Why Do Hippies Still Exist in America?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

hippiedangerFrom televised street protests to suburban shopping malls, it’s a shocking sight to see groups of ragged, longhaired hippies still prowling the American landscape. Once thought of as a temporary youth trend, these anti-societal, marijuana-loving civil liberation types have proven surprisingly resilient. Their hatred of Christian-American patriotism continues to be one of their most recognizable traits. As a new generation is indoctrinated into this lifestyle, the risk they pose to this nation’s foundation of morality is once again reaching a critical level.

The fact that a teenage fashion fad from the 1960s has survived this long is stunning. These are people who have managed to deny every positive cultural change of the last 50 years. Loathe to contribute to our domestic economy, they have long eschewed the acceptable consumerism so vital for our engines of growth despite the diversity of affordable products available to every citizen. They avoided the raw masculinity and progressive politics of the Reagan years. They turned their backs on the groundswell of Judeo-Christian faith that has dominated this country since the 80s. In post 9/11 era, they were one of the few holdouts against the flowering of pro-American nationalism so crucial in a time of terror and war. Tragically, they played the role of “useful idiots” for our enemies in Europe, the Middle East and even in China. They banged their drum circles outside the White House when President Bush planned to take down the worst dictators of the Middle East. They protested against the imprisonment of our most dangerous terrorist enemies at home and in prisons abroad. They fought against profiling and advanced interrogation techniques, they organized secret radical cells on very own soil and they have clogged countless courts with their endless attempts to derail our democracy of moral decency.

Even worse, they have lured a new generation into the tactics of perpetual protest. As martyrs, enemies and agitators, they represent the antithesis of Constitutional Americanism. They are against every tradition that has made this country great and have nothing to offer in a constructive or positive sense. They want to tear our world apart so that they may dance in the shadow of our crumbling faith. And in that darkness, hidden away from common sense and ethical living, they engage in the most vile, bestial acts. Sexual liberation leading to multiple partners, orgies, homosexuality, lesbianism, voyeurism, teen sex and chemically-fueled perversion are all part of their plan. They have perverted medical science and our legal system to such an extent that deadly street drugs like marijuana are now decriminalized and available to our children at any bus stop. They have no compunction against teaching our young to rebel and to hate, to despise Christian teachings and to avoid the responsibility we all have towards our Creator. Instead, they worship Mother Gaia and her tree faeries, witchcraft, the cult of self-indulgence, masturbation, and any form of abuse. They take great pride in spreading their foul disease to young and old alike, drawing blood oaths from the innocent or feeble-minded, anyone to grow their political numbers and push this country closer to a socialist dictatorship.

hippiesHippies are predominantly white and they have used that unfairly to their political advantage.They appear at PTA meetings and town events pretending to represent normal society. They avoid police stops on our roads by tucking their long hair back into their shirts and driving moderately, no matter what incredible amounts of mind-bending psychotropics they have just ingested. Under the radar of sturdy Americanism, they live out a prolonged adolescence where the they chase a nightmarish list of kicks: marijuana, hashish, LSD, heroin, magic mushrooms, ice, nitrous oxide, crystal meth, Oxycotton, opium, Nexus, MDMA, GHB, mescaline and more. Spending all their time in this balmy, criminal world, they know nothing of hard work. Instead, the adult hippie will resolve every complex life dilemma with a bong hit. Whether it’s at music concerts, watching television shows or even on the internet, they float by in a perpetual “purple” haze seeking highs from nudity and corporeal violation, profanity and slovenliness, entirely divorced from manliness and decency.

As a group, they are the chief proponents of public nudism in this country. Possibly due to their immense consumption of psychedelics, they take great pride in showing off their unathletic, unshaven bodies at beaches, camps and even in our village squares. Why must they flaunt all that shamelessness and frighten the goodly amongst us? It is horrifically terrifying. So many beaches have become off limits to Christian families because of their flamboyant displays of debaucherous flesh, carnal and curvy, tan lines nonexistent. Some live on farms and communes, engaging in political hostility and backward agrarianism. Others inhabit old vans and school buses, stealing water from public hydrants and luring school kids into all night drug parties. They constantly cruise the internet looking for a thrilling marijuana “score” and maybe a fluid-drenched intergeneration erotic encounter in some disused graveyard. Simply put, they will take any opportunity to fester like a sore on the underbelly of our wholesomeness.

