Why Are Cats Immune to Chemtrails? 5 Possible Answers From Science

Posted on by Henricus Institor
Why do cats seem uniquely Chemtrail-aware?

Why do cats seem uniquely Chemtrail-aware?

The early 21st-century has seen a remarkable intensification in feline ownership. These animals are no longer casual bystanders in our eco-systems. They have passed that tipping point to become a global environmental phenomenon. Crossing boundaries of class, race and geography, it could be said that the cat population now has the entire planet under its ever-watchful gaze. This surge has a peculiar overlap with the introduction of Chemtrails in our skies, which has also occurred in the last 16 to 20 years.

While there is much debate about the intention of Chemtrails — with hypotheses ranging from aerial defense and depopulation to a broad plot to cripple Christianity — it’s clear that these dangerous pollutants are causing countless health problems for everyday people. In turn, these biological problems (including fatigue, asthma, skin rashes, hemorrhagic fever and immune system failure) have been witnessed in various animal populations, including domesticated dogs.

Cats, curiously enough, appear to be completely immune to this urgent medical crisis. In fact, studies show that today’s cats are healthier now than ever. This is a perplexing proposition, particularly when you consider that cats occupy the same spaces as human beings and that many are indoor and outdoor animals. Their exposure to Chemtrail-laced air is certainly equivalent to that of people. Further complicating the issue, cats seem uniquely attuned to Chemtrail clouds and take a surreal interest in following the planes pass through the skies. Many pet owners have chanced upon their felines studying these ferocious feats of geoengineering with a countenance that some would venture to describe as bemused or delighted.

So why might the cat population be immune?

The propagation of Chemtrails overlaps with skyrocketing rates of cat ownership.

The propagation of Chemtrails overlaps with skyrocketing rates of cat ownership.

1. Thick fur, padded feet and a skin rich in glycoproteins and saliva provide protection
The dense coats of fur that provide cats sleeping comfort and warmth during the cold might naturally play a role in their Chemtrails impregnability. The animals are also well-known for thorough grooming rituals, which include covering their entire bodies with a saliva rich in unique proteins that have been formed through posttranslational modification. Posttranslational modification has been noted by scientists as a calculated defense against infections caused by foreign substances, such as barium, sulfur, aluminum, cadmium. These four elements also happen to be the most commonly suspected components of Chemtrails.

2. Consumption of Chemtrails-poisoned birds has helped them develop immunity
Of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, avian species have the most immediate contact with Chemtrail sprays. Numerous reports have noted that certain species are dying off in a Silent Spring-type of scenario. As felines consume a great deal of birds, it would only stand to reason that they would be exposed to the post-digestive acids of these pollutants. As such, there is a great possibility that eating so many colonic acids would help their own immune systems adapt to the poisons. This is not the case for humans, however, as most of the chicken and duck that we eat is from the farm and not exposed to higher altitude air.

3. Their purpose may be to depopulate the skies so that pigeons can reign
Recently, I wrote about a curious phenomenon. Observers the world over have been asking, “Where have all the baby pigeons gone?” The answer may be a wide-scale CIA/NSA scheme to monitor us in an inconspicuous way. It involves equipping this one species of bird with RFID chips. Cats themselves don’t feed on pigeons. They prefer smaller animals, such as finches and swallows, and by hunting these particular types, felines are helping make room for pigeons to expand and take over our cities. This would be a natural counterpart to Chemtrails propagation and it would stand to reason that felines may have been bred or inoculated with some biological defense mechanism to Chemtrials.

4. Cats may be part of the conspiracy, as sentinels here to record Chemtrail efficacy
One theory that has been circulating the internet lately is that cats are alien to this planet. This is supported by many ancient inconsistencies, such as the fact that felines did not exist in recorded history before the Egyptians and that the Egyptians described them as a “gift from the heavens.” It has been suggested that cats are actually alien sentinels sent here to record human activity. Additionally, animal behaviorists and sound engineers have yet to quantify the base tonality of a cat purr. Some scientists believe that these emissions of noise might be a way for these creatures to transmit information from their locales to a higher power/alternate dimension/Illuminati command system. While this idea may sound far-fetched, it does explain cats’ wistful attitude towards Chemtrail planes.

The "Nyan Cat," the internet's most popular meme, may secretly symbolize the feline connection to Chemtrails.

The “Nyan Cat,” the internet’s most popular meme, may secretly symbolize the feline connection to Chemtrails.

5. Cat dander and cat meat may actually be the key ingredient of Chemtrails
The grand debate over what, precisely, Chemtrails are composed of may never be solved. For many people, however, there is a strange overlap between the symptoms of Chemtrails exposure and how their bodies react to cat allergens. Skin rashes, shortness of breath and brain fog are common complaints. In fact, feline dander (or meat) would be a readily accessible fuel source for such a scheme as cats are now everywhere on our planet and their appearances/disappearances are not conspicuous. (Some have even noted that cat meat is so widely available today, it could even solve our international hunger problem.)

An implausible secret symbol also appears to attest to this theory. One of the first and most successful of the internet “memes” is an image called, “Nyan Cat.” This figure appears to represent a cat spraying the skies with a rainbow of Chemtrails. Richard Dawkins, a noted militant atheist and member of the Illuminati elite, was the man who actually conceived of the idea of a “meme,” coining the word way back in 1976. Was this Chemtrail cat meme meant as a message from Illuminati leadership to the other powers that control this planet? Has the dissemination of Nyan Cat as a popular facet of the contemporary internet weakened our own psychological defenses against the truth of this conspiracy with sarcasm and doubt?

