstalinWhy Isn’t the Media Reporting on Atheist Crime Waves?

The political arm of Atheism, Inc. has been very effective in suppressing the truth behind America’s crime statistics. Liberal news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC purposely mislead viewers, while powerful atheist intellectuals such as Sam Harris, PZ Myers and Richard Dawson pull the strings. They’re aided by a cadre of Hollywood’s “useful idiots” who make endless media appearances pushing their radical lifestyle on the public. In this group, we can include European comedian Ricky Gervais, children’s author Bill Nye and lesbian actress Jodie Foster.

The more we explore the grand tentacles of the Atheist conspiracy, the more we’ll see that this reckless belief system reaches into almost every aspect of crime and licentiousness today. These are a people who have infiltrated the highest echelons of power. They control billion-dollar media companies, public universities, underground youth movements, whole swathes of industry and much of Hollywood. And that’s only the beginning. They can flash mob an Occupy Wall Street riot with a single text message. They can blackmail conservative leaders into homosexual marriage legislation. They have undermined our military and corrupted the very foundations of science and technology. Some would argue that they have even gained a foothold in our outlying churches, where socialistic liberalism is rearing its ugly head in direct violation of Biblical teaching. How far are the Militant Atheists willing to go? Today, they’re insatiable. That taste of power that Barack Hussein Obama spoon-fed them has only inspired the most shocking of agendas. Their diet now is one of innocence and youth. Yes, it is our children that they hunger for. Our very children…

In conclusion, I would like to suggest that it’s about time we Christians take some responsibility for the scarred landscape of American culture today. As Cain famously asked God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” we must now ask ourselves how much longer we are willing to let our atheist brothers and sisters continue their crime waves. We are the keepers of soulless brethren. We must understand that atheism is the result of a hurt, an almost primordial wound that set these poor children free into a Godless world of sin and debauchery. These atheists are desperate for our love, to be welcomed back into the bosom of the church. Their crimes, their violence, is but a cry for help. These are terrible cries, devastating, imbecilic and evil, but that is, quite simply, the essence of atheism.

Yes, our atheists are execrable and ugly, but how can they find salvation without our help? Reviewing the gruesome statistics of crime, it’s clear that Christian America is the only hope for their immortal souls. In the end my plea is a simple one: Won’t you do your part, my friends, and talk to an atheist today about leaving the life of crime behind them?