Why America Must Say No to Scotland’s Independence From Great Britain

Posted on by Derby Mack
Socialists in Scotland are demanding independence and military control.

Socialists in Scotland are demanding independence and military control.

In September of 2014, the people of Scotland will vote on whether to declare independence from the United Kingdom. There is no word yet on whether the powers that be in London will allow this to happen without a fight, but it certainly makes global politics that much more treacherous. The investigation that follows proves that an independent Scotland sets a very bad precedent for turbulent provinces the world over.

From Juarez to Quebec, Kabul to California, radical elements seek to disrupt national power with such breakaway movements. If the reality of Russia’s Chechnya is any indication, this is a disastrous notion that may end in complete societal collapse. A closer look at the specific parties agitating for this upheaval shows that socialism is crucial element of this agenda.

A Spirited Culture, With British Protection

The Scottish are an admirable people with a rich history. They speak with a thick, guttural brogue that sounds more like German than contemporary English. Their love of soccer is only eclipsed by their love of whiskey. When the two are combined, we have a dangerous trend known as “hooliganism” in which white people riot in the streets and burn automobiles. Many of the most dangerous hooligans tend to be unemployed and dependent on “the dole.”

Street "hooliganism," government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture.

Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture.

The dole is the British version of welfare and it is far more entrenched than any American system. Huge sections of Scottish villages and cities are composed of public housing projects known as, “council estates” and here, heroin addiction is common. Psychological health and street crime are two additional crucial issues facing Scots today.

Because of these problems, the Scottish people are not known to be particularly warm or friendly. They lack the maternal obsessiveness of the Spaniards or Romans. Their boys are not meek, but because they lack a normal family structure, they’re often morally undeveloped. The love of God and Faith found in America is unheard of in Scotland.

Without morality, many Scots tend to lack vision. Few are truly ambitious, and this can also be traced back to widespread use of government handouts. This dilemma is manifested in a physicality that is often flabby and slow. They do not prize a healthy and muscled physique as boys do in the United States. A weakness of body and spirit may explain their low birth rates. Scottish women take little care with their personal appearance, and the men are not endowed with any propensity for lovemaking, as the old saying goes.

Could Scotland Become the Next Cuba or Afghanistan?

It is interesting to note that the Scottish ploy for independence includes many socialist goals, such as minimum wage schemes and nationalized childcare. The radical groups pushing for this are also demanding control of any nuclear weapons on Scottish soil. Furthermore, they want to immediately join the European Union and form a military. Most offensive of all, they are attempting to seize North Sea oil reserves by bypassing American approval. These are not the methods of a nation which intends to be friendly the to the interests of the United States.

The breakaway province of Chechnya was devastated by its socialist independence movement.

The breakaway province of Chechnya was devastated by its socialist independence movement.

Scotland clearly falls within the American sphere of protection and has benefited greatly as a province of our favorite European ally. We, as Americans, have a responsibility to stop the rise of socialism all over the world, and that includes in anarchy-prone provinces like Scotland.

This proposition may appear difficult with liberal control of the White House, but our Congress still has much power in the realm of foreign policy. Republicans need to formulate a strategy and act quickly on this dangerous trend.

While we appreciate the Scottish people as individuals, they lack the maturity, depth and strength to operate as a nation in the sophisticated world of global geopolitics. There is too much at stake, particularly in a day when terrorists seize minor countries and use them as bases for their international schemes. The lessons of Cuba, Chechnya and Afghanistan teach us one simple thing: America must say no to Scottish independence now!

Update: Governor Palin weighs in on the issue.
palins scotland tweet
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  • phillipemaritque

    Pretty much all the funds paying for Scotlands protection and their welfare checks comes from England so I dont what these people are thinking if they want to stay in their public housing. All the Scots I ever met were rude and crazy and the violence and heroin just shows these folks aren’t ready for independence.

    • scotcanadien

      This is an English troll in disguise. The only riots in the UK in last 2 years were in England in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

      • jp

        Northern Ireland is the obvious choice for a riot-ridden state in the UK.

        • jim bob

          fuck off haha just cause we will have better jobs cars business and better laws, we can have laws changed cause everyones so local and honest and if they are not then they get smashed so looks like the person who wrote this is getting smashed!

          • Sam in Nebraska

            I heard Rush Limbaugh discussing this the other day and its really just a short blip that happens with socialism. Everyone feels rich in the beginning because big gov’t has seized wealth and industry and redistributes but a few years down the road they have no innovation and every one depends on the state. Young peopel can get caught up in this at the beginning but I guarrantee that a decade from now there will be regrets.

          • Chris

            There is no serious prospect of big-S Socialism here, that’s largely bull peddled by right-wing cranks, the same people who identify Obamacare as “socialism” despite lying to the right of the policies of all other Western nations, which are themselves not socialist.

            If you take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Socialist_Party you’ll see they’re a completely insignificant force in Scottish politics, with only a single councillor and no members of either the Scottish or British parliament. The party actually driving the independence movement is the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_National_Party, whose political position strongly resembles the Labour Party, a centre-left party of moderate social-democrats that ran the UK from 1997-2009 without disastrous consequences.

          • Butthead Rocks

            yep…U called it Dude

          • nick1593

            As a Scottish infantry soldier I refuse to give any gravitas to the opinion of a person using the name ‘butthead rocks ‘ or uses a shocking and ultimately telling incorrect mixture of upper and lower case letters. Not to mention your clearly inexorable addition to a debate that will change the lives of millions of people I.e. ‘yep’. Basically, in layman’s colloquial terms, which I’m sure even under informed, over opinionated ibicile such as you have axiomatically proven yourself to be, will have little problem comprehending; if ye’ve goat the fuckin baws take geezyur name and a place a kin find ye, al git oor tae ye an rip yur airms off, stuff thum in your ears an ride ye like a basturdin moturbike ya prick.
            Lots of love

          • Simon Brodie

            Scottish Labour are left wing socialists as well, the second largest party after the SNP in Scotland. Please define exactly why you’re not in favour of socialism?

          • Richard Aitken

            Scottish Labour are socialist? When did they start having that position again?

          • diane

            Exactly,labour are more conservative than ever.

          • Stephen Sharp

            Do bear in mind at this point that to these people, “Poor people being able to see a doctor” is big-S Socialism.

          • Lee

            Obamacare is not socialism it is a TAX

          • Daniel Tregant

            And Medicare isn’t?

          • Butthead Rocks

            sounds just like capitalism until you wake up 1 day and 1% own the Government own the military own the Police own the corporations own the jobs and own the food…oh wait this is happening now in the USA

          • Simon Brodie

            Why do Americans think that their opinion counts for anything in the constitutional matters of another country, but anyway,

            This blip has lasted just about as long as there has been a USA. Perhaps American influence is the blip.

          • Ann


          • MizzR

            Exactly LOL. What really pissed me off was comments about oil w t f does it have 2 do with them in Scottish water

          • DaveHowe

            Actually, I am all in favour of it.
            If the Americans really feel that a dependent country of the UK shouldn’t kick loose from London and declare for self rule, I am sure the UK will welcome them back…

          • Allan Hales

            Haha 🙂

          • focus503

            Already on the wane. Notice how the country is being flooded with cheap arms and the police forces are militarizing.

            This country is toast within 50 years.

          • Stubz

            Rush Limbaugh would say that as its his job to protect the fact that 1% of your people own 70% of the wealth and you are all too dumb to do anything about.

          • JoBrad7

            You are confusing socialism with communism, so dont think you can guarantee much really now can you?

          • George Penman

            NOT A CHANCE

          • Tomtun

            Lear to spell correctly before posting, knobhead!

          • Lee

            LMAO…. UK has horrible laws, you can’t even defend yourself without being thrown in jail and there is almost ZERO privacy since there are 4 million surveillance cameras that can here conversations from 100 yards away and the government can take kids away from parents just because they are part of the UKIP political party

          • Deirdre Murray


          • Bruce the Scot

            Lee a’m guessin you’re talkin about Englandshire & not Scotland when you talk of these horrible laws as my country (Scotland) has completely different laws from the rest of the island that some call Britain

          • Ustoria

            I Honestly don’t think you have a clue about the UK do you? there are no audio on any CCTV cameras, I live in the UK and I haven’t had problems with privacy, Government don’t take children either. Get your facts right douchebag

          • George Mcgrory

            and you are ruled over by pedophiles and immoral bankers

        • Kaylee-Aurora

          I read about the terrorism there in the 80s and 90s and its sad to see it with the people of Scotland so close to trying this same thing out now. Its like people never learn from there history.

          • Duncan_McFarlane

            Holding a referendum on peaceful secession is the same as terrorism? No, it’s not. And there was terrorism by both sides in Northern Ireland – extreme Irish nationalists in the IRA/Sinn Feinn and extreme Unionist British nationalism – including collusion between the British RUC police and British military intelligence and Unionist terrorist groups like the UDA and UVF. Neither you nor the person who wrote the ridiculous caricature of Scotland above seem to know anything much about the history of or current events in Scotland or Northern Ireland or the UK

          • GracieP

            Spot on Duncan

          • Ann

            A referendum = democratic approach if only all peeps took this approach

          • Nonie

            How correct you are Duncan, is this person who wrote this about Scotland sane….. I think not ,we are known to be the friendliest most educated people in Britain …look back in History and see which country discovered and invented …penicillin, t.v., Dunlop tyres. Telephone, I could go on and on. By the way the photograph of the hooligans happen to be holding an English flag. How ignorant the writer of this piece is……ummmmm!!

          • Michael Wiedenhof

            there are also German flags in the background which suggests this is a photograph of English and German hooligans in Germany. The big guy with the skinhead also has a German flag in his belt!

          • Bruce the Scot

            Nonie hae a wee look at some o the other pieces of writin produced by this guy & you’ll see that he’s a certified loon with a god complex

          • George Penman

            right on

          • Andrew Morton

            You’re wrong. They don’t seem to know anything at all.

          • Scarlet Jamrag

            Are you for real??! I think you’re referring to The Troubles in Northern Ireland, which is totally different to what is being debated (peacefully!) in Scotland. By the way, the article is a satire. Scotland is certainly not the cesspool of social issues (as indicated by the authors use of English hooliganisms to illustrate) described here. Rather it is a tongue-in-cheek response to the U.S’s imperialism

          • Duncan_McFarlane

            Looking at the other articles you’re right , the whole site is satire and i think Kaylee-Aurora’s posts are part of it

          • Simon Brodie

            I think that’s why she has the staff tag. Doesn’t mean that she’s clever,informed or even literate though.

          • Miss Mac

            Yes, the rather poor satire was obviously lost in the rich historical and political education some people have received. You gotta laugh! 😉

          • Tam Kinnear-Swift

            spot on… exactly what i said in my reply also

          • Jordan Young

            they call us hooligans because we speak out more than anyone else because we take action rather than let our country crush eachother

          • Liana Marcel

            because were honest, outspoken and not afraid to voice out opinions xx

          • Simon Brodie

            Grammar Guideline #1: Never start a sentence with ‘because’ unless you are making a direct quotation. It makes it very difficult to find the context.

            Grammar Guideline #2 : don’t mix ‘were’ (the past tense of are) and ‘we’re’ the present tense of ‘we are’.

          • Obidiah Bobblenob

            Because a group of words contains at least one subject and predicate, it can rightly be considered a perfectly grammatical sentence, even though the first word is “because”.

          • wd

            Don’t be a douche old bean.

          • Obidiah Bobblenob

            @ wd – Hurling a Frenchie insult doesn’t make you right. By the way, your post is missing a comma (after the word “douche”).

          • George Penman

            The flag is the Cross of St George the ENGLISH flag. A Saltier is made of a Bend & a Bend Sinister in the form of the St Andrew’s Cross.

          • Michael Wiedenhof

            it’s actually the Genoan flag. England adopted it and their patron saint as protection against pirates in the Mediterranean

          • Alan Ferguson


          • wayne


          • Neil


          • Ryan

            We have never had TERRORISM in this Country………….get it right

          • Chris Kellett

            Yes you have. Glasgow Airport?? Everyone seems to be forgetting when someone attempted to detonate a car full of gas canisters by the entrance.

          • Parrish Quick

            By way of a an airliner falling from the sky also Lockerbie!

          • davie gray

            it was an yankee doodle fucking dandy plane

          • mr sensible

            that was not necessary and very thoughtless, I passed by Lockerbie a couple of weeks after that happened, it was not a pretty sight, made even more macabre by the fact that it is a very peaceful little farming town in luch green countryside and for most off the time, apart from the fateful evening in December 1988 about as far removed from mankinds violence towards itself as you could get. And it wasnt Scots who put the bomb in the airliner, thats pretty certain

          • Simon Brodie

            Just because the plane fell in Scotland, doesn’t make the terrorism take place in Scotland. The bomb was planted in Germany for a plane heading to the US. It wasn’t supposed to land in Scotland.

          • LivedScotland40yrs

            I don’t think those guys were looking for Scottish Independence?

          • AnjieMitch

            the english flag in the photo told me that

          • Liana Marcel

            a german plane on the way to the usa who made an unscheduled crash landing into scotland…hmmmm yeah soooo our fault NOT

          • Simon Brodie

            I didn’t say it was a German plane, I said the bomb was planted in Germany. There is a difference.

          • malibu_jenni

            It fell from the sky on its way to America from Germany, not exactly terrorism in Scotland… And the Glasgow Airport attack was not in the 80s or 90s. These terrorists that did the attack there was due to what America was involved in so again thanks America…

          • davie gray

            caused by the yanks & tony blair going gun ho into iraq claiming wmd (weapons of mass destruction) was there any? NO

          • LivedScotland40yrs

            I don’t think those guys were looking for Scottish Independence

          • Liana Marcel

            yes someone from another country!!!!! NOt a flippin scot!

          • Simon Brodie

            Then be quiet.

          • Karl Marx

            We kicked fuck ootae that cunt. Just like any US sojers that’d come owe tae spout their imperialist objectivism shite.

          • Delusionalbint

            They weren’t Scots you idiot, they were Islamic fundamentalists who discovered you don’t try that shit in Scotland

          • Ian Smith

            and why did Glasgow airport get bombed, it was because of the uk and the us foreign policies

          • Jazzygazza

            glasgow airport wasnt bombed, the attempt was foiled by local people and emergency services at glasgow airport, but an attempt was made as part of major economical cities in uk because of actions of the uk and american governments

          • Kenneth Law

            Yeh we had terrorism, because of USA foreign policy. Until then the last time was in the shape of the English parliament!!

          • Catriona Keirs

            this was not of Scottish origin, this was a backlash of the USA and England sticking their noses in where they don’t belong. Scotland is a peaceful country with no interest in starting wars or terror attacks.

          • mills218


          • Adam Ditchfield

            And America has regular shootings in schools. I think in terms or terrorism America has a considerably worse track record

          • Glenn Watson

            That guy didn’t last long though, one of the airport guys working there pulled the terrorist out of the car gave him the biggest hiding of his life, tore ligaments in his leg kicking the guy half to death and received a medal for it. Theres not been another terrorist event to date.

          • chloescot

            And look at how that was dealt with.

          • Bubblegum

            Sorry you have the wrong country Kaylee-Aurora – terrorism was a problem in IRELAND and is an entirely separate issue (religious dispute) to Scotland who are by and large a very peaceful nation.

          • me sensible

            Thank you bubllegum, by the way this site re-inforces a view that is becoming more and more popular throughout the whole of Europe, that America is full of loonies and a very dangerous country. Americans, I suggest you take a look at yourselves and how others percieve you. This kind of stuff does you no favours in the eyes of outsiders

          • Simon Brodie

            There has never been anyone injured, never one shot fired in Scotlands road to Independence.

          • John Jack

            Their history (Scotland’s) had no terrorism – you are misinformed

          • Tom

            As a Scot born and bred I would love you to enlighten me as to when Scotland was ever a terrorist Nation and was involved in acts of terrorism. go on make my day

          • Nathan

            The Krankies.

          • Miss Mac

            Oh my goodness, I’m having such a laugh at the comments! Do people actually believe this article? This stuff is hilarious. And Kaylee, sorry pet, you really shouldn’t attempt to have a political discussion with comments like the one above as it is clear you know not a thing about the ‘terrorism ‘there’ in the 80s and 90s.

          • Echelon s

            Terrorism in Scotland? where did he dig load of bullshit up from? His article is totally made up, I have never read such a totally warped article in my life. he has obviously never been to Scotland

          • JovialMisanthrope

            please provide one instance of terrorism on Scottish soil in the last 30 years, homegrown or international

          • Joe Welsh

            we had that vehicle borne IED at Glasgow airport where the taxi driver kicked the burning terrorist in the balls

          • Mac

            And became a national hero! 🙂

          • Jennifer Zotou

            actually – I think he gave him a ‘Glasgow kiss’ – and he was a baggage handler

          • DisgruntledScotsMan

            smeato actually didnt do anything he was a liar and a fraud. he just said he kicked him to be in the limelight

          • Simon Brodie

            That was a single fruitloop. Its not terrorism.

          • Liana Marcel

            or for the last 500 years, we never had terrorism here that was carried out by scots people in the name of independance

          • Simon Brodie

            is that a new kind of dance where everybody moves around , without caring what the foreigners think?

          • Nathan

            Billy Connolly. I met him in a bar after a stand up show he did in Glasgow and he terrified me.

          • uhhhhhhh

            hahaha this is really making me laugh. I really hope half of these comments are a joke like the article. And it’s their not there. Jesus.

          • Tim

            Speaking of learning: ‘their’
            Please read and think for yourself, you make us look bad.

          • bikesian

            don’t compare us, as the uk as a whole, if you knew us you would learn more about our history.

          • Joe Welsh

            terrorism was in Northern Ireland, a completely different country. America has suffered from terrorism too, Omaha, New York, Boston, ring any bells?

          • Simon Brodie

            Hate to be the one to point this out , but Nothern Ireland is part of the UK.

          • Liana Marcel

            yes but still a different country to scotland

          • Simon Brodie

            Of Course, but the Kaylee poster doesn’t recognise the difference. It messes with most uninformed people’s heads. When we talk of the union, we’re talking of the political union, in 1707. Not the union of the crowns which took place earlier. It is the former political union that gave birth to Great Britian. Later came the Union which we now seek to dissolve.

          • Liana Marcel

            less of the ‘we’ im against the independance lol

          • Simon Brodie

            The majority of us aren’t.

          • Simon Brodie

            I fully respect your right to hold that opinion. Perhaps you’re not familiar with the rhetorical reply style, that’s where the ‘we’ comes from. Judging by your spelling, you don’t often comment on INDEPENDENCE.

            However, The majority of the posters to the piece seem to be in favour of it, and I include myself with them.

          • alan

            Terrorism? Where? When? I think you’re thinking of Northern Ireland. More stupid American airy-fairy thoughts.

          • Simon Brodie

            Northern Ireland is part of the UK.

          • LivedScotland40yrs

            Correct, but it isn’t Scotland, which is what the article is about.

          • Frank

            Terrorism in Scotland in the 80’s and 90’s? Where? I live in Scotland. This article is nonsense! Our democratically, majority elected government in Holyrood is looking towards national childcare, because there is a need for it. Secondly, as someone above stated, the only riots there have bee were in England, non in Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland. Whoever wrote this article is completely mistaken. Nonsense!

          • Stevie Moore

            WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT .. i guess you know nothing about scotland . or the people we have no terror groups we have no CIA , WE HAVE NO KKK , WE HAVE NO ISSUES IN HAVE GUNS TO KILL OUR CHILDREN AT SCHOOLS .. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR SELF TO ME A SCOT WHO LIVES IN SCOTLAND I WILL PASS IT ONTO THE NATION please let me see what your reading ..

          • Butthead Rocks

            it is just a bunch of fleabagging repukes trying to stop this from happening so THEY can exploit your resources like oil and natural gas is what it comes down to

          • mr sensible

            thats exactly what its about, Scotland in terms of natural resources is far far richer than its southern neighbour, but then England does have a well proven historical record of stealing other peoples gold, one that has been gradually being getting done away with over the past 100yrs

          • Jim Jones

            Sorry but i have to mention Dunblane Here

          • Drookit

            terrorisim where? certainly NOT in Scotland. If you mean NI then that was a completely different set of circumstances largly involving sectarianism and it has to be said fueled by misguided support from the US.

          • Butthead Rocks

            sounds just like a fleabagger

          • Ally

            Kaylee, you read about Irish terrorism, funded by the USA citzens, mainly from Boston of Irish descent who killed and bombed the mainland and europe to kill birtish soldiers, funded in part by the USA! Funny after 9/11 how the Irish suddenly stopped terror as we knew it!

          • Mac

            You’re an idiot.

          • George

            Hi Kaylee, you have no idea how much I really do hope you see this post, just so you can hopefully register in your tiny brain just how ignorant and offensive you are.

            I’ve read through a number of your posts now, trying to persuade myself with each one not to read on as they infuriate me.

            Your view on Scotland and it’s people is disgustingly ignorant and hypocritical. Scotland is a wholesome and prosperous nation, not only giving more money to England than it receives annually, but also investing heavily in renewable energy – making it one of the world’s leaders in green energy. Not only that but Scotland do not vote (and have never voted) for a Conservative government, but are rewarded with one due to our English counterparts being particularly fond of them. If you are so upstanding about democracy and freedom then surely you should believe that Scotland should be able to vote in a government that the majority of it’s people support?

            Your comments on Scotland are not only arrogant but also hypocritical; America is a great nation, however you cannot ignore the soaring poverty rates that are brushed under the carpet. Not only this but you fail to provide a decent healthcare system and your upper class have no empathy or sympathy for those in poverty. Maybe focus on your own national issues before advising Scotland on theirs.

            I don’t know if I want to even confront your disgusting homophobic comments such as the implication of a ‘gay agenda’ or the fact that you’ve stopped watching a television show due to the star being homosexual. Your old-fashioned views are offensive – people do not have a choice to be homosexual.

            Neither am I going to try and persuade you on the topic of marijuana, particularly because you claim to have never met a ‘decent pot head’. Frankly, I’m sure most people who smoke marijuana make better company than you and your out-dated views.

            Please realise that we are living in the 21st century, where people can make their own decisions.


            An independence-supporting, straight Scottish pothead.

          • Louise Scotland

            @kayleeaurora:disqus This is complete and utter bull!!! Pretty sure the guys in the photo are holding ENGLISH flags! AND ‘Scottish women take little care with their personal appearance’ I could give you a list as long as Leith walk of American Woman who are not exactly ‘taking care’

            Quit getting so personal and do your research. Terrorism? Heroin? Have a look at your own country! You are so ignorant it’s unbelievable, your homophobic views are prehistoric and disgusting! And yes people are getting mean on this forum, but making comments about having your church raise money for Scotland like they did the Philippines is, to be quite frank, stupid! What on earth do you think goes on here.
            I am not necessarily FOR Scottish independence however when people like YOU make comments like these about MY country and the people in it, it makes me want to be as far away from you as possible!

          • Mercy Breheny

            “..it is sad”; “their history”, “it is like”. How’s your English?

          • Jennifer Zotou

            terrorism where? Scotland? I think not

          • Moron notifier

            You are clearly a moron. That is all

          • Donald McGillivray

            You are confusing Scotland with Northern Ireland! Two separate countries.

          • davie gray

            I am scottish through & through. the only terrorism attempts on scottish soil were caused by the fucking yanks. check your history, the attempted bombing at glasgow airport was caused by the yanks going into iraq claiming weapons of mass deestruction, was there any? NO is the answer. lockerbie only happened because the bomb went off too early and it was an american firm.

          • Grant75

            Are you some kind of retard ? If you read that it was about IRELAND. Its a completely different country. This is about SCOTLAND. Maybe the next book you read should be an atlas (its a book showing maps of countries in the world) before you start to try and read big girl books. Your comnent is like me saying ‘yeah i read about the first man on the moon, those mexicans are amazing’

          • Scot Lad

            “I read about the Terrorism there in the 80s and 90s” that the problem with Americans, you READ all the things that you want to read and none that matter. You are talking about the Northern Ireland troubles that are totally different to the crap that is being spouted here. DO SOME RESEARCH

          • LivedScotland40yrs

            Scotland has never had terrorism. Scotland has Devolution already (a form of home rule) and wants to control the powers that are currently reserved to UK parliament, NB it already has the power to raise it’s own taxes, healthcare, education, legal system, prints own banknotes etc

          • Scott

            You’re thinking of Northern Ireland you Muppet.

          • patricia s

            I don’t know what you read but I don’t know of any terrorism in the 80’s and 90’s. How is your country doing these days ?

          • Nicola Howat

            For a start doll your vocab is shite, and get your facts right, there has never been terrorism in Scotland apart from the Extreme Muslim attack at Prestwick Airport, that was swiftly dealt with after he crashed his car into the airport, whilst escaping the crash and running around the car park in a ball of flames, some sympathetic Scottish citizen thought it only right to put him out of his ordeal by stickin the heid oan him!!! Knocking him out and rendering him harmless… This guy not only saved lives of a lot of civilians but showed the world that us Scottish take nae pish fae naebuddy. This guy actually landed himself a top job as a sports reporter for one of our leading newspapers!!!! How do you like them apples 😉 SCOTLAND THE BRAVE

          • Liana Marcel

            as a scot learn some history and facts sweetie, you ahve no idea what your talking about or why this article is sooo whack out of the atmosphere off base…. the writer has obviously never been here

          • Aye Jimmy

            I grew up in Scotland during the ’80’s & ’90’s and I was not aware of any terrorist activity. Your ignorance is palpable! The author of the article really doesn’t have a clue about the socio-economic and political debate occurring in Scotland.

          • Elizabeth Bowers

            where did you read about terrorism in Scotland lass I’d dearly love to know as we’ve never been involved in terrorism in our lives your thinking of the USa who are involved in every terrorist event in the world….

          • Crowbo

            Kaylee-Aurura, are you mad or just uneducated? The terrorism I assume you speak of in the 80s and 90s was done by the IRA, (an Irish terrorist organisation, not Scottish, funded in no small part by Americans from the Irish community). Scotland was NOT targeted by the IRA, neither were they complicit in any of the acts of terrorism predominantly done in England. There are many reasons why Indepedence for Scotland would be good and bad for the people of Scotland, but none were mentioned in this article – drug abuse is NOT rife in my home country, there are still plenty of people who still believe in religion (I live in one such community that essentially shuts down every Sunday for the Sabbath) and there have not been riots in this country in decades. Pathetic attempt at journalism and perhaps the people that read and believe these lies should use the internet intelligently, research subjects fully from both perspectives and draw their OWN conclusions, rather than being spoon fed “information” and assuming it is correct. Shame on Derby Mack *shakes head*

          • varrie29

            Would you like to comment on something you know about ? There is no terrorism in Scotland.

          • Jimmy


          • jamie j

            what terrorism are you on about?

          • Delusionalbint

            what terrorism?? You are uninformed and uneducated as the Scots have not resorted to these tactics, try actually knowing some history before commenting on it

          • FutureShock999

            You are a moron. That is all. Terrible grasp of history, and the facts. IRELAND has had problems with terrorism, not Scotland. And it was all religious based – Catholics versus Protestants. No Muslims involved even. Secondly, Scotland’s independence is being put to a national VOTE, and will be recognised by England as legitimate without the need for any terrorism. Simple democracy, the way it is supposed to be. Do they have unicorns in the world you live in?

          • ramenskoye1 Alexander Conn

            Some of these comments show an incredible ignorance! Reading one ‘extremely right wing diatribe about Scotland, one of the oldest nations and peoples in the world does not make you in anyway informed about events in Scotland. Has anyone ever heard of the American wars of Independence? Could it be possible that Scots freedom from London in the same way as USA, Canada, India, Several African states, Several Asian states, New Zealand ( list not exhaustive! )
            All these countries won freedom from London!

            But when Scots ( who pay more into UK per person than anyone else- we don’t “get” money from England, it’s our own money) We are branded Junkies, alcoholics, not ready for Independence?

            Scotland had her own parliament long before USA was fighting for her freedom from London.

          • Rubycuts

            Do you actually know what your talking about? From a country that is constantly waging wars and has a vast majority of people living below the poverty line and a country that doesn’t wants it’s people to have their own human rights. You are an idiot

          • Sarah

            Terrorism in scotland in the 80s and 90s? What terrorism would that be? I think you should consider going back to school and learning some history….and possibly some spelling too.

          • Anne

            What on earth are you talking about? Are you by chance American?

          • Alan Ian Grant

            You read about terrorism where in the 80’s and 90’s?

          • GracieP

            Please state the source of what you read because it never ever happened. You guys have no idea what’s happening in your own country never mind one you couldn’t find on a map.

          • GracieP

            Kaylee-Aurora – Kaylee-Aurora covers the youth scene and feminine issues for HardDawn.com. She attended Chrichton College in Memphis, Tennessee. THIS IS HER PROFILE AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE. So this is a load of codswallop or she is dumber than she looks. Take your pick.

          • DundeeDave

            You read about the terrorism in Scotland?????
            If you are referring to the Soar Alba, it amounted to setting fire to a couple of post boxes because they had the queen’s ensign on them. By the way, how can a nation that fought so hard for it’s own independence and continues to celebrate it annually to this day, be so against another country doing the very same thing?

          • sandy mcleod

            My god you are so ignorant. That was England and Ireland.. fuck off back to your own way of life you thick uneducated twat

          • malibu_jenni

            where did you read about terrorism in Scotland!! It was false reading!! We have never ever had terrorism in the 80s and 90s!!!
            And we are not trying out now, we are having a peaceful referendum!

          • Scott Brydson

            you clearly never learned from history because the only people getting called terrorists in the 80’s and 90’s were the irish. go and by a book you moron

          • George Penman

            It’s the lessons from history that are making the Scots WANT to go out on their own We could NEVER make as big a hash of things as the English ruling classes have done.

          • whynot?

            That doesn’t make any sense, what’s your point?

          • Michael Wiedenhof

            that would be the terrorism, one side of which received more than considerable funding from the U.S. the same U.S. which also harboured considerable numbers of said terrorists.
            What is happening now is that Scotland is acting on a right entrenched in the Act of Union which allows either members of that Union to dissolve said Union.
            I don’t happen to agree with the independence movement but it is the right of the people to decide on that.

          • Lee Douglas Paton

            That was the Irish.

          • Bruce the Scot

            Kaylee-Aurora unless you’ve actually been to my country & met our people, then dinny pretend to remotely understand anythin about us. Sounds like you’re needin a good boot in the shereen to get you motivated to enter the real world instead of believing all you read in books & magazines

          • Chick


          • Nicola Rankine

            What the hell are you talking about? Sounds like YOU need to learn from your history. The independence issue is completely different from the Northern Ireland issue. Just because you read about it doesn’t mean you know what your talking about!

          • diane

            Terrorism was a predominantly Irish trade . It spilled over to England as Margaret Thatcher tried to bully the Irish and convicted many. They classed themselves as freedom fighters, she as terrorists. America funded the Ira terrorists if you didn’t know. Please don’t comment on matters you are not educated on.

          • Ustoria

            Yeah I can see your point, the terrorism was Northern Ireland, nothing related to Scotland. There has been no radical opposition to the Independence rally, but that doesn’t mean if independence is declared, things won’t get heated, we will just have to wait and see, though I believe it to be very unlikely

          • CJ


            Grammar lesson #0000111190
            There – A place
            Their – A possession
            They’re – A contraction of they are.

            You’re welcome 🙂

      • Ed O’Meara

        Why assume he’s English anyway? The English aren’t necessarily against Scottish Independence.

        • ajcmarch

          yes they are

          • Linsey Young

            ajcmarch – You have any evidence for that or is it just your opinion?

          • Steve Thompson

            And so are a lot of the Scottish.

          • Simon Brodie

            Yes, but not in sufficient numbers to prevent the election of the SNP with a majority.

          • Jonny

            I know lots of English people voting Yes. So you’re wrong smartarse.

          • Eric Shawn

            Jonny you spaz! the english dont get to vote in our referendum

          • Dale

            What if they live in Scotland?

          • GazMcBaz

            Dale, they get to vote.

          • GazMcBaz

            English people who live in Scotland get to vote “you spaz”. BTW please for the love of god understand this is a piss take website. Fucktard

          • Simon Brodie

            No, that’s not correct either. English Voters are not included in the franchise for the Scottish Independence referendum.

          • Gaz McBaz

            Jonny knows lots of English people voting ‘yes’ as the Scottish Electorate includes anyone living in Scotland of voting age (16+) including English folks who live here.

          • Simon Brodie

            Yes, that’s right. But, in the context if you’ve been resident in Scotland for over 2 years, you’re not classed as ‘English’ . You’re British and Resident in Scotland.
            So, unless you’re advocating a new English Nationalism, the’re not English.

          • John Jack

            Eh, only people living in Scotland have a vote in this referendum

          • Simon Brodie

            Does it really matter if the English are against it or not? It’s a decision for the Scottish Electorate to make. A little thing called Democracy.

          • Dale

            Wrong. We want our own.

          • Simon Brodie

            Then vote for a party who are willing to give you (the English electorate) a referendum.
            Oh wait, there aren’t any.

        • Mick McMenemie

          They would be if they knew how much worse off they’d be

      • phillipemaritque

        You really can’t put a price on what Westminster has done for Scotland. So much of that value is really not listed on a budgetary report. These are things like national defence, a stable financial system, international relations with organizations such as the UN, EU and NATO, not to mention the trade agreements that have brought in most of Scotland’s industry and protected it. There is also a degree of pride in our shared United Kingdom history and heritage, which also results in tourism and tourism money for Scotland. The English role in that heritage and tourism is massive

        This is clearly not a zero sum game.

        • IQdaRadical Thinker

          You have no clue what you’re talking about, you twat.

          • Simod

            And on what basis, your online retort is most eloquent

          • Kaylee-Aurora

            Why is every body being so mean in this forum? Come on your all adults. Got to be better than that! Do you remember what the Bible says about turning the other cheek?

          • Scarlet Jamrag

            Take some of your own medicine. Suggesting that Scotland has a history of terrorism is really quite offensive. You could have avoided this by simply doing a bit of research before putting your opinions on a public forum.

          • Alan Ferguson


          • Owen Patrizio

            Maybe you need a refresher in English, Your as in this is your ridiculous response, and You’re as in you’re an idiot who doesn’t understand grammer

          • suelue


          • wayne

            stick yer bible up yer arse

          • Butthead Rocks

            Uh Huh Huh Huh Beavis said he would light it on FIRE up his arse

          • freddie the clansman

            you are a total asshole with no idea what you are talking about. You are totally offensive and some of you yanks need to get some education

          • Simon Brodie

            Yes , and it also says an ‘eye for and eye, tooth for a tooth’. Your point is moot.

          • Brian


          • Jim Reid

            “your” all adults? Learn some English ffs. Idiot.

          • davie gray

            then get your fucking facts straight first. bint

          • Simon Brodie

            You were mean to us.
            Nemo me impune lacessit

          • Lee Douglas Paton

            The bible was no where near true like none of it it’s lies it promotes rape and murder i realized that when i was 12 so take your bible and burn it cause it’s just a book of fictions.

        • smellex

          have you ever been to Scotland?? do you understand the history of violence and oppression by the English. its a dumping ground for Westminster and they have little respect for the Scots. you cannot seriously think that england is the reason scotland is defended??? didnt some islamists try to blow up the airport in glasgow because of westminister supporting american islamic oppression?? pretty sure they will make them a target more than protecting them. Scotish people share no pride in being part of the uk. try to ask a scotsman or woman about mutual respect with england they will have much too say im sure. Go do some homework you little muppet.
          the sum will be Scottish pride and Scottish decisions for Scottish people’s welfare and this is no zero mate.

          • Adam McGrane

            I’m Scottish, really don’t see that much of a problem with England. Only people who have any prejudice against them have usually just seen Braveheart one too many times, or like most of us it’s a small inside joke. I don’t think Westminster is using Scotland anything like a dumping ground and has given Scotland its own devolved powers.
            I have no idea where this article got its facts but I think they went a bit overboard with the propaganda.

          • Linsey Young

            This really isn’t about having a problem with England or the English. It’s about running our own affairs to our own agenda. Westminster does not govern in the interests of the many in these islands – not in Scotland’s interests nor the majority of the people of England either. We in Scotland have an opportunity to do something different, I just wish the people of England had a similar choice.
            As for where the writer of the article got their facts, it seems to me that they don’t actually have any facts at all – all I can see are a whole slew of tired and inaccurate stereotypes which happen to reinforce their own particular political agenda.

          • GlasgowLass

            Well said Linsey! couldn’t have put it better myself.

          • Carol Mckay-Mcdougall

            Well said Linsey

          • Hamish

            Its called satire ye dafties! I’m a Scotsman and see no reason for breaking up the union other than mindless patriotism. All the most promising Scottish politicians are in Westminster anyway, leaving Salmond leader of the numpties.

          • Simon Brodie

            And what of democracy and equality?

          • Ally

            What has salmond got to do with the vote? He may not even be in power in 2015, before Scotland even went independent! You happy with the way things are just now then? Austerity is great eh? Funnily the oil rich nations have not had the same issues. The UK is the only oil rich country with nothing to show for it!

          • Ally

            Adam this is nothing to do with england or its people, this is to do with Scotland. The old Braveheart pish gets very boring! No doubt you stand on the terraces of Ibrox every second week shouting your sectarianism chants …….

            Scotland has always been a dumping ground, especially for nukes!

            Devolved powers? Do you remember the scare stories about that? We were told then it would never work and that we would be given more funding etc.. NEVER HAPPENED on both counts!

          • Ed O’Meara

            Westminster has little respect for the Scots? That’s not quite right, given that Scotland had produced 7 Prime Ministers: 2 of the 3 this century.

          • John Maguire

            actually 2.5. david cameron is half scottish

          • John Maguire

            however that does not mean they governed in scotland’s best interests. arguably, quite the opposite.

          • Simon Brodie

            David Cameron was not elected.

        • Aye

          Well you are a fucking twat cunt

          • Adam McGrane

            And you have such a way with words.

        • John, 3rd world Scotland.

          Idiot, clown, fool, crackpot, eejit, fantasist, lunatic, bawbag.

        • Linsey Young

          Oh dear – Firstly, Scotland pays for that defense structure administered via Westminster. It’s known as taxation. We in fact pay more towards the UK military than is spent within our borders. UK public accounts admit as much. Secondly, a stable financial system? Are you tripping, or have you been living in the back woods without access to news sources for the last few years? Trade agreements which have protected our industries? Aye, right. As for shared history, well we will always have that – it’s history. It can’t be changed.
          You are correct in asserting that it’s not a zero sum game – we have so much to gain by voting yes.

          • Butthead Rocks

            the fleabagging repukes from the USA don’t want this because they want your oil and natural gas, me I just wanna “score” so Hey baby…Come To Butthead

        • CubElectric

          Stable financial system!?! Please tell me you are being ironic. The financial sector largely based in London is to blame for the whole of the UK going into meltdown in 2008. I would also add that Scotland’s industry was largely wiped out by the Thatcher Government in the 1980s with little regard for job creation. Scotland has also been a net contributor to the UK exchequer for the last 30 years and pays marginally more in tax revenues than it gets back. The highest spending per head of population in the UK nations and regions is actually Greater London. Get your fact right.

          • John Maguire

            …and that’s before you add the oil revenues. Scotland could be a very wealthy country.

        • IainHalbert

          “…the trade agreements that have brought in most of Scotland’s industry and protected it.” Please elaborate. This is nonsense. Scottish industry has suffered due to continuous neglect and misrepresentation in Westminster. The detachment of northern England and Scotland from the concern of those in power has been apparent for years and never more so than with the current Tory government.

        • ss

          There is no pride in shared united kingdom. We became UK by default as well as some traitors who liked money too my much. British pride is a tagline used to promote the Olympics and the royal family. Scotland has its own tourism industry that can trounce England’s any day of the week.

        • MorallyCapableScotsman

          your an ignoramus.

        • MorallyCapableScotsman

          Scotland can sort out its own trade agreements thank you very much.

        • Deb Wright

          Westminster dismantled the shipyards, Car industry and coal mines. Causing massive unemployment in Scotland, making many folk dependant on the state to live. Yes, Scotland sure has a lot to thank Westminster for!!
          Scotland also pays more tax per head than those in England. As official figures show, Scotland has paid more in tax per head than the rest of the UK in each of the last 30 years and we contribute a higher share of UK revenues than we receive in public spending. Okay?

        • scotlandforever

          pish……………………… you have no idea what you are talking about you jerk

        • zaz

          ‘stable financial system’

          Are you having a laugh?

