Why Do Atheists Believe in Neanderthals?

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Neanderthals are one

Neanderthals are one of the great gods in the pantheon of Atheistic spirituality.

There’s nothing children love more than a fabulous bedtime story. For America’s most ardent Atheists, the excitement over the Neanderthal legend is much the same. They thrill at the notion of a man-beast with supernatural powers throwing himself around the primordial sludge, beating his chest and howling at the moon. The image represents their darkest sexual desires and frees their minds to legitimize the foulest moral crimes. It is lust and insanity and pain all wrapped up in a myth so delicious, it’s launched a thousand Hollywood fables.

But why do so many seemingly intelligent people get lured into this reckless world of false belief?

1. Indoctrination into Atheism
The Good News has been censored from much of this world. It is maddening to think of all the communist dictatorships and Islamic caliphates that prevent their people from accepting Christ into their hearts.

Here at home, the crime of denying Jesus is even more heinous, for the Bible is freely available to all those who want it. Some are pushed into the Atheist trap by their parents. Others are lured into it on the internet or at university. In each case, the young person feels overwhelmed by a cultural trends that renounce God. To fill the gaping void left by His absence, Neatherdalism appears to answer the most basic questions of human existence. It says that we crawled out from the mud, and to the mud we shall return. It’s not a particularly sublime hypothesis, but no one has ever accused the Atheist thinker of profundity!

2. Indoctrination Into Sexual Degeneracy
Erogenous frustration leads many to make horrific life choices. This problem has become uniquely acute in an age when our young people are force fed a diet of violent sexual imagery. Pre-marital intercourse, masturbation and even homosexuality appear plausible in a left-leaning America under Barack Hussein Obama.

By definition, radical homosexuals necessarily believe in Neanderthals. In their minds, the mythical monster is part father figure and part rapist, that sweaty, hairy, dangerous ape they dream of encountering in the heat of the night.

Sex is, like any other narcotic, a highly addictive substance. Once you taste its bitter fruits, it can be quite difficult to go back. As the Atheist pursues these endless nights of wanton lust, he will seek some sort of “spirit guide” who condones his hellaciousness. In this way, the Neanderthal becomes the patron saint of sexual self-destructiveness. And the Atheist will worship his God of sensuality until the dawn.

Many teens feel threatened to accept the Neanderthal superstition.

Many teens feel forced to accept the Neanderthal superstition in order to seem cool and trendy.

3. Peer Pressure
The jungle gyms can be a cruel place for an awkward teenager. He will do anything to fit in with the “cool” crowd. Unfortunately this means taking risks and rebelling against family values. In such instances, the myth of the Neanderthal has great allure. The furry monster of “evolution” is the ultimate outsider, a filthy freak who has torn up the rulebook of good behavior. Yet once youngsters travel down this dark road, how long before they stop in at the crack house or call the corner of Prostitution and Abortion their new home?

4. Fear of Heaven
Contemplating the utter enormity of existence is too painful a task for some. They’d much prefer easy answers, an escape hatch from Heaven’s Gate. The legend of the Neanderthals says to these people that life simply doesn’t matter, that we should go wild and have fun. This type of Atheist often lacks something invariably humane, the ability to contemplate the beauty of Creation. He may be a simple person, one is is dangerously unaware of the ultimate fate of those who reject God.

While the rhetoric of Darwinian “evolution” may sketch out human history in the vaguest of terms for the simpleminded Atheist, the truth is that the cult of the ape-man is not a practical religion to live one’s life by.

5. Fear of Responsibility
Being a Christian and living a life according to Biblical Law is a very daunting task. Some are simply too lazy or uneducated to understand why this is so important. It doesn’t just help our souls, but also contributes to our communities and to the United States of America as a whole. Yet when the socialists promise free community college, welfare and Obamacare marijuana, God matters little for those who probably don’t deserve to be in the country in the first place.

6. Satanism
The forces of darkness should never be underestimated and this is never more true than when it comes to the Radical Atheist Elite. From Richard Dawkins to Ricky Gervais, the most militant Atheists have bartered away their souls for a few minutes of fame. In return, they are beholden to their Dark Lord and all he asks of them is new recruits. They will use any means necessary to recruit you into this fiery pit with them, from dangerous cult music and video games, to comic books and motion pictures containing subliminal messages of Illuminati power.

Yes, this is why the Neanderthal myth has become so fundamental to Militant Atheism today. Despite there being absolutely no Biblical evidence whatever for evolution or “ancient ancestors,” the Atheists truly loves the Neanderthals. In fact, many of the supposed skeletal remains showcased by Atheist scientists happen to be either shards of monkey bones or remnants of the physically deformed. Few in the business of “science” will publicly admit that so-called “carbon dating,” is little more than speculation based on the hocus-pocus of questionable 19th-century mechanics. And yet, the main stream media can’t stop shilling this controversial idea that the Earth is millions upon millions of years old!



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