On a personal level, a hippie can be defined as a person who will abuse drugs until the day he or she dies, irregardless of health issues or pleas from their children. They wear loose, used clothing and grow their hair unnecessarily long. Both males and females adorn themselves with colorful, cheap jewelry and avoid precious metals like gold or diamonds. Their appearance is wholly unkempt and they mask their unwashed bodily odors with patchouli oil, incense or other fragrances. Eastern religion is something hippies often try, but usually hold very little allegiance to. They will pretend to be a Buddhist Monk or a Zen Master for they love the arrogant titles, as well as the trinkets and idols crammed onto their bookshelves. The time required to study these foreign rituals, however, usually proves too trying on their limited patience. True faith frightens them beyond belief and usually pushes them to light up another marijuana joint.


Having little access to top tier educations, hippies turn to music as an avenue for the pretense of intellectualism and culture. They will take great delight in speaking of concerts or even attending them, though their range of performers is quite limited and rarely goes beyond the bands The Grateful Dead and The Phish. When they discuss these two bands, they will invoke grandiose tones as if they’re touring the Louvre or witnessing a Puccini opera. Drugs are an essential component to enjoying this sort of music, for it contains very few discernable lyrics and enjoyable beats. Rather, it is like an improvised jazz solo with the lowest quality acoustical instruments pumped through a sound system purchased at a toy store. There are screams and shrieks and depressing sessions of drum beatings that never seem to end.

The Grateful Dead is notorious for the intense availability of every drug known to mankind at their concerts. Young people tempted into this illicit world rarely return unharmed. Entering into these events, one is assaulted by sexual and psychedelic demands that push you into naked frenzies and hours-long blackouts. The music itself is harsh and overwhelming, crafted to outrage our most basic moral instincts. It celebrates an elite form of hedonism so sickening that one imagines the deepest pits of hell couldn’t possibly be more terrifying. Children have long been cursed into lifelong spirals of wanton sexuality and extreme political fanaticism after being exposed to this sort of experience.

The Phish play for a younger, more innocent crowd less concerned about social activism and more preoccupied with a sarcastic disdain for conformity. The songs revolve around the absurd, yet still force the simpleminded to celebrate self-indulgence and radical consumerism. For fans of The Phish, life is about expressing an identity through purchasing “green” products and watching adult cartoons. They will abuse drugs and frustrate their parents, but never enough to land in jail or lose their allowances (even into adulthood). Masturbation and LSD are also shockingly common in this crowd. For your average Phish concert-goer, it’s not uncommon for them to awake in odd circumstances (at the side of a road, wallet emptied and their body covered in bruises, for example) with no recollection of what transpired the night before. This cycle of amnesia is what keeps them coming back for more shows as they try to figure out what they could have possibly done to themselves.


I have written about the youth trend of “hipsters” in the past and it’s important to realize that hippies are somewhat different. Hipsters, while also predominantly Caucasian, tend to come from more affluent backgrounds and their sophistication shows. The hipster rebels against wealth and power by slumming in urban, ethnic ghettoes. They use family money to create farcical careers as unpublished authors or fashion designers. They tend to be far more sexual and consequently likelier carriers of herpes and genital warts. Hipsters fetishize clothes above drugs, while for hippies it’s the opposite. There are far more homosexuals in the hipster demographic, for the hippie does not enjoy expensive hair products and tight clothing. Hippies are more often overweight and unappealing physically, as hipsters use more cocaine and cigarettes than their peers and remain lithe and active. Both groups are unnecessary distractions for children and should be avoided with a concerted, parental effort.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the hippie lifestyle is little more than cover for middle class drug abuse. Unfortunately, the feeble minds of these addicts have been co-opted by unscrupulous political operatives to support a dangerous socialist agenda. For this reason, they pose a threat to the beauty and humanity of the Christian faith in America today. These are people bent on blackmailing decent society to pay for their worst indulgences, from the public nudity to the parade of narcotics pumping through their veins. They want to lure the youth generation and the generation after that into a culture of persistent abuse and failure. They are a plague that is spreading, infecting the organs one by one and crippling the most wondrous of our children with a lifetime habit of “free love” socialist emasculated experimentation. They are destroying Christianity and subjugating the faithful. What will this world be without the vital righteous leadership of the United States? What hell awaits a decade or two away if these sorts of people keep on keeping on? How can we risk all the tremendous gains we have made as a people humble before our Great God if these sickening creatures are allowed to prey on children, to slither down our streets, to congregate on our town squares, naked and high? America, today I ask you to wise up and make sure we don’t take this risk!