          ‘international relations’

          Like Iraq? You’re definitely having a laugh.

        • MayM

          I assume you don’t live in Scotland? Since I was of age to vote, the only time my vote counted was when I changed to vote for SNP. I felt like a traitor, coming from a Labour background. Whoever the English people vote for is the party in Government. Tories do absolutely nothing for Scotland. We only have 1 Tory MP – that should tell you something! I want to live in a country where my vote counts; where I can take part in my own country’s destiny. I’m sure a lot of English folk would love to part from Westminster too!

          Another thing that annoys me about this whole debate is the fact that everyone seems to forget that the UK is made up of 4 countries. It’s not England who is the benefactor of the UK – it’s Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

          Whoever wrote this article is either crazy and totally uneducated, or is trying to stir up some bad feeling. 🙁

          • Gaz McBaz

            It’s satire my friend!

        • Simon Brodie

          A STABLE financial system, have you been paying attention to the chaos the last 5 years? The massive and growing deficit?

          There is nothing to say that an independent Scotland would/could not be a member of the EU, or for that matter the UN and NATO.

          Westminster protecting Scottish industry, as in the coal mines, the steel plants, the shipyards which were brutally cut during the Thatcher years in power.

          As for Tourism, I think that overseas visitors will continue to visit Scotland whether independent or not.

        • Jerome Williamson

          This is what we done for UK

          -So I begin

          Scotland has
          £17 Billion Construction industry.
          10% of EU Wave energy Potential
          £9 Billion Tourism Industry
          98.8% UK offshore Oil Production **USA’s only interest**
          £2.8 Billion Creative industry
          £32 Billion Rural and Island Economy
          £13 Billion food and Drink Industry
          25% of Europe’s potential Wind and Tidal industry
          11.6% of UK Farming Production
          £4.3 Billion Whisky Export Industry
          £2.3 Billion Economic Impact of the Historic Environment
          This GDP will support 5.2 million people each year

          **60% of UK Economy comes from Scotland**

        • Stevie Moore

          you are living in the english dream world .. lol just wait till the yes vote has happened … then you will see what SCOTLAND HAS BEEN GIVEN ENGLAND FOR 300 YEARS .. more scots have died in english wars .. and we are the 1/4 size of england .. JUST WAIT AND SEE .. ENGLISH NO WONDER … WE DISLIKE THE LIKES OF YOUS IGNORANCE IS BLISS

        • Ally

          You are clueless and obviously have no idea about what is happening in the UK, idiot.

        • AnjieMitch

          easy cancelled out by what scotland does for westminster

          • AnjieMitch

            Your evidence says LEEDS, ENGLAND. Which is not part of Scotland.
            Like I said, it is a ST GEORGE’s flag which is ENGLISH not SCOTTISH.
            Scottish football fans were recognised for being the best behaved fans at away matches. Unlike those football fans from ENGLAND in your evidence.
            Based on your assumptions about SCOTLAND, which you have based on ENGLISH HOOLIGANISM stories,
            I think it is even more important that SCOTLAND separate itself from being tarred with this ENGLISH HOOLIGANISM brush like we have been by you.

      • Sam in Nebraska

        Another thing Limbaugh said is that the socialists really know whats going to happen but use a lot of properganda to get people on board and its always the young people who support it. I am going to message Gov Palin on Twitter. I am really curious what she says about this whole Scottish Question.

      • Jekyll

        To be fair the riots in manchester where cused by a load of scottish football fans :p

        • bobinscotland

          Different riots to the ones being discussed… and the CAUSE if you want to look really closely, was the police methods of herding fans into pens to watch big screens (which failed to work) and then refused to allow those fans to move to another area when there was no longer any reason to be there. I was there with my wife, and we left Manchester at 3pm to drive back to Scotland and watch the game on TV as I felt uneasy about the police tactics… a good call on my part I think.

      • Phil

        Its a wind up/ and you are truly wound..

      • Alexander Stewart

        I doubt it. In England the spelling is ‘cheque’ as opposed to ‘check’.

        • Charlie Fleming

          cheque is as in monetary,check as in check your spelling,two different meanings and spellings.

      • ur a cockface

        I seem to remember Vancouver being burned down over ice hockey lol

      • Jon Cassar

        It’s the ungrateful Muslims I remember rioting in the UK, and in Australia, over that dumb Muhammed film.

      • Ann


      • Gordon Strachan

        D’ya nae remember when Rangers visited Manchester for a Europa League cup final recently?

      • George Penman

        We don’t riot in Scotland anymore haven’t had one in centuries

      • phuzz

        Hey, we had riots in Bristol too, don’t leave us out!

      • Conrad

        ty for putting this straight

    • Dan Watt

      This, much like the article, is completely untrue. Scotland more than pays for itself. It’s GDP is 99% of that of the UK without north sea oil revenues and with oil revenues is actually 18% higher than the UK. This higher tax generation goes not towards Scotland’s welfare bill, as we pay for that ourselves, but to the City of London and Westminster.

      You need to realise that Scotland only receives a portion of its generated taxes to spend on services in a Block Grant which is decided by the government in Westminster.

    • Lance

      The Scots in fact pay more in tax than they get back, therefore this means that THEY subsidise the rest of the UK. You really want to do some proper research.

      • Jim


      • j-dog

        No you really want to do some proper research, the Scottish people pay around £200 less in taxes, the oils companies pay around £2000 per head, which makes it seam like we pay a larger sum.

        • Tony Little

          No you are wrong. Scotland’s tax take is based on revenues that exclude oil, as the Westminster govt. created an accountancy scam called “ex-regio territories” to specifically exclude oil from Scotland’s income.

        • Linsey Young

          j-dog – And your point is? It doesn’t matter where that taxation comes from in this context, what is important is the amount of revenue a government accrues.

    • elainesk

      Lying sod! Go read up the facts you ignorant person. Why don’t you check out GERs figures, each year Scotland pays in more than get back in block grant. England pays damn all to Scotland!!!Its Scots from the taxes made in Scotland that come back to us and our ScotGov has the right to do with that block grant what he wants without little Englanders like yourself telling lies saying you pay for it! What a load of crap!!!What is your education system all about if you don’t know these basic facts! Roll on 18th Sept!! I cannot wait to be rid of anal little Englanders like you though I will miss the decent ones!

      • scotcanadien

        phillipemaritque sounds more like a Yank to me.

        • Greg Fisher

          Yank Here: I’m insulted. Speaking of which, I’m all for Scots governing themselves.

      • anonymous

        The only reason I’m against independence is I’m jealous that you may just get a government that cares about its people while we get stuck with the Tories.

        • Keith Neilson

          You know what you can do about that, don’t you?

        • jordan

          come live with us then, we’re not nearly as anti-english as the BBC would have you believe

          • Alice_2

            I’m English, I live in Scotland, I’m voting YES.

          • John Maguire

            I’m Scottish, I live in England but I’m moving back so I can vote Yes. It means that much to me.

          • alfredthepict

            Nothing to do with being ant English ! Simply a desire to regain our ancient freedom and rejoin European Cristendom

        • Daviie Noble

          vote for the green party instead of labour, tories or lib dem

          • Simon Brodie

            The Scottish Green Party support independence too.

        • Linsey Young

          Refugees from England are welcome here.

      • Adam McGrane

        ^I bet money that this is Alex Salmond. Even answering questions like him. By being dismissive and saying everything against independence is fearmongering and lies.

        • Linsey Young

          Well, show me a positive case for the union then – we’ve been asking the no campaign for that for months, if not years. I imagine they would have come up with one by now if it existed as that might entice people to vote for it.

          • Simon Brodie

            The ‘Better Together’ campaign has 3 days to provide their case, as asked for by the electoral commission.

        • Simon Brodie

          If you can give me one positive argument for remaining in the union, I will give you 3 for not doing so. (Promise).

    • Janet Kerr

      You are one ignorant person , You know nothing of my country or the people who live here so keep your vile wicked bitchn comments to yourself

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Classy mouth for a lady.

        • Jack Ward Fincham

          Well, in her defence, you did just say of her country “Without morality, many Scots tend to lack vision. Few are truly ambitious”.
          But enjoy your telephone, television, internal combustion engine and Smithian global economic theory. Prick.

          • Dave Polson

            not to mention tarmac roads, tyres, penicillin.

            the worlds best selling entertaining product? GTAV, yeh scottish as well

          • Simon Brodie

            and Whisky

          • Simon Brodie

            Classy mouth for a Scotsman 😉

        • IdiotSmasher

          wow who gives a fuck

        • Jim

          Sorry but what part of what Janet said is not classy? Because she said “bitchn”. I think what she said goes for most people reading this ridiculously ‘Murican-loving pile of trash article – you clearly know nothing about the situation, but as the world-police try to poke your 2 cents comments that no-one cares about in. Go f*** youreself. How’s that for classy.

        • erikpandimensional

          Idiot deflection for a man.

        • IQdaRadical Thinker

          And you can get tae fuck, cunt.

        • MorallyCapableScotsman

          and where’s your mouth? you aint fuckin got one…just a bunch of shitty little one liners….

    • Anthony Stewart

      You Sir are an Idiot.

    • Paul

      Wow, another ignoramus! Any inteligent being would surmise that one cannot condem a whole nation (of nearly 6 million people) based on personal experience with a “few”. If it where not for Scotland America would be under British rule

      • Ed O’Meara

        “If it where not for Scotland America would be under British rule”
        How so?

        • alfredthepict

          Was mostly Scots that framed your declaration of independence. Based largely on the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 ” we fight not for riches nor for glory but only for freedom alone which no good man gives up but with his life. For as long as one hundred of us remain alive we will never submit to the dominion of the English “

          • Ed O’Meara

            Yes, but a lot of what is in the declaration and constitution is based on English legal traditions and concepts – Magna Carta, Act of Settlement, Bill of Rights, John Locke etc. The Revolution was quite conservative in that respect. So I don’t think your statement follows.

        • bawheed

          Scottish people are British.. there would have been no “British rule” With out the Balls of the Scottish soldiers.

          • Karyn

            I was born and raised in Scotland, I have never been British. I will never be British! To be classiffied as ‘british’ is by legal force only in many peoples eyes. When people think of Britian they think of posh speaking, English twats so up their rich arses they can not see the real world around them. Yankies in Hollywood are very good at showing a sterotyped ‘British’ person, you want to sterotype a Scot you end up with somthing far more fun.

          • Ed O’Meara

            But Hollywood is wrong. Being British means being Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish or English. Why let Hollywood (which is 5,000 miles away) dictate what ‘British’ means? Why let them dictate what ‘Scottish’ means (i.e. Braveheart? That’s where the votes cane from in the first place.) I think Scottish people are smarter than that.

          • Dave Polson

            yeh we make movies about Edinburgh junkies and Glasgow neds lol

          • Ed O’Meara

            I don’t dispute that. Many Scottish soldiers, engineers, scientists, chemists etc helped make the British Empire what is was and were proud to do so. Scotland is not Ireland. I’m just disagreeing with the statement that without Scotland the USA would be under British rule. I think that’s a ridiculous statement, A lot of people disagree, but I think they are spurred on by nationalist fervour rather than actual understanding.

          • George

            Your missing the point. What Paul is getting at is that, the notion of being free from tyranny, having a free and fair society, with the people as the sovereign enshrined in law, came from Scotland. It is not spurred on by anti English fervor, but by historical facts…. “It is to Scotland that we look for our idea of civilization.” – Voltaire

          • Ed O’Meara

            “the notion of being free from tyranny, having a free and fair society,
            with the people as the sovereign enshrined in law, came from Scotland.”
            That’s not exclusively a Scottish idea. It was reflected in English law and thinking and it was from this rich English tradition that the revolutionaries were working, whilst taking on Enlightenment ideas of many British thinkers. Voltaire was referring to enlightened Scottish thinkers coming out of the Scottish universities. Scotland has unquestionably produced some great geniuses.

      • Simon Brodie

        I think the mean the author.

    • lulu

      If this article were printed in the UK, it would be put under the heading of “Satirical”; a humorously sarcastic but slightly redundant look at a serious situation. As American’s generally possess neither wit nor humour, this article is undoubtedly serious; and THAT my dear sirs, is why no one likes Americans.

      • Amanda Link

        “[…]American Patriot who has dedicated his life to loving his country and preparing his family for the National Apocalypse. ”

        I’m sorry. Anyone who is ‘preparing for a National Apocalypse’ clearly isn’t in their right mind, and shouldn’t be associated with the rest of the non-crazies that live in the US. Scotland splitting off from England’s influence and control is a ‘serious situation’, but the US has no right nor reason to stick it’s collective nose into it. This is between England/the UK and Scotland. It pisses me off when these supposed “Patriots” go looking for fires to start and bullshit to post to get people fired up.

        This guy’s opinion is his own, and is not the opinion of the vast majority of the US, not from what I’ve seen.

      • TheVoiceOfReasonableness

        Ha! Ha! Not clicked the link to the home page and seen some of the stories on there then? A more satirical website it would be hard to find!

      • Greg Fisher

        American here. I have wit, and humor. After that, I’m all for Scots governing themselves. For that matter, I don’t even see why it’s any concern of ours. I am however a little disappointed in your ignorant racist remarks against Americans.

    • pax681

      ERm… you really don’t have a clue about how the finances work.. If the oil and gas receipts are 40 billions per year… then we have corporate tax, income tax ,revenues from whisky ,food exports etc all adding up to nigh on 100 billions per year….. and we get back 27 billions per year?… erm.. tell me… how is that a subsidy?
      get back to me after the cognitive dissonance wears off Phillip

    • ∂αƒту ωσмαη

      Wow… maybe the Scots you met didn’t take to your stereotypical view of them?

    • Jazza

      Scotland more than pays its own way. Scotland contributes MORE to the UK’s national treasury than it gets back, and actually contributes more per head of population in tax than the UK average. As for all the Scots you ever met being rude and crazy, I’d argue that says more about you and your attitude than it does about them. Think it through.

    • Derek ‘Ger’ Cooke

      How does it feel to live under a bridge sir?

      • Rory O’Flaherty

        Methinks he has a small plastic bridge on wheels, so that he may troll wherever he pleases…

    • Ross William Drew

      Seems people are really bad at spotting trolls these days

    • wanderer

      more lies, Scotland’s natural resources have been underwriting england for almost 40 years. another ingornatn idiot

    • AberdeenSteve

      Are you retarded? This article is so untrue and borders on racism. No wonder Scots are unfriendly to an American writing an article full of hate and lies. I personally wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

      • RichyMcKay

        It’s satire mate, relax. The whole website is about taking the piss out of right-wing America and their ignorance. It’s a joke, a parody, irony, IT’S NOT SERIOUS! Have a look at the rest of the site 🙂 pretty funny actually.

    • cm3108

      because there is no junkies in England is there and im pretty sure the riots were in ENGLAND burning and looting there own country and setting fire to businesses so how dare you say the scots are rude and crazy people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones you horrid ignorant small minded person. WOW your mother must be so proud to have brought up a turd.

    • Dambob

      Scotland makes up 8.4% of the UK population, yet pays 9.4% of UK tax. I think you’ll find the English welfare cheques come from Scotland.

    • Big Bobby

      is this an actual joke? Have you ever seen the Scottish budget report?

      • Simon Brodie

        Yes I have, and I’m afraid it is true. 9.3% and 9% respectively. Scotland’s Budget is in surplus and has been for each and every year of the last 32.

    • alfredthepict

      England does not subsidise Scotland full stop.

    • scottie1

      and how much money does scotland pay into the uk government thru our taxes for whiskey which is probably the biggest export out of the uk

      • Simon Brodie

        9.3% of GDP.

    • scottie1

      and how much money does scotland pay into the uk government thru our taxes for whiskey which is probably the biggest export out of the uk

    • Newquay Loyal

      The word is Cheques, not Checks !

    • Derby Mack

      I just want to say Thank You to all the people who have emailed in their support of this report. I realize many of you have been bullied and intimidated when you comment and it’s hard to hear your view heard amongst all these pro-independence rants, but I do appreciate your voice. Isn’t it interesting that the Scots, so in love with the socialist ideal, are also battling against American free speech right here and now? Ironic, actually, and surely an indication of what the future holds in store for Scotland if they continue to flirt with independence and radical socialism,

      God bless my friends.

      • StrawberrySwing

        We have nothing against free speech, sir. You are free to make idiotic, biased statements. And we are free to call you out on being a biased idiot.

      • Scarlet Jamrag

        Hats off Derby for a truly hilarious article, gave me quite the chuckle. By the way, it’s “whisky” in Scotland, not “whiskey”. Now I am off to shoot up and piss myself in a gutter before my haggis-laden breakfast, whilst draped in tartan, singing “Donald Whaur’s Yer Troosers” as we Scots tend to do, inbetween inventing the telly etc and setting the path for modern medicine. You’re welcome.

      • Mccuaig William

        Socialist rant only an out of touch idiot would make that statement the independence movement in Scotland involves all political parties even the torries they all have break away groups for independence this is a cross party movement The scottish people do not have a voice in westminster as we have few MPs therein comparison to English MPs so our voice goes unheard this is about democracy for Scotland but what you say is true to an extent scotland has always been a socialist country as we care for each other Scotland isn’t just a nation we’re a family nation we’re awe jock tamsons bairns part of one big family and we’re sick of being ripped off by westminster all our wealth is syphoned off for London and the South/West of England Scotland is a rich country we’re the only country to have discovered oil and our people have gotten poorer with one of the highest rates of child poverty in western Europe were our old cannot heat their homes properly for fear of the cost and this in an oil rich country the sooner Scotland is independent and free of the Westminster leach the better for all

    • ajcmarch

      Your a fanny by the way mate, Scotland makes more than enough money to pay every thing they need, just on oil alone we gain £5m a month. and as for us being rude yes i will agree there is a lot of rude Scots but that is only some of us if you actually came to Scotland and talked to people then you would see that, and as for ‘junkies’ (Heroin addicts) Scotland is not the only place in the world they exists the us has a lot of addicts too. If england had left everyone the fuck alone all those years ago the world could of been a better place. We as Scots should have our freedom just like William Wallace fought for. the US was under the rule of england and you got your independence why should we be any different.

    • Megan McGeever

      So, I take it you’ve met the whole population of Scotland? To make generalised judgements like that, the last time I checked, was considered as racism.

    • Cal

      THIS ARTICLE is a DISGRACE. Knows NOTHING about SCOTLAND or it’s PEOPLE. EVERYTHING on this ARTICLE IS WRONG/FALSE or BULLSHIT. FIRSTLY SCOTLAND PAY more TAX on AVERAGE than the REST of the UK and DOES NOT RELY ON WESTMINSTER’S MONEY! SECONDLY most SCOT’S are NOT on “the dole” and are not “hooligans”. THAT PICTURE ^^^^ IS CLEARLY ENGLISHMEN in a crowd before the England vs Germany Football match (can people see the flags and colours, England Flag and Top, German Flag and Scarf. THIRDLY ALL RIOTS IN THE UK HAVE NOT HAPPENED IN SCOTLAND LATELY IT WAS IN LONDON AND MANCHESTER! Furthermore, most of US SCOT’S DON’T ACTUALLY DRINK WHISKEY!!!!!! And WE ARE NOT “ALCOHOLICS”. ANOTHER, MOST of us are NOT “HEROIN ADDICTS” I do not know anyone who has used or abused this drug in Scotland so I’m guessing there’s more people that use it in New York or Los Angeles than Scotland!



      I am offended by this and anyone who is Scottish or knows Scottish people or has Scottish family will see how horrible and inaccurate this article is! This is a personal attack on Scotland, not an information paper on Scotland. AND THERE WILL BE MORE OBESE PEOPLE AND UNHEALTHY PEOPLE IN AMERICA ON AVERAGE THAN SCOTLAND. Scottish people do not sound German we sound Scottish. “America must say no” I think you American’s (who think along the same lines as this article) can go away and deal with you own troubles and STOP STARTING WARS AND RUINING THIS EARTH.

      • Calders37

        Also, nobody seems to have picked up the point in the article which says that Scotland wants to keep control of the nuclear weapons within its borders. The Nationalists have campaigned to remove nuclear weapons from Scotland for as long as I remember. The white paper released last week on independence states that Scotland would bid to become a NON-NUCLEAR member of NATO. It doesn’t just appear that the writer is ignorant of the facts of what is happening in Scotland, they have really just been making things up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer couldn’t point to Scotland on a map. I guess its just lucky that most of the readership of this article probably couldn’t either. I’m all for freedom of speech but this article is a complete joke. A platform being made available to the ramblings of a madman is a dangerous platform.

    • Janey McDonald

      You need to read more as you are demonstrating your stupidity and total ignorance of the current situation with this post.. Scotland pays more into the UK than it gets back.

      I am neither rude nor crazy, I have never tried heroin, or any other illegal substances for that matter and I have never been violent which is true of the vast majority of Scottish people. We are known the world over for our generous and warm spirits. I’m certain you could not make that claim and be truthful.

      I will definitely be voting YES in September 2014. I cant wait to get away from a Westminster government that only benefits the rich and cares nothing for the disadvantaged in our society. Fully one quarter of Scotland’s children live in poverty, depending on food banks and handouts to survive. That’s an outrageous situation that no one in Westminster seems to care about.

    • Gilli

      Your a joke Phillipe Maritque you have not got a clue what your talking about and have probably never visited Scotland in your life. As for any of the Scottish you have met in the past being rude that,s most probably down to the fact that they don,t like you! and by the way you refer to us Scots as these folks makes me presume that your the sort of person who looks down on everyone who isn,t English speaking and white. Before you open your mouth and speak or let your fingers do the talking think about the people who you are insulting. People are fighting and losing there lives fighting for a society in which you can have free speech don’t waist them on pathetic and uneducated comments like the one you wrote above.

    • pictish

      never heard of North Sea Oil? Thieved by Westminster over 40 years to pay for all London and SouthEasts’ infrastructure.

    • Tom Halkett

      im scottish yous no nothing about our country this is bill*****. we don’t all drink whiskey, were kilts and are hooligans. this is why we want to leave england we have been the test of there tax first for year, now that englands getting colder winter there sorting out the heating problem its been that way for years in scotland very cold winters. england say we cant take the pound the well thats another thing that we partly own scotland englang and wales not just england ! we pull in 27 and spend 30 billions 3 of a differance that if we go independent we will make loads more from the sales od whiskey our oil which england will obv want a part of OBV they would. you do not own the uk 3 country’s do. hope we really do get it and break free thank William wallace

    • Hengus

      Fuck off you twat! We own the 4 bankable assets the UK has – OIL, WHISKY, BEEF and good old Scottish INGENUITY! We’re net exporters of cash to the rest of the UK at present and seeing as we have the foresight to invest in renewable energy we’ll do quite well for ourselves. Don’t forget, we started the UK, we created the Bank of England, we invented Television, discovered Penicillin, cloned the first large mammal… and boy do we know ho to throw a fucking party!

      Away and eat a scabby dug’s heid ya Bas’art :0p

    • Glasgowbhoy

      Ur another moron try researching the barnet formula. Scotland pays in more to Uk treasury than it takes out. Out oil and gas whiskey golf tourisim ciulture subsidise englands pockets to maintain the 50 million population south of the border taking benefits fron scotlands wealth whike the scots population of less than 5 million share our resources with the entire islands via union of nations

    • MorallyCapableScotsman

      you are an ignorant prick mate. FACT: Scotland Supplies the UK (that’s England, Ireland, and Wales, just for your knowledge because i doubt you have a clue how the UK is made up) with 20% of it’s total wealth and only get 18% back from the treasury. You don’t have a clue what your talking about, so go do some research you sad fuck.

    • Jock McFuckyou

      Really? With American ‘Superjails’ full of supposed ethnic minorities on drug convictions and your government sticking it’s nose in in the name of ‘freedom’. Face it you live in a country with protectionist policies whilst the vast majority of the populus has no conception of life beyond your own borders. Ignorance is bliss, and you must be the happiest fucker on the planet. The points noted above do not even begin to scratch the surface of the atrocities your country has perpetrated across the globe. Keep shooting each other… please.

    • Mat Sallah

      Because no one in the US has a heroin problem?
      Scottish owned oil and taxation is paid to London who then spent it on a bloated military. Grow up!

    • john

      Hahahaha what an idiot…. Scotland pays more in tax gdp than any other part of UK and have the oil rights and we get less % back from Westminster (we fund the bloody financial shit hole London) Even the governments own figures show this…. So maybe learn some facts and figures before acting like you know something lol.

      Troll, even the government wont say we need their money and are desperately trying to convince us not to go… And when have they ever made a decision that benefits us? Never!!!! So why they so shit scared we’ll leave?????

    • Hysterical

      I think people really ought to calm down. This is a satirical site. Read other posts for proof. What’s written in this article is rolling on the floor in tears of laughter material. And yes I’m a law abiding, teetotal, non-violent Scottish National. LOL

    • god

      All the English I ever met were rude and crazy and the violence and heroin just shows these folks should take all measures to regain their HISTORIC independence.

    • RH

      Have you ever been to Scotland? Firstly take a look at this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_inventions_and_discoveries. Secondly, can you dare to question the cliche of skirt wearing savages running from the Redcoats? Braveheart is not accurate. Talking of redcoats, you do think it was ok to become independent yourselves right? Remember that? That was only a few centuries back. Was about then that the scots were busy inventing everything as outlined above. And you guys all love John Muir and Andrew Carnegie right? Scottish. But lets forget about then, and think now. Surely it would be better for you if Scotland did become independent – we are going to seize the north sea oil with our mighty new military after all – then you could bomb us, take it all for yourselves and then ruin the planet that little bit quicker with all your SUV’s. Win win for the yanks. WAKE UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Scotland is a peaceful civilized place proud of its extensive cultural heritage. Through democratic means Scotland has elected to have a referendum to decide if it should take more control over itself. I for one will vote to stay as part of the UK, not to become independent. However I will not outline why because this article only deals in unfounded and inaccurate heresay.

    • Wayne

      Are you joking??? England have been getting there EU membership paid for by Scotland for well over 10 years now. The reason England don’t want independence is they will lose out on all our money and be shown for the disgraceful mess it secretly is. There are to many IDIOTS like you and the fool who wrote this little snippet of utter crap in the world looking to stir up trouble

    • cchisholm

      What an ignorant prick!

    • zaz

      This is a common misconception. All the money Scotland generates is sent down to London. A portion of this is then returned to Scotland via an annual block grant (see ‘The Barnett Formula’). The fact is, Scotland generates more money than it receives back via this grant. If anything, Scotland subsidizes England!

    • Simon Brodie

      That’s factually incorrect. Scotland raises more in taxes per capita than is sent back via the block grant. Please try not to be disingenuous.

    • Miss Mac

      Aw, gawd bless your wee bitter cotton socks.

    • Robert

      Every penny spent in Scotland is raised in Scotland we do not get hand outs from England over the last 32yr Scotland has put more in taxes than it get’s back from the Westminster treasury

    • Heather Dunbar

      Please check your facts before posting such nonsense. Scottish people contribute more per person into the Westminsters’ coffers than English people do, and also get less back per person, than the English do. Westminster will have a significant drop in nett income if Scotland leaves the UK. As for the people, every country has rude nasty people, including yours, but I can assure you, having lived in Scotland for 36 years, most people are friendly and peaceful and do not abuse heroin!

    • Alexander Stewart

      ‘Welfare cheques’. Welfare benefits are paid via bank transfer these days old bean! Which country do you come from? 🙂

    • PhilipeMartitiqueIsDumb

      You’re so wrong it’s actually frightening. Why don’t you do some research before commenting. I’ll point you in the direction of north sea oil revenue. Why don’t you take a look at levels of English welfare and see how high they are. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. There’s a huge democratic deficit in Scotland, people are living under a Government they didn’t vote for, they’re living under economic policies that are suited to LONDON and that have limited regard for things further North. You’ve pretty much just insulted a whole nation with this comment. Is that what people in America really think? If it is it looks like you’re actually the ones in trouble, not Scotland. Go get an education u ignorant twat.

    • Molly

      Most of England’s money comes from Scottish oil.

      Maybe the Scotts you’ve met were rude because you’re and ignorant, uneducated bigot?

    • Dave, England

      Maybe you’re just a rude and crazy prick yourself? I mean, like attracts like doesn’t it? As for heroin and public housing, what planet are you from as this is just mad-up nonsense. And I say that as an Englishman. Scotland is a good place to be and a very industrious nation. It’s England that’s gone to the dogs.

    • Stevie Moore

      there more people unemployed in london than in SCOTLAND .. you sir are a ass .. i hope the yes vote happens . no more will the jack be flown ,, no more english telling scots what they should do .. enjoy having a tory party for even and a day ..you sir are the eglistic and you are generating the typical english stereo typical of the englishman and you hid behind made up name a picture i will never hide from the likes of you .. for am a scot and proud i take no drugs , and i have never claimed nothing but this I AM A SCOT AND PROUD ..

    • ur a cockface

      you sir are a bell end

    • Mac

      Scottish people are widely regarded as some of the friendliest people on Earth… unlike most Americans who are illiterate and xenophobic!

    • Jack Travers

      Wow man you’re a poor excuse for human being. You should look at fixing your own country first before trying to dictate what we should do. America is suffering at the hand of it’s own government. Obesity is at an all time high and every few months there is some crackpot shooting up schools. What about the meth and the crack ruining the streets over there? Is it not time America actually done something with this war on drugs they claim to be running? This article talks about hooliganism…never in my 22 years I have seen people rioting in the street or burning cars never mind over a game of football. Also, if you had an sort of intelligence you would notice that the flag in that picture is St Georges Cross, the flag for ENGLAND! Yes, fights happen over it but I imagine the same happens in America when the Superbowl is on or when the Lakers get beat. Who are you to decide if we are ready for independence or not?! All Americans ever think about now a days is “regime change” or collecting all the worlds natural resources for its own agenda. For anyone to comment on this from an outside perspective is ridiculous. Try living here first, experience the oppression we face from the English. As they control the budget all they think about is London as that is where the money is and they don’t want to upset their corporate friends so they do as they are told in Westminster. I agree however the party that are pushing for Independence should not be allowed to continue as their policies are not going to be economically sustainable. I will be voting Yes and I suggest you take a step back and look at your own country before you start judging elsewhere

    • Kevin Skilling

      Scots pay more tax per head than rest of uk so we actually subsidise the english”fact”also run by a goverment that the scots never voted for,dont forget it was scots who helped build ur country,usual ignorant shit from inbred rednecks.

    • Jennifer Zotou

      not so. Scotland pays more to the Union than is spent in Scotland in total. Scotland subsidises the union

    • Donald McGillivray

      Go to any inner city slum anywhere in the world and a nice guy like you would get robbed, raped and killed. With this in mind how dare you judge the Scots. My friend went to Florida with his family. The travel agent gave him a map of Orlando which had pink and red areas. He asked what they were and was told that the pink areas were safe to go to in the daylight hours. However, never go to the red areas, they will kill you and never find the hire car let alone your bodies. The red areas covered a third of Orlando!

      Looks like some of you folks aren’t ready for independence still!

    • Km

      You’re an idiot. We pay more tax than we et back so we subsidise the rest of the uk a its OUR oil which England has already stolen some of when they sneakily moved the borders and took 6000 square foot of the North Sea as their own. Fool. We’re the ones with the cash an we have why it takes to be a successful independent nation.

      • Km

        Miles even haha. You’ve got me so pissed off my fingers couldn’t keep up with the brain. Blonde moment

    • davie gray

      you obviously aint been to scotland then. we pay our taxes just like everyone else. it doesn’t all come from sassanach land. get your fucking facts straight nob end

    • davie gray

      They do not prize a healthy and muscled physique as boys do in the
      United States. A weakness of body and spirit may explain their low birth rates.
      Scottish women take little care with their personal appearance, and the
      men are not endowed with any propensity for lovemaking, as the old
      saying goes. WTF is this about?

    • Grant75

      Utter pish talker. Scottish oil money saved the UK in the eighties in the last recession. And the amount per skull spent is less than it should be for scots as most of the oil money is passed around the rest of the uk. Oh sorry didnt realise it was ENGLANDS money, thought it was the UK for a moment. Thanks England on behalf of Scotland, N Ireland and Wales for being so kind to us, we though all YOUR money would be gone considering the much higher unemployed you have.

    • Jordan Young

      you really do have no idea what your talking about

    • Liana Marcel

      well you never met me or any of my scot friends, families or neighbours then TROLL

    • varrie29

      Utter shite. Scotland is 8.4% of UK population and pays 9.9% of taxation. How many Scottish people have you met ??? 5.3 million ??? you are a lying, offensive racist idiot.

    • varrie29

      Unemployment in England is 7.8% , in Scotland it is 7.2%. Scottish income tax payers fund English doleites. ARITHMETICAL FACT.

    • Simon Brodie

      Actually, Scottish tax contributions are 0.3% higher per capita than the other constituent nations of the UK. Scotland has posted a budgetary surplus for the last 32 years.

      That means that its actually England,Wales and Northern Ireland who are subsidised.
      Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good assertion , though.

    • Greig Craig

      you should get yourself informed before post utter shite on internet forums. DOLT!

    • AnjieMitch

      read up before you open up . get your facts right.idiot yank

    • Neil Deveney


    • Mike

      You must be a American,no one as stupid like you!Brainless pour soul

    • Michelle

      We attract into our life a reflection on who we are so before you judge I’d take a long hard look within. There are many kind loving Scottish people in this world perhaps it’s you and not them? I was brought up in a council estate in Glasgow. Both my mum and dad worked hard for a living. We were poor yes but immoral and unfriendly? I think not! Hope one day you’ll meet a friendly Scot who will shine a light on the real Truth!

    • Kenneth Law

      Jesus was born in Gallowgate, Glasgow just near the Cross and was the first socialist!! And if any of you arse wipe Americans fancy a square go without a gun in yer hand, come and have a go if he think yer hard enough. Land of the free, only if yer white and carry a gun.

    • Bob Siren

      obvious troll is very obvious

    • JimG

      Scotland punches WAY above our weight in paying our taxes,and a proportion of England’s warmongering debt. Not to mention the cost to such a small country in the people we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan because Blair, Bush et al were too stupid, greedy and naive to keep their noses out of other countries’ business. Anyone who agrees with a moronic character like Sarah Palin isn’t to be taken seriously. I love how Americans are steadily allowing their poor electoral choices to erode their societal values from within, but they STILL insist on deluding themselves that they live in the greatest democracy on earth. America, your people are great, your government woeful and your propaganda all too obviously English-led. Shame on any American for condemning the very state which they fought the same crown for to win their Independence Day…..for those of you who think that was only a Will Smith movie…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • JimG

      Nice racist post there phillippemaritque, almost reminiscent of Petain in it’s leanings.

    • YesToIndepence

      This story is the biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever read. Try visiting Scotland before judging. Scotland contributes more in taxes than it receives, and as for heroin addicts and violent? What a load of rubbish.
      And as for whinging about the North Sea oil? It’s not anywhere near America therefore not yours.

    • Johniain Iain Mellon


    • Johniain Iain Mellon

      phillipemaritque you a troll ?we have the oil remember and we help pay for your wars and the killing of innocents in other lands and the sooner we get rid of you lot the better.

    • Alan Ian Grant

      Ever been to Scotland?

    • Karen Martin

      Really? Strange that because I was just thinking you’re not a blinkered, hypocritical, ignorant, racist, uninformed, and uneducated fuckwit American, using bad grammar, but probably an English troll. It’s quite difficult to discern the difference at times, but given they’re so similar and could in fact be peas from the same pod I suppose it doesn’t really matter!

    • fatweegee

      Scotland subsidises the UK not other way round – read up, do research and learn the fact before commenting.

    • tartanspecial

      I’m Scottish, and not a supported of independence, however this article is absolutely ridiculous! Scotland has a higher employment rate than England, higher GDP per capita. Voted the best place to live in the UK. Voted the friendliest people in the UK. Has the highest exports per capita of the UK and a lower crime rate! Please come and visit Scotland before tying to ruin our reputation!

    • Ann

      Rubbish – try using facts. I am a Scot with a full time job, never taken heroin and never committed a act of violence. Have u heard of the EDL

    • scotsguy

      Maybe all the Scots you met were rude because you are obviously an uneducated and ignorant fool who thinks we still live with a staple diet of mince pies and that we all have round bellies….. The stereotype and bias from this article is absolutely atrocious , indecent and wrong (but in a way extremely funny, as feck all is really true). If you look at the ratio of Scots who won medals in the UK Olympics I’m sure you’ll change your mind. Scotland has a vast oil wealth And a plathora of things we can and do use but do not see all of the profits for.. Do more research before typing inflammatory comments on an inflammatory article. End of.

    • Andy Farquharson

      please only comment on subjects that you have some knowledge on, or at least go and seek out the correct information before spouting such crap

    • Stubs

      You know nothing and are a dick.

    • joe

      you don’t have a clue what you are talking about you fucking idiot hahahaha

    • Grendal55

      Phillipemartique, Scotland’s economy has outperformed rUK’s in almost every one of the the last 30 years so we are subsidised by nobody. Our per capita welfare spending is also lower than RUK’s. Where do you get your information from or do you just make it up?

    • gordy

      you sound like the one on drugs, just how many scots have u met? and what part of england do u come from bawbag?

    • polmorgan

      Fuck you you sasonach bastard Scottish people invented you’r phone, your television and the roads you use every day so don’t slag the Scottish people or you will find out just how violent and crazy we can get. where do you live?what is you’r address?

    • Targaid

      With that attitude it’s hardly surprising any Scots you met hated you.

    • JoBrad7

      Get real!! SCOTLANDS oil reserves pay for Scotland and then some, you ignorant freaks – is this really how you work? You read an opinion and take it as fact? Without any further research? I am SCOTTISH and proudly so – there is nothing in Scotland that isn’t prevalent in all western countries. I KNOW this because I live here in a house I own next to people who rent from (gasp) you guessed it – Social housing sector. Lovely people with Gardens and families and education – every single one of them educated to a better level than the American system can claim. The vast majority of the UK’s renewable energy comes from Scotland as well as the oil – and in fact Scotland has the potential to have 25% YES 25% of EUROPE’S, not just the UK’s, renewable energy resources – now how could I know that? I am educated, can think for myself – dont take things at face value and research issues before I weigh in on them – England doesn’t carry us – if we are such a burden – why in the hell are they fighting so hard to keep us? Surely if it benefited them they would cut us loose gladly? THINK please I implore you -think for yourself and if you’re not good at that – which clearly you are not READ stuff you imbecile/s – I am sorry to those clever enough to know bullshit when they see it – if you did find this offensive then its because you’re stupid and vaguely aware of that fact after reading this – and you dont like it – I get that, I wouldn’t like to be stupid either – but thankfully – I was educated in Scotland. Which is far ahead England and the US in the education leagues – go look it up!

    • John p

      get a life and check out your facts before insulting us

    • Gordy M Rankin

      actually you are wrong there! scotland contributed much more to the gdp of the uk than they received

    • Doug brook

      phillipemaritque your comments are misinformed and speculative. Please provide some facts backing up your statements. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland….you very clearly do not.

    • Paul98765

      Hilariously inaccurate on all counts and on every level.

    • TheScotTom

      You neglect to mention that all the money Scotland earns goes down to England in Taxes as well. Only a fraction returns as these “Benefits”.

    • James Gilmartin

      No, what you’ll find is that the 8 billion a year the Scots alone pump into Westminster is what keeps is protected, not to mention the allegiance with NATO which they’ll still have after independence. Jesus, this page is full of people who need to learn their facts. “Scots lack maturity” is like saying “Americans lack health and intelligence”.

    • liam

      What on earth are you talking about? If you know nothing on the subject don’t write at all.

    • David Halladay

      A huge proportion of Scotland’s wealth heads down South. The North Sea is exploited by American Companies, sanctioned by the British government. Most of the share that’s left, heads down to England. If anyone is being fed off another, it is England exploiting Scotland. It’s Scotland that gets a raw deal. I think you will also find that England has a far larger population of idle scroungers than Scotland. Your comment is both crass and insulting. We have the potential to be a wealthy country when we are free of English rule, not only from the dwindling North Sea reserves but from renewable energy and other industries. As for violence, I think you should look closer to home. Football hooliganism for example, English fans are far more notorious for that both home and abroad. I’ll end by saying that I’m a proud Scot, have English friends and am definitely not xenophobic, merely insulted by your narrow view of the world.