Whatever the ultimate goal, our awareness is the one thing they fear most.


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  • Stephenson_Billings

    Cats have been linked to Satanism and are common in liberal households.Theres a tract named “Why Christians Can’t Own Cats” that really opened my eyes on the matter. Bascially, these animals make us worship them and displace our willingness to get married and have children, thus assaulting the very idea of a having a healthy Christian family.

    • Cassidy Pen

      I have to concur. It’s an established fact that cats consider humans to be pets, something to horde over and enslave. When you look at the control these beasts have over many humans, you’ll get the picture. Just look at any old cat lady in your town if you don’t believe me.

      • Blanche Beecham

        Cat urine is Satan’s perfume. While helpful in some ways, it has the potential for disaster.

        Cat urine is a very persuasive aid in breaking up prison yard riots, but picked up on a puff of air, a herd of sheep (or even schoolchildren) could be wiped out downwind.

        • JohnH

          If cat urine is Satan’s perfume, what is Satan’s hair gel?

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            Rather sickening that your so desperate to know, friend.

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            pre-used anal lube.

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      What if…cats are God?

  • Expie

    Perhaps the cat race themselves are using chemtrails to engineer the environment in a manner more suitable to themselves (and similar to their home world), while poisoning competitor species as an beneficial side effect? You can bet the Illumianti are poised to benefit at the first sign of a takeover by the furry household aliens.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I think there’s a chance that whoever is poisoning our skies is also trying to depopulate the earth and if cats factor into that, they will certainly eat our flesh as we die off and procreate until they dominate.

    • shoreline

      I very much doubt the illuminati are working with the cats. I have reams of data indicating our residency in the crossfire of their obvious conflict for years.

  • GeoAwareAndy

    I’d like to see more evidence to support this but it does raise some very significant questions about what the chemtrails in our skies is doing to wildlife. I suppose there’s good reason why it would be engineered for human affects and not animal. If its depopulation, those who are depopulating would want the animals to stay alive as a food source. Anyway, very interesting points and I have read about the alien/cat theory but I have heard some doubts about the historical record.

    • Derby Mack

      You make some valid points. The fascinating them about geoengineering is that we just don’t know how extensive it is and what governments are trying to do. Certainly they’ve developed the science and certainly their goals will be kept secret, but it’s important for citizens to demand accountability at every level. I truly hope a new Snowden steps up and spills the beans.

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    Chemtrails don’t exist. Basic science.

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    Maybe the answer is because they don’t exist???

    Have you ever heard the theory that cats are simply astral projections from the Purrola Galaxy 9 billion years ago? That would explain why the chemtrails aren’t effecting them like they are the rest of us.

  • Michael1981

    I’ve heard it said that the Egyptian “gods” were actually fallen angels in human form, literal demons in other words. As their cat worship is well-documented, I believe the ultimate message is clear: cats cannot be trusted. They are infernal creatures of the underworld, and hate everything that is good and true…like dogs, for instance.

    There are always exceptions to any rule, but I’ve never met a cat who didn’t engender my suspicions after a time. I personally avoid them at all costs.

  • The Mule

    This is a serious subject and I don’t think it is a laughing matter at all. You sit here on your high horse mocking the most important issue of the century, smug in your foolish presumption that there’s nothing to worry about. You’re fools and cowards, afraid to face the truth, afraid to admit your ignorance and neglect have consequences. The bill will come due, and you’ll pay with your lives!

    I am talking, of course, about Nyan Cat. It is not the first internet meme, and you KNOW IT. STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE!1!

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      I believe that our furry feline “friends” are not what they appear to be. I am currently conducting some experiments to make recordings of their purring and then play those back at a slower speed to see if this is in fact some kind of secret code. Could they perhaps be secretly communicating with each other through their purring?

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        You’ll find your answer when you play them backwards….

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    Although highly allergic to them, for many years I had to accept cats into my life, as often they were attached to women I wanted to date. After innumerable failed relationships with selfish, man-hating women, I have come to the conclusion that these vile emasculating females were gleefully carrying out orders given to them by their “pets”. As dark supernatural beings whose use of black magic compel them to turn their “owners” into thralls, they also sought to make me susceptible to cohabitation and fornication outside of the Godly institution of wedlock, therefor leading me ever closer to ultimate damnation. I mean, Jesus can only stand by and watch so much of this before he calls you in early. I am proud to say that now I am stronger than ever, I no longer seek out relationships with females, and I decapitate the heads off cats at every opportunity.

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    What a bunch of idiots many of you are! Cats may very well hold the clues to save us from this big “Chem” mess. Cats are the best hunters on the plainet! During times of food shortages, cats have single handily saved humanity by keeping grain and seed stocks from being devoured by rodents and pests. Many farmers still depend on them today and they are very loyal indeed. Yes, a bit neurotic at times, but cats can also calm you down when feeling blue. Yes, they are very stinky! Who among us isn’t?

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    Wow makes sense since they say most of the population has that cat shit parasite. … what if they r spraying parasites ?!? Called toxoplasma or something…. Which cause fatigue etc…. maybe there’s cat feces along with the meat. . ControllINg our behavior.. ??
    We need More MedicINe

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    Hi Henricus, Please remain home for the next 4 days. Members of our HAARP Reeducation and Training Division will visit you to provide further information on the ICA program and how you can do your part in achieving a better world. Thank you for your participation.
    Dimmer skies are safer skies.

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    If you eat Nine Cats you’ll be immune. I just stole that information from an Top Secret Underground Bunker under Mt. Everest!!

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