    • Scot

      You my friend are an absolute retard. Nothing you mentioned there is remotely true. As for welfare, i have a degree and own my own property. Do you? Cunt.

    • Nicola Rankine

      You need to get your facts right! Regarding our funding, we Scots put more in to the economy than we get out. We are a wealthy country according to the governor of the International Monetary Foundation and we are Europe’s top oil producer. All our revenue and taxes go down to London (Westminster, UK government). For a start, our oil revenue accounts for 16.4% of corporation tax, our whisky revenue accounts for a quarter of all revenue from food & drink. Your comment indicates that you are extremely ignorant and uneducated. Also, you are basing your comment about us based on the Scots people you have met, Have you met even 10% of our population? I doubt it. We are ready and can afford independence. If really are so poor as people like you think, why are Westminster so desperate for us to stay with the rest of the UK?

    • Michael

      An uneducated comment right there! The majority of Britains energy comes from Scotland and on top of that we pay more tax per head of population than the other three home nations! Also we pay more money to Westminster than we get back so saying England pay for pretty much everything is just another arrogant comment from unrealistic and uneducated Brit who has no idea what they are talking about

    • Fifer

      Nonsense. Scottish North Sea Oil has allowed the UK to pretend it is a world player for a long long time. Now it is under threat of losing it’s biggest asset the London jolly boys are freaking out. What a useless set of comments you made fella.

    • MizzR

      What the fuck do u no about it!!! The only reason as u say our protection & welfare funds come from England is because ALL Scottish taxes go 2 London govt. We have 8% off UK pop but 16% of UK funding comes from Scotland. The violence u talk about yes we have violence but NO more than England!!! The PHOTO USED HERE SHOWS SOME 1 WITH ENGLISH FLAG!!. The heroin problem in Scotland is the same as England. In fact most of the heroin coming 2 Scotland comes from the English cities such as Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool & Manchester!!!! Scotland already has it’s own parliament- our health service is the best out of the whole UK. The Scottish National Party currently in power in Scotland introduced FREE prescriptions 4 all years ago & this remains the case (London has no control over Health in Scotland & it is better than the R of UK! Housing is already devolved i.e is dealt with & paid for in Scotland. Housing in Scotland is better economically & socially than the shit hole estates elsewhere. Yes we have our fair share of shitholes have lived in some myself but SO has England!! So u total fuckin moron – get u r info correct b 4 commenting. So wish I could b violent 2 u just now u fuckin idiot!!!

      • MizzR

        Oh & article is on why America must say no. THEY HAVE NO SAY FOOLS

    • Glenn Watson

      Are you INSANE? Do you think us Scots are that stupid that we would vote to get out of the UK if we were going to lose money? NO! We are the ones providing for the rest of the UK as proven. You ill-minded brain dead ignorant fool! If we were such a burden on the rest of the UK why would they fight to keep us?? Us Scots have a far better and prouder history than you Yanks for sure! Go and get a real education you stupid fuck!

    • Helen McCrossan

      We MORE than pay our way. We are a nation, NOT a region of England. We merely wish to have the government that we vote for & a say in how our country is run. What that has to do with idiots like you, I have no idea. But if you’re going to get involved in the discussion, please do a little research, then you won’t sound quite so much of a moron.

    • Freedommmmm

      Fuck you ya prick

    • margaret

      You haven’t met met then! I’m quite a nice person and friendly and like to encourage people to feel good. :)) AND I’m from Scotland :))

    • chloescot

      Mate, are you having a laugh? We are holding a referendum to vote for independence because Scotland isn’t represented fairly. Every election held with in the UK would have the exact same outcome if not a single person in Scotland had voted at all. We pay 9.4% of UK tax with 8.4% of the population and we receive no net subsidy. If you ever read or watch UK news you’ll see quite clearly that most of the violence you are referring to is south of our border. A recent example is the highly embarrassing rampage of Chelsea fans in Paris. Not to pop your little protective bubble or anything but take off your rose tinted glasses and have a look at where you live. You think drug problems only occur in Scotland? With regards to defence and security, our share of this bill is about £3.5 billion per year of which around £2 billion is spent in Scotland. So next time ‘folks’ maybe you should read up a bit before inputting your uneducated opinion. Even better just keep your nose in your own business.

    • alex sammond

      Scotland pays more to England than it receives in tax from oil and gas revenues and the hooligans in the picture have a st George cross round there. Shoulders (Englands flag)might want to check your facts before you comment

    • Diane

      Scotland’s oil resources more than fund any welfare or social security. England has a ridiculously high amount of unemployment & benefit expenditure. “Violence & heroin” are you basing Scottish culture on Trainspotting? I knew Irvine Welsh would have a lot to answer for.

    • Proud Scot

      Are you really that stupid. Please don’t breed you ignorant cunt.

    • revjimbob

      Another racist

    • CJ

      Clearly a typical uneducated imbecile commenting on such things they no nothing about. Scotland pays the biggest amount of tax within the UK. Scotland gets very little in return from the British government. Also violence and heroin? You clearly bypassed all us lovely students off to gain the best education in the world ready to come to poverty stricken countries like your own to offer some free healthcare to your poorest suburbs and ghetto’s then 😉

    • Big H

      Phillipemaritque,,,you write some guff! Try getting your facts in order if that’s not too taxing for your small brain

    • George Mcgrory


    • Paul Fraser

      Where did you get your figures?… Personally, before saying anything stupid, I tend to inform myself… And it does not surprise me you becoming abusive over your posts. My advise, seek professional help!

    • Conrad

      hahahaha look up the proper facts if this was true why wont westminster let us go think about it its not hard to work out. i not rude where do you get your information from your rude.not everyone in Scotland takes drugs and are violent take your grudge somewhere else

    • YerMaw

      phillipemaritque YOUR A CUNT…. see you are right all the Scots you meet will treat you like a cunt but don’t worry that’s just you they are treating that way, well you and every other cunt we meet… we make it a secret rule you see… No1. Don’t be nice to cunts… and just happens that rule No2 is… Especially English cunts… sorry mate just your a cunt.

  • Stephenson_Billings

    I think it is important for the people of Scotland to understand that Americans respect them and that they’ve given much with their patriotism and their troops in the wars against terror, but this is simply asking too much. They don’t realize that secret elements are trying to take advantage of their love of country and using that to gain control of Scotland for unknown purposes.

    Is it any surprise the terrorist attacks in Boston this year were done by men from a similar situation? Scotland’s battle could radicalize these unemployed young men and turn them into global terrorists within a generation.

    • scotcanadien

      “Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture.”
      That is the caption for one of your photographs in the article. UNfortunately for you the picture shows English hooligans. They are carrying the English flag you dickhead.

      • Janet Kerr

        How ignorant can one person be ? At least get 1 of your facts correct and your picture you idiot is of the English flag , no wonder America is in the state its in

      • Dan Fearon

        That is hilarious. What a dumbass.

      • AreYouSerious??

        Looks like an Englishman and German slapping each other about. In no WAY does this picture represent ANY facet of Scotland OR Scottish life ! And I have to laugh at this comment – The love of God and Faith found in America is unheard of in Scotland. – Eh? So you’d rather we mirrored the religious fanatics found in MANY parts of America that do NOT speak or teach ANYTHING to do with ‘God’ but teach suppression and oppression and who have their heads so far up their own ass they can see their own breakfast coming before they’ve even eaten it? Scotland is by FAR a VERY proud nation, yes we have faults and flaws, much like the rest of the world and its inhabitants so instead of bashing the bad points how about highlighting good points? This article shows the outlook of the writer to be outdated, unfriendly, oppressive and lazy. No real research was done here as most of this bullshit could’ve been cut and pasted from any number of other (hate) blogs. The same way that we don’t want Westminster controlling us – we also don’t want the White House to control us either ! America was built on the mass massacre of a whole race of people and if it were not for the Scots, Irish, English, Italian, African and MANY MANY other nationalities, the USA would not exist today. I am neither anti-American nor anti-English. I am PRO Scottish – I always focus on the direction I want to go instead of bashing others! This article is like pulling pigtails in a playground ! And as for the ‘War’ against terror – that’s a bloody media manipulated and induced load of bullshit fed to the masses by those who are trying to control the globe for THEIR own ends ! Do not mistake patriotism for bloody terrorism and do not think that we are blindsided by our patriotism! Scotland is not some moody teenager, stropping & hiding in its bedroom away from its parents (England). We are SO ready for Independence and we will shine the light on how to do things the RIGHT way! Back off and fuck off !

    • Dan Watt

      The last time a Scot tried to fight for his freedom was back in 1746, a similar era as the war of independence fought in the USA. Scots have no need to turn to violence, we are more than capable of setting the precedents and winning our independence through democratic means!

      Also, do you really expect Scots to travel the world bombing random events AFTER we get our independence? Even before we do would be unimaginable but after the event.. This is the kind of paranoia the NSA etc want to instil in the average American to make him more pliant.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Hahaha, it’s true. The Scottish people are about 250 years too late with this nonsense.

        • MayaGold

          So we are clear. You, as an American have no right to comment on what we, as the Scottish, decide to do.

          We have an unemployment rate on par with that of the rest of the UK, and furthermore it is on par with the USA (I’m not getting into x month x country was lower, because it fluctuates a lot, the three roughly mirror each other).

          Negative, and frankly nonsensical articles like this one make people question ‘why would we ever vote no’.

          The campaigns for and against independence are being led by optimistic liars with hollow promises and pessamistic liars with a gross underestimation of what their country can do. We have to wade through enough bullshit to get to the truth already.

          We don’t need woefully ignorant Americans commenting on things which frankly, have nothing to do with them, in tones that would make even the least patriotic want to vote ‘Yes’ out of spite.

          • Craig

            Very nicely put 🙂 I’m not a hugely patriotic Scot, though I am for independence, and this article has done nothing but flare anger against Americans with this kind of narrow-minded dumbass view.

      • your a peb

        If your Talking about the Jacobites, it was a war of religion and who was the rightful king of BRITAIN not a war of independence, go ignorant pleb

    • Peter

      You can’t be serious. Radicalize!! Have you spent much time in Scotland? We have to assume this article is satire. p.s. Scotland has the highest employment in the UK – thanks to the Scottish government.

      • MayaGold

        It had the highest in September, don’t assume it always has the highest or always will have the highest. It’s a perfectly reasonable unemployment rate, but please don’t act like it’s significantly above average for any period of time, or that it’s all down to the SNP.

        • Dan Watt

          Certainly isn’t due to the UK government, that’s for fucking sure.

          • SMono

            Really? Because I’m pretty sure Scotland and most of Northern England’s trade & industry has been relocated or outsourced by the UK Government for the passed 20 years.

          • Simon Brodie

            What nonsense Smono

    • Iain Smith

      Terrorist attacks in Boston, whilst completely abhorrent, at least provided the people of Boston with a practical demonstration of how their fiscal support of the IRA’s campaign of terror worked in a very real way. Aye, not so nice when you’re at the receiving end, is it?

    • MayaGold

      Bahahhahahahahahaha. Radicalise them into what? Besides, our unemployment is no worse than anyone else’s; in September it stood lower than the UK average.

    • fourthletter

      Radicalise them to what? No one is fighting, their is no terrorism THIS IS DEMOCRACY! WE ARE VOTING ON OUR FUTURE. Stop making up terrorist fiction you are talking utter rubbish.

    • thevoiceofreason

      Who are you to question a community’s right to self-determination. I imagine similar arguments were made by London to those living in the American colonies at the time.

    • Anon

      You name a few rogue nations which are encompassed by complete poverty. Look at the independence of Sweden and Norway (as an example). They are not harbours for terrorism and neither will Scotland be as it is not a 3rd world country.

    • calum

      Im afraid you have absolutely no understanding of the situation in Scotland. The SNP (the party pushing for independence) is not run by a group of islamic or irish terrorists. There is no alterior motive to independence than the people of Scotland wishing to create a more socialistic state. Not communist so no need to shit yourself. I am also interested by your belief that within a generation we could have a radicalized youth, think about it. Scotland, a small country jn Europe that believes in social equality, has helped shaped the world we know today (especially America), is one of the oldest nation-states in the world is suddenly going to start going crazy in the world and becoming a hub for terrorism? Is that honestly what you think? You sir have truly lost the plot.

    • Jim

      Are you for real? Why don’t you go live in the desert, maybe you’ll be safe from the evil terrorists there 🙂
      At the end of the day, you may find that no one cares about your dumbass opinionated opinion. So please deal with your own terrorists, welfare spongers, ghettos and junkies first.

    • Paul Mitchell

      One of you articles is entitled “Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails to Poison the Angels in Heaven?” Pretty much says everything about your comments and your intelligence.

      • whodunnit

        My personal favourite is, ”
        Did an Illegal Immigrant’s “Latino Sensuality” Lure My Son Into Homosexuality?

    • Guest

      It’s very clear that you have never ever been to Scotland. I grew up there, now I live in England. You’re claiming that the “fight” (entirely a political/legal one) for Scottish independence will cause them become global terrorists? I’m not sure how to say this but have you utterly lost control of your faculties? I do not have the words to express how ridiculous you sound. It’d be like me saying that (I don’t know) if Florida was forced to accept gay marriage then they’d obviously secede and start a civil war. Seriously, before you talk such galloping loose-brained cess, at least talk to an actual Scottish person. Jesus – tapdancing – christ.

    • alfredthepict

      As you Americans might say BULLSHIT !

    • Sophie

      Hooligans exist EVERYWHERE. In independent countries, principalities, islands, tribes; society itself. Making Scotland independent does not give birth to terrorism. Those people will exist regardless.

    • Greg Fisher

      American here. Do whatever you like. It’s your country.

      • Simon Brodie

        Thank you Greg, I wish the other parts of the UK could see it that way.

  • jhobson

    I have never read anything so insulting and factually baseless. And I’m from the other side of the border! You sir, are a disgrace to America and freedom everywhere.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thank you for the intelligent, well-researched response. Glad to see Derby’s reporting is pretty much proven by an irate Scotsman commentator.

      • scotcanadien

        jhobson means the Canadian American border you prick.

      • AlbaGuBrath1985

        What an asshole you are.

      • Peter

        The irony in this post is almost comical

      • fourthletter

        ” intelligent, well-researched” That would be everything this article is not.

      • Jill

        Oh please Sir Stevenson – show us your intelligent well researched comments. How about “Classy mouth for a lady” or “Hahaha, it’s true. The Scottish people are about 250 years too late with this nonsense”.
        Glad to see there is even space for fat, bald, idiotic wan***s in this world today.

      • Jonathan

        Except jhobson said he was from the “other side of the border” which means he’s English. Glad to see America’s fundamentally flawed education system is pretty much proven.


      You do realise it a satire?

    • Danielle

      You do realise this article is satirical, right?

  • Phil Campbell

    There are many insults and errors that could be pointed out in this post. However, they are all eclipsed by the fact that the photo you’ve used for football hooliganism shows people with England’s St. George’s flag!! If you insist on demeaning the culture of another country, at least bother to get the detail’s right.

  • Katherine Carington Smith

    Oh what a shame, you seem to know nothing about Scotland at all. Don’t you realise we are one of the richest nations in Europe? We are not a region of Britain but are and have always been a nation in our own right. There are huge differences between Scotland and England, one small demonstration of the differences is the fact that Elizabeth (the second of England but first of Scots) is Queen of England but Queen of Scots. You may not entirely understand the implications of that subtlety but if you care to check some historical facts you may begin to understand that the psyche of the Scots and English differs enormously.
    In Scotland it is the people who are sovereign, the Queen rules Scots by consent only.
    In any case, an independent Scotland will be part of the European Union. In the proposed referendum on EU membership to be held in the rest of the UK in 2017, England is highly likely to vote to withdraw from the EU. The rUK will be left isolated and impoverished.
    It’s time Scotland had control of her own vast resources in order to further the interests of all our citizens instead of suffering cuts in our budgets imposed by a government Scotland didn’t vote for in Westminster.
    By the way, Westminster has already agreed to abide by the outcome of Scotland’s independence referendum and no amount of sour grapes from the other side of the pond can change this.
    Unlike the good old USA we have a democratic form of government.
    Your entire article is nonsense because you have based your diatribe on outdated stereotypes and propaganda, and the premise that Socialism is evil.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Scotland is deeply in debt and has a widespread welfare program for its citizens. You don’t see Scots inventing the next Google or Facebook do you? That’s because their is little motivation when you people subsist of free gov’t handouts. And there is little respect for the ideals of Biblically living. Also, the violence and alcoholism of the Scottish people is well known and Derby Mack is not the first to expose this. Please stop trying to bias everyone with your tirades and nonsense.

      • Dan Watt

        You are either;

        A. A Unionist.
        B. Neither living in nor been to Scotland for more than a few days.
        C. An American, reminding the internet why you are stereotypically regarded as the most ignorant nation of pretend libertarians, yet somehow unfathomably stuck in the middle ages. ‘Murica

        • Dan Watt

          I’m voting C at this point, the phrase “Biblically living” and meaning it in a positive sense is evidence enough.


          • Stephenson_Billings

            I don’t live in England. I live in Tennessee, a place with a bit more self respect than any of this. We are not trying to delude ourself with socialist utopias. We have hardworking people who truly are patriotic and have given their lives serving their country. We are a honorable and honest people. Sober, and moral and smart in life. These seem to be qualities that children never develop in a European world and that’s why they grow up feeling so entitled and arrogant.

          • Neil

            If you want arrogance read the article. It reeks of it.

          • Melvin

            ‘We have hardworking people who have given their lives…’ – are they hardworking corpses? Wow, with such industrious exemplars in your own society, maybe you ARE right about our work ethic? Or of course maybe it’s just that in addition to being a narrow-minded, ill-informed, anachronistic loudmouth fuckpot, you also can’t convey a straightforward thought to save yourself. Which is a shame, as I’m pretty sure those are the only ones you have.

          • MayaGold

            Fun fact: Tennessee had the highest violent crime rate in the USA for 2012. Which means not only is it one of the most dangerous states in America, but you can bet very, very good money that it’s more violent than Scotland.

          • fourthletter

            You have no idea about the rest of the world because you do not leave your own home town and believe a complete nonsense about your own country. Try coming to Europe that might widen your horizons. The EU and the UK and Scotland are nowhere near the level of debt that exists in the USA, THAT IS A FACT.

          • Badger

            “We are not trying to delude ourself with socialist utopias”

            So you’ll be paying for a private fire service there then? And a police force? And you’ll be managing the upkeep of your national and civic parks yourselves? And putting your kids through private schools because you’ve shut down the government-run ones? And what about the roads – who pays for them? Or Medicaid, which your elderly folk get through tax dollars?

            You’re already enjoying many aspects of socialism in the US you fucking bellend. Stop being a moron.

          • Frank

            Yes – good old ‘Muricans, the sober, good living people this world, where there are no crack whores, no fanatical God loving, gay hating, extremists, no violent ghettos with gun crime, no serial killers, no fat overweight useless douchebags. God, gotta love ‘Murica. I wish I came from there, you’re sooo lucky!

          • Eric Tait

            Truly patriotic you sure about that?im sure in the civil war you lot never had a clue who to fight for,ya fud.

      • Katherine

        Scotland certainly isn’t deeply in debt, we are relatively considerably better off than rUK and will be even better off once independent.
        Take a look at Scottish inventions, there are plenty of them and we Scots lead the World in many fields. There is as much respect for religion (of all kinds) in Scotland as in any other country, in fact, far more tolerance and interest in others’ religions exists in Scotland than many other countries.
        As for “government handouts” these are paltry and being constantly cut by the Westminster government, not the Scottish Government. Scots are as hard working as any other nation.
        By the way, looking at your rant again, is this a spoof or are you actually serious?

        • Simon Brodie

          Just for clarity Katherine, Scotland is not independent yet, and the UK has a deficit far in excess of the UK’s GDP. So Scotland is in debt for the moment. I agree completely that we’ll have a far better chance to pay down those debts when we are independent.

      • elainesk

        You ignorant twat! Thick too! Its English Defence League thats an embarrassment to Uk, its the London riots, none in Scotland that was an embarrassment a year or so back….its your part of UK that is instigating hatred for disabled and poor folk by your UKGov that we don’t want….its you that is a country of hooligans and violence and theres plenty alcoholics in England especially under 25yrs old! How about the recent tragedy with the helicopter in a Glasgow pub…..so many caring people running towards pub and forming a human chain to help the injured, folk rushing to give blood and the local Mosque opening their doors to help…….you on the other hand would be half way down the street having left your balls behind! Disgusting excuse for a human you are!

        • Simon Brodie

          There was a riot in Edinburgh – a wee ned kicked a wheelie bin over. I saw it on CNN.

      • Janet Kerr

        You are an idiot and if you go do a bit of research into all the amazing thing Scottish people have done for the world you may edycate your ignorant mind !!!!

      • AlbaGuBrath1985

        What an absolute idiot. And what is your next big invention going to be you fascist? Perhaps you could invent a device that would correct you when you use the wrong word. Let me help you get started…

        Their = belonging to them.
        There = a place.
        They’re = They fucking are.

      • MayaGold

        We have a ‘welfare’ programme, yes. Do you know what it’s for? For keeping the down on their luck in homes, for protecting the weak. For ensuring you always have something to live on even if you are made redundant. Again, our unemployment rate is the same as yours, and please don’t pretend America’s poor don’t have drugs and violence problems (as an aside, herion is only a problem on a few west-coast estates 1. this means most of those living in council houses are perfectly functional members of society 2.we’re doing a lot more to try and help those people than you are to help your equivalent and 3. if you’d been to the west coast you’d understand how that happened).

        Aside from that, morality is not rooted in the bible, one can be a perfectly good human being without being devoutly Christian, indeed atrocities are committed by people of faith as often as not. You say people aren’t living biblically, but i daresay if you take the entire bible from start to finish – neither are you. The Bible cannot be considered an absolute, for not only does it contradict itself, but much of what it asks of people is now quite illegal (unless you actually do eat only what it states you can, and have been stoning anyone for a myriad of crimes recently?) Plus a fair proportion of Scotland actually is religious, it’s why there are still so many churches.

        Crime rates in Scotland are far lower than much of the USA – I’m pretty sure less theft, rape and murder is surely a sign of a relatively well behaved, moral society.

      • fourthletter

        Scotland invented and designed the sound chip in your iPhone, Welfare is a UK wide program. There is little plenty of respect for the bible, our head of state the Queen is the head of the chruch as well. Also, the violence and alcoholism of the American people is well known, why are you not mentioning that? Talking about bias when you are quoting nonsense with no factal back up about a country you have never been too is the problem.

      • Jazza

        Glass houses, throwing stones? What is the USA’s national debt standing at these days, hmm? Scotland’s national debt is largely due to the Westminster government’s spending. Scotland’s internal economy is actually stronger than the rUK’s and would only improve with independence and ownership of our oil. In fact, it has been calculated that if Scotland had been an independent nation, she would actually have a budget surplus.

      • James MacPherson

        Just a quick note on the inventiveness of Scots questioned here. I really do struggle to find a meaning full invention by a Scot… no one really cares about Anti-Biotics, Telephones or Televisions do they?

      • Thevoiceofreason

        It’s becoming increasingly apparent that you have no clue what you are talking about.


      • ScottishLass

        Scotland is a very different place to the US, I’ll give you that. But we are very similar in the respects you quote to the rest of the UK. The UK is a more socialist country than the US, we don’t have higher than UK average of people on benefits, and actually in Europe the English fans are known for being far worse for hooliganism – the only times the Scots are known for it is in Old Firm matches. We are also still a Christian country where faith is very important to a lot of people (see my comment on the Catholic/Protestant feuds), and the debt you mention is shared by the whole UK, not Scotland alone. So your tirade is against the UK culture, not the Scottish (The North of England is well known for it!), which renders your point moot – in that case, the UK should not be considered ‘moral’ enough o rule itself!

      • whodunnit

        with inventions such as the telephone, the tire, television and many more, I think you can, as we say, haud yer wheesht.

      • Simon Brodie

        Scotland is in debt. So is the USA.

        Scotland has a widespread welfare system, and we’re very proud of that, and we want it to remain intact.

        Scotland has five of the top 200 universities, which is quite remarkable for a nation of our size. There is no lack of motivation, but there is a huge lack of opportunity, and that’s another thing that we want to put to rights.

        The ideals of biblically living is a matter for each individual, and we certainly don’t want to suppress that. In fact, tone of the stated aims of the independence campaign is that we would have th opportunity to build a more tolerant and sociailly inclusive country.

        In fact, Scotland has a far superior educational system because church(es) wishing for the children to better themselves through education. It lead to the Scottish Enlightenment which was an inspiration to the founding fathers of the US of A.

        The violence and alcoholism is well known, because that’s the way that Scotland has often been portrayed – its not a real situation, but yes, our inner cities suffer just as everywhere else.

        I think that as a proud scot, we’re more than entitled to have a tirade, when Derby has insulted our country so badly.

        Nemo me impune lacessit

  • Angry Scot

    I have never in my life read such a load of out and out rubbish. Factually baseless, totally insulting and absolutely disgusting. Do some proper research before you even think about writing any more rubbish about my country you imbecile.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Calm down tough guy, what are you going to do now, shoot up some heroin and burn down your street?

      • George Mortimer

        Sounds like a plan, you with me Angry Scot? Let’s start in Troon, never liked Troon much. You bring the heroin I’ll bring the teacakes.

        • Davie Ferguson

          Can I bring the Pandrops? I like pandrops 🙂

          • George Mortimer

            Aye ok, but you’ll need to bring your ain heroin though.

            Also looks like Derby Mack disnae like it up him, appears that my first post has been deleted. Viva democracy.

          • Davie Ferguson

            I really thought it was a satire piece. Worrying that these folk are for real….

          • Davie Ferguson

            Wonder if Derby would lend his (not inconsiderable) weight to the Better together campaign?

          • scotbot

            Not only are they real, but they also hail from a nation which has control of the nuclear bombs London inflicts on us. A nation, let us not forget, happy bomb the smithereens out of any country it wants.

        • Dan Watt

          Don’t forget that bloody Airdrie, they need a right good heroin/teacake bombing.

          • George Mortimer

            Has somebody no beaten us to it? I mean c’mon it’s Airdrie.

      • scotcanadien

        That’s what the Yanks in New York and the English and London do.

      • Jamie

        ahahahahaha! What a typical, uneducated, overtly religious, lunatic American article! Well done sir! ‘Murica must be so proud of you, at the very least check out your facts and cite your sources of said facts before sprouting such utter fucking PISH online. Ach well, on the plus side now everyone knows, just by reading this one article, that you sir, are a complete and utter fucking tool. Get it right round ye! I would much rather be independent than sharing a country with pricks like yourself.

      • Janet Kerr

        Idiot !!!

      • AlbaGuBrath1985

        Fucking wanker.

      • fourthletter

        HOW ABOUT BURN A CROSS ON SOME BLACK GUYS LAWN, LIKE THE GOOD OLD SOUTH. Or am I jumping on a piece of nonsense that is a generalisation that doesn’t really exist anymore? LIKE THIS ARTICLE.

    • The ugabooga man

      it’s a comedy article mate, calm it a bit

  • George Mortimer

    Hi there fellow freedom protectors, Hang on a second ….there, had to put my heroin crack pipe down there as it’s hard enough typing with one hand as my eyes are full of tears, tears brought on by America loving us so much that they can take time out from bombing children in Afghanistan and that other ‘stan long enough to point out the errors of our ways.

    I for one hope that if we are crazy enough to vote for independence that your fine country could see fit to chuck a few drones our way, can’t think of a better way to get folks to see the light about freedom and how socialism is mental than killing lots of civilians in totally unproved attacks from silent killer bombs controlled from that bastion of democracy that is Las Vegas. I mean it worked when your country declared independence after all, those redcoats sure showed you guys how inconsiderate you were being to the motherland. So glad that worked out.
    Anyway I’d suggest bombing the Highlands and especially the isle of Lewis first as without our daily ration of whisk(e)y we will be so cowed that I doubt we could last a week.

    • Dan Watt

      Don’t forget to try to sell us nuclear weapons, after we rid ourselves of the ones we have on the Cylde. Nothing says “Liberty” more than a healthy arsenal of WMD’s. At least one of your presidents might be able to find THESE particular ones, having the receipt and all, should he decide to come looking for them in an attempt to “liberate” us from ourselves.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Is this serious or what? You seem sort of crazy.

      • Wee Moe

        Congratulations Billings as a supporter of Independance for Scotland I must thank you for this most ill informed peice that has as far as I can make out now been shared amounst tens of thousands. This is just the sort of thing that everytime brings more people who were not sure how to vote over to the Yes camp. If you have anymore of this wonderful material I would very much like to hear from from you as although support is gathering fast any help is greatly appreciated. Just for your records the Scottish Socialist Party are a minority miltant group who are not taken teribbly serious by the people of Scotland, our flag is the Saint Andrews cross, not the Saint Georges cross as featured in the photograph that sadly shows the terrible blight of football hooliganism endured by England. Many Thanks again.

      • EazyT

        Totes crazy man. Remind me which of us lives in a country with mass gun murders every year again?

      • Fredrixen

        Oh, the (unintentional) irony inherent in your comment above.

      • Iain Smith

        As opposed to you who actually IS crazy? Methinks you must have slipped into the gene pool whilst the lifeguard was on a coffee break.

      • OorWillie

        You claim we entitled, yet still delude uourself that you live in “the greatest nation on earth”.


        Come back when actually have

        a) some knowledge of what you are talking about
        b) you have a leg to stand on

        • Martin Lydon

          Youtube clip says it all

      • Kieran

        You probably don’t understand the sarcasm coming from him, he’s pretending he fits in with what your stereotype of Scotland is. Since you struggled to understand (I’m not sure if it’s your sense of humour or the fact we’re having a text-based conversation) I’ll make sure not to make any jokes in case you think I’m being genuine. Scotland isn’t a country filled with rioting or drug issues or extreme unemployment levels. Our people didn’t riot when the English did after the unfortunate and incredibly suspicious death of Mark Duggan. Scotland has a lower violence rate than a lot of U.S states. The same as in any western country with the dreams of living the ‘high’ life there are tiny regions where anything up to 5% of the populous suffer from drug abuse. This, when leveled across the whole of Scotland isn’t an extremely high rate. It is only because of concentrated regions where the Conservative government sold off industries in the 1980’s which led to unemployment which after a few years led to drug abuse. This problem is beginning to be overcome due to social care and intervention schemes. This can continue and speed up if Scotland gains independence, and with it, control over welfare. This is because any problems can be targeted and concentrated on by the Scottish government which will know it’s people on a closer level rather than being ran by one big government. After all, don’t you republicans support small government? Scotland hopes that the reduction of corporation tax which is going to be brought in if we gain independence will cause more businesses to come to our country and employ people (this is a sound and logical economic argument to make). This will in turn help solve many social ails. In addition to this, Scotland is at the forefront of much of the EU’s renewable energy scheme. I know as a republican this doesn’t interest you but listen; Scotland already has 35% of it’s energy produced through renewable sources. This is well above the EU and UK average. Investment will be favoured to renewables in an independent Scotland. This will lead to the oil that is owned by Scotland being able to be sold to other countries as an export as Scotland begins to have a surplus of energy . and sources. This will lead to a considerable boost in the Scottish economy. These are just some of the benefits that can come from an independent Scotland when it has control over it’s own governance. There are many others but I believe these are the ones you mainly question in your unfortunately ill-informed article. You can reply with any more questions you have about Scotland and independence (i’ll keep an eye on the thread) as misconceptions breed prejudice and discrimination. Prejudice and discrimination are against basic morality and certainly against American principles, wouldn’t you agree?

      • George Mortimer

        Crazy like a fox Mr Billings. This is a very good spoof and I claim my 5 dollars/2g of heroin.

      • Salt Ire

        Whereas you prop up egregious shite like this “article” which serves no other purpose than to confirm Scotland’s assumption that some people in the US have been fishing too long in a shallow gene-pool. And you’re “staff”?

        What qualifications do you need to skitter out this kind of misinformation?

        The world laughs. You do your country, nor your kin, no favours.

  • lesley

    totally unbelievable, Scottish people are welcomed all over the world and held in high regard.
    We will get Independence in 2014 and become a highly respected country worldwide.

  • elainesk

    Who the feck are you to talk down to us Scots in such a condescending matter! Arrogant and ignorant of the whole history of Scotland and you can butt the hell out of Scotland’s business……..you and America don’t have a say,nor do UKGov!!!

    • nancy.houston

      I find it hilariious so many of these Scotlanders are now suddenly internet tough guys. Don’t they be so brave with how America is dealing with the wars of the world.

      • scotcanadien

        You mean bombing defenceless chidren and women with drones directed by computer operaters sitting in USA so that your big tough American soldiers don’t have to go face to face with the enemy?

      • Davie Ferguson

        Yes, your command of the English language is on par with my German.

        PS Do you like Pan Drops?

      • Janet Kerr

        Aye murdering innocents you fkn scumball

      • Peter

        Haven’t you got school to go to? Americans are usually too fat to “deal” with wars – they rely on a mainly immigrant army (because they’re generally tougher, fitter, and more intelligent than those who’ve gorged themselves on burgers and chips all their lives) and technology obtained from coerced European scientists to “deal” with wars. See how smart you are when your ridiculous national debt implodes and you look to the rest of the world to save your ignorant, arrogant asses.

      • Peter

        Haven’t you got school to go to? Americans are usually too fat to “deal” with wars – they rely on a mainly immigrant army (because they’re generally tougher, fitter, and more intelligent than those who’ve gorged themselves on burgers and chips all their lives) and technology obtained from coerced European scientists to “deal” with wars. See how smart you are when your ridiculous national debt implodes and you look to the rest of the world to save your ignorant, arrogant asses.

      • scotbot

        Scotlanders? The word you’re looking for, dear, is Scots. Not Scotlanders, not Scotch. Scots. That’s all. Scots. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Rubin215

        America; late for two world wars, had its arse kicked in every major conflict it entered since…

      • Eric Tait

        Your feckin starting most of them.

      • ChuckieStane

        Funny how LBJ begged British Prime Minister for a Battalion of the Black Watch for Vietnam in 1968

  • Iain Lawson

    I am a Scot, living in the USA at the moment and I have never before read a more ridiculous and hopelessly misguided article in my life. Fortunately my experience among my many American friends are that Americans are much better educated and knowledgeable about Scotland than the author. Scots want freedom, democracy, we are trapped in a Parliament where we have fewer than 10% of the votes. I would have thought of all countries in the World the USA would have understood what it is like to be under Westminster with little or no representation! I believe you fought and won a successful war over the issue. Scotland is trying to obtain the same result, without the war, through the ballot box. That deserves support in today’s world, where all to often independence movements resort to violence.

    The author I presume enjoys life in his bunker but he is hopelessly wrong about this and clearly needs to get out more often.

    • Borders-Language-Culture

      Our marines could put your silly mounties to shame in exactly one day if you people really think this communist and then terrorist thing is what you’re all about. I thought you people were better than this.

      • themainmann

        Mounties? As in Canadian Mounties? What pish are you talking? Sit down and shut the fuck up idiot, this is about Scotland, not Canada.

      • Peter

        British SAS vs USA Marine

    • Alba_Lee

      Lesley, I hope you are right, however this incredibly ignorant article has found it’s way onto Scottish social media sites and is being tweeted as ‘American opinion’…

      I don’t know how wide this site is, but I recognized it as a spoof almost immediately; unfortunately it does not look like a spoof on mobile apps..

    • Greg Fisher

      Thank You. As an American, these comments are depressing.

  • aj

    is this satire? and why is there a picture of a half naked man at the top?

    • Peter

      Because if gets Derby Mack and Stephenson Billings
      sexually exited. Check gun position…..

  • Alba_Lee

    Lol, When someone shared this link with me, I didn’t realize it was a spoof site. You will probably be bombarded with irate Scots and UK citizens condemning the article; however, it is laughable to note that the picture you purport to be Scottish is actually English hooligans…

    The ‘Scots’ did have an issue with hooligans in the 70’s, however this was addressed and the Scots are welcomed worldwide as the best behaved in the world.

    Far from me to give the ‘Americans’ a detailed view of the world, but this website is probably on the David Ike standard “Did lady GAGA kill Lou Reed”? I say no more.

    As for ‘America’ having the ‘power’ to influence the Scots, I think you take your influential ‘power’ to a greater extent than is actually is!

  • FactChecker

    Some possible, um, improvements(?) to suggest for your article. Firstly, there are pro- and anti-independence parties across the full political spectrum. On the far left, there’s the pro-indy Scottish Socialist Party and the anti-indy Respect Party, and on the right there is the pro Scottish Enterprise Party and the anti Scottish Conservative Party. The two main players in Scottish politics occupying roughly the centre ground are Labour (anti) and the Scottish National Party (pro, and the majority party in the Scottish Parliament since 2011). Scots is nothing like German (I can attest this at how long I spent learning even passable German), “soccer” is football, and “whiskey” is whisky (although at least you avoided the Americanism of ‘scotch’). The second picture does clearly show an English flag (red cross on white background) as opposed to a Scottish flag (white diagonal cross on blue background). The riots in 2011 were also an English event, and the Scottish Government even forced BBC News to refer to them as English riots after they were inaccurately labelled as “British”. Not sure where the “lacking vision” thing is coming from, Scotland can boast some of the major inventions since the industrial revolution. Indeed, the industrial revolution itself began in Scotland with James Watt’s invention of the steam engine. Scots have also dominated in the fields of economics (Adam Smith?), philosophy (David Hume?), and of course politics (previous UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown?). Anyway, I didn’t really want to go into depth, just to try and shed some light on some of your more confused statements. Have a good day!

    • AlbaGuBrath1985

      Spot on!!

  • Guest

    This ignorance in this article, and many of the comments, could fill an encyclopedia.

  • James Cammeron

    Is that a St. George Cross in the Picture, looks like English drunkenness and hooliganism to me, nots Scots hooligans? http://harddawn.com/why-america-must-say-no-to-scotlands-independence-from-great-britain/

  • ScotTruth

    Wow. Just, wow.

    This is one of the most ill-informed, nonsensical pieces I’ve ever read. Scottish football is rife with hooliganism? Heroin addiction is “common”? Scots aren’t warm and friendly? I’m sorry, but that is utter nonsense.

    Scottish football USED to have a problem with hooliganism. Now, that simply isn’t the case. The fans of the national side, commonly known as the Tartan Army, have won awards for their good behaviour throughout Europe and the world. They give to charities on every trip, ranging from children’s charities, to homeless welfare, to cancer wards – the list is huge. Have a look at http://www.tasunshineappeal.co.uk/ and http://www.tartanarmychildrenscharity.org.uk. The fact that the photo you’ve used to illustrate hooliganism actually shows ENGLAND supporters (who have long had an issue with hooligans) shows how baseless that statement is.

    There’s no denying that heroin use is high in some areas, however to say it is “common” is just simply wrong. Drug use in Scotland is falling – http://www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2013/03/drug-use-continuing-to-fall-among-young-people2603

    Visitors to Scotland often say that Scots are among the friendliest and most welcoming people they have ever met. Tourism is a huge trade in the country, and so the people make sure they welcome people of all creeds and colours. It is a very diverse nation, and will continue to be so post-independence. http://www.scotsman.com/news/health/scottish-people-are-friendly-and-welcoming-it-just-feels-like-home-1-1931793. Yahoo Answers has plenty of people posting their positive experiences of Scottish people.

    As for Scots tending to lack vision… please. Check out the list of inventions made by Scots, ranging from the tarmac that you have on your roads, to the tyres on your car, to the penicillin prescribed when you’re ill, to the telephone you call your family on, to the television you watch at night. Even your very own US Navy was created by a Scot. Oh, and since this seems to be quite a religious site – guess what nationality first translated the Bible into English? Yep, that’s right – the Scots (King James to be precise). Diabetic? Insulin exists thanks to a Scot. Pregnant? You wouldn’t get an ultrasound if not for the Scots. Going for surgery? You’d be in a lot of pain if it weren’t for anaesthetic – created by a Scot. Want to keep your milk chilled? Put it in the fridge – oh, that’s Scottish too! The list goes on and on and on… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_inventions_and_discoveries

    Scotland has not benefited from being within UK rule. It has been stifled. After a Yes vote in 2014, it will grow, and realise its potential. And as for North Sea oil, that is Scottish, as per international law.

    Ridiculous article. I’ve given you a few examples why – I can’t be bothered doing any more.

    Vote Yes.

  • scotcanadien

    Friends I don’t know why you are putting up reasoned posts to this article. It is so full of errors and bullshit that the only response needed is to insult the stupid bastard who wrote it. Some dickhead of a right wing fanatic from USA called Derby Mack. Oh and the idiot who is “staff” Stephenson_Billings. They are a pair of morons. They don’t even know that the football holigans in the picture are carrying the English flag.

    • scotcanadien

      Now that we’ve pointed out the error they’ll probaly photoshop the figure and replace it with a saltire. No matter I have screen shot of the original for use later if needed.

  • Evelyn R McCulloch

    I’m assuming this has to be a satirical piece? It’s not serious? Right??

    • Davie Ferguson

      If only….

    • Dan Watt

      About This Journalist

      Derby Mack

      Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of HardDawn.com, Derby Mack is
      an American Patriot who has dedicated his life to loving his country and
      preparing his family for the National Apocalypse. He would like to
      thank the Founding Fathers, President Reagan and Jesus Christ for the
      opportunity to share Wisdom with every member of the HardDawn.com
      community. God Bless and Stay Vigilant!

      Yeah, it’s a spoof site.

      • scotcanadien

        It may be a spoof site. But just remember there are crackpots like him in USA who believe the type of shit he’s published. He is definitely an imbecile.

      • Davie Ferguson

        If its enlightenment that you seek …try clicking on any of the topics at the bottom of the page . “Masturbation Epidemic” & “Degenerate Culture” are particularly bizarre

  • FannyBaws

    Hey Derby suck my dick you stupid motherfucker.

  • Irn Bru > Mountain Dew

    Come on guys, this site is clearly a parody. Just look at the banner image; a topless muscular man with a large weapon protruding from his crotch at an “erect” angle. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a lens flare drawing focus towards towards his genitalia & the whole image is directly above the “Homosexual Agenda” tab.

    Nobody could manage that by accident. Freud himself would be proud!

    • Irn Bru > Mountain Dew

      Somehow I missed the most obvious one – the site is called “Hard Dawn”.

  • George Mortimer

    Meh this is (probably) a parody site, see http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2013/07/11/atheist-agenda-exposed-at-last/ for further discussion. I feel dirty now, I’m off to shoot up a hootsmon speedball – 1 part Laphroaig : 3 parts heroin : 1 Tunnocks Caramel Log.

    • FannyBaws

      Sounds good George. Be careful with the caramel log though 😉

    • Kristofer Keane

      Heroin’s got nothing on the addictiveness of Caramel Logs.

  • Dave Ferry

    Derby Mack, right wing American nut job whose rambling bilge as outlined above demonstrates ignorance beyond belief.
    Leave commentary on international politics to someone with more intelligence.

  • aj

    deffo a spoof. why else call your site hard on?

    • aj

      i think this site could keep me amused for hours.

  • Andy Connelly-Nimmo

    What ARE you people???

    Never in all my time as an advocate of Scottish independence have I come across such total, farcical nonsense!

    Please, read a book, ffs!

    PS – the photo shows English and German flags – nothing to do with Scotland.

  • Kristofer Keane

    Hey. Hey, Tommy. Come check out what this guy’s saying about an independent Scotland.

  • Mainy

    I could comment with a few facts that would dispute the ludicrous article posted, but instead I would rather ask a question.
    Why is there an oiled up man with his groin shining like a star and looking as if he is masturbating a gun in your website banner?

    • Mainy

      Oh it’s a spoof.
      Didn’t show up on my phone as that

  • Martin Heron

    Guys, listen. Clearly it’s not a good idea for a country built on violence and inebriation to demand independence from Britain. Apparently it’ll give us a hideous ego.

  • snowthistle

    this is a spoof, right?

    • FannyBaws

      I don’t know snowthistle looking at some of his other articles I think hes got a point re. Gaga and Reid…

  • susan wallace

    This is a hoot. Is it for real or is this a spoof. The hooligans in the picture have the flag of st George (the English flag). Have you (the author) ever been to Scotland?


    WOULD HELP IF YOU GOT YOUR FACTS RIGHT MATE THAT’S EDL IN YOUR PIC. so please report facts & not hatred

  • Why

    Why is this posted?
    Obviously they have never been to the the Fringe Festival. The biggest art festival in the world. Being Scottish, I would love to prove the author of this piece of fictitious arse drivel, that in Scotland we have things under control. Your all welcome here. Growing up in a housing estate, I have managed to get a degree and a job as a teacher. The oil capital of the EU is Scotland meaning that we can pay for ourselves. Please keep your nose out of other peoples business.

  • Paul

    Derby Mack, your a wank! I bet you’ve never even been to Scotland nor know any of its people.

  • MOM

    Mr Mack, congratulations, you must be very proud of the fact that you are one big dick, and that’s about all. I think you were either married to a very strong Scottish girl or dated one and she dumped you. Otherwise why would you hate Scotland so much? You need to comment on the many problems in America and keep you nose out of Scotland. America is like teenager, knows it all, thinks every one else in the world is stupid, knows shit. And pokes it nose into other peoples business .

  • AlbaGuBrath1985

    You clearly got your journalism qualification out of a cereal box. Ignorant American.

  • william wallace

    shove your ameruca up your ARSE!

  • Hamish

    All you Yes campaigners trying to deny that this article speaks the truth make me want to vomit. VOTE NO 18TH SEPTEMBER 2014!!

  • bobduncan

    For a site with an avowedly anti-homosexual stance, I find myself confused by the obvious gay icon on your masthead. But then, perhaps your grasp of sexual politics is as ill-informed and idiotic as your understanding of Scotland and its people.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Isn’t it fascinating that you see gay men behind every corner? Must be a subject common on your mind… And no, that’s just an American Freedom Fighter so stop doing the homosexual thing is imagining your fantasies here.

      • Rubin215

        American Freedom Fighter?
        Yeah, my mate Gay Al talks about that movie all the time.
        He says it makes Two Girls One Cup look like a kid’s Sunday School picnic…

  • Derby Mack Ass Hole

    Derby Mack is an Ass

  • pax681

    you do realise that the pictures of “holligans” are of people from england???
    Those White and ref flags? that’ll be the Cross of St George and not the White and Blue Saltire of Scotland.
    This article is absolute idiocy to be quite frank.
    As for Wesminster “letting it happen”.. they don’t have a choice… it’s happening.. the referendum happens in September 2014, mandate3d by formal agreement called The Edinburgh Agreement signed by both the First minister of Scotland and the Prime Minister of the UK.
    What this article REALLY does show is the extreme ignorance and the VERY VERY right of centre view of the writers and this website.
    AS for Scotland becoming the “Next Cuba or Afghanistan”.. are you having a laugh? … i mean SERIOUSLY??
    Now as for the RANGE of p[eople who campaign for independence.. you’ll find there are MANY parties.. not just the small “Scottish Socialist Party”.. there’s also the Scottish National Party, The Scottish Green Party, Scottish Democratic alliance(right of centre) and a whole load more.. plus those of NON PARTY… your suggestion it’s all “socialists”.. it’s just plain ridiculous and ignorant
    Just because we are a genuinely centre left country?? Well so is SWEDEN,NORWAY,FINLAND and a whole rake of other European countries… and the thing is as we actually do have parties from all parts of the political spectrum … we know what social democracy isn’t communism…. not by a country mile.
    As for Nuclear weapons.. we don’t want control of them WE WANT THEM OUT OUR COUNTRY AND WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM.
    Lastly.. why is it that Americans like YOU.. as thankfully NOT all Americans are like you… seem to think it’s your God given right to invade or interfere with all and any other countries they develop some kind of angst/dislike about?
    WHY was it all good that YOU (as a country) had a bitter war of independence from Westminster with years of blood,sweat and tears and that’s just fine and dandy…..
    Yet ..WE have a chance at independence using peaceful democratic means… and you don’t like it??
    That’s rank hypocrisy sir and of the worst kind.
    Your Sir and a fear mongering ignoramus with absolutely no knowledge of Scotland, Scots or indeed ANYTHING outside your tiny, extreme right wing myopic view.
    Scotland is none of your business….. and as the great Bard Robert Burns said “May The Lord Be thankit”

  • pax681

    cheebus wept.. i just realised that this whole site is a spoof site.. even the NAME
    HARD DAWN…..hardon…
    how sad…..

  • jock

    you are an imbecile!!!!!!

  • docmark

    This is obviously a joke. lighten up! 🙂

  • Colin Laing

    What a load of completely manufactured, uninformed, biased, cowardly, lying, ridiculous piece of crap. This person has clearly never set foot in Scotland as not one fact here is correct. Also Scotland pays way more in to the UK treasury than it gets back…. FACT WE subsidise THEM. Go do some research you lazy old fool and get your facts right before insulting Scotland, A country that provided your country with a whole lot of ancestors and history. Maybe if you visited Scotland you would find out how to live in your own country rather than in the Extremist way many of your people live, paranoid beyond believe that a socially caring attitude is a product of the devil. You preach Christianity but live lives dedicated to the individual seeking out personal wealth rather than social justice and a fair chance for all. Your branch of the American Ideal is so selfishly flawed, None of the social problems so prevalent in the States are visible in Scotland. And oh by the way, Your picture above portrays a scene from an ENGLISH STREET riot. with an English flag clearly visible. You are DESPICABLE Lying Hypocrite.

  • njbscotland

    Who wrote this utter nonsense, Scotland has far less crimes of hate, no gun policy and better health care. Just like everywhere we have our our problems. We also have a very good educational system and university is free… my guess that whoever wrote this fictional piece would have have benefited and understood reality far better.
    So seeing as I speak with a gutteral accent that sounds more like german… “away an boil yer heid ya eejit!”.

  • stephen jack

    join the discussion ,this has got to be 1 of the most ignorant ,biased ,totall bull shit i have ever read in my life.wow is all i can say.total wrong in almost every aspect.an american patriot by god,,stick to your own crumbling country,and the pict you chose to use is an englisg football hooligan fuelled on cheap bear at the world cup in germay ,you bloody stupid ass piece of a bloody yank

  • Grant

    “by their love of whiskey” – Scots do not drink whiskEy.

  • rach87

    Wow thank u for for that. Just shown how little you know of scotland and the people in it. Do your research before you start to post horrible incorrect lies. People like you make me laugh, and you have a cheek to call us scots rude! Take a look in the mirror mate!

  • Neil smith

    Sounds like you’re the one on drugs ya dumb Bawbag….Scotland as a nation is well capable of looking after it’s self….to borrow a phrase from the US…you’re as thick as pig shit, thankfully 2000 miles of Atlantic Ocean separate us from your kind.

  • Neil smith

    Stephenson-billings….you are definitely on something, what is it ? Heroin maybe? Because you’re paranoid as fuck! You can get help for that you know….Scotland unlike America doesn’t indoctrinate it’s youth and we have never and will never be terrorists ya daftie….like I say, just pick up the phone and call your local mental asylum and I’m sure they’ll be right over and get you….seriously you lot need some medical help.

  • ScottishGirl

    1. I am a Scottish female, 31 years of age and myself and my friends and my family are ALL EMPLOYED, we ALL take very good care of ourselves and we are very happy in this world and very happy with all other countries
    (The guys in the photo are German and English if the flags are anything to go by)
    The Scottish are the friendliest of nations but you have maybe never left your small Jesus loving community long enough to enjoy this fact
    2. Scottish people have no desire to war, we never have and never will. Not with any country especially not with England Ireland and Wales
    3. You are the only person causing ill feelings
    4. We in scotland do have faith (in many many varieties) but it is not used to terrify us into toeing the line
    5. All you are doing is upsetting decent people with your untrue comments throughout that article
    6. Every country had hardship areas and I think if you open your eyes you will see the USA is the same
    7. A lot of Scots are happy to stay united with the rest of Britain but untrue, ignorant, cheeky articles like this fuel patriotism
    What causes war??? DEEP SET RELIGION causes war so get over yourself

    • Hamish

      Hook, line and sinker…

  • rach87

    Ahahahaha jst looked back at the photo above, it is of english people with english flags! What a joke.

  • Iain Smith

    “They do not prize a healthy and muscled physique as boys do in the United States.” HAHAHA. No irony there at all, the USA being well renowned as a nation of lardy fat bloaters. 😀

  • Iain Smith

    Why have you used a picture of ENGLISH football hooligans to demonstrate your point?

  • up yer kilt

    Hahahahha hilarious. … especially that the two guys in the photo are English.. this guy isnt a journalist … he is a stand up comedian. I think this chap should stay off the heroin. Up yer kilt ya baw bag

  • Ally Pally

    This has to be satire!! There’s no way anyone can be that ill educated, ignorant of facts and be from the States, surely not. * she sniggers

  • yankywanks

    Mark Derby is surely taking the Piss!!! but then again he an american with his head buried up his fat ass

  • M4rkyboy

    Ye see?This is what happens when ye’ve got England as yer PR agent and press office.

  • Davy

    Though this was a troll. But it’s just a idiot. This is what happens when terrorist come to scotland.


    English picture to show scottish Hooligans. And sounds like his view of the scottish Council Estates has been gained from watching “Trainspotting”.

    Our Physical And Sexual prowess is being determined from a person who comes from the most Obese country in the world.

    We want to get a military???? Sure scottish regiments have been the first line of the british defence for about 300 years. And if you check your history mate it was a scot who started your American Navy….

    And our lack of vision.
    Hate to see what we could do if we got off our asses and had vision.

    American permission for Our North Sea Oil???? In the words of Billy Connolly. “You sir are a prick”.

  • Marty Bruce

    Take a look at your country, the high obesity rates! And the way you go to war at the push of a button! As for psychology, look at all the school shootings and crime in America Is far higher than in Scotland, you twat!

  • yedinnykenfekall

    Try having a look at your own history, you gained independence from the UK through blood, we in scotland shall gain our independence through discussion, in my book a more mature method.
    you say you are proud of your country in you Bio, so by that premise do you not recognise the ability for anyone else being able to be proud of their own country. Your picture depicting violence shows a german flag top centre and a george cross type flag behind the two individuals in the centre of your picture, please explain how this depicts scotlands culture? I refuse to go the the bottom of the barrel like you have with some of your analogy, however i will state that Scotland is one of the top 3 destinations people will visit 2013-2014 according to a poll of travel agents from across the globe, not sure i would go somewhere where the people were so unfriendly as you state….. I could easily go on but find your attitude abhorrent..

  • Hamish

    Scottish Nationalists aren’t renowned for their sense of humour – a trait they are demonstrating on this site…

    • Peter

      What a moronic statement.

      • Hamish

        Thank you for proving me correct

        • Peter

          Has your mummy given you the day off school?

          • Hamish

            She said I could but, being a headmaster, it’s not so easy.

  • antzmcgee

    The picture of the people fighting has an England flag. I’m Scottish and I can tell you for a FACT that you are so full of shit it is unbelievable I bet you have never stepped foot in Scotland and you are making biast judgement on us of course we have our problems witch country doesn’t and as for whisky is more popular than soccer hahaha no chance I think its the rest of the world that prefers it rather than us if you had says buckfast then maybe and just to finish off even if Scotland was as bad as you try make out we wil never be as bad as the usa and finally if the population of a particular region or country want independence whats the problem especially when its done democratically. YOU DONT LIVE HERE SO FUCK UP N GET BACK ON YOUR CRACK PIPE YOU DICKHEAD

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thanks for the threats and foul language. No suprise coming from a Scot.

  • English Dan

    I am pretty sure this is a satirical article but you can never be sure? If this is supposed to be accurate its embarrassing, lol. Firstly, this isn’t a decision the rest of the UK can block, its a democratic decision for the Scottish people! Both countries voted to join forces as partners to form the UK in 1707 and both have always had the option to leave. Also, to compare Scotland to Cuba etc must be a joke? Look at America’s Declaration of Independence and compare to Scotland Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 for a better idea of how you are more similar. Comments about hooliganism in Scotland are just nonsense, hooliganism is an English issue as is fascism, just look it up on the internet for evidence. At the end of the day, maybe the Scottish people are sick of subsidising the rest of the UK with their oil revenues and to stop being run by governments that it never voted for! That’s democracy!!

  • Scottish
  • scottish

    for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

  • jimmy

    Typical American, you have no idea…come and visit Scotland before writing racist fiction.

  • IdiotSmasher

    this is one of the most one sided and ill informed pieces i have ever read. As for a ‘mature’ country, Scotland has been affiliated with people and culture for literally thousands of years (Skara Brae was complete before the pyramids had started to be built), whereas ‘Murica as only been a concept for 237 years- and already youve managed to fuck so much up.
    Also the picture you have displayed shows two men with English and German flags. For fucks sake

  • antzmcgee

    Also we wouldn’t need defence our Westminster/ English government would take a stand a tell your warmongering government to fuck right of and start illegal wares themselves pussys that they are and last but not least Scotland is the only country to strike oil and go poor look at Norway for example and we pay 9.4% of uk tax and we only have 8.4% of the population. Scotland as it is is not a democracy its an oppressed abused state

  • Shooter MacDuff

    This is actually hilarious. Laughing so much the needle jumped out of my arm. Anyway, I’m off now to draw my dole. I’ll need ti stock up on whisky for the midweek cup games….

  • Hickbaiter

    Dont you just love uninformed bollocks masquerading as fact. Ive never laughed so much in my entire life. The irony of this post is that all this information was probably gleaned from a god channel showing on a television…..a television invented by a Scotsman and the only reason that his DNA survived is through modern medicine, more importantly penicillin which was invented by a Scotsman…..so on behalf of everyone Scottish everywhere, can apologise that my ancestors in effect ensured that this uninformed hick survived and was shat out onto a rock to hatch in the sun and come up with this load of old bollocks. p.s. the reason the birth rate is so low is that we are too busy inventing shit and its colder than a witches tit………

  • Thistle

    This is the most insulting, idiotic, ill-informed thing I have ever read. For every point you make the opposite is true. How on earth did you form such hateful opinions of us? I particularly love the picture of English and German football fans (look at the flags!) fighting at the World Cup 2006 (which Scotland wasn’t at) with the caption: “Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture.” Hilarious.

  • Greg de Hoedt

    The hooligan in the picture is holding an English flag…Now imagine if I called you a Canadian…

  • ben

    Get your facts right, and stop spouting lies. For a start, the hooligans in that photo are English. The give away is the Cross of St. George.

    Do your damn research.

  • Robert Dickson

    Rarely if ever have I seen such a display of stupidity, ignorance and lies as in the content of this article.
    Had it been written regarding an individual then the ‘author’ would be standing in court defending a libel action.

    Little if any of it is accurate or true.
    It is actually teetering on the edge of racism.
    Even the picture depicting Scottish hooliganism (virtually none these days) is in fact a picture from Germany with England fans fighting. The flag they hold is the St George’s Cross.
    If you can’t even get that right what chance for the rest of this shameless hatchet job.


    I don’t think so.
    Your HardDawn seems to be a collection of pig-ignorant, right wing nutbags. Led by nutbag in chief Mr Mack.

  • Benno1111

    I am English but have lived in Scotland for 20 years. This is a truly great country and a great place to live. I myself would prefer to remain a united kingdom and have always considered my self to be British and proud to be united rather than English. The earlier comments with regards to hooliganism, fueled by whiskey is outrageous. Yes in Scotland, the population is very passionate about football and whiskey but they do not go hand in hand. Whiskey is generally enjoyed on an evening (a wee dram) and is not usually a means to getting intoxicated, unlike other drinks such a beer and other popular spirits, by younger generations in most counties around the world.

    In my experience, Scottish football fans are some of the best behaved and occasionally there will be the odd scuffle at a local derby match just like in other countries. If it hooligans you are looking for, try Turkey.

  • Dumbfounded

    Nice picture. Have they changed the Scottish flag recently? Cretin.

  • Homer Wolfeschlegelsteinhausen

    What a retard lol
    Without getting too wrapped up in your fantasy view of Scotland, the picture you use of hooligans is English fighting the Germans. The Scottish ‘Tartan Army’ is world famous as the friendliest bunch of fans going!
    ps – I’ve been to America several times, and Scotland simply cannot compete to the fat lard-asses you have over there!

  • Jim Coyle

    Who wrote this dribble.. not one ounce is factually correct. maybe you should try visit a country before slating it. The rest of the world must be correct on it’s views on America. We are a nation in our own right and should have the right to govern our own affairs.

  • gayley

    This is clearly a wind up drawing on every possible stereotype they can think of and exaggerating them. Might do well to put a wee footnote that it is satire unless you wish to be deemed xenophobic, uneducated and ignorant.

  • M4rkyboy

    This would give Longshanks a harddawn

  • robert

    What business is this of the world police? Are we to assume you’ll be invading us the same way as you invade everyone else? No wonder people can’t stand you Yanks. Alba gu brath.

  • ∂αƒту ωσмαη

    I would very much like it if Derby Mack could some how contact me. As a fellow Christian I would love to discuss the errors in his article with him. Alas I cannot seem to find a way to contact him on this site 🙁

  • bigaidan

    I’d hope that this article is some attempt at a joke. If not, then the writer is a complete and utter moron.

    We have no hooliganism in Scotland and haven’t had any form of rioting for decades. The only rioting that has taken place in the UK recently was in England.

    We are extremely lucky to have our socialist values which are, in my opinion, are much better than the conservative nonsense you have in the US.

    As for the comments about Scottish people being “flabby and slow”, America is the fattest nation on Earth so think before you speak.

  • K D

    What is this absolute crap? This is ignorant, unfounded and offensive. And, America is not the centre of the Universe – Scottish people have the right to choose whether they want independence. The USA is independent of other countries, why can’t other countries also have this choice? The biggest threat to America is the ignorant, uneducated people of America themselves. This is a truly awful piece of writing.

  • Marc

    What a load of sh*te lol who gives a flying f*ck about what the Americans think anyway!

  • Jimmy Reid.

    Oh, lovely! I’m sitting here in Scotland with tears of laughter rolling down. This is the best piece The Onion has ever done. 😀

  • Red Chaz Charnoski

    hello people, I’m thinking this is one o them thar ‘spoof sites’ Don’t y’all go takin’ stuff too gosh darn serious now…

  • Jim Coyle

    If this is the journalist’s idea of wisdom then he can keep it. The image of hooligans you used is of English fans not Scotland fans you muppet. Think you should do a little more investigating and a little less copy and pasting, better still don’t give up your day job.

  • M4rkyboy

    It has to be a spoof.

  • Chris c

    Well well well, an American putting its nose where it isn’t wanted yet again… With how wonderful you think Americans are why don’t you focus on your own issues a little more rather than pass comments on something you clearly know nothing about. Have you ever been to Scotland? From your article I’d think not, your problem along with a or of Americans is that you can’t see by your own ignorance. Yeah your right about one thing, the majority of Scots don’t believe in The Lord and all his gloriful bullshit because we have advanced beyond that. We don’t spend time building muscles cause we are utilising our brains, something Americans should do more considering the state of their educational system. For a bunch of fat, stupid people who like to invade other countries, bully and steal their way through life it’s rich for an American to make any comment on somewhere as interesting and beautiful and unique as Scotland. Remember this American, your nation is hated worldwide, your responsible for millions of deaths worldwide, you start wars to steal oil and you have no shame, no one likes you, go home, build your police state, and lock yourselves over there, cause we don’t give a fuck about you and never will, the sooner you all wake up to the disaster your side of the world is, the better th world will be, take your head out your arse you stupid person and write about real issues, starting with the joke you call the USA…. Fud!

  • Shedboy

    The best article i’ve ever read. So untrue and off the mark, its funny. Derby mack – get yourself a passport, hop on a plane and come over to Scotland to see what its really like. You can stay at my private residence which is not funded by the government.
    Whats more, i will even take you to sightsee at some buildings which are older than your country! – Can’t say fairer than that!

  • Chris c

    Funny when I wrote something worth saying you delete it, normal American way…. Your way or the highway eh? Fud!

  • Chris c

    Well well well, an American putting its nose where it isn’t wanted yet again… With how wonderful you think Americans are why don’t you focus on your own issues a little more rather than pass comments on something you clearly know nothing about. Have you ever been to Scotland? From your article I’d think not, your problem along with a or of Americans is that you can’t see by your own ignorance. Yeah your right about one thing, the majority of Scots don’t believe in The Lord and all his gloriful bullshit because we have advanced beyond that. We don’t spend time building muscles cause we are utilising our brains, something Americans should do more considering the state of their educational system. For a bunch of fat, stupid people who like to invade other countries, bully and steal their way through life it’s rich for an American to make any comment on somewhere as interesting and beautiful and unique as Scotland. Remember this American, your nation is hated worldwide, your responsible for millions of deaths worldwide, you start wars to steal oil and you have no shame, no one likes you, go home, build your police state, and lock yourselves over there, cause we don’t give a fuck about you and never will, the sooner you all wake up to the disaster your side of the world is, the better th world will be, take your head out your arse you stupid person and write about real issues, starting with the joke you call the USA…. Fud!

  • Neil

    Its satire. Not very good satire but satire nevertheless.

  • dalg

    Funny how the photo of the “street hooliganism” is of people with an English flag. Obviously since we don’t have this problem in Scotland you couldn’t find a picture of Scots rioting.
    As for radical groups wanting control of nuclear weapons on Scottish soil, that would be the current UK government. Scots want rid of the weapons.
    But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a story.

  • Phil McCrackin

    Why did you illustrate your article about Scotland with a picture of English football fans? Ah, because you really have no idea what you’re talking about. I see …

  • MayaGold

    This is satire right?

    Never before have a read anything which has so inclined me to vote ‘Yes’.

    Have you even been to Scotland?

  • Cokey1412

    Mr Mack, may I ask in what dark and un-civillised world you purport to have been educated in? Your statements are factually incorrect, your political logic is less than that of a 5 year old, and your grasp of foreign politics and cultural stereotyping is quite frankly appalling and offensive.

    I am surprised you have managed to grow as old as you look Sir, as in doing so, you would need to be able to think, walk & breathe at the same time.

    You must be glad of the Internet and the ease of access to so many for your pathetic and fictional writings….. as it saves you walking around street corners with Sandwich Boards prophesying “The end of the world is nigh”.

    Look farther than the end of your “State Line” and actually read and digest the real history and cultural of the country you have never visited nor even read about.

    Pathetic and ignorant little man!……. you are to be pitied rather than scorned !

  • horse

    ….i like it how the first picture is from an England v Germany match…also this is the most unaccurate piece of shit i have ever read. its as if your trying to paint a picture of scottish people as a bunch of dole opsessed gollums in tracksuits who shoot heroin while dreaming of stalin. Have you even fucking been to scotland! its nothing like that! “the Scottish people are not known to be particularly warm or friendly”…clearly never been to Glasgow. 1. scotland subsidises the rest of us in the uk, 2. scotland don’t won’t to control nuclear weapons but won’t to get rid of them. 3 why would scotland ever need american approval to control its own oil fields!?
    p.s. this is my first time on this ‘Hard Dawn’ site…and i was just wonder why there is a topples man with an M16 for an erection on the top banner?…..is this a a gay site or something?…not that iv got anything agents that….was just wondering.

  • fourthletter

    What a load of nonsense, So Scotland cannot democratically vote on their own independence ? They are not terrorists they are not fighting over it, they are voting. If America really thinks Scotland should stay in the UK then will America also be giving up their independence to rejoin the UK as well?

  • This Article Is Crap

    Oh yeah America is the prime example, your children kill each other at schools and colleges with guns, you dont have control, you are corrupt when it comes to wanting oil, drugs come through this country, Americans are arrogant hence the writer off this crap and it is England who have football hooligan problems, which to be fair has become less off a problem! Look at the picture you fool, it is a St Georges Cross, Red and White, ENGLANDS flag, get your facts right next time before you write another crappy, untrue article! And by the way, I am Scottish and my vote is NO, i like England and my grandfather fought for Britain in the world wars!

  • Scotland

    What a fucking cuntpig

  • alex

    Oh american media always have to predict, insult and greneralise. Congratulations to the writer/s of this article for not understanding or bothering to try and comprehend scottish culture. Hooliganism in football is worldwide ,worse in spain than scotland. Warm and friendly are basic traits of any self respecting human being and i believe that both myself and the vast majority of my country ( all countries have social and poverty issues which im sure you americans are familiar with also) are great people working and living their lives to the full.
    Sure enough , we are not afriad to speak our minds when insulted. Usually those insults are from articles like this who do not have any comprehension of scotland.

    As for america saying no so Scottish independence, well I appologies but you have no right to intervene or have a say in such a decision.

    And before you start ‘ hating’ or whatever you call it, i do not hate english people, (nor do i hate americans) both fantastic countries but these website articles and some of the comments i have read boils my blood. Let us decide out own fate please.

  • graeme

    all the funds paying for scotlands p[rotection you cheeky uneducated tosser , you dont own scotland phillip , and let me understand the war of independence LOL did you not fight england for americas freedom ……. derby mack you uneducated twat also look up the real scotland ,,,,, the football violence is in england etc not scotland ,,,, you brought all the drugs into this world , you have the highest obesity rates in allowing companies like macdonalds to sell shit food full of fat and have a gun culture that is we crazy ,,,,,,, you kill your own so why should you have a view on us fix your own problems first ….. inbred hicks

  • Brian Beuken

    I think the responses below really detail the extreme lack of facts which have been replaced with wild conjecture and extrapolation of stereotypes. The pictures of English football fans fighting only emphasise the total lack of research done. There is no reality in this piece… comment on it is pointless, don’t feed the Troll..

  • Gary

    Well the facts seem to be a stranger to this column, maybe its better to know what the fuck you are talking about before approaching the keyboard, oh an by the way god can piss of from Scotland, as the cradle of both science and philosophy Scotland led the way out of the dark ages of religious superstition and paved the way for reason. Yes we look after our sick and yes we help the poor, maybe you should read your own book and realise that Jesus was a dyed in the wool socialist

  • H

    Dont show a picture of thug England fans and associate them with Scotland please, you doosh!

  • Paul

    Haha what a fuckin mongol thats the shittest attempt at a wind up ive ever seen, average american – thick redneck shoots kids in schools

  • Gary

    Oh by the way the Scots also invented Television, Tarmac, Telephone, Radar as well as laying the foundations for modern Ecomonics and Geology as well as organising the US Navy, we have a proud history dating back to before you stole your country off its rightful inhabitants, we were building the world before your nation existed , understanding Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Economics, Biology and countells other sciences whilst you were paying make belive with religion and learning how to hate the poor and sick. Try leaving Kentucky or where ever the hell you are and seeing some of the world , you might learn something

    • Norrie Stewart

      You forgot to ask him to count the names of first, second and third generation Scots who wrote and signed the American Declaration of Independence. Land of the free, there were more than a few Scots who contributed.

  • Mel

    People! Are we really going to be offended by the nonsense written on this page. I ask you, look at the banner titles at the top of the page. This website is clearly written by morons who are talking right from the anus. Your typical homophobic, rascist, sexist right wing crack pots. Honestly, people like this better hope theres no god. Can you see god being impressed with this hate mongering? No neither can I. Better get your story straight for Jesus, Derby.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      You are just afraid to admit that people have opinions that you disagree with and that those opinions are actually true.

  • Justin Moorhen

    As a Scotsman I couldn’t agree more with this article. We like nothing more than getting high on heroin, stripping to our waists showing off our tattoos draping ourselves in our St George’s cross flags beating up our European neighbours. And that’s just the women. Most of our villages are indeed covered in council estates and who is this God person of whom you speak?

    This article is also educational. I had no idea we needed American approval for access to North Sea oil. America’s territorial boundaries must be enormous.

    Oh, and the picture of Chechnya looks just like Union Street on a Saturday night.

  • Atika Khalid

    This article is outrageously untrue. For the audacity for Derby Mack to write something so inaccurate is disgusting and he shall rot in hell. I was born and raised in Scotland and we will have our independence and for you to say we lack vision, is just ridiculous. I graduated from University with a Journalism major and just happen to live now in the US now and for me to read this is just disgusting and pure and utter ignorance and that’s one thing Americans will never lack of. I have no issue with our fellow Brits, this is the 21th Century however if we do have the privilege to have our own independence that would be a dream come true but we all know it’s politics. Again very sad and disappointing to read this from an American who is ignorance, spiteful and NO IDEA what he just spoke about.

    • Derby Mack

      I stand by my work and history lands on the side of the victors so we’ll see in 20 years who was right on this. I hope you’re not a gambling gal, my friend.

  • cocodamol

    HAHA!!! I can’t believe anybody here is actually taking this report seriously. The website is called Harddawn for feck sake, look at the banner at the top of the screen. What this article HAS done is shown up a lot of peoples complete ignorance of what is happening here in Scotland. It doesn’t help to get all snipey with each other, if there are folks from the states who don’t know what is actually happening here then let’s educate and inform, not shout and argue. 🙂

  • William Wallace

    Perhaps the ‘writer’ of this article should not only do his home work, but also learn how a proper journalist or political commentator works. Perhaps instead of badmouthing a whole country, he should perhaps forget the westminster rhetoric and actually find out some facts for himself. Its whisky, not whiskey – thats that crude american stuff. Scotland puts more revenue into the rest of the UK than it gets out so ‘the dole’ and being subsidised to be lazy is, and here’s a good Scottish saying for this, Pure shite!! . Hooligans…? I think you are mistaking the Scots for English Football fans (football is what you guys call soccer.. you guys call that game where you carry the ball most of the time football.. go figure). Heroin… whilst some communities do have a problem, its hardly on the scale of nearly every urban area in the good ole U.S, but you guys also have meth, coke, crack etc. etc.

    Look at the Scots as a nation.. how many great Scots inventors, innovators, engineers etc. etc. most moved abroad due to the oppression from the English government. You say Scotland is not mature enough to operate in the sophisticated world of global politics… haha, and the good ole u.s bombs the crap out of anyone who charges them too much for their oil!! Your recent wars, have been motivated by greed.. if not then why don’t you guys invade North Korea to save their peoples from their tyrannical dictator?? oh yeah.. because there’s no oil there to make it worth your while.

    As for seizing North Sea oil reserves.. erm, who does the natural resources of a country belong to. A, Its people or B, a foreign nation? yeah, the Texas and gulf of mexico’s oil fields are actually Australian right?? As for American approval… that line fills me with mirth!

    It is ‘articles’ like this that are ‘dangerous’. Stating pure lies gives other uneducated morons wrongful ideas about what is essentially a peaceful nation, a nation that only hopes to govern its self. When did you last hear of Scottish Nationalist terrorists blowing up something or killing someone? oh right, yeah NEVER.

    If everyone else looked at other countries (did you actually even look) in the same way as yourself, then what would the United States of America be described as.. A bully and an oil thief, who arms their citizens for their national sport of school massacres? Who expect everyone to bow down to their superiority and do what they same on pain of armed invasion? Mind you, Vietnam didn’t go so well, nor did Cuba. By your standards, the 4th of July should just be another day as you walk past and salute the union jack (flag of Great Britain btw). But the 4th of July, (the only time you guys seem to be able say the date properly), does have prominence. Why? Its your independence day. Now why have yours but wish to disallow ours? We, the Scottish people are doing this through discussion and a democratic process, not armed insurrection.

    I could sit here and pick holes in your crackpot ideas and unfounded statements all day but I prefer more stimulating and intellectual pursuits, like finger painting with my two year old! Perhaps I’ll get some ‘negative feedback’ for this, but to take a leaf from you guys book.. ‘talk to the hand’. Then again, this post will probably be removed. Intelligent criticism or observations are extremely hard to come by on here, but perhaps your attitude and the attitudes of others from your country is the reason why a third of the world wants to bomb the shit out of you. And are quite successful at it too.

    P.S I noticed an error on this page (several actually) but the worst is the bit that reads ‘about this journalist’ yeah, and I’m a U.S senator………

    • Hamish

      IT’S A PISS TAKE- Duh!

  • James

    Interesting. The author shows a combination of anti-homosexual hatred and general aggression. Couple that with the uncounscious selection of images of semi-naked men and there is only one conclusion – the latent, repressed homosexuality of the author. This is undoubtendly aggravated by the conflict caused by a strict and overbearing religious upbringing (possibly involving repeated physical child abuse). This whole website is a subconscious cry for help. It screams this man’s desire to hold another man.
    Taking a quick look bak kthrough history, there are many notable instances where latent homosexuality has manifested in unchecked jingoistic tendencies.

    • James

      …and “Hard Dawn” is a homophone (no pun intended) for “Hard-on”. Case closed.

  • Jazza

    What a bloody fool you are.
    Do you know ANYTHING about Scotland or the Scots? Scotland is a nation in its own right, not a ‘province’ of England, and we are looking to take back what is ours.
    Your photograph of ‘Street Hooliganism’ actually shows English thugs – that’s a St. George flag they’re flying, you moron. Plus we don’t have riots. The only recent riots in the UK have been south of the border (that’s England, in case your knowledge of geography is as patchy as your knowledge of Scotland…)
    On the matter of finances, Scotland contributes MORE to the UK’s national treasury than it gets back, and actually contributes more per head of population in tax than does the UK average.
    “Could Scotland Become the Next Cuba or Afghanistan?” you ask. Hardly, we don’t get the weather, for one thing…
    As for wanting control of the nuclear weapons on our soil, that is complete rubbish – we want the UK’s nuclear arsenal totally gone from our soil!
    You write: “Most offensive of all, they are attempting to seize North Sea oil reserves by bypassing American approval. These are not the methods of a nation which intends to be friendly the to the interests of the United States”. What on earth makes you think we need American approval to do anything, much less take control of the resources which lie within our own territorial waters? It’s your attitude that is offensive.
    And “America must say no to Scottish independence now!” WTF? Your arrogance is truly astonishing! Almost as much as your ignorance. America DOESN’T GET A SAY in whether we get independence. You refer to yourself as a journalist? I had to laugh out loud at your line “The investigation that follows…”
    What investigating did you actually do? I suggest that in future you might at least try to research a subject before you write an article on it.
    You are a colossal bell-end.

  • Hamish

    The site’s back up again – Alex must be away having his porridge

  • Hamish

    People of Scotland – IT’S A FECKING PISS TAKE, PIPE DOWN!!

  • Rory Mac

    Scots receive less than what they give to the UK as a whole. Also any recent trouble in the UK in the past few years has been in England like the London riots. On Friday night there was a helicopter crash in Glasgow city centre and the reaction from the public has been praised worldwide for how they helped the situation. Whoever wrote this article obviously has never been to Scotland, and I hope they never do.

  • MentalScottishPerson

    I wouldn’t post stuff like this if I were you. Some mad scot like me might rape you and eat your children.

  • dan

    You are a prize cunt.

  • Craizy74

    A very humorous article … made me chuckle …. it was written in jest … right??

  • Ali Piano

    The accompanying picture actually shows men holding the St George’s flags – the English Flag! Scottish Football supporters known as ‘The Tartan Army’ have the reputation for being the best behaved footballs fans in the world and frequently receive accolades as such. It was Scots thinkers that gave the world the television (so beloved of Americans), the telephone, penecillin, road surfacing ( just a few examples in an endless list of ingenuity) and the Scottish Enlightenment influenced and informed many of the theories and principles upon which the cornerstones of modern American society are laid. In short, your argument is utter, utter nonsense. Plus – we Scots are too busy looking awful, having really bad sex, drinking whisky and fighting each other to put together weapons of terror. Why not just let us get on with it?

    • Derby Mack


  • Kevin Greenan

    Do not feed the trolls. Reading his credentials they sound like a pick n mix from the right wing joke shop. If he does want to get out of his comfort zone, pop over and I’m sure we can arrange safe passage through the wilds of Corstorphine and blasted heaths of Newton Mearns.

    • Stephenson_Billings


      • Kevin Greenan

        Fantastic you got that from my three lines of text and a photo. I’d write a reply but you’ve only given one word and fuzzy pic.

  • Boopler

    Clearly some misinformed American rhetoric, it does not matter what America says as you don’t get to vote 🙂 further analysis of the article, massive stereotyping and bias is evident, as for moral undeveloped youth, i hate to break it to you but we are entering a state of post-modernity as some researchers believe which includes a reduction in religious believe, somewhat less interest in science as this is the perfect point for humanity has been reached; with materialism high on the agenda of most minds, oh wait a minute was i just explaining America?

  • I found this article pretty offensive, narrow-minded and judgemental. And so what if America says no to Scotland’s potential independence? It’s Scotland that’s voting anyway…

  • Dan Fearon

    “The love of God and Faith found in America is unheard of in Scotland.

    morality, many Scots tend to lack vision. Few are truly ambitious, and
    this can also be traced back to widespread use of government handouts.
    This dilemma is manifested in a
    physicality that is often flabby and slow. They do not prize a healthy
    and muscled physique as boys do in the United States. A weakness of body
    and spirit may explain their low birth rates. Scottish women take
    little care with their personal appearance, and the men are not endowed
    with any propensity for lovemaking, as the old saying goes.”

    I could shit better conjecture than this.

  • Kim Ralton

    Can’t even get your pictures right . . . pretty sure that’s not a Scottish flag in the picture . . . Might want to look into this.

  • Ryan

    Listen………….iv never taken drugs,never been on the dole,never even seen a single riot in my country and never ever read such dribble………..you my son seem like a sad old man who has nothing better to do with you time but write PISH. This is a typical American arrogant person who has American blinkers on. This coming from a country that just shut down because your leaders couldn’t agree and put there people through hell. Yeah Yeah mate you just keep filling your head up with lies and rubbish and i will concentrate on what is best for Scotland and my fellow Scots.

  • Barry

    America don’t have a say you idiot. Thank God, as this is the biggest load of uninformed nonsense I have ever read! Good people of America, please ignore this ignorant old fool. He doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  • Derek ‘Ger’ Cooke

    Mr Mack, you seem to be mercifully free from the ravages of intelligence. Please refrain from commenting on situations that are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

  • a

    Either a troll or an idiot.

  • dickie

    Derby Mack it sounds like you need a cuddle, I hope you remember that if it wasn’t for these immature, ambition lacking, drug addicted hoolagans that you speak of you would have a totally different life and most certainly would not be able to use the internet for your unfounded slander as this is an innovation made possible by Scottish inventions such as the telephone and the television. So wrap your grotty little Santa lookalike gums round my Scottish plums!

  • Issy

    This is pure comedy gold! Just what I needed to cheer myself up whilst sitting in a scheme in Scotland shooting up heroin

  • cbear

    i am of welsh decent, born and raised in england and have lived and studied in edinburgh for the past three years. I can safely say that this article is absolute horse shite. OH, and your picture captioned “Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture.” is of ENGLAND and GERMANY football fans fighting in FRANCE during the 1998 world cup.

  • ohnoron

    Oh Derby. As well as being a paranoid, homophobic bigot you have now picked on my home nation. I hope the Illuminati come and get you – they like us Scots, despite our dangerous and horrifying social conscience.

  • Andre

    1775. As an “American Patriot” you should know what happened back then, right?
    The United States of America were born out of outright and bloody war against England, because they believed in their right to live free and decide for themselves.
    So how in heaven would an “American Patriot” have the courage to publicly write about how another people, and no less glorious and respectable people as the Scot, has no right to live free and decide for themselves?

    Your reasoning is a lot similar to what the british government thought in 1775, that american independence wasn’t acceptable because it went against Britain’s interest, so you should either drop your claim of being an “American Patriot” or you should remove this article and apologize yourself, because your claims are a total contradiction of terms.

  • DontFeedTheTrolls

    why are so many people getting so upset at this article when clearly the entire site is designed specifically to troll and enrage as many people as possible.

    Government Conspiracies

    Degenerate Culture

    Lies of “Big Science”

    Homosexual Agenda

    Radical Atheism

    The Marijuana Menace

    the writer is clearly laughing his bollocks off right now at all you idiots getting irate over his ‘troll’ article,

    a relaxed scotsman

  • rstahly

    Is this article a piss take?

    • Hamish

      Uh huh… but he keeps reeling humourless Nationalists in

  • Vincent McDee

    Just a wee question, Derby dear

    if Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture

    how come ye using ENGLISH hooligans in the photo?
    That’s the St. George England’s flag, not the Scottish saltire.
    Now get on yer bike lad and bother us no more.

  • janmat62

    All this article displays is a profound ignorance of my country its history, its people its traditions nd its economic viability. Peddling this kind of disinformation and inaccuracy about a country you know nothing of is irresponsible, dishonest and unlikely to reap you any reward or support. Nobody on either side of the independence debate would recognise the fictional invention of your prejudice and nightmare that you describe as my country.

  • thevoiceofreason

    The Scottish National Party is not a socialist party. The Scottish people will not be lectured on violence by a nation with atrocious gun violence. Scotland do not want to “form a military” Scotland has existing military assets as part of the UK. Like all other assets these would be divided. Scottish independence campaigners wish to get rid of the nuclear weapons currently based in Scotland, which somewhat goes against your portrayal of the Scottish people as a violent nation. Scotland is currently a part of the European Union as the UK. Scottish nationalists wish that relationship to continue immediately with the details worked out in the two year transition period between the referendum and the implementation of independence.

    Scottish people are seeking to form a nation state which better represents their ideals. I remember another nation formed on the belief of “no taxation without representation”.

  • TrueScotsman

    ‘There is too much at stake, particularly in a day when terrorists seize
    minor countries and use them as bases for their international schemes’ – Clearly you did not hear about the Glasgow Airport attack where a Scotsman started punching a terrorist who was on fire.

  • Marc John Moore

    As a Scottish born citizen i am outraged at this article. Firstly i would like to comment on a sentence from your opening paragraph, “There is no word yet on whether the powers that be in London will allow this happen with out a fight,” Firstly this shows you have not researched the on goings of this referendum as if you had you would be aware of the Edinburgh agreement between Scotland and Britain were Alex Salmond (Scottish first minister btw) and David Cameron (British Primeminister btw) both signed an agreement that upon a yes vote from Scotland Britain would assist Scotland in their best interest to full independence. Secondly we wouldn’t be having the referendum if Britain had been against the referendum not to state the obvious now!

    The second paragraph brings up socialism. All through this campaign Alex Salmond and the yes campaign have done nothing but refer to the people of Scotland and their best interests and needs. Alex Salmond has shown empathy, care and consideration for the people of his country and is doing everything in his power to give us what we deserve, the right to make our own decisions as an independent country rather than having another country make these decisions with our best interests not being taken into consideration. Alex Salmond also wants equality in Scotland something that does not exist and never will under the control of Westminster, Britain is the most inequality nation across Europe possibly even the world for earnings etc so call it socialism all you want because i am certain the Scottish people will welcome a Government in place that genuinely care for the best interest of the people of Scotland and any other nationality’s that wish to live in Scotland!

    As for your hooliganism claim with your photo of an ENGLISH flag i have a link for you to do some proper research http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_hooliganism If you are having problems accessing this copy and paste 🙂

    As for council estates, heroin use and psychological problems you will actually find in the city of London which has roughly the same population excluding London-shire (outskirts of London i.e Villages etc) have more of these claimed issues and have far more deprived estates than Scotland as a hole! London’s deprived areas have drug abuse, prostitution, gangs, gun and knife crime soaring through the roof etc etc etc and accounts for a large proportion of the United Kingdoms crime rate so again get your facts right!

    As for us being unwarm and unfriendly you are so far from the truth. Scotland has a great reputation across Europe and the rest of the world excluding narrow minded people like yourself. We are friendly, loving and caring people with the best interest and well being of each other and others worldwide! If anything you are describing the Americans and English with that accusation!

    “The love of god and faith found in America is unheard of in Scotland”. This i had to laugh at considering one of very few nations in the world that allows its dumbed down people to carry fire arms on their person and claim they have a right to protect their self’s, what against the other people with guns!!! Also a country that invades another country solely with the intentions of securing the oil as we all know it was not to do with WMD as Iraq had got rid of all their WMD’s, don’t see yous invading Iran, North Korea but then they don’t have anything of interest over their!! Also yous didn’t have anything to say about the independence of Norway or Denmark but then again yous don’t have an interest there as yous don’t have company operating on their oil fields!!! Yet again Americas interest lie with OIL! God is sitting up there right now thinking what a great bunch of people yous are and that the rest of the world should follow in your foot steps haha!

    “Most Scots lack vision etc….” as a fellow Scot has already stated in an earlier comment, enjoy your television, enjoy your telephone o and enjoy golf btw seen we invented the lot and more. With independence we can thrive with our intellectual people and will have no problem competing in the worldwide markets that i can assure the world!

    If having minimum wage schemes and nationalized childcare is a bad thing then fuck me you Americans are dumber than i thought i mean how the hell are these bad things you make no sense throughout this article! Again i refer to the dumbing down of your population, courtesy of your great Government! Now as for nuclear weapons we do not want nor need them, we do not require attacking weaponry to claim as a defensive weaponry as we are not going to get our self’s in a situation like yourself and Britain do that would lead to threats of that extent or any extent for that matter as we are not power hungry people we are simply happy with what we have unlike America and England who through history have showing controlling, dominating and greed as their drive to the future hence the formation of the United Kingdom which has and is slowly losing its once vast ownership of land around the world and hence Americas presence today in the world as the leading country through divide and conquer as far as am concerned. We are now seeing the push from American president Barack Obama pushing to unite the western hemisphere to a North American Union and the push has been more since Canadian oil fields were discovered! Think about it its all about oil for the largest oil consuming country on the planet.

    Now for the part that really got to me and i quote, “Most offensive of all, they are attempting to seize North Sea Oil reserves by bypassing American approval. These are not the methods of a nation which intends to be friendly at the interests of the United States”. Firstly know one in the world other than Americans give a shit what you Americans have to say this is about Scotland and our right if anything through the Humans right act to have the right to a referendum to then upon a yes vote have the right to decide our affairs and our best interest in Scotland where our best interest and needs will be tailored using our vast and wealthy resources to insure the Scottish people are getting their needs met rather than having another country making these decisions with their best interest lying with London and the South of England. Secondly the oil is in Scottish territory let me remind you that it is only American and Canadian COMPANY’S operating on the North Sea and we can begin to see where Americas worry begins, their most likely in my opinion worried we are going to stop them working in our sea extracting oil, again were led to Americas best interest, OIL!

    Now again i quote, “Scotland clearly falls within the American sphere of protection and has benefited greatly as a province of our favorite European ally”. Who do yous Americans actually think yous are, yous are not the world police, you have no right to stop country’s leading and deciding their futures simply because yous Americans think that the world should be united as one global economy, now that could quite possibly work but not under Americas order, use are near financial bankruptcy, your borrowing rate has been declined because yous canny manage your finances, we have the NHS and the “dole” as you called it and Scotland as an independent country would be in surplus so what does that say about America, if yous were so interested in your own Country rather than every other countries business yous wouldn’t be in the positions yous are in, if yous weren’t funding wars etc and maybe invested in the people who pay the taxes yous wouldn’t be such a screwed up bunch of fucking god loving delusional inconsiderate arrogant people with no logical commonsense.

    Now i have had my rant i would like you to review some of the annual figures for the last 3 years for Britain and Scotland were you will find that we Scots contribute more tax per head than the rest of England, we receive less back than we contribute for example our defence contribution consists of 3.5 billion pounds and we only receive 2 billion in return towards our armed forces, that’s a saving of 1.5 billion. We contribute 500 million to Westminster’s costs. Our oil tax revenue consists of 17% of Britain’s GDP and considering we own 90%+ of the oil extracted just imagine the positive impact that would have on Scotland’s GDP, one word springs to mind…. SURPLUS! Now i have two questions, 1. What will happen to England’s finances upon Scotland’s independence? 2. Why do England want to keep Scotland so badly and why do other countries want us to remain with the UK, because the world knows we have amazing and unlimited potential which has been held back from England’s dominant presence over the decades, we also have wealth behind us and they know that, Alex Salmond wasn’t sitting in the pub dain fuck all when he announced the Scottish estimated amount of North Sea Oil estimated to be worth 1.5 Trillion then the uk gave there estimate which was a 12th of that amount (roughly 125 billion) yeh yeh we all know OIL is a scarce commodity in this day and age and the UK don’t want Scotland in control of that!!

    • Hamish


      • Marc John Moore

        I didnt know that fuck heed and to be perfectly honest seeing that anger takes over!

        • Hamish

          Fair dos – I think I got off lightly with ‘fuck heed’ lol

  • HonestMan

    Actually Scottish people are know for their kindness. Ask anyone in the street for help and they will go out of their way to help you, try this in London and you’ll get a cold look and ignored. Scotland has the biggest renewable energy reasource in Europe. Post independence the Scottish government has said it will invest in renewable energy and not in nuclear weapons or mass surveillance of its own citizens. I believe that Scotland when free will be an example to the rest of the world of what people can achieve hen they follow their heart and believe rather than listen to the negative and fear mongering people who aim to hold Scotland back. And it does not matter what the US says, recent events have shown how broken, corrupt, paranoid and undomicratic it’s system has become. Yes Scotland will become a bright light in an otherwise dark and dangerous world. Believe and vote yes for an independent Scotland.

    • Derby Mack

      Sorry this is all misleading and from a very biased perspective.

  • David

    I’m a proud Scottish guy. I travel a lot and I’ve experienced many cultures.

    I’ve been to America…
    Americans are the worst people I’ve encountered. America thinks it’s the best country in the world.

    Dear Americans, please watch “chasers war on everything”. This is amazing proof that Americans know NOTHING…. NOTHING of the world outside America.

    In other countries, people are friendly, polite, considerate, and well mannered for the decency of being nice. In America, you are only nice to receive a bigger tip!

    America should stay out of world business, you’re not able to run your own country. So fix your own country, then I allow you to become involved in world politics.

    Yours sincerely,
    Someone a lot smarter than you…

  • John

    I have to say as a Scot (not the type you describe in your article) I would vote NO. This aside your article is rather moronic and way off track. Scotland the next Afghanistan? this is a joke coming from a so called American patriot who clearly has no Idea of what is going in your country? i.e your convenient CRUSADE on terror and the bid bad axis of evil that any educated person in the world knows is aimed at increasing the wealth of those who really run your country. Shame on u for a being a donut and having a go at the Scots who actually party populated your country along with all the other immigrants around the globe in its early days. Take care my American friend in the future and try to use the brain within your donut head before going on a rant about heroin addicts and hooliganism. Check ya self bad boy!! hahaha donut brain!!!

  • H

    Is that a gun in your homo erotic photo at the top or just the sun shining out your arse?

  • Bigolaf

    The guy is nothing but an ignorant fool. I’m from the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands and we are among the most welcoming, hospitable people on the planet! Scotland, like any other nation in the world has the good the bad and the ugly. You have very blinkered views on what Scottish people are like and your generalization of our great nation is laughable. When I started reading this article it made me angry but I soon realized you are just another silly silly American man, yes there are lots of you, but I’m not going to generalize the USA to be a nation of stupid people just because there are a few like you. The tartan army is the best and most friendliest group of supporters you will ever see. I know, because I’m it. I think you may be confusing us with our larger neighbors, England, who have been banned form entering competition because of hooliganism. You’re stupidity and ignorance really makes me smile. Thank you for this ridiculous article, I’m going to have a good laugh with all my pals after I pass it round. I just hope all the people who read it put all Americans in the same category as you. Asshole!!!

  • Dave

    Love how the photo is of ENGLISH hooligans!
    Get a grip!

  • Dave

    I presume you learned all of inaccuracies written above by watching Trainspotting and not actually visiting the country!

  • Dave

    And btw ‘philipmartiue’, the Scots are by the far the warmest and most generous people on the planet!
    unlike the English and the Americans – who are by far the rudest people!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Surely they are proving that today in these comments…

      • scotbot

        Does somebody need a hug today? Perhaps your father didn’t love you as a little boy. Then again, perhaps he loved you a little too much.

        • Stephenson_Billings

          You’re not a very nice person, are you?

          • scotbot

            I was offering you some brotherly love. It’s in the Bible, man. That’s what Jesus taiught, isn’t it — to love your fellow humans. Just not the way your old man _loved_ you.

  • Ambiorix

    Comedy gold

    • jake

      brilliantly funny, right down to such little touches as the spelling of “whisky”. The satire is let down only by the fact that the argument being made is internally consistant, which is a style that neither the Telegraph nor the Scotsman, for example, bother to adopt.

      • scotbot

        No, the Telegraph and Scotsman would publish this without any hint of self-awareness or irony.

  • Janine

    None of this is true…and the photograph has the English flag in it…Very poorly researched. Phillipe, you have never been to Scotland by the sounds of things.Your comment is written like a 15 year old who has just watched ‘Trainspotting’…That seems to be your full knowledge of Scotland and its culture…Helps to think before you write amigo…

  • Stu

    Wow. Poorly researched, poorly written. Is it meant to be a joke that I am missing?

    • Hamish

      You’ve got it…

  • Jim

    I take this article is a piss take? Hard to tell since it’s written extremely offensively yet not over-flamboyantly obvious that it is taking the piss? Maybe Derby Mack should go back to writing about God and Jesus and other mythical beings.

  • Keith Neilson

    America can bugger off. This is none of their business and frankly, as a Scot, I find this article insulting. Sort your own country out before sticking your oar in ours.

  • Ryan

    i had no idea about any of this. mind you i have been spening the last few year on the dole as i refusing to work, so i can drink white lightning untill I am unable to get an erection which of course i am spanking because, lets fac it, im shite in bed and more interested in mince pies than Spiritual enlightenment. Thank you for showing me the erors of my way.
    REPENT my Countrymen for ower great protectors demand it!

  • Sophie Beatson

    This is just pure ignorance. Using unfounded stereotypes as reason to deny Scottish independence is just pathetic. Especially when you’re using pictures such as that of two people fighting with an English flag on display to convey “Scottish hooliganism”. I’m Scottish, but I’m not particularly for independence, and even I find this insulting. You’re making us out to be barbarians, and – if the majority of comments on this article are any indication – it is definitely not appreciated.
    Oh, and another thing. Why don’t you leave your oppressive religion pushing at home. Just like you, we too have those who have “Love of God and Faith”, and just like you we too have non-believers. Yeah, some of us don’t believe. That’s how it is, and how it always has been. Get over it. Religion has nothing to do with the topic, so why even bother bringing it up?

    So, this is my “Scottish hooligan” self telling you to go fuck yourself.

  • GlasgowScot

    This disgusting, racist piece of bile does not even come close to an accurate description of Scotland. I am from one such council estate and am neither addicted to heroin nor do I lack ambition. My ambition, in fact, is to become a lawyer. This horribly misinformed and ill-researched article is a disgrace and should be removed. Scotland awaits your apology.

  • Highlander

    How can you possibly say you have any claim on North sea oil.
    This is the typical American attitude that they have the rights to own all of the worlds resources!
    And furthermore it is a stereotype that all Scots are unemployed and heroin addicts. Although yes there are a small percentage of people like this, I could also make the assumption that all Americans are FAT, Crystal Meth addicted, psychopaths who would without any qualms, massacre a cinema audience.
    You sir, are what we proud hard working Scots would call, a wee fanny!

  • andy

    What a terrible and innaccurate piece. The writer of this column is clueless as are many outsiders!

  • dave b

    You sir are an idiot. You need to get your facts straight. The pictures of hooligans you show in your photographs are all wearing the george cross which is the flag of england not scotland. Secondly we are not demanding control of the nuclear arsenal currently based in our country quite the opposite. We are insisting that they are removed in the event of an independant Scottish. We have no desire to intimidate other countries by flexing our nuclear muscles. Money in scotland could be far better spent investing in healthcare and infrastructure than squandering 20 billion upgrading a trident system that will never be required and is an abomination. As other posters have stated, economically scotland outperforms the rest of the uk so again you are way off the mark. Regarding north sea oil, we only want the revenew from fields that lie in scottish waters. We are not interested in trying to rob england of the oil fields that lie of the north coast of england in the north sea. I dont see why this is too much to ask having subsidised the uk to the tune of billions of dollars per year for the past 30 years. Rather than spout uneducated nonsense, maybe you should learn a bit about a country before opening your red-neck mouth! – idiot!

  • ScottishLass

    OMG! Cannot believe what you’ve said about Scottish people. You are showing a real level of ignorance! Religion is a major part of Scottish culture, the Catholicism versus Protestantism being a feud predating America – and most Scots identify with one side or the other. There are so many branches of the Church in Scotland, including some very radical ones like the Wee Free.

    Also the higher percentage of people on welfare is due to the decimation of the Scottish manufacturing industry by the Thatcherite government, not due to lack of ambition. Many families haven’t recovered since the closing of the mines, and the closing of the shipyards, which were the centre of Scottish industry pre-80’s.

    And lacking family structure? Most of the council estate families tend to be Catholic families – which are huge and very structured! And lacking ambition/being fat and slobby? Sport is a huge part of our culture – look at the percentage of Team GB’s medals from 2012 – Scotland had as many medals as some countries!!

    You also miss out about half of the population when you assume us all to be on the dole. The Borders and North East are very wealthy areas, with high levels of education and enterprise.

    Over here, our stereotype of Americans is that they are overweight, stupid, and fanatically religious – but would we say you have no right to make your own decisions based on a stereotype? Independence is a decision for Scotland to make, not the USA (and most of Scotland opposed the UK government’s decision to follow you to Iraq and Afghanistan, so you lot aren’t that popular up here anyway!)

  • CJ1971

    LOL, how ignorant and uninformed can a person be ??? even the picture depicting supposed Scottish hooligans fighting in the street are actually English !, look at the English George Cross flag and ‘British Bulldog’ tattoo which is typical of English hooligans.

    “the Scottish people are not known to be particularly warm or friendly”, again, LOL, this is the exact opposite of the global conception of the Scottish people !. I could go on, but i would be here all day picking holes in your ignorant, biggoted article.

  • Steven Crichton

    Coming from a country ravaged by gun crime, some of the highest drugs trafficking in the world and social inequality that matches third world nations I think you should probably not make comments on world politics like this. Also you have probably also forgotten about your own heritage that America was colony of Britain, maybe we should backtrack and revert your independence as a country. I’d like to know in addition to this at what point did America have rights over the North Sea oil fields? Or is that just a given that America owns all of the globe? This kind of article is not only majorly misguided and in effect racist, but the typical of a nation that is run by paranoia and near dictorial opinion on global events. Although I imagine as a seasoned traveller of Europe you will have experienced the culture here to give any weight to any argument put forward.

  • Willie wallace

    This has to be the most retarded and “fat american” article that I have ever read.

  • Katy

    This is the most ignorant article I have ever read. I don’t know if you have been sitting watching cartoons all your life and following along with typical stereotypes, which if that is what we are doing the American population and culture hardly looks good. America the MOST UNEQUAL country in the world with the bottom 80% of the american population only having 7% of the wealth, YET the Scot’s are all drunk bums who sit about getting free welfare and rioting all the time? How can that be? The only riots to take place in the last two years where in England not Scotland. Oh and by the way, I hope by now you have realized that the picture you have chosen to put up with your article that doesn’t deserve ANYONE reading it, is that of English people with an English flag behind them.

  • Steven Crichton

    Actually I just read the headlines of the articles on the homepage… I can see that this entire site is filled with nothing but rightwing “Christian” propaganda. So the article is well placed. Nothing but truly misinformed introverted bigoted small minded comment on something that all the contributors will never understand.

  • James Wood

    As a Scot I think I speak for us all when I say do your research you ignorant fuck. Have you ever been to Scotland?? I grew up on a council estate and now work for the government. what a generalised and stereotyped view of country that in my personal opinion is far more internationally considerate and world conscious than a disgustingly patriotic bigot such as yourself will ever hope to be. I cant help but feel I’m wasting my time even replying, but someone has to. Derby Mack, grow up and fuck off. Good luck “staying Vigilant” for that apocalypse, just do us all a favor and obtain some wisdom before you go sharing it.

  • frolik

    Slander comes to mind, “Without morality, many Scots tend to lack vision. Few are truly ambitious.” go fucking look up what Scotland has invented? and you say people do not have ambition, Scotland is unfriendly? well maybe they just didn’t like you cause you sound like a prick anyway. As for religion, the islands of Scotland, have probably some of the most religious people you could ever meet! You are obviously one of those people who just spends their time reading shite all day, Its okay though, I will just go back to my shitty unsociable and uneducated, “hooligan” of a country and drink my whisky! and enjoy my stunning views and fresh air, Good luck in life sounds like you’ll need it!

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      Macadamised roads, the hot blast oven and Peter Pan. Wow, have you done anything in the last 100 years?

      • scotbot

        How about cloning? That was invented right here in Scotland.

        • Stephenson_Billings

          Read Genesis 11:1-9.

          • scotbot


      • Eric Tait

        Burn the witch.

  • Bry

    America is a country run by idiots and populated by fat racists who know little to nothing about everything.
    A statement as true as this “article.”

  • Andy

    Scotland don’t want control over nuclear weapons in Scotland. Most Scottish people don’t want nuclear weapons in Scottish soil. The pictures of hooligans fighting happen to be English and Germans football fans! This is just typical ignorance. Concentrate on your own affairs. Fix your own country. Lift your own people out of poverty, help your own nation become healthy. Make your own country free from violence where you don’t have to have a firearm to feel safe. That’s what Scotland has and is doing!

  • Craig2535

    Hi I am Scottish so a couple of points to make.

    1. Scotland pays more tax back to the uk government bper year than money we receive. So we have our own money.

    2.Foot Ball hooligans are and English design.

    3. We have all the gas and oil. Not adding Scotch whisky what makes up 35% on the uk exports.

    4. Scotland has upwards of 20% more tourism than England do.

    5. We do not need the American government telling us we can’t have the north see oil, in our ocean.

    6. We have been around alot longer than you, and we may not be a super power in the world but we don’t need to be to thrive.

    I have many more all I can say get the facts before you post such tripe.

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      I’m surprised the alcoholics could spare 35 percent of their precious liquor.

      • craig2535

        O we can its lapped up by the Americans funny that.

  • kieran reid

    if you are going to make stereotypes then why don’t we do it for the Americans? Obese macdonald loving drug dealing self centred people who go around shooting eachother and innocent schoolkids, and blowing up innocent people in other countries. Never mind the trillions in debt that they have. Get a grip you fucking idiot. the picture you posted of the hooliganism, looks to me like england and Germany flags….coincidence? No, they were the ones rioting, just like they were the one rioting in Tottenham not to long ago. I have nothing against the average English man. Your website is called hard dawn and the first picture is a oiled up meathead with a machinegun, to me a stereotypical American. Anyone who listens to anything on this website is obviously as delusional as yourself.

  • Rik

    What a complete load of Bull. The Scots are nothing like described in your article and as for having to ask an Americans permission for anything! How far up your own Arse are you? I’m an Englishman and every Scot I know thinks Independence a poor idea. Those who do, I’m happy for them.
    For a country whose ability to look after its own peoples welfare is a complete joke (New Orleans a prime example) as nearly all hard working Americans are priced out of a good healthy life

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      Romans 13 1-5: “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished. For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you. The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong. So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.”

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Thank you Kaylee. This is an important point and I really do believe American Exceptionalism applies to Scotland. They are under our umbrella of protection and need to give us a little respect in return.

      • Eric Tait

        Burn the witch.

  • Wanderer

    what a bunch of utter crap. This is not journalism it’s some ignorant uneducated fools little “red dawn” fantasy. fool.

    • wnaderer

      sorry you’re sad little empire of the USA is crumbling, just like every other empire that gave up on it’s citizens..all it has is an army that it can’t pay for…remember china owns almost all your debt now you ignorant pig…. looking forward to the day I read that the US has finally collapsed.. and yes I am a US citizen…. not for much longer though you ignorant fool.

      • pAW

        American exceptionalism is not a hisotical event. It is an idea. The idea that this country is the greatest experiment in leadership, achievement and success. This is THE land of opportunity.

        This is a place where anyone who is born here, naturalized citizen or by choice a resident alien can achieve to the best of their ability.

        This is THE only nation on the planet that provides that opportunity.
        American exceptionalism and conservatism are inexorably linked.

  • Anna

    Scotland is a country, not a province. Scottish people are not anarchists for wanting rights to their oil that was sold cheaply and underhand by England to the US in order to forge an alliance with the States, at the expense of the welfare of the scots who were beaten and driven from their homes and forced to comply with giving up their basic human rights. This article should be removed, as it is built on the basis of serious historical inaccuracies. You are perpetuating horrific assumptions about a country and I seriously question your integrity as a journalist. This reads as an ill-informed opinion piece, and a slanderous one at that.

    • darko.hn

      Sorry but what’s this? Proof? Yes I think it is.


      • scotbot

        To be fair, no one in Scotland takes them seriously. Not even their own members. And that isn’t meant to be satirical.

  • scotbot

    Is this meant to be satire or something? I haven’t had such a good chuckle in a long time. The ignorance of the author is astounding.

  • scotbot

    One of things which is most hilarous is the image of the hooligans. These are in fact English football hooligans, most likely at a World Cup or European Championship. You can tell this from that fact one of them is holding the England’s national flag — the flag of St. George.

  • The moo

    Load of shite. Americans need to come to scotland to appreciate how nice we are and the country is. This man who wrote is artical is talking out his hole and probably never been here and it enrages me how he can sit and say this. Its our vote, not americas And i vote YES

    • bizzbutters

      Thanks but I see all I want of Scotland right here in this board. You people are freaking unhinged and like ganging up on folks.

      • scotbot

        Yeah, imagine publishing a crock of shit online and being surprised when people log on to reply.

        How dare they. How very dare they.


      • Graeme

        And you wouldnt be butthurt about a slanderous article published about america no?

      • Eric Tait

        So a sooks out the question? butterbawz.

  • macky

    This is pure dead brilliant… so much ignorance and intolerance amalgamated into a comical pièce de résistance!

    Why not come visit Scotland and make up your own minds??
    (That is a rhetorical question based on some rather optimistic assumptions…but you never know!)

    • scotbot

      Apparently, word on the street (America’s streets anyway) is this is a parody site. The irony, of course, is many Yanks and Rednecks would really believe this. Well, anything Fox News or the Chicken Noodle Network (CNN) tell them.

      Who’d’ve thunk it!

  • Batfink

    This is hilarious…. makes me proud to be a Scot! Although I do feel pretty stupid – why the hell have I been working my ass of 6 days a week when I could have just been on the dole?
    Oh but just to clear up one mistake in the article – the old saying is untrue. Trust me. Anyway, I am away to continue with not giving a shit about my appearance. Don’t think I’ll even cover my track marks today!

  • bizzbutters

    So many crazy people commenting on here! Maybe these Scottish people should shut up and listen to America for a change?

    • Rik


    • scotbot

      You are so correct. Not only should Scots mind their manners, they should bow down to their American masters.

      After all, let us not forget what an amazing country the US of A is; it trully is the land of the free and home of the brave.

      Wait … what’s that — another granny in a wheelchair has been patted down by your crypto-fascist national security state?


      Oh well, perhaps you’re not as brave as you think.

      • Kaylee-Aurora

        Who are YOU people to throw sass? Scotland has so many ecnomic problems and does not contribute really anyhting for the global economy. If it was not for your oil reserves (which aren’t really yours) Scotland would be bankrupt like another Greece Your people are on welfare and heroin is pretty much a crisis (yes, I did see that movie). At least America has people who appreciate freedom and understand we have a responsibility to protect the world from the evil doers. You guys pretty much want to jump in bed with any socialist country out there. North Korea?

        • scotbot

          Are you for real? Scotland’s oil isn’t Scotland’s? Scotland wants to jump into bed with North Korea?

          Oh, boy, this is beyond satire.

          PS: Scotland has no national debt of its own.

          • Kaylee-Aurora

            You keep avoiding the question about socialism and why you people are so anxious to be independent when in reality it’s the global powers with communist ties pulling the strings.

          • scotbot

            Who’s avoiding any question?

          • Kaylee-Aurora

            Is that supposed to be a apology? Sorry but you dont deserve my gratitude.

          • scotbot

            You’re batshit insane.

          • Graeme

            Which questions are these? heroin? = tiny minority, dole scroungers = tiny minority, infact a big percentage of people in BRITAIN not just scotland that bleed the benefit system dry are actually from overseas.
            The main reason why scots want independance is because we dont want to be governed by london, ask people from the north of england they dislike the government as much as we do.
            Oh and the part about us having small manhoods? do grow up.

        • Eric Tait

          Mon the North koreans,burn the witch
          ps. im guessing theres no mirrors in your house.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Hi everyone, I just want to encourage everybody to show your support for British unity, which is so important while the world is under the threat of global terror. I have received some kind emails of support from these folks so why don’t you take a moment and “like” their amazing Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/bettertogetheruk

      I know the comments here are getting nasty, but it appears to be a small group of anarachist types who picked up this link on socialist message boards. They really don’t have the best interests of Great Britian at heart.

      • scotbot

        From one parody site to another! How very droll.

      • scotbot

        Perhaps you could hire Alistair Darling, head of Better Together. He’s about to lose his job.

        You’ll find him on Twitter at @A_DarlingMP. He’s also very good at pastiching political views. :p

  • scotbot

    Blimey, this website has more sockpuppets than the entire Free Syrian Army. And that’s saying something.

  • angleterre

    I think people have to realize that before Cameron, us Englanders have had Scottish born PMs since 1997 and cabinets with a proportion of Scots that in no way reflected the population of the UK. So Scots in reality have been overrepresented and have had a great deal of power that they don’t appreciate.

    I pray Scotland doesn’t leave the UK. There are plenty of English folks who feel the same way about Westminster as the Scots. Everyone outside of London is equally ignored. It’s just the way it is.

    • Derby Mack

      Thank you for the first intelligent comment from a European I have read here all day. God bless.

    • Duncan

      Just the way it is??????? Well how’s about instead of taking it like a doormat you do something about it!!!! Don’t condemn us Scots for not putting up with “just the way it is” politicians are public servants not rulers they would do well to remember that fact.

  • scotbot

    Time to dash — I gotta take my methadone.

    PS: regards to Bryan and Kirwin next time you see them.

  • Sharon

    I have been to Scotland many times and have roots there and the fact that Scots are rude is absolutely untrue. I have found all Scots to be kind and generous people with a strong pride in their country and history. Every country has the few on welfare and drugs…..Do NOT label just the Scots in this way. The Scots have a right to vote as they please for their independence from England.

  • Scottish and Proud

    Is this Article for real LOL?? Quite possibly one of the worst descriptions of Scotland iv ever read in my life. Derby Mack, have you even been to Scotland?? Or are you just reading what you want to read? And spouting absolute nonsense that you obviously know nothing about. I think you need to go and have a wee think about how well your own country is run. I was going to write a big speech with an answer to every hilarious statement you included in your article, but unfortunately I’m much too busy studying for a degree to have bickering matches with a bigot. I’m not a business minded person and don’t know much about politics, business and GDP’s, but what i do know is crap when i see it.

    Oh btw your picture is of the English at a German football game,by the looks of it, not that i’m trying to slander the English here. Get your facts right eh.

    • scotbot

      No, it’s satire. The author(s) have a history of it.

      Saying that, it won’t stop redneck Americans from believing every single word.

  • Gareth Englebert

    It’s got oil? Send in the Marines at once!!!!

  • Proud Scot

    Such ignorance. Firstly spot the England flag in your picture of hooligans so just an educated guess that they are not Scottish. Recent riots also took place in England not Scotland. It is interesting that you think us both ‘admirable’ and ‘without morality? Seems a little contradictory. The amount of workless benefits is actually decreasing even in these austere times. Scotland is home of great ingenuity. Much of the modern technology you rely on began in Scotland. Scotland values education highly. Where else can you study at a prestigious university for free. The people of Scotland are not warmongering. Many people strongly oppose Trident. I think the recent sad events at the Clutha bar testify to the warm and friendly spirit of the Scottish nation. I can testify that Scottish men make wonderful lovers. If you have found otherwise perhaps you were unlucky. It also seems they have larger penises than the average American http://www.everyoneweb.com/WORLDPENISSIZE. Perhaps you are unable to formulate an argument that doesn’t rely on the attacking the character of a wonderful people because your upset by your small penis? Please educate yourself. You are a bigot.

    • Derby Mack


      • scotbot

        Americans are the last people to talk about freaking out about a flag. You guys made it a national passtime. Jeez, you’ve even got a name for it.

      • Graeme

        The pointless picture you put next to your “article” aside, the whole thing was absolute nonsense from start to finish, Are there no drug addicts or alchoholics in your country? Are there no unemployed in your country? is there no crime? of course there is just like any country, scotland is famous around the world for having friendly inviting people, just ask the american tourists that visit us year after year.
        You sir are a fuckwit and followed by fuckwits

  • Gareth Englebert

    I have to apologise for my fellow Scots inability to detect irony. When the revolution comes they will all be rounded up and shot.

    • scotbot

      It’s irony, Jim, but not as we know it.

  • Martin

    Mate, I think you’re seriously misinformed and just making stuff up. You can’t just pull what you say from thin air. If you’re CEO of a magazine then you have to AT LEAST be well-informed or well read in foreign affairs and international relations. I’m afraid you’re neither.



    • Derby Mack

      Hey champ, could you do me a favor? When you launch your own website, hire a staff and write important investigative articles for a specific audience, could you drop me an email? I would like to return your favor of being an insufferable prick by harassing your work with pointless comments and defensive cry baby antics. Thanks, buddy!

      • Martin

        No Derby, I don’t have any plans to do that; my days of writing for newspapers left me when I graduated from Uni.
        I want to take this opportunity to invite you to Scotland. Come to Scotland and chat with me. Interview me to advance your “work”.
        You’re CEO of your own company? I’m sure you can afford this.

        • Stephenson_Billings

          Very possibly a trap. These people would knife you in a heartbeat. And then sell you some knockoff malt liquor. Stay classy Scotland!

          • Eric Tait

            Why the feck would we sell him whisky if weve just knifed the fud?we would just take his wallet drink the whisky then analy probe him with the empty,sorted.

        • scotbot

          Well, if he ever gets out of his mom’s basement, I’m sure coming to Scotland will be the least of his thoughts.

      • Hamish

        Oh boy, it’s like clubbing baby Haggis stuck in a bog 🙂

      • scotbot

        Kudos. A redneck knows how to spell ‘insufferable’. I didn’t think that was possible.

  • Mythos

    Your picture of “Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture” shows an English football supporter (English flag in hand) fighting what appears to be a German football supporter (German flag in his belt and in the background). You really must do more research than this if you wish to make sweeping assertions.

    The rioting in the streets you refer to has only occurred in England: never in Scotland.

    You say Scots’ physicality is “flabby and slow. They do not prize a healthy and muscled physique as boys do in the United States”. I agree we have an incipient problem in Scotland of overweightness now, but one which you have had in America for decades before us, I am afraid.

    So, Mr Mack, two of your claims are incorrect and actually would indicate a reason for Scotland disassociating itself with England, which is in a steady rate of decline.

    • Derby Mack


      • Stephenson_Billings

        Don’t let them rile you up, Derby. These cretins are honestly not worth it.

        • Martin

          Hahaha! What the fuck? Are you lads actually pretending to run a company? This isn’t actually legitimate is it? You’re all taking the piss, yeah? It’s meant to be funny?

          • scotbot

            I kinda get the impression it’s one person talking to himself.

      • grareme

        I would love to know how you came about this conclusion, or what research you have done.

  • Dale

    Things like this do drive me crazy, the stereotypical interpretations other societies have of each other, why should we feel the need to retaliate against such nonsense. we as a country know for a fact that this is not true who do we have to prove ourselves to?

    giving to you sir that we have our problems but hasn’t every country got problems of their own? No country is perfect!

    • Derby Mack


      • scotbot

        Sounds like you’ve been playing with big boys, yourself. Or maybe just yourself.

      • Dale

        Play? Is that what you call this..oh my..that just tell us everything!

  • Martin

    Honestly Derby, how can you group a nation of people together like this? How do all Scottish boys “lack a normal family structure”? The people in in this country with separated parents are a minority.

    “They do not prize a healthy and muscled physique”!? Pardon me but have you never seen our rugby team? The USA isn’t exactly a shining example of personal health and fitness, is it?

    “Without morality, many Scots tend to lack vision”!? We invented the television. Need I say more? If I do then we invented Logarithms, the Gregorian telescope, fingerprinting, oil refinery, the telephone and wire rope.


    The oil is in Scotland and therefor is ours. America has NOTHING to do with this.

    You say all this but yet refer to us as “your favourite European ally”. That’s just contradicting.

    Look Derby, thanks for your reply to my earlier post but if you think I’m being an “insufferable prick by harassing your work with pointless comments and cry baby antics” then maybe you should just DO some research and get ready for defensive comments after you post something as right wing and satirical as this.

  • TattyNeep

    This is so gay, i thought it was English.

  • Glenn

    Derby Mack get back to the North Pole clearly in your opinion Scotland is in need of a good Christmas!

  • Connor Mcloud

    This is a joke article right? I mean no one really believes this shite? Then again merica….. derp a derp a derp…..

  • Bob Macdonald

    Hilarious article, did Billy Connolly write this? Looks like a wind up.

  • Anon

    I’d ask how it feels to be an un-educated right wing nut job but, coming from a 3rd world country like America where 54% of your govt spending is on military and 9% on health Its easy to see how thick you are.
    Must be hard to see a small proud country like Scotland using democracy far more successfully than yourselves and your pretend two party slave masters.
    But believe your own lies by all means! I mean, comparing Scotland to war torn countries such as Afghanistan where America terrorises men, children and women based on their own religious beliefs and desperate need for fossil fuels or Cuba(a dictatorship btw much like your own) its all incredibly pathetic coming from yourself(a moron) obviously unaware one of your own citiess named Detroit is bank rupt and looks worse than war torn Syria! But I guess Americans don’t care abot Detroit either(a mainly black populated city) because you’re all racist biggoted pigs.
    So yeah maybe get your facts right and think about your own messy excuse of a country before you post something so full of garbage.

    • Anon

      *9% education

  • Ronnie Mackintosh

    Unbelievable and grossly offensive nonsense from ignorant people who know nothing about my country and its people.

  • Wow, I don’t believe I’ve read a more hilarious post in my life. Thank goodness most American’s are more intelligent than this. Without getting into all the glaring inaccuracies of your slanderous post, I thought I’d just point out a few of the things outside of the main text that give hint to the lies that will be within. First of all, from the headline, Great Britain is not a country, it is an island that Scotland, England and Wales all reside on as part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If we wanted independence from Great Britain, we would literally have to cut the island in half. Next of all, you rant about the issue of football hooliganism (football being what you call soccer, not that game you guys play mostly with your hands inside heavy armour which is more like the Scottish game of rugby, not played with so much armour as our men aren’t so cowardly in sports). Anyway, the football hooliganism and rioting for that matter is more common place below the border in England, which would explain why your photo of supposedly Scottish hooligans shows a man carrying an English flag being punched by a man who, curiously, seems to be wearing a German flag, much like the German flag in the background. I think you’ll find there is nothing Scottish about that photo. Meanwhile, you could take the city of Dundee in Scotland which has two rival football teams so friendly with each other, their arenas are actually built feet from each other and before and after matches, they share fraternal drinks with their rivals and celebrate each other’s successes. Pretty much every other sentence in your post is false but this is not the forum for me to go into detail about it. I may write my own post, just to demonstrate how idiotic this post is but not here. This really isn’t the right format. Please, don’t write about stuff you don’t understand, unless it is a post apologising to say you didn’t understand. It’ll be better for us all.

  • scotbot

    I see two of my comments have been deleted. One saying there are sockpuppets here, and the other saying this is a parody website.

  • John

    Hahahaha, unbelievable rubbish. The author has obviously never been to Scotland. Hooliganism? Burning automobiles? WTF? Yeah, I can barely walk down the street for exploding cars and flying bottles…idiot.

  • Pat Thelad

    Whiskey is only from Ireland…. Scotland produces whisky.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      That doesn’t even make sense.

      • scotbot

        What are you having trouble with, Bubba?

        • Stephenson_Billings

          I thought you left for the pub already.

          • scotbot

            I drank it dry and then ran out of cars to set on fire.

            Besides, I can’t ask your opinion of the glorious Hillary Clinton if I’m off burning down a street somewhere.

      • Pat Thelad

        Whisky of all varieties became popular among the wealthier
        classes following several bad French brandy crops in the 19th century. As the
        increase in demand increased, so did the increase in bootlegging, which was
        easier to do with Scottish whisky than it was with Irish (due to logistics with
        the Irish seas I assume). The Irish distilleries labelled their produce with an
        ‘e’ as whiskey, so people knew the product was from Ireland and less likely to
        have been knocked off. Therefore in writing whiskey only applies to products
        from Ireland. So the author made a bit of a faux pas but he’s from a country
        not really associated with the finer things in life, but with the attitude
        “more is better”.

        • scotbot

          Don’t worry. He’s from Tennessee. He’ll have been at his father’s moonshine.

          • Pat Thelad

            Well the only company he’s got is his wife and sister. I’d drink if I only had my dad and her for company.

          • scotbot

            His wife IS his sister. He’s from Tennessee. That’s what they do.

          • Pat Thelad

            Yeah I just made that joke 😉

          • scotbot

            Touché. 🙂

  • John

    The picture is full of English and German flags…what’s that to do with Scotland???? Idiot.

  • Robert Clifford

    phillipemartque get a grip!!! i am from scotland but live down in newcastle now. i have seen much more drug addicts down here than i ever saw at home! and the americans…. how can they talk when there running about shooting each other. every other week there one of there teenagers turning up at school with a gun and blowing away anyone they find in there sites!!! sssssooooooooooo pissed off with this!!!!!!

    • scotbot

      I believe the author is related to Bill Miller.

  • glasgowresident

    Wow. You’ve never been to Scotland, have you. Or outside a very small frame of reference from the sounds of it. Your article is a scaremongering fiction. Scotland’s an amazing place, you should visit and challenge some of your very small minded, bigoted and prejudiced stereotypes about the place and the people.

    • Pat Thelad

      Did he call the Scottish stupid? Because if so you’re playing right into his hands…..

  • verford34

    I am sorry to see so many arseholes throwing bullshit your way. This should be a time for intelligent discussion and open debate but clearly the pro-independence crowd wants only one thing, to shout as loud as possible and drown out dissent.

    • scotbot

      You’re taking this seriously? It’s a parody site.

  • scotbot
  • Lucky John

    I served overseas in my younger days and if I remember correctly, Scotland has Trident nuclear warheads as part of their role in NATO. Not sure if they even want to join NATO as an independent country but this could be problematic. I think we all need more info about this whole plan for the sake of the American public.

    • Pat Thelad

      No, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has trident nuclear missiles, the infrastructure of which is located in Scotland. HMNB Clyde would just have to be relocated.

    • scotbot

      I love how your name keeps on changing.

  • Martin

    Our national animal is a unicorn. That actually dismisses all the heroin addiction.

  • UKIP

    This is so funny, it is a joke right?

    • Hamish

      It’s satire for those that think American Pie is sophisticated humour… but satire none the less.

      • Hamish

        Ooops! Didn’t mean to be disparaging

        • scotbot

          The disconcerting thing for me is the 6000 people who liked it on Facebook probably don’t think it’s satire.

          • Hamish

            That’s the scary thing – but it’s making making these comments quite entertaining. A lot of folk could have saved themselves so much time and kept their blood pressure in check by having a quick glance at the rest of the site. Crass humour like this certainly has it’s place though, especially when the effect is multiplied by the hostile reaction that has been stirred up!

    • Pat Thelad

      Look at the other article titles on the site…

  • Mickoo

    ‘Bypassing American approval’ says it all really. What a ludicrous article.

  • ross

    This is about the stupidest thing i have read since the bible

  • graeme

    Obvious troll is obvious, i was more than a bit insulted until i saw the picture of what was supposed to be scottish football hooligans, where you can clearly see an english flag, if this has been written seriously then the author really need his internet privilages taken away.

  • Bryan Morrison

    who gives a flying fuck what this halfwit write’s on his hate mongering come 18th sept 2014 the voting will show what all scots want 1 for 1 will be voting for independence & just with tourism & whiskey & let me say OIL that the americn’s love so much whatch scotland flourish while england flounder’s without the scot’s although we will give them 10% from our oil & why do you think they shut down portsmouth shipbuilding & not the scottish ship building for a vote 2 stay part of britian well know what fuck your great britian cause its no great ROLL ON FREEDOM !!!

    • scotbot

      And breathe!

      • Bryan Morrison

        aw fk up ya fanny

  • A_Scot

    How dare you? Your photograph shows English “hooligans”, not Scots. Those are St George flags, i.e. English! I’ve rarely read such a spectacular racist and inflammatory piece. In addition, I originate from a council estate and possess a BSc and PhD.

  • Mai Parks

    Shut your poorly educated trap ! Scotland WAS a sovereign nation WITH it’s own line of kings. We were sold a pup 300 odd years ago , when the crown offered the lords land and titles to vote Scotland’s independence away. Now correct me if I’m wrong…..that doesn’t happen often , but America was a nation under God , who fought to gain independence from the British crown. So it seems that a country with less heritage than Scotland may fight for what they believe in , yet we , with hundreds of years as an independence sovereign state , should think twice before voting to regain independence as it may affect the tender sensibilities of Uncle Sam , Spain etc?
    Get real !
    Here’s tae us ,
    Wha’s like us?
    Gie few,
    And their aw dead !
    Freedom For Scotland!!! Vote YES !

  • SKRvy

    America is a democracy, right? In a democracy, people get to vote and independence is a vote for the Scottish people to decide, not some extremist site’s followers to decide…and certainly not for another nation to decide.

    Regarding North Sea oil reserves, none of this belongs to the USA, neither geographically, nor politically. Like many other oil countries…perhaps understanding this may help you avoid getting embroiled in even more illegal wars?

    By the way, Scottish citizens pay more tax than those in any of the other UK countries. I think perhaps you should try reading some facts about the UK and what it actually is and how it actually works. England is a part of it and not solely in charge. There also happen to be more Schemes, or Council Estates in England than in Scotland and they also have a higher knife crime rate. If you were ever to visit Scotland, especially the more rural areas and the highlands, you would find friendly faces and generosity I doubt you would see anywhere else. Did you know the English banned the wearing of tartan and banned speaking Gaelic back in the clearance days? Is this not the kind of behaviour your people find abhorrent? Oops, I’d best not ask the native Americans how they feel about opression….

    I’m an antipodean (Google it, rednecks) living in Edinburgh and I feel safer and more welcome here than I ever would in the likes of London, Birmingham or Manchester. Everyone I know is either in full time employment, or part time employment whilst they study. A good number of these people work for charities in their spare time, many of them have university degrees (or several degrees)

    Articles like this are a crime against your own people. I would never judge Americans as being fascists because of this article, much like the writer shouldn’t judge Scots as junkies because he watched Trainspotting once. Whilst Irvine Welsh (An author, a real one…you know, literate) wrote this on a loosely biographical story, it is still a work of fiction and not a true reflection on modern Scotland. If the author of this article reveled in facts, not fiction, he could read all about Thatcher and what her government did to Scotland to find out more about the era of the book.

    By the way, I hope you’re enjoying your electricity, television, telephone, antibiotics, train travel, anesthesia, tarmac, insulin, decimal point systems, beta-blockers (we know you love those!) aaaallll made by those Scots who so lack drive, determination and skill.

    And while we’re here, there are more drug addicts in the USA. You may think prescription abuse is ok, but a junkie’s a junkie…right?

    • Stephenson_Billings

      American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny. Read a little history, friend. The US has a responsibilty to the rest of the world. We need to protect the lesser people from rogue nations and terrorism. Look what happened with Chechnya and now Checnyans are so confused and angry they’re turning their violence to other parts of the world, such as Boston. Terrorism is like a disease. All it needs is a good host body then it can spread to other bodies and everyone gets sick.

  • john

    Wow that was that I just read? Not one section of that was true. Scotland pays more into the UK than anyother and gets nothing back. We can protect our selfs . we have many people with skill’s and an out standing education system. We do not have riots that was England.

    You have so much research to do on Scotland and maybe just maybe you might have fact in this then.

  • Living_In_Chaos

    This is clearly a joke site, just click the banner at the top and your world will be filled with amazingly stupid articles and ridiculous headlines. People are obviously being lead down the silly path.
    Everyone take a deep breath!

  • Mythos

    Golly, you are right, Sir. I most assuredly should have read further down and avoided repeating the obvious about your photographic “evidence” as stated apparently by 500 other Scots. You might take the point, however, that veracity begins with sub-titling your photographs correctly in the first place. This veracity should be followed by backing up your sweeping statements, which are lacking any research at all; but presumably in your case by a “gut feeling” and apparently a dislike of Scots.

    If it is your intent to have a genuine discussion as regards another country’s future actions, please have the good manners to research that country first.

    If on the other hand, your intention is to make a lot of Scots hot under the collar with spoof comments…..jolly well done!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      You are awfully sensitive, arent you?

      • Anon

        Your awfully annoying and redundant to this conversation, arent you?

  • Rubin215

    You know that people in Scotland are laughing at you on social media?
    They think this is a joke article.

    In so many ways, it is!

  • Eugene72

    Save us from our freedom ? ….wow deep ….

  • Rubin215

    You’re being laughed at, you’re being laughed at!

  • Dean

    This is the biggest load of shit I have ever read! America is a fucking third world country, have you looked at your school system?? have read about your poverty?? The fact that you even think you are aloud to have an option on the independence of Scotland is retarded. Oh and by the way we came up with your American Independence if you even bothered reading your own history it originated from the declaration of Arbroath. We make history in Scotland and thats hopefully what happens next year. Your basically a bunch of TV monkeys that have the same thought span as one of your drugged up diabetic cattle that supply your daily intake at McDonalds. I Love America as a whole but i hate stupid fat people so that basically means around 90% of the population. Peace x

  • Anon

    Either this is a very poor attempt at being funny (not surprising coming from an American) or this is proving what America knows about the world outside of its shores… F*** all.

  • SKRvy

    This is a spoof site….right?

  • Mythos

    Thanks, for your understanding Mr Billings, I do try to maintain my sensitivity. Admittedly, it is difficult amidst the travails of this unkind world, but one does what one can.

  • ScotLivingInCanada

    This is a troll article surely, nobody can write something so utterly contrived and void of fact.

  • SKRvy

    I’ve definitely been punked…much as I hate that term. Please don’t spam me.


    The only thing this article deserves is for Scottish People to laugh at it. Clearly the person who has written this is not only ignorant and suffers from a lack of education, but is in fact on drugs themselves. This is the most preposterous pile of shite i’ve ever came across in my life. Perhaps he’s watching too many scary films and has lost touch with reality. Scottish people are known worldwide for their impeccable behaviour at events worldwide, the same cannot be said for the rest of the UK and the only riots I can think of were in England, perhaps he doesn’t know where that is either lol. Is that why your picture has an English flag in it u fud lmao. (Geography and history lesson might be a good idea??) This is just another small minded person who knows nothing of the rest of the world.
    VOTE YES!!!!!!!!

  • KevinGa

    Tell me folks, is this just a massive satire in-joke? You can’t be serious?

  • Frankie O’Donnell

    Not only is this offensive to Scots, it’s 99.9% inaccurate. Clearly it’s Scots’ lack of ambition that brought the world penicillin, the telephone, the steam engine, the television.
    Ours is a culture that American’s could only dream of!!!
    Finally, Scotland is NOT a province… it’s a NATION and it was one long before the United States even existed in it’s current form!!!

    • Hamish

      Cool your jets, don’t get reeled in any more than you have been!!

  • Is This A Joke??

    Before writing this article, did you actually do any real research other than looking at a few outdated and even biased articles? Do you even know the difference between the Scottish and English Parliament, the history of the 2 countries or even the difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain?

    Your source for hooliganism, a 2009 article on incidents at amateur football league games in the Lothians? . . .A little research and you would discover that ENGLAND has the worst reputation globally for football (soccer) hooliganism and a little knowledge would tell you that the picture used was most likely an ENGLISH hooligan (he is holding the St George’s Cross, the flag of England), if not, a German (the flags featured behind). You found this little article and yet bypassed articles like this http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22158585. In fact, the FA (the English Football Association) stated they wanted their fans to be more like the Tartan Army (the name given to Scottish Football supporters at international matches).

    “Why aren’t England fans like the Tartan Army?

    The FA want rid of the violent image attached to the national team’s supporters – and see Scotland as the role model to bring decent fans in.”
    Your source for heroin addiction being common, a 1996 article on the film “Trainspotting”. . . need I say more!

    Your source on unemployment figures also dates back to 2009, around the start of the recession. Research into current unemployment figures in the UK would show that the worst affected areas are in England and Ireland. Again, this would be a better article on unemployment figures in Scotland: http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/scottish-unemployment-rate-up-slightly-1-3186514.

    I will steer clear of any political debate or personal feelings regarding the Westminister policies that put thousands out of work in Scotland, but this article might be another source you should have read: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/real-life/closure-of-ravenscraig-steel-works-still-1130067

    Another of your sources is widely discredited by almost all that seem to have read it. You offer no support for your accusations about Scottish people not being friendly (of note one of YOUR sources states the Scottish people to be “delightful”), or to support your comments about the lack of moral standards and faith. There are churches in Scotland older than the USA and Scotland is affectionately known as “God’s own country” as it is almost impossible to gaze upon such beauty without contemplating the creator.

    I am sure athletes such as Chris Hoy and Andrew Murray would be delighted to see your comments about “weakness of body and spirit”, but I suppose you don’t even know who they are. Also, before you start criticizing the personal appearance of Scottish women (again no source given) perhaps you need reminding of the “people of Walmart” (USA) that we’ve all seen!

    With regard to increasing the minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living, I fail to see what your actual issue is. It would certainly make steps to reduce those “government handouts” you mentioned.

    Okay, enough. I could continue to correct your facts and educate you on matters you clearly know nothing about, but since you have neglected to do even the most basic amount of research I see no reason to continue to do this for you.

    There is no “wisdom” in this article and as a Christian I particularly find it appalling that you would use His name when writing such a poorly researched, offensive and distinctly racist article.

    P.S. The correct spelling is WHISKY, whiskey is Irish!

    • Hamish

      Ooops, sorry – too late

  • Lloyd

    This is hilarious. I have found it to be more entertaining if read in in the South Park ‘they took our jobs’ tone

    • Hamish


  • Speechless

    Derby Mack is a Bawbag!

  • Scot


  • Englishman

    If this isn’t satirical comment it’s a rambling of an ignorant. Utter bollocks. An Englishman.

  • RichyMcKay

    For fuck’s sake people, relax. It’s a satirical website, it’s supposed to be a ironic social comment on right-wing America’s ignorance. Stop getting upset…if you think this website is serious then I recommend a trip to the doctor. ‘Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails to Poison the Angels in Heaven??’ And you’re really taking it seriously? Jesus, some people are fucking slow.

  • Graham

    I really cannot get over how stupid this person is, doesn’t the great U S of A have plenty of well documented drugs problems obesity at a huge scale. Correct me if I’m wrong and ill informed there? Honestly I’m just gearing up the seance table to get in touch with bin laden, apparently he’s giving out pointers to us scots from the grave. That’s statement I made there is as ridiculous as this article. I know you’s aren’t well documented of researching before attacking, WMDS yeah hilarious mate.

  • Bloo

    Just shows how much the Americans are completely uneducated. Let them sort out their own social inadequacies first before commenting on a proud country that they probably couldn`t even point out on an atlas. Fuck off rednecks and sort yourselves out first.

  • Andrew

    The irony in almost all of this is hilarious. The views of the person writing don’t represent the views of most Americans anyway (thankfully), and the Christian radicals that support this sort of rubbish are just as bad as any other religious fanatics.

    However just for kicks, here’s exactly how Scotland plans to take over America.

    Popping your ‘Sphere of protection’ by breaking off from the United Kingdom and staging mass inaction across the (old) UK cities. Once enough inaction has been taken, we will cross the Atlantic on oil rigs full of oil taken without America’s permission.

    What will we find when we arrive? A nation crippled by the most insidious and well planned of Scottish weaponry.. the television!

    Followed by a quick kebab, we’ll march (not too quickly, we’re not that fussed) to the White House, shake hands with Brobama and declare the land be called ‘New America’. We’ll invite our old friends the English, Welsh and Irish to join the party.

    After a quick conference, it’s agreed that we should nuke Old Scotland, to prevent any breakaway atheist factions trying to topple the new order.

    And you said we have no ambition.

    The centre of America shall be renamed to ‘Fags and Queers Live Here’. Nascar will become ‘Dragqueen’ and Arnold Schwartzenneger is in charge of every P.E. class. P.E will have to be re-instated first.

    You see, the difference between you and I, is I know a lot about people like you. I watch them on TV, I read about them in our British news. And I have the balls to stand on my own two feet and make my own decisions, and form my own opinions. It’s a shame the gay priest from your childhood must have ruined it so.

    Ciao 🙂

  • Ciaran Boyle

    As a Scot currently living and studying in Scotland I can’t tell if this is a joke or not, please for the love of God tell me this a joke!

  • Thistle Do

    Derby Mack = Dumb, ignorant, uneducated and worst of all brainwashed tool!

  • Douglas Ward

    Derby Mack, in Scotland we spell it Whisky not Whiskey

  • Jonathan

    Of all the things that are disgracefully incorrect in this article, the picture defining “hooliganism” has English flags in it. Yes, that’s the part I found most insulting.


    I have lived in Scotland all my life and was born and raised in Glasgow. This article is offensive. The author has clearly never ever been to Scotland. If the author had been, he would not pull out this bullshit based on misguided preconceptions created by people picking out the worst stories of the news. Do your research before you start making out that we are some rabble of drunk maniacs insistent on kicking each other’s heads in whilst shooting up smack before returning to the ghetto. Granted there are some bad areas but they are a minority compared to the rest of the country. I’m proud to be where I am from and would never want to live anywhere else, do your research before making a country out to be stuck in the stone age.
    ps, it’s “Whisky” not “Whiskey” – you only use an “e” when describing american “whiskey”. DO YOUR RESEARCH

  • William Wallace

    This is hilariously ill informed, like most fuckwit Americans.

  • Douglas Ward

    In Scotland we spell it whisky not whiskey Derpy Mack

  • Paul

    this is racism pure and simple. No facts on studying done into the subject purely a hate speech focusing on the small minority of scots. also the picture used to depict “hooliganism,” has an English flag in the back ground. Also just as an fyi you say about wanting our own military we already have our own that you very much.

  • Dale Files

    So, who thinks Derby Mack needs to receive the harsh, arse end of this so called “hooliganism”?

  • Patriot

    Why are we reading this shit, Fucking red necks who don’
    t travel and just fight without cause. Give me a break!

  • That’s a joke! That’s not what every Scottish persons like probably met a junkie on the street!!

  • scott

    Relaaaaaaaax people! it’s meant to be funny. And it is. And so are all the comments by people taking it too seriously.

  • Smith,Hume&Burns

    Thank you for that post. It is hilarious (although the most uninformed take on Scottish independence I have read anywhere on the web). I can only assume this is not meant to be serious? To say Scotland is characterised by “hooliganism”, unemployment and heroine is like saying America is characterised by cowboys, fat people and rock and roll. Both very untrue. Thank goodness
    (from a Scot who loves America and freedom of speech dearly)

  • Ivor Wilson

    Wow. So many people taking the bait, falling for this kick-in-the-nuts-obvious troll article on an even more obviously trolly website. I have to say to the page author… well done! A simple tactic, but so, so effective.

  • Jock

    We have a word for people like you in Scotland. ‘TWAT’.

  • Martin

    Sook ma plooms, biggest load of shite I’ve ever read…………….and I’m voting no but this article now makes me want to vote yes!

  • Dougie Arbuckle

    You are a complete cretin. Kill yourself. How sad for you that you have clearly wasted your life. Contemplate this: there is no god and if there was he would be despairing at the total fuck up America is today. The rest of the planet does not take America seriously anymore because there are too many idiots like yourself. Go to Scotland – I’ll meet you there – and you might realise how miserably wrong you are. By the way, that’s an ENGLISH flag in your picture of the rioters, you foolish cunt.

  • dineesh

    stupid europeans think they own the world.

  • CaptainObvious

    I do not know about this article. There are some things I disagree with, but makes me wonder about Northern Ireland and Wales and the Channel Island. There are plenty of other parts of the UK that want independence so will this lead into a general splintering? It’s like every smallish city will want to be its own country too.

    I can’t imagine how bad this would be for Europe. The EU is already a mess and they can’t get their currencies straight and Greece and Ireland and Spain want the rest to pay for their screw ups?

  • Nozzer

    This is the most retarded post I have ever read. The hoologins in the picture have english flags and they are much worse in england than in Scotland. Most of which has been said is not true also. If you ae going to write something how about you get facts. My life is now wasted because you are an idiot.
    P.s. I hate whisky but love Scotland and want to stay as Britain.

  • Justice

    I am an Indian but after my country if I like another country is SCOTLAND. Best people I ever met, better facilities than England. I’m stuck in England because of my wife’s job 🙁

  • CMF

    I read this article just now. Yes, it’s a political theme and I can appreciate the issues regarding Scottish independence. The writer was very American biased and his tone towards Scottish people and their heritage/lifestyle was demeaning – even disrespectful. I guess that’s the American way: put down anybody who doesn’t agree with you, make fun of them and don’t forget to round up the Republicans! In the 4 months I’ve been in Scotland I’ve covered a lot of ground and met or observed many Scottish people; none of which even vaguely resembled the writers description! The compassion and humanity I’ve experienced from the Scottish people is something I’ve never experienced – rather, the writer in this article was truly speaking of the American culture and his people. (Pot calling the kettle black?!) I am NOT proud to be an American.

  • the bruce

    i will be seeking legal advice on this crap and if i can i will take legal action against the idiot that wrote this rubbish , he is a rotten ronnie supporter so that tells you he is a arsehole ,and after slandering a full nation he states he loves jesus so he is another religious hypocrite , and what wisdom can a idiot bigot share? and why a picture of england fans fighting . this plonker is so dumb . good luck with the national apocalypse moron ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • EastLondonJake

      What a load of nancy bullocks.

  • Haig McCulloch

    I am a proud Scottish man, This article is utter rubbish the Scottish people have always been and still are at the forefront of the most significant scientific developments in the world http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_inventions_and_discoveries. Americans need to be educated instead of protected from the truth regarding the capabilities of other countries. This article is obviously written by some moron who has never met a single Scottish person and probably has never visited our culturally rich and friendly country. Also the picture shows an English flag which basically needs no more comment. I wont waste any more time but America …. use Google research Scotland come and visit.

  • TREV

    This has got to be a wind-up!?! I have seriously never read such palpable nonsense in my entire life. Stupid man.

  • Leona

    What?????? Seriously what??????? There are so many wrong points in here I don’t know where to start. I haven’t made my mind up on Scottish Independence yet, but this is a ridiculous slander on my country. I hope my American friends don’t see us like this! Plus the fact the stock photo used to represent ‘Scottish Hooliganism’ feature Englisg fans ( see the t-shirts and the flags???) Irresponsible Journalism at it’s best!

  • S

    This is satire, right?

  • angry

    We mght have a problem with alcoholism but we’re also some of the steadiest drinkers the world over so this is all bullshit. Americans pass out after three “lite” beers.

  • Stephen

    You do seem to have a strange obsession with naked men, and the “healthy and muscled physique” of boys in America. Even your logo at the top is rather suggestive. I think you may be in denial over something.

    • Derby Mack

      I AM NOT GAY.

      • scotbot

        No, but your boyfriend is.

  • Vic

    Hmmmmm. Do you know what flag that is the ‘hooligans’ are holding!

  • Rod Fleming

    Well, I’d just like to reassure you all that Americans will not be asked about Scottish independence, nor will they have a voice. I could go through the arrant nonsense above, refuting ill-informed and incorrect statement after statement, but one is reminded, looking at it, that talking to many Americans about politics is like discussing String Theory with 4-year-olds. As you have adequately demonstrated.

  • whodunnit

    This is ignorance beyond belief, it’s also racist. But that’s beside the point. United States is by no means the ideal nation, so before you go around making general and sweeping claims about a country you seem to know very little about, how about you reflect a little on the amazing land of the ‘free’ from which you hail.

  • whodunnit

    I’d quite like to give this guy a Glaswegian Kiss.

  • Tim Burton

    Looking at the homoerotic banner, I’m guessing this is a gay news site? (c’mon topless guy with a gun covering his cock?!!) and therefore I’m surprised to hear such an extreme right view.

  • whodunnit

    has anyone seen this guys profile information? I can’t even comment on this, I mean he’s clearly insane.. Derby Mack is an American Patriot who has dedicated his life to loving his country and preparing his family for the National Apocalypse.

    • Derby Mack

      Ever heard of solar flares? EMP blasts? Suitcase nukes? 9/11? The escalating war in the Middle East or North Korea’s militarized state of perpetual readyness? We are living in dangerous time my friend. There is no doubt about it. Why not try to protect yourself and your family?

      • whodunnit

        … remind me again why you’re an American Patriot? Come on, sorry if I insulted you, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but this level of ignorance, regarding Scottish culture.. it just boggles my mind. It’s great that you care about your country and your family, but your views on mine are a) prejudiced, b) ill-informed and c) wrong.

      • whodunnit

        Is this site for real, or is it a big, elaborate, and very funny joke ?

  • Big Bobby

    What a ridiculous joke of an article! I feel saddened that such words would be spoken of my home. You are no American patriot, just a complete fat head, fuck witt of a sort who feels that his option his the only one that matters. “Morally undeveloped”, the enlightenment? modern medicine? a wealth of culture and literature? Massive advancements in technology and biochemical sciences? just to mention a few! A tradition that is still going on today, every day, and for the next 100 years. You have clearly never been near Scotland, or read anything on our contribution to modern thought as a people. We have one of the most advanced and comprehensive education systems on the planet. However getting a diploma in journalism on the back of a cereal box does not quite qualify yourself to comment on such matters. The Scots are famous for their warmth and hospitality!!!! Again another indication that the only information you sourced was from news corp, or another one of the multi national media outlets trying to poison the minds of anyone who cares to listen. Its inconvenient for the west to have an independent Scotland, so why the fuck should we care! America has done more than enough to fuck up modern foreign policy and ruin the west with unregulated free market capitalism. Of course every nation has its pains and problems, but there should be a choice the make the decisions needed to better our own position and that of future generations? How can we rely on a Westminster government more concerned with secret nuclear weapons programs and war mongering ambitions than helping to fix the problems at hand. Go dig a hole in your back “yard” and shoot yourself in it, do us all a favour.
    kind regards
    A very angry Scotsman.

    • Derby Mack

      I learned about life from the school of hard knocks and my journalism degree is from citizen awareness and genuine patriotism, sorry if that is hard to grasp coming from a socialist state where evryhing is handed to you.

      • Duncan

        So in other words you are full of shit. Lol the school of hard knocks is a trolls excuse for being a thick cunt 🙂 oh and anyone with your Hardon name and gay looking banners is definitely GAYYYYYY or least bi??? Lol

  • Ingoranceisnotbliss

    WOW! This is coming from a country that allows guns in every home, has the worst education system in the world and lacks moral fibre in every sense of the word. You fail to point out that Scotland has a rich history of inventing things that have shaped the world as it is today. The telephone and televsion which Americans hold so dearly are just two examples of hundreds. Are we next on the list of countries to invade for their oil? America’s World police strike again.

    I’d also like to point out that America has over 10,000 gun crimes a year and Scotland less than 400 (and most of them are air weapon related)

    • Derby Mack

      Guns are a Constitutionally protected Freedom here in America but most of these crimes you speak of were committed by people who illegally possess weapons. By threatening to take away the guns from those of us trained in their use and how are licensed and often have military training, you are making America far more unsafe and giving the criminals the upper hand if they’re the only ones left owning guns.

  • A Scot

    As a Scot I am deeply offended by this article. It plays up to many national stereotypes and it is almost as though the author has based their views solely on the portrayal seen in ‘Trainspotting’. Scotland admittedly has many problems, no more or less than the USA and they are generally the same problems seen south of the border in England. Before reading too much into this article I would consider how much the author actually knows about Scotland and British/European politics. He has blatantly ignored all the good things we could tell you about Scotland. Instead of worrying about what Scottish independence means to America, Republicans should be focusing on how to fix the problems closer to home.

  • Vogel

    Wow. The writer of this has got to easily be the biggest idiot on the planet ever to grace mankind with his presence.

  • Arturo Bandini

    Why don’t you go take a long, slow fuck to your own mouths, you ignorant yank cunts?

  • Gemma

    I am utterly amazed at this article. Not only is it offensive to Scottish people but it lacks any truth and shows only the ignorance of the author. Clearly, Derby Mack has no idea about Scottish people, their culture or their intentions but writes these ridiculous comments anyway. If anything, it makes me even prouder to be Scottish, knowing this is a load of rubbish coming from the mouth of someone who is clearly uneducated.

    • Derby Mack

      You can spend all the years in college you want, but real learning comes from life dealing with the day to day struggles of being a man.

      • gemma

        I agree, life experience is what learning is about. That does not mean that your opinions are correct, even more so, it indicates that you should do a little more research before making judgements. Perhaps, see for yourself what it means to be Scottish? until you have this life experience then please do not make unfounded comments.

      • mark

        Have you ever been to Scotland, or outside the u.s for that matter? You wretched human being!

  • David Alexander

    So it is OK to be an Americal patriot but not Scottish. Maybe the US should come back under direct rule from London. Scotland subsidises the rest of the UK year on year and its time we put our interests first.

  • Haha… don’t get upset people, its troll article, facts are wrong and it’s a pathetic attempt tbh.

  • JockMcTavish

    What a toss pot! Don’t know if it’s been noticed (or if anyone’s actually commented on it, as I don’t have time to read every comment), but the insert picture of “Scottish Hooliganism” is actually 2 guys clearly carrying the St George Cross flag!! America is full of these idiots, but please don’t get me wrong, I’m cretainly not tarring them with the same brush, I have American friends & relatives who are perfectly “normal”, I even work for an American company in Scotland, but in a land made up of so many different cultures, and let’s be honest, no history other than theft of land from the native American Indians, then there’s always going to be these types – maybe it’s time to thin out the gene pool! 🙂

  • erikpandimensional

    What a load of xenophobic, stereotyped bollocks. By the same logic, all Americans are obese pinheads who are obsessed with war, cheeseburgers and people wearing helmets hitting each other repeatedly while ifghting for a ball. If you really think entire countries can be reduced to a single personality, I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot.

  • Enraged Scot

    OMG!! Think this guy needs a history lesson, biggest load of bullshit i have heard in all my life. Yeah we do have council estates but so does every country and not most of they people take heroin. We have lots of mining villages that have council estates in them and every person in that village is hard working and tries to make a better life for themselves. In relation to rioting in the street think you need to get that correct the riots were actually in ENGLAND!!!!!

  • Icomeinpeace

    Do not waste your time reading this article and the idiotic comments from Phillipemaritque and people of his ilk. The Oil and Gas industry, run in Scotland and pretty much entirely by Scots there contributes 20% of the corporation tax that goes into Westminster , that is fact, not to mention the tourism, Energy (outside Oil and Gas) and whiskey coming in co’ tax from Scotland. The people claiming welfare (and sucking these funds dry) in England alone probably amount to the population of Scotland. England (alone) has one of the highest violent crime statistics in Europe and the world, look at the facts, Scotland is not even a quarter as dangerous. Scotland would only do better (in particular in the immediate future) without the rest of the UK. Derby Mack has obviously got issues that do not deserve the web space his disgusting site takes up.

  • Hamish

    Where did my comment go from yesterday?

    Describing this article as satire for those that think American Pie is sophisticated humour was obviously a bit too close to the bone.

    I did say that despite it being crass it was still funny.

  • mark

    Probably the best bit of fiction I’ve read today, how dare you say these thing about Scotland, you are an American, America is the the biggest terrorist organisation ever. I’m actually sitting here shaking with rage, you are an absolute clown, why dont you try and educate yourself before coming out with such horrendous claims?!

  • YourMother

    I really hope this whole thing is a joke. As a Half-English half-Scottish man who has lived in Scotland the vast majority of my life and was very sceptical about independance to begin with, I’m pleased to say that I’ve done my research and am firmly in the pro-independence camp. This article is the most uninformed piece of rubbish I’ve ever had this misfortune to read.

    Please enjoy my full counter argument, found at:


  • mark

    Also the picture you have there of “hooligans” are English , we dont have that culture in Scotland, that’s very much an English thing you utter fool!

  • Samuel Gibson

    I’m English and even I know this is a load of bull. The time for Scotland to stand as an independent country is long over due. You get riots when people have had enough of the coruption in thier county. People like Derby Mack hear half the story and spread miss-information as truth. Simple fact is, Scotland can stand on it’s own better than a lot of other countrys- including the England and the USA.

  • YourMother

    This whole article is fear mongering at it’s finest, and the world is rife with it at every turn and in every paper. If scotland truly is “anarchy-prone” as the author has stated, then bring on the anarchy against this corrupt society with America at it’s head. And for goodness sake, there is a LOT less wrong with Socialist capitalism and socialist ideals than there is with the “money, money, money!” incentive that drives most of modern capitalism. I love living in Scotland, I think we’ve got some things covered pretty well.

  • deniscomptonlives

    Look to your own country before you judge another.
    1- For a “Christian” country, USA certainly lacks compassion and understanding. At least the Christian extremists do. Ironic.
    2- For a country that bangs on about freedom, you lot sure seem keen to deny it to others.
    3- Are you thick, or do you really think you have a say in another countries democratic referendum?
    4- “They do not prize a healthy and muscled physique as boys do in the United States” Get excited writing that did you? I think you did 😉 minx! Also, have you been to a shopping mall in the US recently? You live in one of the fattest countries on earth.
    5- ” the Scottish people are not known to be particularly warm or friendly. They lack the maternal obsessiveness of the Spaniards or Romans. Their boys are not meek, but because they lack a normal family structure,” Erm……I married an American mate. Both her immediate and extended family are a study in mental health problems exacerbated by verbal and physical abuse going back generations. Christians as well. I’m going with pot and kettle on this one.
    6- “socialist goals, such as minimum wage schemes and nationalized childcare.” Look up fairness and compassion. I know you might’ve missed this while studying Jesus’ message. Love thy neighbour.
    7- “Most offensive of all, they are attempting to seize North Sea oil reserves by bypassing American approval.” Still, not quite as bad as that upstart USA stealing all the oil in the MEXICAN Gulf. Cheeky bastards. Imagine using the mineral wealth within their national boundaries! The horror!

    In conclusion; Stop writing, stop talking, you’re really not equipped to do either.

  • Fionamiller

    As a Scottish person, this is literally the most rediculous thing I have ever read. Ever. Do Americans really think that we are a bunch or badly educated, drunk quasi-terrorists?? I don’t even know where to start with this… I’m speechless at the sheer level of ignorance!

  • Is this


  • The Black Douglas

    As with most other people, the dreadful writing in this article and the complete ignorance and lack of understanding of the topic being written about made me angry. However, reading it again and then looking through the other articles on the website makes me think this is, in fact, a satirical website. The picture of a guy holding a Spanish flag fighting a guy holding an English flag to depict violence in Scotland, the handy guide on how often to masturbate depending on your age, the homo erotic oiled up picture of a supple young man holding a gun on the website banner. This is either an example of comedic genius or an example of the worst kind of human stupidity. I will give Charles Darwin lookalike Derby Mack the benefit of the doubt. All those who get angry by this article just aren’t in on the joke.

  • Ally

    What a load of garbage….it’s funny how everywhere I go loves the scots and can’t stand the English as they come across rude and stuck up and as for hooligans I think we’ll find English fans are the more responsible in that department! What nonsense!

  • Idiots

    Look up a list of inventions in the last 250 years that have changed the world. A vast majority of them can be attributed to Scots. They were also integral in administering, fighting for and maintaining the largest Empire the world has ever seen. They have better levels of literacy and education than England and much of Europe. They don’t believe in God because they’re smart enough to spot horseshit when it’s thrown at them.

  • Elderbhoy901

    This is the biggest piece of crap I have ever read, written by a right wing, corporate loving bigot. The comments are nothing short of total ignorance and lies. He talks as if he knows Scotland, if he did he would know Glasgow was voted the friendliest place in Europe in 2009. He would also know that violent crimes is at an al time low. I have NEVER see or heard of any riots, the only riots in the last 10 years have bee in England. I’m not even getting in to the drug bit: people in glass houses, that’s all that needs to be said. This piece is clearly written by an American, worried because an independent Scotland, would cause more of a problem to the powerhouse nation that wants the world. He talks bout Cuba and Afghanistan as if they are a problem. Sorry but they weren’t a problem until the US started their phony wars. The world would be a much better place if fools like this were not aloud to express stupid lies.

  • Imradlis

    Wow, I have never read these articles before and having read this load of rubbish I feel for the USA . If this is the quality of information given it’s shocking.

    1) the picture of the football hooligans has a flag , of Saint George which makes them fans of the English Football
    2) whether I agree with or against independence , it is historically a separate legal country who should have the right to be a separate country,
    3) the British army is proportionally more scots by % than the general population so we already have military.
    4) Scottish national party doesn’t want to control the nuclear weapons on Scottish soil. They actually want them removed totally.
    5) North Sea oil is in the North Sea of the coast of Scotland , Britain / Scotland doesn’t need Americas approval to use this resource.
    6) if this article shows the true attitude of the Republican Party, no wonder democrats are doing better.

    • Imradlis

      Besides if you really want people to vote yes in Scotland you are going the right way about encouraging them

  • charliebrook

    This is such a stupid article. The parrallels and conclusions you have come to are unjustifyable. More leaps in imagination. Scotland has a better welfare state than England already, university tuition fees are paid for and prescriptions are free too all ages. The ‘dole’ is a safetynet for poverty which noone can stop, just because you have a government owned house this does not automatically mean you will find the occupants shooting up in a phone box. Britian is a highly multicultural place in which we accept all religions and atheism equally, there are exceptions of course, but lack of “faith” does not mean that these people have fallen on hard times – whether in Scotland or the rest of Britain. As for the ‘physique’ of a Scottish man, well, they arent overwieght like most the population of America even if they like the occaisional deep-fried mars bar. Almost like you have got your research from Trainspotting, ring any bells?

    • charliebrook

      Another point to add, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have never had a revolution. Our mentality of a ‘stiff upper lip’ has kept us stable in times of uproar. For example the communist revolution in the early 1900s, although we had Communist party representatives elected into parliament no revolution was born. Social unrest has been violent, in Ireland and during the Thatcherite 1980s, but we have never needed a revolution – whether granted independence or not.

  • McLean Jim

    Cannot even spell Whisky, used the Irish spelling, The picture is of English and German national team fans fighting in 2006.

  • CR

    What a load of bullshit. Scotland would just end up another state controlled by the eu. No independence whatsoever.

    • Simon Brodie

      Scotland is already in the EU as part of the UK. To argue that Scotland would have less control when in a political union which doesn’t benefit us , makes the case for independence.

  • Dave

    This is the most ludicrous article i’ve ever read. You sure you didn’t pull this from The Onion?

  • Janey McDonald

    This is the most ridiculous article I think I have ever read. This person knows nothing of the devastating poverty being imposed on an oil rich Scotland by the Westminster government. We are made to feel like beggars for wanting to spend our money on our people. I want independence so that we can make it a fairer country – not one that sees the rich get richer as happens in the South East of this supposedly Great Britain. I want children to have clothes to wear and food to eat without depending on food banks and handouts. This is the 21st century but a quarter of our children live in abject poverty. This imbalance must be corrected and it can never be done when the decisions being made for us are being made by millionaires in a Westminster government that Scotland did not vote for and does not want. We want to rule ourselves – why is that a bad thing. I don’t care what the USA thinks – its not your decision!!! Keep your nose out of our country if you don’t like what we are doing. Scotland’s decision is for the people who live in Scotland only.

  • Ricky

    I love this line in the article:
    The investigation that follows proves that an independent Scotland sets a very bad precedent

    The article is not an investigation it is an opinion piece, which, of course, is perfectly allowed. The article proves nothing except the writer has an opinion.

    I would say feel free to write your opinion but don’t dress it as investigative journalism, especially when the ‘facts’ presented are so wildly inaccurate. Or check facts before writing them

  • Paul Philip

    This website is full of keech and only of use for wiping one’s keech. Look it up for those of you not educated enough to understand the word. Hard Dawn?? Flaccid crap more like!! Certainly doesn’t give me a hard on.
    For the uninitiated, of which there seems to be quite a few. Scotland is a modern nation, and “Scotlands” should have an apostrophe Philipmaritque. We are responsible for penicillin, TV, telephone, and many other modern day inventions.
    When I read the part about us being on welfare and heroin I though you were talking about inner cities in USA. I like USA, I really do, but you don’t half spout some nonsense. With all your gun trouble and shootings you haven’t earned the right to criticise others. Yes, we had Dunblane and that is a sad episode in our history but it was an unusual and shocking experience whereas it seems to be the norm in USA and still the gun lovers resist banning guns. The right to protect yourself? Baloney as you ‘Murkins like to say! A Murkin is the George W Bush abbreviation of American as in “I’m proud to be a Murkin.”
    It’s not perfect in Scotland by any means and I don’t actually want independence but get your reporters to do some proper research and give a balanced view.
    PM, we don’t get our welfare “checks” from England, we actually send our oil revenue south to help England. I thought our local paper was bad but this takes the biscuit, or should that be cookie?

  • Flett

    The only reason why England (and now apparently the US aswell) don’t want Scotland to become it’s on country is because in accordance of the Geneva Convention, Scotland is to get 91% of the oil fields in the North Sea. The fact that Scotland subsidises most of the UK doesn’t matter in that respect…at all… No one here is thinking about money. And as for the “province” you’re talking about, Scotland is it’s own country already. It is currently in a union, but of course the US tends to get a hard-on over any mention of nuclear material. I must ask: when did anyone need to send an application form to the US to claim something that is rightfully theirs? Anyways, i would strongly suggest not joining the EU and do as Norway did. That way Scotland wont have to support failing countries. Scotland has a wealth of culture and will soon get a financial boost to make Scotland into a great country.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Mack you are ill informed my friend…

  • Amanda Link

    Apologies from an American (living abroad, but still). Not all of our people are this batshit. I’m almost ashamed to be from the same country as this nutjob.

    Scotland is one of my favorite countries, and I think it’s high time you all have your chance to live as an independent country, apart from the English and England.

    Good luck to all of you, and I look forward to seeing you prosper in the future! Don’t let crazies like this Derby Mack make the rest of us look bad! Most of us are sensible, I promise.

  • Grumpy Grum

    May i firstly point out that this is in NO way “Fan mail”! I am deeply shocked and outraged at your comments in your recent blog regarding the Scottish Independence. Never have i read such rubbish in my entire life! I would only expect this kind of judgment from a citizen of a country which only has 6% of its population holding a passport!! May i remind you that it was in fact a Scotsman that invented the telephone, a Scotsman that invented the television and Scotsman who was a pioneer in creating world economics.

    Why would i expect you to know any of the afore mentioned? The last time i visited the United States of “Freedom” i was asked if i travelled by train when i explained to an American that i came from Scotland. I was also asked if we had electricity and the internet in the United Kingdom.

    Scotland does have its social problems, as does the USA. Where a tiny percentage of our problems stem from soccer hooliganism and heroin abuse we certainly do not have as big an issue with gun crime, homelessness and education as it seems your own beloved America has.

    I would like to take this chance to point out to Mr. Derby Mack that he is factually incorrect in almost all of his article and it would be extremely interesting to know if he has in fact visited Scotland at all during his life “preparing his family for the National Apocalypse”? Maybe, before commenting on other peoples nations, you should take a good look at your own and realise what kind of country you are actually living in!

    I am proud to be Scottish and extremely grateful that i was not born into a country that is overpopulated with single minded, un educated idiots like Derby Mack. I am almost certain that anyone from another country would more than likely find his comments racist!!

    Derby Mack you will always be welcome in Scotland in the same way we welcome everyone from all over the world, please come and visit our country so you can see for yourself just how wrong you were in your article. Enjoy our scenery, take in our culture, have a wee dram then get back behind your computer an apologise to us for your comments! Ya wee fanny!!

  • JesusMcGregor

    And this is what happens when people learn to write and use technology, but not to think…

  • JL

    I hope a big gun blows your big redneck head and spreads it all over your articles!

  • Shell

    This is a troll right?! Ok so supposing this numpty is actually being serious, where to begin? Yes ok we have our problems like any other nation, but let’s replace ‘hooliganism’ with ‘gun violence’ and ‘heroin’ with ‘crystal meth’. Which country does that remind you of? Scottish football fans are often commended on their good behaviour abroad, unlike our neighbours to the south, and Celtic football fans have been named in the top 10 fans in the world. As for academia Edinburgh University is No 17 in the world’s top universities, not bad for such a small country. Finally with regards to having no ambition shall we get onto the list of things invented by Scots? With the television, telephone, tarmac, penicillin, and of course the US navy being just a few (full list here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_inventions_and_discoveries). You may not think much of our nation, but your life would be a hell of a lot worse off without us.

  • Shell

    Oh and why in the name of heaven why would we ask for American ‘permission’ for access to North Sea Oil? Its our territory and if anything you should be asking us! When we start eyeing up the Texas oil fields you can complain. Statements like that show just how arrogant and completely ignorant you are.

  • gstar

    “They do not prize a healthy and muscled physique as boys do in the United States. ” What are you smoking? Your nation is the epitome of a health time bomb. The definition of a true fat bastard.

  • alfredthepict

    Thankfully this idiot does not represent the majority of Americans at least not the ones that I have met !

  • Sean David Dawson

    100% Troll

  • Derby Mack jnr

    After reading his description of Scots and then seeing his photo I can only assume that Derby Mack is Scottish and was clearly describing himself. Getting wankered on whiskey and renouncing your heritage does not stop you from being Scottish yourself you daft old man. Embrace your belly and beard and come home xx

  • TFunster.

    Ha ha ha. Is this for real?!! Are you people seriously commenting on this drivel? For a kick off, the football fans fighting in the picture, are clearly carrying England flags, not Scotland. I have never read such ill informed nonsense on the whole of the internet, in all of my life. This is priceless. 🙂 Not even worth discussing this claptrap, pig shit ignorance any further.

  • BrieJelly

    Haha this is vermin! ‘Will Scotland become the next Afghanistan?’ Haha only if you want to get your hands on it. ‘While we appreciate the Scottish people as individuals, they lack the maturity, depth and strength to operate as a nation in the sophisticated world of global geopolitics’. because America has such a grasp of world politics… Just because you haven’t taken us to war yet! If you’re using ‘the dole’ argument (bearing in mind America has a welfare problem, and unemployment rates are a knock-on effect of your debt) or the ‘Scottish guttural accent (!) as a way of diminishing intelligence, then you’ve already lost your argument and should rethink your position. America, don’t listen to this propaganda bullshit.

  • John

    Scottish Independence will be determined by the Scottish people, If the people of Scotland want a separation from the UK the we will, If we don’t then we wont. It has nothing to do with some arrogant American a few thousand miles away…

  • Michael Reid

    So.. look at all of the links at the top of the page for different parts of the site.. ‘radical atheism’, ‘lies of big science’… This is a troll site! Either that or it is a very good platform for ridicule at Mr. Derby Mack, Editor-in-Chief, so chill out everyone 🙂

  • E Toms

    The above statement is a load of shite, you Americans really are stupid & think your the centre of the universe, if it wasnt for the scots you would not have such things like: television, telephone,the steam engine, the bicycle, tarmac,penicillin, insulin, X-rays, the flushing toilet to name but a few, as these were either partially or entirely invented or discovered by a person born in or dedcended from Scotland, Not bad for a bunch of whiskey drinking hooligans eh??? you really are a bunch of ignorant morons & have no right to tell us Scots how we should should vote on our countries future, its none of your business.

  • Hendrix67

    Terrorists seizing Scotland? New York, Madrid and London had major terrorist attacks. They tried it in Scotland and the people gave them a kicking. America must say no, thank god for that.

  • Chris J

    What a horrific article (unless it’s a joke). It says more about the arrogance and blind religious fanaticism of the ill-travelled author than the people it attempts to address. Don’t get me wrong, I’m English so I am not a huge fan of the Scots as a neighbour but for an American to comment on physicality and morality of another race in this way is laughable. I live in California and have met enough Americans to know they shouldn’t throw stones where their own greenhouse is in need of repair. While many council estates in the UK are impoverished, they are pale in comparison to the Projects in America when it comes to drugs, crime and absence of all hope for recovery, regardless of who is God-fearing or not. As for Scottish independence, let them have it if they really want they type of FREEEEEDOM that will head their way.

  • billytno3

    Amazing…this stupid american douchebag has seen trainspotting for the first time, 17 years after its release I hasten to add, and he has scotland sussed out!! Well done genius!! Crawl back to your red neck white trash family in the deep south and eat road kill you cretin…

  • scotsmac

    I do not know where you get your information, but you should look at America, what makes it so great? Poor or no health care, free phone, subsidized welfare houses, racial tension, hated in most of the world,education ranked 10th in developed nations and falling, school graduates almost illiterate, crap cars, and most with their heads so far up their own rectums they cannot see the goverment corruption around them. Scotland may not be perfect but we are proud of our country and always will be. “Seus Alba”

  • Sap Ien

    Derby Mack , I speak on behalf of Scotland here Derby , and this article is the biggest load of coo shite I’ve had the displeasure to read , if you are being sarcastic and having a laugh at common stereotypes then fair play but the rest of yer nice wee article is aboot as true as Andy Murray being Brittish when he lifted the Wimbeldon trophy.

    The Scots are a hard working people and that inlcues those who come from abroad and seek to make a home in our beautiful country. Oor lassies are Bonnie and oor Men are handsome and we aww ken how to please oor lassies and steal there hearts. Our Fitbaw fans are some of the most pleasant in the world unlike our neighbours in both international and domestic games. We are inventive and I think you shall find Scotland has many a great invention under its collective belt , many of which without you would find the world would be worse off without.

    We have a rich history indeed we are a nation of proud and brave people, you clearly have no paid attention to history as our young laddies are as fit as fiddles and wae a physique to rival a roman gladiator , need I remind you the romans built walls to keep us in!

    As for your remark about our demeanour we are the most friendly of nations on the entire planet but if you cross us then your really asking for trouble, as for yer oil complaint, its in our maratime borders so therefore should belong to the Scots before that demon ay a wee midden Maggie sold it off to you yanks because London was failing to keep the economy afloat.

    As for your remarks aboot us all being Heroin fiends on the dole, again this is simply unfounded , if you check our heroin addicts per head of population as well as those on benefits you would see that the other nations of the UK far exceed ours.

    You obviously dinnae ken a hing aboot your own country as it was founded by aww the religious nut jobs that we didnae want hingin aboot in Scotland so we sent them packin.

    I bet for a fact you have never even set a foot on Scottish soil so how would you honestly know what its like here, I have been to Detroit in the US so a ken fine well how your country looks compared to ours and thats just one state take a look in the mirror pal before you start dealin oot the snide remarks aboot a people you ken nothing aboot !

    I refrained from going full English in my post , and refrained from gettin stuck right intae the colloquialism because otherwise you’d likely need another friendly Scot to translate it for ye ken.

    Anyways take a wee saunter oor here , we’ll hook ye up wae a nice wee bonnie lass and a dram then maybe you will change yer mind.

    Scotland for independence , why because we are a great nation and we deserve it.

    and the great Britain you are so proudly defending was built from the blood sweat and tears of fine Scottish people.

    get that roon ye ya wee gnaff

  • Gordon

    This man is a know nothing moron. He has and I quote: “dedicated his life to loving his country and preparing his family for the National Apocalypse.” The NATIONAL APOCALYPSE?! And you feel sound enough mentally to comment on an international situation of which you clearly know nothing? Please take your warped, uninformed, “GO USA” views and opinions and keep them to yourself. Moron.

  • phizzy

    I can’t tell if you’re trying to be funny or you actually believe this! Point 1: your picture denoting hooliganism shows one of the guys holding an English flag so that’s one thousand words against your point. Point 2: you mention Scottish peoples upbringing so I just wanted to add some points about education – the American education system is rubbish while the Scottish education system is better than the rest of the UK (PISA study) and it also mentions that those from a poor socioeconomic background are better off in the UK. Point 3: we may not all be as religious as you but we have respect for all religions and culture while you clearly don’t. I think that’s enough but I thought I should add I live in Scotland but I am English and I don’t want independence I just want to show you that Scotland is better than you seem to think.

  • Joe Allison

    Is this article based on 11:34 on this video?

  • Graeme Forbes

    This article is badly written, uninformed, inaccurate and inflammatory. Far from “sharing wisdom”, Mr Mack’s article displays a lack of research, analysis, insight and understanding; it does however illustrate his own narrow, opinionated mindset which should be enough to convince anyone with a degree of intelligence that his contribution to the debate on Scottish independence is at best comical, but in truth, worthless.

  • phizzy

    Oh wait I missed something – there’s no such thing as the Scottish socialists party, it’s SNP the Scottish nationalists party – I mean seriously, if you’re going to write about something at least get all your facts right

    • phizzy

      OK so I’ve looked it up and the SSP is a real party, with very little to no support and it is not the party currently wanting independence

      • scotbot

        Every point you made is correct except the last one.

        • Simon Brodie

          The SSP is a minority party and campaigns on the need for Scottish independence amongst many other Scottish political parties. As the Scottish parliament would remain to be elected under Proportional Representation, (same as now) there is little chance of them becoming the ruling party, unless that is what the Scottish people vote for. It’s called democracy. .

  • fords

    Where did you get your knowledge of Scotland from, a Kinder Egg? Oh no, that wouldn’t work because you lot can’t be trusted with them…

  • Kyle Robertson

    What the actual fuck have I just read?

  • David Holdsworth

    What a load of nonsense this article is. “The love of God and Faith found in America is unheard of in Scotland.” Well excuse me but you will find that especially in the North of Scotland the love of God and faith is alive and well. As for the nonsense that we want control of the nuclear weapons. We do not! We want England and the US to take the nukes out of our seas and away from our people. As for many of the other comments, I think you will find that this article is racist. How about we measure Scotland by God’s law (we need His grace) and by international law (we are trying). Measuring by US standards does not come into it. Also if it is Scots you don’t like and think are all “hoolagins” then why have they got an English flag in the picture you show? Further more the welfare state has been the envy of the world…it may have been a bit over relaxed in places, but at least as a rule our welfare and health system refuse to let people who are poor simply die. We learned our lesson from our own history. Charles Dickens displays the old attitude well in the fictional character Scrooge, who wanted the poor to either go to the poor house (a prison) or to simply “perform their duty and die”. Helping the needy as a nation is not socialism/communism it is a Christian duty!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Would you descibe yourself as a socialist?

      • Simon Brodie

        What’s so bad with Socialism?

  • a fifer from fife

    has anyone ever seen englands supporters abroad or watched the news about the riots that happend IN ENGLAND , propaganda posts for support of england keeping control of a lost empire , come to scotland and see for yourselfs we are a kind and welcoming bunch , our country has a wonderful reputation throughout the world , i have met many people from all corners of the world who felt welcome , and on drug problems there are more people struggling in london alone never mind scotland as a whole , that is well documented ,

  • A Scottish Patriot

    I find it most interesting to note the colour of flag in the photograph illustrating the point that “Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture”. These people are the neighbours that we want independence from. The author of this article clearly does not know what he is talking about and should mind his own business.

  • Shaun

    Believe me I am not a fan of independence but this this just an awful article exaggerating some negative stereotypes and undermining a “no” vote. The picture of “hooliganism” appears to show a man holding a St George’s cross by a bloke who seems to be wearing Germany’s colours tucked into his trousers….. So nothing to do with Scotland.

    Also seen as this article is about Scotland the author should note its WHISKY NOT WHISKEY!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Well it seems we can agree then the Scots just aren’t thinking clearly with this whole independence thing. There are really some major pitfalls in their plan and I don’t know why they’re pushing so hard for it. Interesting esp. that the socialists are getting so powerful over there.

      • gav

        What pitfalls? If Britain is so great why not start a campaign for America to give up its independence & come back under the control of the motherland?

      • Simon Brodie

        Name one pitfall that has not been considered, seeing as you clearly have an in depth knowledge of the political situation in the UK. If I am correct, one of the founding tenets of the USA is no taxation without representation. That’s also what is at heart of the independence debate. We Scots (who are in favour) want only the right to decide who represents us, that is not the current standing.

  • DD

    Your research is utterly appalling. Where on earth do you get this ‘information’ on Scotland and it’s people? My 5 minutes of research on a America has found that they are overweight, naive and stupid… but I know better than that, eh. I am Scottish and I certainly do not want independence from the UK, but c’mon man, do a better job of writing than that!

  • G

    Let’s get a few things straight here, Derby, if that is really your name? First of all you twit, most of the christian beliefs in your country were spread by Scottish protestants, most of your presidents and men of power have been members of the SCOTTISH Freemasonry order. So don’t talk to us about God, faith or beliefs. As for your comments about under developed people, we are actually well know for our scientists and engineers, whom among other things developed the idiot box your nation is built on (TV to you my good friend). As for your comments about our nature, i think you’ll find that it is well known around the world that we are some the warmest most welcoming people on the planet. Also as you can see below, we are more than able to pay our taxes and subsidise ourselves. We are not Socialists as we have a Socialist party whom have never been voted in to power. Our Ambitions are strong enough that if anything we hope we never end up as backward ignorant as you. Oh and by the way, that picture is ENGLISH and GERMAN football hooligans but coming from a man who probably couldn’t even point to Scotland on a map I’m not surprised you don’t know the difference.

  • Indy-Pen-Dance

    Fuck Off this whole report is utter bullshit, we want independence in order to 100% focus on the people living in Scotland not to be controlled by the UK or America, the utter vile reporting is the reason So many american’s are so blind to the manipulation that their country is guilty of…We as the people of scotland have the right to vote on independence because its what the people want…not because we want to become a terrorist state and also there have been no riots in Scotland at all, all riots in the UK in the past few year have been in London / Manchester / Nottingham Etc

  • Cal

    Wow… this is biggest load of bullshit I have ever read. Has the author been to scotland? Has the author done any research other than to listen to false stereotypes? I really hope that this is written satirically….

  • Lewis Ross

    I hope people don’t actually believe what is stated in this article, the best part is how you specifically state WHITE Scottish people riot after drinking and watching football; next to a picture of someone holding a English flag slapping someone in the face! Why don’t you come to Scotland and have a wee dram you might enjoy yourself and realize that what your saying is completely untrue! Do a little bit more research Derby Mack and stop being racist.

  • hpop

    This is clearly a joke, no one with even a cursory understanding of the debate in Scotland at the moment would draw these conclusions. Also, why does their picture show English and German football fans jostling in a climate far too balmy to be anywhere close to Scotland.

  • Maureen Luby

    Oh my! Surely this must be satire as I can’t believe anyone could be able to write while showing this level of ignorance. You sir, are a numpty! Saor Alba 🙂

  • Marty

    Ahahaha! That image of the hooligans for a start is after a game between Germany and England it looks, no saltire blue in sight!

    Very very arrogant of a concern that is not yours in the slightest.
    You have clearly just racially discriminated and generalised the people that brought you a much loved american treasure, the TV!
    Extremely hypocritical as well, we are a very patriotic nation wanting our freedom. You are an american that calls them self a patriot who we all know just absolutely kiss butt for freedom!
    We at least have the balls to flash ours in your face!

    The north sea, that is not being taken from the US in the slightest, our country our water, as your country would fight to extreme for in the same case! Hypocritical yet again laddie!

    Canada rules so much better than the US with this kinda arrogance going on!

    • Marty

      PS if your supposed be such a hard up christian and, I can only assume, a very patriotic southerner. Why is the website header that your branding this site with, a very homosexual visual?

      • Marty14

        PPS I apologise for the misspelling and missing words in my writing, I do have ADD (much like 6.4 million of US children today) and failed a little in English at school (much like these US children *Two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. Over 70 percent of America’s inmates cannot read above a 4th grade level.* ).

        • Stephenson_Billings

          Thanks my friend.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Hmmm…. interesting you’re seeing gay erotic dancers everywhere. Projecting much? You have a vivid imagination, don’t you?

  • Mr Sensible

    You people are uneducated, The photo is of English and German soccer hooligans. I bet you have no actual idea of politics beyond your front door never mind in other countries. This article does nothing beyond reinforcing the stereotype of Americans. Who cares if America says “No”

  • David

    Is it an accident that your logo looks like a buff male stripper with a large erection?

  • John James

    I have never read so much garbage in my life. This has been written by a
    person who not only knows nothing about life in Scotland, but also knows
    nothing about Scotland or its people. Perhaps a little research is in order
    before posting such utter nonsense as fact… Maybe an ignorant buffoon (much
    like the person who wrote this article) would believe that “Street
    “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish
    culture” or “Their love of soccer is only eclipsed by their love of whiskey”

    If Derby Mack is considered a
    “journalist” Then believe me, The U.S.A have far more issues to deal with than
    an independent Scotland

  • Mike Wharton

    You sir, are a bawbag.

  • Jason Henderson

    This article is absolutely hilarious. Normally something so ridiculous and ill-informed about Scotland and independence as this nonsense would make me a little dumb-founded but it’s actually just completely brilliant. Even more hilarious is the idea that other Americans might actually believe it! Personal highlight is definitely the use of a photo of two English football fans with German football fans in the background being used as a representation of this mythical “street hooliganism” and car burning that goes on in Scotland. You Americans crack me up! 🙂
    Ps. I hope we gain our independence (and our socialist utopia) before the National Apocalypse the writer is busy preparing his family for.

  • Chris Wallace

    how can you criticise my country for hooliganism and rioting in the streets,when in your own country you also have riots and a far bigger gang culture!and also i would like to point out that Britain is not made up of just white hooligans,this statement shows your sheer ignorance and lack of research. Americans bang on about how great they are and bang on about their independence so why do you not support us, You my friend are what we Scottish like to refer as an eejit!

  • not an english person

    Frightening Derby please stay in America and never come out. If people like you escape there is no hope for anyone. Read the history books many written by scots or watch the history channel on a tv invented by a scot or better still phone a friend oops scottish invention I hope they never clone you why would they ?scottish invention, I could go on…… considerably but rather leave you to do some proper research and stop talking through what we in Scotland call yer erse.

  • What would Jesus say

    Dear Mr Mack, you are one sick soul. I will pray for you, and may the darkness leave your heart and the scales fall from your eyes. You are seriously ill. Seek help.

  • scottie1

    i aqm scottish and proud of my nation and i am very offended by this article maybe you arseholes who wrote this article should actually pay a visit to scotland rather than write something on hearsay, and for rioting in scotland i am 47 yrs old and i dont ever remember 1 riot in scotland and for us being hooligans more bollocks my personal opinion is have a look at your own country first and consider the ammount of shootings there are over there how many children in schools get killed by guns my opinion is the united states is a far more dangerous place than the whole of scotland ireland and the rest of the uk and if it wasnt for the scot and the export of whiskey to almost every country in the world the uk gov would not have as much taxes so please get a life and write something that aint gonna offend people also can i add you think of the scots in this way then why do you have a parade every year in honour of scotland and dont try tell me different as i have sen the parade walking thru new york and also why does some states have highland gatherings

  • NobleScotsman

    As a Scotsman born and bred pretty much everything above is without pulling punches is absolute horseshit!

    To the author, did you do all your research watching the movie Trainspotting or did you actually put the effort in to be one of the few Americans who actually have left the states and come to see our country for yourself?

  • Late Nate

    genuinely offended by pretty much everything that’s been said in this article. As a proud scotsman I for one am against independence but not for any of the above reasons. More to the point fuck god he’s caused nothing but trouble ever since he was dreamt up 6000 years ago

  • Mrs Mac

    Is this article for real??! How can the author be so ignorant about a country that has contributed so much to modern society through science, invention , and literature. He has quite obviously never set foot in Scotland as we are neither morally nor intellectually stunted. I have never seen white people rioting in the streets nor have I ever come across heroin. I also didnt realise that America had ownership of the north sea. Mr Derby mack does however seem to be living up to the stereotype of an ignorant American.

  • nellie1507

    Can I just point out that people keep saying that Scotland want to break away from England. This isn’t actually true. Scotland wants to break away from the United Kingdom as a whole, not just England! As a Scot, I’m voting NO because there are too many unknowns for my liking but what I would like, is more political independence I.e. if the money/tax/revenue was made/produced in Scotland – we should have our own government that decides what happens to it – not the big wigs down in London! As for this article, it just shows you how uniformed and pigheaded American journalists can be! Id also like to point out that isn’t it true there are heroin addicts all over America too? It’s an unfortunate addiction and isn’t just confined to the “housing estates” of Scotland so before you start coming to us and talking about issues like that, shouldn’t you take a look at your own back yard??!!

    • gav

      Hmmm, us that the only reason you have for voting no? What about either current lib dems or Tories not confirming they won’t receive the powers Scotland have, while also reducing the amount of our tax they give back by 4billion a year, that’s the reality of a no vote, if you want proof jus watch the Nicola sturgeon debate with Alistair Carmichael on stv from last week, it appears you want the same as every yes voter but buy voting no things will get worse

  • alisupercali

    Interesting that alleged “scottish hooliganism” is illustrated with a photo of english football fans waving the st george’s cross.

  • Mich the Scot

    Hilarious. All I can say is that this is fantastic satire. I know it’s not meant to be – because the author is too stupid to realise his own ignorance (the picture of the ‘Scottish’ ‘hooligans’ who – for some weird reasno – are carrying an England flag might be my favourite). Well played (even though you’re too stupid to realise how hilarious you are).

    • RobertTheBruce

      There’s also a German flag in the background?! Completely Unrelated to scotland! It’s not even the flag of Great Britain, England itself. Absolutely outstanding.

  • blah

    this is the most ridiculus thing ive ever read. why do we need american aprroval to use our own oil n were are not a province we are a country. if u believe anything in this your crazy! but the editor is a right wing republican, bible bashing nutter! ps god doesnt exist!!!

  • RobertTheBruce

    What would William Wallace do?

  • William Wallace

    This is hilariously misguided and uninformed! I suppose you think we all live in mudhuts wearing kilts pillaging local towns for their land and spoils. Catching wild haggis and eating it’s entrails. I guess you should watch some TV or speak on the telephone to get a hell of a lot more truth before you write such a ridiculous article, or maybe Itl be to much for you to take in and you have to hit the Tarmac and head to the doctors for some penicillin. Wait, we invented all of that! … Alba gu brath!

  • Scottish and proud

    This is a great advert for the ‘clever’ American folk.. This guy is a grade A ignoramus. Come over and have a look at how we are, see for yourself the very low tolerance for change or attempt at coup

  • lee gilray

    What a load of bull, has the author ever been to Scotland? I Lived in this glorious country my whole life and not one part of this made any relation to Scotland and it’s people. Quite frankly the author is an uneducated idiot.

  • Derby Dickhead

    Utter SHIT! The author has clearly NEVER visited Scotland and has a completely warped and biased view on both their culture and people. You should be ashamed of yourself judging people in this unabashed and disgraceful way.

    You Americans are no better, with your egregious education system, appalling health status, and your total incredulity that anywhere outside of the United States is a worthwhile place. I can comment having visited both countries in question.

    Appalling demonstration of ignorance and intolerance.

  • Carol Mckay-Mcdougall

    I’m still undecided about how to vote but this article has got to be a joke surely!

  • Danielle

    You guys do realise this article is satirical, right? Lol.

    • lee gilray

      Maybe so but things like this are detrimental to Scotland getting independence. Our famous sense of humour does not lie here!!

  • Newquay Loyal

    Whilst I do not wish to upset any American (they have drugs and guns you know), the Scots I have met have all been friendly, warm and speak better English than the bastardised version that can be heard across the pond. Scotland may have Socialist tendencies, but free university education, free medical prescriptions and some of the most wonderful scenery in the world, if it wasn’t so bloody cold, I’d live there. Perhaps the Neo-Right can do us all a favour, pop over to the Middle-East and sort out the problems, the cost of Petrol (not Gas) is far too high and we’d love you to free up all those reserves you so desire.

  • Sophie

    Are you thick? I’m Welsh, not Scottish but any broad generalisation like this reminds me of how ignorant and idiotic some people are. Every Scot is absent of morals because of their family structure???? Please never right another article/ post again. Or at least visit the country first. How ridiculous.

    • Simon Brodie

      Please never **write** another article or post. I know you welsh people are very uneducated compared to the average American 😉

  • HAHA FuckingHA

    Seriously, I had to stop myself laughing at this! Is this some kind of joke>?? lol You would get a job with any Sun Newspaper around the world hahahaha

  • Daviie Noble

    Derby Mack, I can’t believe what utter dribble poured out on to your keyboard. Firstly its Whisky here not Whiskey (thats Irish spelling) 99% of your facts are wrong, yes there are people on the dole here but don’t Americans, English, Spanish…… etc have exactly the same problem in every country? Look at your picture of the fighting thats and English flag not Scottish, Hoolaginism has not been present here for a long time and I take it you have never visited our friendly country? What makes you think anyone needs America’s permission to use anything that is rightfully theirs? (oil) If you want to go on about weight, education etc I take it you haven’t gone outside to notice all the obese people staggering about or paying thousands of dollars to suck it all out, although the UK was ranked 26th or something for education in the recent report Scotland was better in most areas than their counterparts in the UK. Look up history, you wouldn’t have half the things you do today without scots. Could rant on but going to take a break to get back to my heroin and whiskey as thats what we all do here (allegedly)!!!

    • Daviie Noble

      why the negative vote? I haven’t said anything nasty, just stated the obvious. Be a man and reply as to why you think my comment is negative.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        You were pointlessly argumentative and disrespectful.

        • Daviie Noble

          I made my point quite clearly, the article is false. Where was I being argumentative and disrespectful and to whom?

          • Duncan

            They wouldn’t know respect if it tore a hole in their already slack asses the entire thing is them being disrespectful to an entire nation don’t listen to Stevenson billings he’s probably dick jacks employee giving each other hand jobs. Their god will still love them though saying as God accepts all creeds 🙂 regardless as to wether their hypocritical liars. Just put it down to proof as to why you shouldn’t hump your sister cause this is the kind of human it produces 🙂 how’s that for being disrespectful?????

  • David Todd

    Derby Mack, I’d really like to know what you base your opinion on. Your fatuous and stupid assessment of Scotland is quite stunning. I would like you to visit, but I fear you alone would drag our nations IQ down to unsustainable levels.

    I should congratulate you, yours is the single most ignorant and idiotic thing I have ever read.

    If you had an ounce of subtlety about you I’d say you were being satirical or ironic, but it’s fairly obvious that you just know nothing.

    Derby Mack, you defame the name of Jesus Christ with your ignorance and foolishness, you claim Wisdom (with superfluous capital) and display absurdity.

    Are you aware of the contribution that Scotland has made to your own nation, John Paul Jones? Andrew Carnegie?

    Are you aware of the great history of Presbyterianism that finds it’s roots in Scotland under the teaching of great Spirit filled men like John Knox?

    Scotland is known as the land of the book, I suggest you try reading some of them.

  • dougsrat

    Cuba fell into the hands of Castro in the 50s and that country has been communist ever since. 50 years of malnourishment, ancient inferstructure and underdevelopment. This could happen to Scotland in a heartbeat.

    • Simon Brodie

      I don’t think that Scotland is in any danger of falling into Castro’s hands.

      In all seriousness We , in Scotland already have the highest level of wage inequality in Europe with one-in-four of our children in our largest city living under the poverty line, there is a dire lack of investment in our infrastructure, and we cannot directly elect a government to address these issues.

      That’ s the case for the status quo.

      People in Scotland are more heavily taxed than the other member states in our wonderful union.


  • HankyPank

    I will love all the Scots if you stay with the UK or become independent but maybe you should have thought this one through better?

    • Simon Brodie

      The electorate in Scotland have had 306 years to think things through, don’t be patronising.

  • John Smith

    Dreadful, vacuous nonsense. I am astonished that you consider this to constitute a meaningful contribution to the discourse on the topic, but, having lived in the United States, I am reminded of the astoundingly low standards of intellectual discourse in the United States in general. I sincerely hope that you are not so deluded that you think that this article has any cogency for anyone with even a modicum of intelligence. It is just as well that the majority of people in Scotland, imbued with a firm social-democratic consciousness (as distinct from a socialist/communist consciousness – but we don’t expect you to appreciate nuances…), are implacably opposed to the individualized concept of human fulfillment which the American dream represents, and which, as a Christian theologian, I find utterly irreconcilable with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • macko1984

    Any moneh Scotland has received from westminsister I’d money brought in from Scotland’s resources and exports at the very least. USA worried that Scotland may dare to sell oil for anything other than the Us dollar. Would it be as easy to invade a supposed westErn’ “free” country as it was to invade Libya and Iraq? Vote yes to independence let the revolution start September 2014.

  • Chris Byiers

    you are a total moron….those “Scottish” thugs are carrying the St George flag of England. What an advert for US education. Clown.

  • rtd

    To the Author….What a pile of absolute crock. Have you ever even been to Scotland? If not your views are based on about as much fact as the existence of your imaginary little friend in the clouds. Yours Sincerely, a born and bread Scot whom is the polar opposite to being ”slow and flabby”, has never been on the dole, never set a car on fire, and is friendly and well educated. Do yourself a favour and open your eyes a little instead of seeing the world through those ridiculous faith based, fact aversion specs you have on.

  • he funny

    that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages, I’m sure no one with half a brain would take the article seriously. anyway thank you America for allowing us to fall in your sphere of protection I just hope one day our young nation will have the maturity and depth of strength for independence like your great ancient land, any way I’m off to drag my knuckles, fat belly and small unused penis back to my terrorist. councils estate to pick up my heroin and whisky using European money, might even start a riot after the “soccer”.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thank you for the apology, my friend.

  • Ryan Ralph

    In the picture used for “street hooliganism” one of the guys is holding an english flag….

  • Stuart Gairns

    Congratulations on the most ill-advised, poorly researched, right-wing biased, casually offensive, bat-shit insane commentary on the Scottish Independence debate.
    I was on the fence before – but I will DEFINITELY vote for independence now…if only to piss off twats like Derby Mack.

  • freedom

    For something that’s intended to be funny, it’s not funny at all 🙁 It’s offensive and I’m not even Scottish! FAIL

  • Gav

    What a fucking clown for a start you have ENGLISH hooligans shown in your main picture. Hooliganism virtually doesn’t exist in Scotland anymore, Our drug problems are no more than any other country in the world and to say England pays for our welfare?? What an uneducated fucking moron.

  • The Hairy Caber

    So Scotland wishes to leave the UK, by peaceful means; without throwing out the teacaddy and you have a problem with this? Seriously, you should apply to write for the Onion, this is good stuff you have written; it still has me laughing at the article. ‘Mercia, Land of the Hypocritical, Xenophobic Bigot.

  • Scotland

    This was very clearly written by a very poorly educated man whoms research goes as far as him watching “Trainspotting” and as for the commenter who thinks he/she knows anything about Scotland please for your own good leave Scotland alone because as you think the scots are barbaric and will spare no mercy when it comes to destroying something.

  • Iggy

    “Most offensive of all, they are attempting to seize North Sea oil reserves by bypassing American approval”. I wasn’t aware we needed those fat burger eating spacktard’s approval for anything. Why do we need your approval to seize back that which is ours? You are taking the role of the world’s self appointed policeman a stage to far you bearded buffoon.

  • Pedro

    I this site a joke? It certainly made me laugh! For starters, ‘Hard Dawn’ sounds like the title of a gay porn movie, and this point is further emphasised by the banner with a naked man holding a gun as if it’s his cock with the words ‘homosexual agenda’ right below it… and that’s before you read any of the content!!

  • lynseyax

    Actually cannot believe I am reading this. I myself am Scottish and I am not, I repeat, not a heroin addict. I’ve never even met a heroin addict! I do take care with my appearance and my boyfriend is fucking hot too. My family are Catholics as are most of the people from Glasgow, and are very religious. Scotland is actually a pretty beautiful country to live in! Fucking idiots. Try visiting next time before making shit up.

  • Donna

    This is a description of English behaviour, not scottish. Look at the picture you put up you idiot. They are holding English flags!

  • Joe

    You are a total moron as you yanks would put it, America is a joke go turn that ludicrous and inaccurate observation on your own culture, your own country is full of zombies on meth and all sorts else. Scotland is superior to America & England in almost every way. America has no choice but to accept what Scotland decides, As its fuck all tae do wae ye’s go eat some pink slime you American junkball

  • John Sankus

    By the way, your picture demonstrating ‘Scottish’ hooliganism is of a German football supporter slapping an English football supporter around the head…

  • Frank

    This is a very ignorant article and is not a correct way to describe the people, economy or environment of Scotland, a country which given more to the world in terms of development than America could ever dream of.

  • WellTravelledScotsman

    As I was reading this I really could not understand how and why an American would even take the time to actually write this utter nonsensical ficticious rubbish…..and suddenly there it was…. OIL!… Ps The “hooligans” you describe and used in your photo are ENGLISH…. The clue is in all the ENGLISH flags in the photo… ENGLAND does have quite a problem with such behaviour, so much so that their “football supporters” are known as some of the worst behaved in the world. The Scots have been recognised worldwide for being at the opposite end of the scale…. Maybe it’s time for you to venture out from your parents basement and actually go see some of the world (which believe it or not does extend quite a bit outside of America) …it might open your eyes a bit…

  • FourthLannark

    where do you get this drivel from……go back to kindergarden and start again your lacking in education….. you people are just nuggets and rockets, your misinformed misguided and thick as mince ,,,,try finding out some facts before you spout garbage about a people you know nothing about…..and go find out what Scotland has gifted to the world, for being a small country of five million ,,, you will do well to find another that can match us of similar size…and council estates are all over Europe you fool , it has less unemployment per head than the rest of uk as well so go read a book you might learn something you nugget

  • FourthLannark

    Scottish inventions and discoveries are objects, processes or techniques either partially or entirely invented or discovered by a person born in or descended from Scotland. In some cases, an invention’s Scottishness is determined by the fact that it came into existence in Scotland (e.g., animal cloning), by non-Scots working in the country. Often, things that are discovered for the first time are also called “inventions” and in many cases there is no clear line between the two.

    The Scots take enormous pride in the history of Scottish invention and discovery. There are many books devoted solely to the subject, as well as scores of websites listing Scottish inventions and discoveries with varying degrees of science.

    Even before the Industrial Revolution, Scots have been at the forefront of innovation and discovery across a wide range of spheres. Some of the most significant products of Scottish ingenuity include James Watt’s steam engine, improving on that of Thomas Newcomen,[1] the bicycle,[2] macadamisation (not to be confused with tarmac or tarmacadam[3]), the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell,[4] John Logie Baird’s invention of television,[5][6] Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin,[7] and the discoveries of electromagnetics, radar,[8] and insulin.[9]

  • Mary Wilson

    The photograph is of Englishmen. George Cross flag, three lions t shirt. too easy

  • Max Solanis

    What utter drivel! Has the writer(Used very loosely!) ever actually been to Scotland?
    They write of Hooliganism, which, if they checked their facts, will find is more commonplace with English fans. Indeed, Scottish fans have been welcomed the world over because of their friendly, inclusive attitude to the sport. As for the Workshy, Subsidised, drug fuelled wastrels of society, I think they have been reading too many editions of the Daily Mail! Yes, Scotland has some areas where there is deprivation. There are in EVERY culture. It’s something that the Scottish government, with their limited powers, are trying to combat. As for the Nukes, KEEP THEM! WE DON’T WANT THEM! 86% of people and politicians in Scotland voted for the removal of Trident! Scotland has no interest in being a nuclear country! As for questioning the efficacy of our male population, I suggest he comes and tells that to them face to face! Scotsmen are passionate individuals with a fire in their belly. We may not have the “hardened muscles” of the Americans, but we have the doggedness of wolverines! You would be hard pressed to find another group of people so ready to fight for what we believe in.

    Overall, this article falls into the category of Fearmongering propaganda. (Were you paid by Westminster to sow the seeds of fear?)

    Head on over to Scotland with an open mind, not that closed opinion you have already formed, and meet the peoples of Scotland. Don’t try and lecture us on your views though! We won’t like that. See the real Scotland, and NOT the Unionist myth that is being peddled. You may just change your views and attitude.

  • hamish

    Is this site meant to be comedy? Its absolutely brilliant! I think its the best website I have ever seen. Thanks all – keep up the good work!

  • masty

    This article is so wrong it made me laugh. You have clearly never been to Scotland. Also, in your picture of hooligans the men are not carrying a Scottish flag….looks like an English one!

  • Scotland’s constitutional status is a matter for the people of Scotland alone. America has no say. When we read this catalogue of crass ignorance and blind prejudice we may be very glad of that fact.

  • craftycoding

    The picture captioned “Street “hooliganism,” government welfare and alcoholism define much of Scottish culture.” is actually English people as you can tell from the English flag there in the background. What a load of nonsense this article is. I really hope it’s satirical because if not then you obviously don’t know a thing about Scots or their politics, history or anything about the North Sea oil reserves either..

  • Umbongo

    Why does the picture of the example of “Scottish Street hooliganism” have England and German flags and no Scottish, making it more likely fans outside and England V Germany game? That alone shows how much time and research went into this whole thing never mind the rest of the crap that’s written.

  • Cat

    Hahaha! Makes me laugh! Have you read this guys bio? Unbelievable- sums him up. Im hard puahed to come back with a response that this ‘writer’ has set out for. Can anyone say attention seeker? I find it hard to believe that anyone could form such an opinion On the subject of independence…as a female Scot (who apparently pays no attention to her appearance) I could not disagree more with your views. Never one to comment on these websites- I feel I must today. I feel sorry for your dim and bleak view of the subject in hand, but boy have you got your facts wrong. Couldn’t agree more with how max put it

  • whatashittywebpage

    I have never read such ignorance in all my life!! If people believe this garbage then I feel for our planets future!! It actually makes me laugh it’s sooo poorly written with actual fact!!

  • Johnny Threshold

    That would be an English flag there in that picture. Our drunken brawling must be spilling over to those lovely, effete, delicate English gentlemen and their skinheads. Also, for the most part, go fuck yourself. Thanks.

  • jonathan nash

    this is the biggest load of horse crap I think I have ever read 🙂 and it’s good how the author has taken a pic of ENGLISH hooligans to depict supposed Scottish ones (which I have NEVER seen)

  • David Milligan

    Scotland will become a guiding light to the world and with our friends in other countries including an enormous Scottish diaspora in the US, we will see a different attitude emerge. One that is so different to the military projection we see from the USA today. We look upon huge swathes of the US citizens where there are good people who are living in abject poverty. That is the change that will happen with the US becoming a fairer and more equal society that instead of projecting military power and influence across the world will become a bastion of everything that is good in the world. If you call that socialism then so be it, guilty as charged. The world should not be run for the few, it should be run for the many.

    I will ignore this horrible insult to my people. We are the people who brought the first enlightenment and are responsible for (amongst other things) the telephone and the television. When we regain our independence, we will nurture a second enlightenment and change the world we see today for the better.

    Scotland will conquer the world, not with bullets and bombs and missiles, but with genius, Scots know-how and compassion for our fellow man.

    Kindest regards,

    David Milligan Lvss

  • Frederick Michael Hessler

    Ah, well now, if the good ol; U Ess Of AY is gonna diss us Scots, well, we’ll just have to take our toys out of your pram- could we have back, in no particular order, Andrew Carnegie, Adam Smith, John Paul Jones, Neil Armstrong, no I said Neil armstrong, not Lance Armstrong ( you can keep him), Alexander Graham Bell, Jim Bowie and the guys from the Alamo, Sam Houston, MCDonell Douglas, George Patton,Stonewall Jackson and Henry Knox,Alexander Hamilton, , and ‘Uncle Sam’ Wilson and his meat packers who kept your army well fed during the war. i could go on, you get the idea….You would be well advised to support Scahtland in her independence from the corrupt English and their taxes- hell you did the same 240 years ago in Boston! Saoir Alba..

    • Simon Brodie

      Don’t forget Benjamin Franklin.

  • EnglishScot

    In response, never have I read such ignorant diatribe.. I think you need to further educate yourself as IGNORANCE is no longer an excuse.. I live in England, you have NO idea what the hell your talking about with your Ill educated representation of Scotland,. You ever been to Scotland Mr Mack, spent much time in the UK have you Mr Mack.. It is writers like you that create FEAR through IGNORANCE and it will be words like yours that propagate hatred and violence.. You need to open your mind a little my friend and take a look at your own government and people.. Ii believe in Freedom of speech but through exchange we should all learn.. I think there are a few things you should understand before you speak..

  • WW

    President Reagan and Jesus Christ in the same breath? Interesting. Think you need to open your eyes and get out a bit more. The Scots are friendlier and more welcoming than you seem to be.

  • John, 3rd world Scotland.

    I have never read such a misinformed and ignorant assessment of a country in my life.

    Is Derby Mack REALLY as stupid and unintelligent as this article portrays him to be?
    Not only does he use a picture of an English fight he then proceeds to slate every man, women and child in Scotland….thankfully its obviously a poor attempt at a wind up…

  • StrawberrySwing

    “The love of God and Faith found in America is unheard of in Scotland.”

    Not religious myself but I’m pretty sure we were celebrating God in our churches while (and, indeed, before) you guys were busy slaughtering Native Americans and taking their land

  • Whisky mac

    Pure comic genius, can’t be anything else surely? or it makes you wonder if he can only wear slip on shoes as tieing laces may be too intellectually challenging. Thank you from Scotland for educating us so clearly and understanding our poor misguided country so well.

  • Gunnar Droege

    “They speak with a thick, guttural brogue that sounds more like German than contemporary English.” I shall take that as a compliment to my German mother tongue. How can anyone even think about taking anything in this article serious? Besides, I live in Scotland and this article is a shameful exaggeration in all aspects. Good to know Mr Mack writes this with the “national apocalypse” in mind and thinking about progressive solutions for our world and not superficial prejudication and indoctrinated value preservation.

    • Hamish

      “How can anyone even think about taking anything in this article serious?”

      Because it’s not supposed to be…

  • maxtaylor

    The editor of this propaganda not only looks like Noah but obviously thinks like him.
    But as we live in a democracy ,peddlers of misinformed twaddle will always have a platform
    to sprout their ideological nonsense.
    Hopefully the people of Scotland achieve their aim,and rid themselves English rule, and Scotland will not cow tow to the good ol USA.as England has done and by the way the photo you randomly picked to put up on your hate site is of an English football hooligan fighting a Portuguese supporter. Mr Mack is an extremist and should be roundly ignored,

  • macwomble

    I have rarely read such an un-researched, racist, puerile and totally wrong piece of so-called journalism.
    This is a shameful piece of utter tripe which doesn’t even deserve to be used to wipe my arse! It is just so obviously wrong on so, so many levels it is not even worth trying to correct.

  • scots&proud

    The irony is the photo is English holligans fighting with Germans. This article is full of flaws and unfound statistics. Northern Scotland is one of the most devout christian areas in the world, the idiot who wrote this has obviously never been out of the U.S in their life and seems to be of very low intellect to write such a poor article.

  • Mark McGowan

    Derby Mack – reprobate, Try coming across to scotland you will see we are a caring bunch of people who are educated, I may speak for at least 80% of the nation when I say we cannot stand junkies and wastes of space. You have a cheek to call us ignorant you are judging us without really knowing us. We would be the 1st to dip our pockets to help a fella. They run a test few years back and Glasgow out of all the cities in the UK won the most compassionate award. Ignorant person I could easily go on about how America have started wars and the British have saved your arse a lot but I am not that immature. You seem to forget your country has started a lot of wars over oil greedy americans

  • The-Elder

    Have you ever been out of the United States never mind to Scotland?!!

    Miles out with this article and the picture you have used of a “Hooligan” is actual English people!


  • David

    What a wank! this guy needs to pipe down afore I feed him to Chuck Norris!

  • James wright

    Hands down the most discusting piece of filth I have ever read in my entire life, the view points of this ill informed ape is not that of an objective third party, it is clear this article is written to cause judgement over the globe and cause arguments, it is more likely this paper will start riots than’whiskey’ or ‘soccer’ anyone who believes this tripe must go and take a look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they just believe everything people write or tell them is true, be single minded and research and look for yourselves at what is actually going on, go and visit the country and see for yourselves.

  • Emble

    Dear Americans reading this article, please don’t believe a word, I am English, visit Scotland frequently and have many Scottish friends, not one word of this article is true!

  • FearGFX

    for some reason every thing said here can also be said about the US, except for the fact that they are not maternally obsessed and dont have the same love for god as the US. I know a good bunch of Scottish people that actually live in Scotland and they are warm and caring people with a good set of brains. To be honest i also have to say that i find it refreshing to have a country that doesnt turn to their invisible friend for every problem they have (especially when laws and rules are involved) And if you so dislike their burgundian way of life you must really dislike the Dutch, Germans and Belgian people… To be honest i think this is a really shortsighted view of what the Scottish people do and want. They want freedom and independence, i thought this is one of the things the US stood for.

    I also checked out the blog of the editor of this piece. It is my opinion that the articles are shortsighted, outdated, populist. The under educated, opinionated and indoctrinated might agree with you, and sadly the world has a lot of those people. He claims to be a free thinker, but he is just repeating other, equally dumb internet opinions…

  • Edward

    Er… and this is any of America’s damn business because…?

  • scotland

    fuck you

  • Calum

    Offensive article written about one of the wealthiest nations in the world: Scotland. In thanking your founding fathers, you are thanking to a large degree Scotland. Have a little respect and dignity. (And your photo of rioting ‘Scots’ is in fact English football fans – I can see the St George flags haha) Deary me. Bile.

  • Rothiequine

    This is a joke right? I’d like to point out a few flaws in this argument.
    In the picture of people fighting in the streets, they are carrying the St George’s Cross (the English Flag). The only rioting on the streets of the UK have been in England. Since the late 80’s our football supporters are world famous for being peaceful, friendly and fun loving. Scotch Whisky is spelt without an e, Irish Whiskey is spelt with an e.
    Why should Scotland ask for America’s permission to “sieze” North Sea Oil, when it is one of OUR national resources.
    The Scot’s have been at the forefront of manufacturing, design, invention for centuries, the telephone, the steam engine, television & penicillin to name but a few.

    Our country won more medals per head than America during the 2012 Olympics.
    Yes many of our citizens are on welfare, but this is due to the Westminster desimating our steel, coal, ship building & manufacturing industries in the 80’s. Our low birth rate has more to do with social conscience than our “weakness of body & spirit”.
    We have a military, albeit it is under Westminster control, but we have an armed force that is more than able & willing to protect Scotland from our enemies.

  • M

    What the hell is this. I am Scottish, born and raised here, but also American (I have citizenship and my parents are from the US) and when it comes to independence from an emotive point of view it’d be sad to see us separate from England, but I think it’d be best for our country to have a successful Yes vote for many reasons already stated in some previous comments. Bare in mind: I AM AMERICAN TOO. NOT ALL AMERICANS ARE LIKE THIS MAN WHO HAS WRITTEN THIS PILE OF BOLLOCKS. THERE IS STILL SOME GOOD IN AMERICA.
    Moving on, this article is f***ing embarrassing for my my family and America. It’s a shame that so many people from the US are so bloody narrow-minded and ignorant in this way. You do not know what you are talking about, in any sense whatsoever. I could go on…I am so angered by this. You are a scummy low-life, I love my home country and how dare you represent it so negatively. This whole article is utter bull****. Dare I assume you are one of those dafties who thinks Obama is Satan in disguise and was born in Kenya? Whether you are or not, your lack of sophistication indicates so… My thoughts are with my family over the Atlantic and all rational minded Americans who have to put up with this kind of crap on a regular basis. Screw you.

  • Grant

    Wow…… just wow. There are so many errors (the photo) and misconceptions, where does one begin?

    This is not typical of Scots.

    This is not typical of English.

    This is not even typical of Americans.

    So why are we debating this article written by an incredibly poorly educated man?
    Why does his view count? An “American Patriot” commenting on the Referendum? IT DOESN’T.

  • Josh Reynolds TOD COACHING

    lmao is this is a joke? I’m sitting in Scotland right now and its a far cry from Afghanistan. the people voting for independence are also voting to have a nuclear free scotland no warheads no nuclear subs (or as little as possible). lastly the north sea oil is on Scottish land and is needed if we are to be self sufficient… not to declare war.

    I’m not even voting independence, I just wanted you to know all your “facts” are wrong.

  • IanB

    Clearly you know nothing of Scotland and just want to slag off the idea of people with a discernible ancestry having self-determination. This is pernicious and inaccurate claptrap and you should be ashamed of yourself for cobbling together such a stupid web of conflated lies and deceit.

  • Tam the Bam

    I notice your photograph depicting violence in Scotland’s streets is actually between English and German hooligans in Germany. This is obviously as accurate as the rest of your article. If you are going to post articles that are not spoofs please try to get yourself an education. I also believe that Jesus might consider you to be the antithesis of his actual teaching!
    You are more to be pitied than scorned. Ps get yourself a passport, you need to get out more.

  • John The Revelator

    If only America could be protected from trolls like Derby Mack. May your God have mercy on your soul when your day of judgement arrives; for truly your beliefs would have it he will make you atone for the vicious lies and slander you lay upon the nation who’s Declaration Of Arbroath your very constitution is based upon. Our nation has centuries of experience at world politics, yours has been alive for only a moment of time in modern history, and settles all it’s arguments with extreme violence. Long live the socialist dreams of smaller nations who aspire to justice with conviction and depth over shallow words and violence. Watch this and tell me who lacks maturity, judgement and intellect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4LDQixpCa8

  • elsie

    Derek Mack you obviously know NOTHING about Scotland and her people,,so keep your UNEDUCATED opinions to yourself. Typical American, knows absolutely nothing of the world and sit there writing a bad report on it’s people. Shame on you.

    Scotland is actually known the world over for it friendly, welcoming and happy people.

    We have our bad points, but then again so does America, the amount of people I know that say “Oh no, I’d never go to America it’s full of Americans”. I grant them this knowledge yeah, America has some of the most illiterate morons, like this Derek Mack, but that’s no reason to lump all Americans in with him and others like him!!!

    Your a Twat and you Know NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to your guns and racist believes.

  • girograbbinschemeyjunkiejock

    Right everyone just calm doon a wee bit! Can ya no tell tell the santa complex nutjob is takin the piss and trying to get wee rise oot o ye. Clearly he’s suceeding. Calm the jets and enjoy soem of the other fine artiles in this comic. I’d recommend the pringle/mc@ds/NSA conspiracy, sheer genius

  • C4radhras

    Probably the most ignorant and ridiculous article I have ever read.

  • joe

    how dare they say that about us scots,I have not seen many well endowed americans and how dare they say scottish woman do not know how to look after themselves. a lot of scottish woman are very beautiful when I look at american woman all I see if fatties all over Its about time america keeps its opionions to its self if scotland wants to go independant that is up to us to make that decission not america or any other country to decide

  • kara

    I cannot believe ths dross I have just read so much so that I am going to assume it is some sort of joke. Oh and your photograph defining Scottish hooliganism is actually of English and German football fans.

  • fioweo

    This is SATIRE people. You’re supposed to laugh! (I’m Scottish and voting Yes btw)

  • Reeko

    This is racist, generalistic and plain stupid. Go to Scotland and you will experience their generosity and their capacity for a warm welcome. I am an Englishman who has visited Scotland many times, I have (with my family) joined in local Caleighs and been welcomed with open arms, even though I am an ‘outsider’. The North of England is the same. Come to these places and see for yourself! Or if not do not judge the people there. And f*ck off back to your ‘American Dream’

  • bored of yanks

    The lessons of Cuba, Chechnya and Afghanistan teach us one simple thing: that we should never trust ANY totalitarian government or the CIA.
    I am truly worried that anybody takes this pathetic pile of tripe seriously. If you truly are a patriot sir then go look after your own house first before bothering to pass judgement on others.
    Also, learn to spell whisky

  • Euan

    You do realise this article is being ironic right?

  • Bored of Idiots

    Derby Mack (Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of HardDawn.com) – you are an inglorious MORON. Your “article” is completely full of untruths about the Scots and the Scottish nation. I just hope that intelligent Americans who may be unfortunate enough to read this spurious mindless drivel can see through your imbecilic self serving opinions. You clearly have no idea what your depraved brain is talking about.
    Oh and by the way:
    -The “hooligan” picture you’ve used contains the flag of St George – ie the English national flag, there is also a German tricolour on display (that’s the German flag in case you don’t know what a tricolour is), suggesting that the pic is either of German or English fans – you idiot!
    – Scotch (the best in the world) is spelt “Whisky”

  • JMuir

    Oh my, this article really put a smile on my face. As a Scot who grew up on one of the heroin-ridden Council Estates, it seems I’ve really bucked the trend in getting an education, running my own business, and being an open minded positive contributor to society.

    It may be hard to understand for some inhabitants of our ex-colonies 😉 that not all Scots hate the English, and at the moment the majority don’t want to break up the UK. I’m proud of being Scottish, but I’m also proud to be British. Like many nations, there are aspects of our past that do not fill my heart with joy, but I can only change the present and influence the future.

    Regardless of how the people of Scotland vote next year, I know my small nation will continue to be, on balance, a positive contributor to the work and well being of the global community.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      That’s an incredible story considering the circumstances over there. God bless my friend and keep safe.

  • Martin Henderson

    The fact this article talks about hoolaganism in the streets of Scotland and then shows a picture of English people rioting immediately shows it’s inaccuracies (of which there are plenty).
    Articles like this that are against independance are likely to have the opposite effect and make Scottish people so angry that they vote yes.
    This guy should actually visit Scotland and then come up with some actual constructive arguments against independance.

    • Bored of Idiots

      Nooooooo – we don’t want to see idiots like him in Scotland.
      Hey Idiot (Mack)- PLEASE DON’T visit – you’re not welcome!

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Derby is worried a little bit for his security if he were to travel to Scotland, particularly since you have ridiculous laws prohibiting concealed carry.

        • Simon Brodie

          They’re not ridiculous laws. We’re a civilised country where we don’t need guns to be safe. If Derby were to visit, I’m sure he would be made welcome. As long as he remain respectful and aware that he is a visitor, I’m sure he’d have a memorable time.

  • Ian

    Derby Mack, you are (what we call in Scotland) a wanker!

  • Biologist

    I am English and want Scotland to stay part of the Union but this is just racist and shows the worst kind of journalism I have read in years. The writer obviously knows nothing of the UK nor how the benefit system works. The Scottish do much to make Britain great, and any reference to the armed forces is a joke; the Scots make up a large part of the army and royal navy. Does the writer just get his facts from the Daily Mail?

  • Lawrie

    Is this a joke? I’m Scottish and as much as I am against independence myself, this is just ridiculous. You have obviously never been yourself (perhaps you are too afraid of the council estates and someone jabbing an AIDS infected heroin needle in your arse); I recommend that you visit and step off your high horse immediately.

  • Annoyed at Americans

    What a load of rubbish. ‘While we appreciate the Scottish people as individuals, they lack the maturity, depth and strength to operate as a nation in the sophisticated world of global geopolitics.’ Eh I don’t think so, this has been written by an American who doesn’t know what happens in the Scottish Parliament. Also ‘white people riot in the streets and burn automobiles. Many of the most dangerous hooligans tend to be unemployed and dependent on “the dole”. Actually I think you will find that it is manly black people, who are claiming Benefits off of the Scottish Government because they cant be arsed finding a job, that are rioting not the ‘white people’ who have homes and jobs and are actually earning money not taking it from other tax payers.

    • Bored of Idiots

      mmmm….not digging the black people signing on thing!

      • Annoyed at Americans

        I Don’t Care 😛

        • Stephenson_Billings


          • Simon Brodie

            The riots took place in London, Manchester and Birmingham and the majority of the perpetrators were unemployed black youths. Just for reference , NONE of those cities are in Scotland.

          • Doctor Who

            I said that I don’t care so you cant really do anything. Well, you can call me things or report me but I really wont care.

  • Pictish

    what a load of shite! First of all, we seek Independence as a Nation in our own right, the oldest in christendom. We have done this without a single act of violence, let alone firing a shot, it’s a bit much to get this nonsense from countries not exactlty ‘at peace’! lastly, the photograph is of an English hooligan. can’t you see the flag?

  • Bear1630

    Here’s the deal….Give me $1 and next week I’ll give you back 86c …sound fair? No? Well people that’s exactly the deal that Scotland get from the government at Westminster and you wonder why we are wanting to be independent? Oh and another thing it’s for the “Scottish” people to decide so therefore the inbreds in the colonies do not have a say besides you have enough problems of your own to sort out

  • Tom Halkett

    pictish you were defo dropped on your head at birth and it slipped up you own arse

  • Stuart Scotland Laurie

    I am absolutely shocked and disgusted with your article. The basis for this being the numerous derogatory opinions on Scotland as a nation and as people. You state that we lack maturity, depth and strength. What is your explanation for this ridiculously offensive comment? The Scottish industry is the strongest industry in the UK, with more valuable exports coming from Scotland than the rest of the UK combined. Our capabilities for green energy are the best in Europe and international law dictates that the British Oil in the North Sea may be privately sourced, but is owned by the nation. So we do not need to make an attempt to “seize” it, as you so wrongly claim. A total of 142 countries have went independent since the end of the Second World War, none of which have looked back. Take Norway for example. There’s a small oil rich nation with a strong industrial history, and an economy which is bursting with valuable natural resources. Remind you of anywhere else? Scotland! For example, our whisky exports make more on an annual basis than all other British exports combined. We also put more money in to the UK defence budget than we should, as we are not allocated a fair share of the armies equipment compared to the ridiculous amount that we pay for. Also, annual budgets show that Scotland had ALWAYS paid more in to the British economy than we have received back in what Westminster like to see as our “pocket money”. That is a fact in itself that guarantees Scottish independence would not harm the nations financial security. And as for the Scottish people, we are a highly industrial nation that has brought many things to the world such as Penicillin, Iron Fencing, the Steam Train, the Telephone, Thermal Flasks etc. The list goes on and on. We are also the biggest providers to charities on an annual basis, than that of the kindness shown by the rest of the UK, showing that we are also an extremely generous nation as well as strong and industrial one. And you may have met a few unsavoury people from Scotland at stages in your life, but Scotland had been voted “Europe’s Friendliest Nation” more times than any other country in Europe since the turn of the century. I’d like to point out that we are one of the most culturally diverse nations on the planet, who provide masses of aid for those in a position that require it, and welcome expats from countries all over the world with open arms. You also go on to mock our upbringing and our ways of living. Apart from the statistics that I have laid out towards the end of this rant, I’d like to point out that you are in no position to mock our peoples value of life. We have a strong award winning education system that provides FREE education from day one, all the way from childhood through to earning a degree/diploma. What do you have? We also have a free healthcare system where we don’t exploit our people by needlessly dragging them into debt in order to ensure they live healthy lives. As for your statement concerning habitual drug use, statistics show that Americans have one of the world’s highest rates of drug addiction and trafficking, however you won’t mind seeing as your failing government will use that information to continually point the finger at other South American nations, which will needlessly work towards continuing to sever it’s ties to the rest of the world, all while slyly taxing every last illegal penny of that drug money that they can get their hands on. You have one of the most corrupt governments on the planet, if not of all time, which has never put its people first. So as for the USA, you are the ones who need to take a step back and look at where your nation falls down, especially on the matter of what America has done with it’s over-glorified “independence”. You go on about how all Americans have the right to “Freedom”, as if it is some god given right over the rest of the world. Wake up call USA! We all have freedom! The only ones who don’t are those living in oppressive communist states such as China and North Korea. Now lets have a look at the wonderful American economy shall we — Stats show that the USA are as follows: 7th in literacy, 7th in math, 22nd in science, 48th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 3rd in household income, 4th in labour force and 4th in exports. America leads the world in only a small number of areas, those of which include the number of incarcerated citizens per capita, and on Defence Budget spending. In fact, the USA spends more money on their defence than the next 26 nations combined, 25 of which are allies. Idiots! America should be spending it’s money (albeit borrowed) on looking after it’s people instead of posturing to the rest of the world. So whenever America manages to claw it’s way out of it’s $13 Trillion debt and they manage to stabilise what seems to be the worlds most disorganised economy, then you can come back to me with your laughable, ill advised, inaccurate and radical opinions. Idiot!

  • nadia

    Never been so perplexed reading this nonsense. I was also bowled over that you have the audacity to use the word “wisdom” when giving a description of the journalist who wrote this sensational piece of propaganda. I am not at all surprised that many of the readers, obviously American, have feasted on this like its a Thanksgiving dinner, being that many of them themselves are ignorant of most of the countries in this world. I find it even more bizzare that they think they have a right to comment on our country when their history, , being so young, is steeped in hundreds of years of genocide, murder, slavery, drugs, political treachery and lies. Lest we forget the great nation that was completely wiped out by your mighty hands. Scotland has a long and rich history, instead of reading propaganda I urge you America-read a book every once in a while.

  • IntrestedScotsman

    Simple, straight forward request for Derby Mack – “Can you please list your sources for the above written piece that allowed to form this opinion of Scotland.”

  • Mikey

    Wow. What a load of nonsense. And that’s putting it as delicately as I possibly could. America doesn’t get a say in what happens in Scotland when it comes to this. Do I want independance? No. But do I think that America has any sway in the matter whatsoever? Equally, no. This is incredibly racist, false, prejudice and frankly insensitive. I suspect the mind behind this piece of writing would be better suited to cleaning kennels than journalism.

  • Clerk-Maxwell

    Thank you Derby Mack for this wonderful article. My son in North America sent me the link saying “Read this. It is so funny.” Well he was right. I haven’t laughed so much in years. Its good to know that the spirit of Woodward and Bernstein live on in American journalism – or do I do the honourable profession of journalism an injustice by equating your uneducated, ill informed, factually and pictorially inaccurate havering: a guid Scot’s word – (look it up Derby if you are able to navigate the OED), with informed debate based on fact and not soap box opinion?
    Point 1
    The picture is of ENGLISH football ‘fans’ fighting at the last World Cup in Germany, not Scots. Try a Conan Doyle and look for the clues!
    Point 2
    Your spelling of whisky is, like so many inaccuracies in your article, wrong. Only the Paddies and the Yanks insert an ‘e’. True whisky, ie from Scotland, has no e!
    Point 3
    Crime. This is brilliant. You are so right. Crime in Scotland is rife. At least comparable with Damascus or the Congo. But wait, why go so far? US recorded violent gun deaths in 2011 – 32163. Scotland’s recorded gun deaths for 2011 – 13. Praise the Lord and pass the bullets!
    This article is so funny I’ve sent the link to lots of friends both within and outwith Scotland’s borders. No doubt they too will be rolling about on the floor with laughter at the inane drivel you spout.
    Derby I could go on but really what’s the point? What mirth. You have provided an ‘admirable’ ‘socialist’ ‘hooligan’ who cant last 5 seconds in the sack with great joy. So thank you.
    PS – it must really hurt you to know that the first name mentioned in the Good Book is a Scot – James VI!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      We are always happy to hear kind words of support. Thank you my friend!

  • Jonathon Churchill

    I was born in scotland and I got so angry reading this utter tosh that i stoppped.
    We ARENT chechknya!!!!!! scotland is a european country – its not going to turn into a terrosit blood bath
    yes scots like to drink. but hey so does everyone else. and english hoolignaism is just as bad as scottish hooliganism and in general, hooliganism isnt much of an issue these days
    If scotland, catalonia, california want to become independent thats THEIR business!
    and america can go to hell with its ruining of the English language and idiotic ideas
    Alba gu brath!
    Breateann gu brath!

    NB: i’m a scottish born person living in England. and hates the idea of independence btw.

  • smarter

    This author is a fucking idiot. Love from Scotland x

  • Alex Gordon

    You people are insane!!!

  • Alice

    Whoah!!!! I’m so disgusted by this!!! News to me that us Scots aren’t friendly!! And we are NOT renowned for heroin or hooliganism, the latter is well known in England. Scotland ‘soccer’ fans have an exemplary record!!!! As for the rest, just can’t even be bothered to talk about it, so not worth the paper it’s written on, From a friendly, soccer loving, peaceful, non heroin user Scot.

  • Glasgowbhoy

    And to think scots invention like antibiotics more than likely kept this morons ancestors alive in order for the author to spew propaganda with no truth to it about an entire population. Last football riots here was 1981. England how ever has had riots every decade since the. 80s and prior. Based on either race or social unrest police shootings miners strikes student tuition fees etc. also England almost invented football hooliganism and has had riots at home and abroad resulting in club bans and deaths in stadiums. Juventus fans murdered by Liverpool fans heysel stadium Belgium being the main 39 fans killed english clubs banned for five years. Education and research can go a long way.

    We have universities older than the pound note still at leading front of medicines and science today as always. Dolly the worlds first clone a Glasgow uni project amongst countless others. Try get an education instead of burying yourself in the sand waiting on the worlds end.

  • Michael

    This is unbelievably offensive with unsupported assertions thrown around like acknowledged fact. If there is a piece of writing to steer away from when trying to decide on which way to vote in the 2014 referendum, or even just to form an opinion of Scotland and its people, this would be it. I’m honestly dumbfounded at most of the comments in this piece.

  • Malik

    This is a highly offensive and morally ambiguous article! As a born and bred Scot I have to say that much of what you are saying here is pure fabrication, totally without factual basis. There has been no riots in Scotland since the 80’s under Thatcher rule, we don’t have the ‘Black Friday’ riots, where multiple people are killed, every year, because of commercial greed.

  • Iain MacKinnon

    The broad sweeping generalizations that you accuse my fellow countrymen of are, frankly, absurd.

    I am loving the fact that you are posting a photograph of an English soccer fan being slapped by a German fan.

    You Clown.

    It is fools like you that are going to fuel the fire that will set my country free, not of the United Kingdom, but of the bureaucratic money pit that is the European Union. £20 million a day we pump into said money pit, from the Scottish coffers.

    Being a subsea engineer, I would rather my taxes went to help people locally rather than them going South to the English, where, by the way, the unemployment rate is higher and ‘heroin ridden council estates’ are more entrenched in the psyche than anywhere else in the UK.

    Scotland becoming the next Cuba or Afghanistan?

    You Clown.

    Have you ever been to either? Or Scotland? I think not. Kabul, Camagüey or Clydebank? You should try them. More than half of the citizens of the US have never left US soil.

    The hospitality found here is some of the warmest anywhere.

    I will be sure to give you, Clown, the coldest of shoulders.

  • Jock mccuddie

    What makes anybody think Scotland needs protection or for that matter money since we have huge oil reserves what tool wrote this nonsense looks to me like this is a gay satire driven page with pics of topless men and a name like hardon.com

    • MorallyCapableScotsman

      too right!! haha….never spotted the hardon thing till now!

  • Politics Now

    This is generally one of the funniest things i have read in a while. Whether it’s serious or not, good banter. The hilarious fighting photo is definitely in Germany and what looks like an England flag in it. I love America’s right wing, pure comedy, keep it coming.

  • MorallyCapableScotsman

    This Derby Mack….Where the HELL did he get his BULLSHIT information from? “Lack of Morality”!?? LACK OF MORALITY!!!! We could teach you Americans a thing or two about morality mate…after all, half of you (white americans) descended from the Scots/Irish. We don’t go around the world insighting vilonce and starting pointless wars. Your education system IS BASED ON OURS! Your welcome by the way.

    Love of God and Blindly believing in a book written a thousand years ago does not make you moral, it makes you stupid.

    You have more junkies and morally corrupt people per hundred than scotland will ever have.

    Derby Mack, your an out of touch old fool with prehistoric and uneducated views.

    Fuck you.

    Yours Sincerely

    The fine people of Scotland.

    “Non but the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their gifts to Mankind” – Sir Winston Churchill

    P.S Your logo has one of THE single gay-est photo’s ive ever seen in my life…and you’re anti homosexual? what a prick.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Sounds like some has a “wee” bit of an issue in his own closet. Pot kettle black???

      • MorallyCapableScotsman

        erm…would you like to elaborate wee man?

      • MorallyCapableScotsman

        oh you can’t elaborate because your illiterate. come to Scotland and we’ll teach you how to read and write properly.

  • Josh

    Wow. This is the most ignorant article I have ever read. Yes there are some parts of Scotland that are like this but where in the world does not have rough areas.
    The majority of Scottish people are humble and have moral standards just like any other civilised country. I can’t tell if this is just written by mis-informed people are a completely one sided argument that is being used as a propaganda effort of some sort.

  • Iain Martin

    Im sorry but this article is completely fabricated. There is no substance to the arguments you have brought to the table. It is infact extremely racist and narrowminded. I truly did think Americans have evolved to be more open minded but clearly i am wrong. You use a picture to illustrate “Scottish hooliganism” but you areactually displaying a picture of a GERMAN football fan punching a ENGLISH football fan. Im sorry but i ask you to actually do research into Scotlands bid for independance instead of creating your own reason why Scotland will become the next Afganistan. I frankly do not understand the nation you are speaking of. I am in no way religious but Scotland is an extremely religious nation. You clearly know nothing about the arguments you are displaying and i would ask you to kindly get your facts right first before you slate a nation that created yours.

  • Kirsten

    This is literally the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read in my life. It’s actually hilarious how much of a complete lie this whole article is.

  • Rhona

    This is a troll, right? No seriously right? I’ve never visited this website before, is it a troll website?
    Because the lines “They speak with a thick, guttural brogue that sounds more like German than contemporary English. Their love of soccer is only eclipsed by their love of whiskey-” literally made me laugh out loud, until i scrolled down and looked at the comments. This *IS* a troll right?

  • MorallyCapableScotsman

    Offensive to America because Scotland didn’t ask them to drill its own oil!!?? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Get down of your lame high horse you fucking caveman cunt…Hiding behind your country’s flag thinking you are the perfect example of morality…your fucked up mate, and you don’t seem to be able to argue your point in this forum at all. Hope your ready for your “American Apocalypse” because yours will start with a Scotsman’s face at your door.

    In Scotland we use fists because we’re not pussies. You need a gun because you’re a scared little man.

  • MorallyCapableScotsman

    go suck a dick derby.

  • jock the rock

    @ phillipemaritque thats why we are loved all over the world as a friendly and welcoming people, I have travelled in america, china, vietnam, japan, australia alot. The real point to scotland wanting away form the uk is we are sick and tired of being screwed over by a government that only cares about london they dont give a shitabout anything thats more than 20miles form downing street and im sure that most of england feels the same. We in scotland never wanted to join the union but due to englands constant war with us we had no choice so rock on next year and we become free and can start to feel a true nation again, And we can show the rest of the uk that the union doesnt exist anymore and ireland and wales will be better off on theyre own aswell.

  • Jock McFuckyou

    Go fuck yer maw ya pig ignorant piece of shit. Get yer fuckin snout oot o’things that you clearly know nothing aboot. Bawbag. I could give you a far more eloquent answer and indeed, argument, but with this level of misinformation and stupidity, I thought this was about all you deserved. Onanist. (I’m guessing you may well have to look that one up…)

  • davidhenderson01

    I am a Scottish resident who has been working in the US for 1.5 years now. Your article is incredibly mis-informed and borders on the ridiculous. What research backs-up your theories here???? To the first point, it is well known across Europe that most soccer hooliganism is played out by English football supporters and the Scottish have in fact a great reputation across the sport for friendliness and commeraderie. Get your facts right before bumping your gums about something you clearly know deck-all about

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Wow, way to show a little patriotism and respect for your adopted land. I wonder if you’re on a homeland security travel list….

      • John Logie Baird

        You are a cunt

        • Stephenson_Billings

          Tammy, you are unbelievably crass.

  • bobsyeruncle

    Haha if this is for real, fuck you america. nobody cares what you think. Russia and China are the new chiefs. Scotland is a beautiful country full of amazing folk that dont give a fuck about other bible bashing, war mongering arsehol countries! So have a whiskey, Watch some real football (played with your feet) and direct your time to fixing your own country.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Your soccer really pales in comparison to the grit and glory of American Football. I can’t believe you’re even trying to argue that a boring game of longhaired hipsters hugging and running around half-naked on a giant lawn for five hours is a serious sport.

      • Simon Brodie

        It’s ninety minutes, and we don’t take time-outs or field players who wear combat armour

        I would love to see an american footballer (sans armour) in a Rugby ruck. They’d come off crying I bet.

  • Demogorgon

    Jesus you people are so racist. We are not savages. Maybe of England would finance ideas we would be able to keep keener and brighter minds in britian. We have lost so many opportunities the guy who made the fucking Dixon was British. But England wouldn’t give them the time of day so we lost a potential multi billion prophet. So many great ideas and minds have been pretty much booted out on there arse because no one will give them any funding we are losing money because parliament is run by dip shits. If you bastards are going down then we refuse to be dragged kicking and screaming with you. Now by no means are any of you at fault but this bullshit that we love soccer, Football it is called football for a start and drinking scotch and whisky is offensive.

    So what Americans are a bunch of red neck inbreed morons that love war and scream MERICA whilst sitting on there fat retarded asses eating burgers and being racists.If we are going on stereotypes I will tell you who I would rather have as a nation. i am Scottish and I am sick of this bullshit if we go independent then great. if we don’t then damn but i don’t mind England I just hate that people are treating us like fucking children. It is because of us that you bastards have nations. We invented the T.V penicillin and the phone so where would you all be without those. Now i am trying not to be arrogant here but Scotland still has the best medical and scientific minds in the world sadly they all ever move or end up in America because America actually hires and funds these people.

    • Stephenson_Billings


  • Shirls

    I have never read such a load of utter and complete bull in my life. A cretin wrote this copy, who has no clue about the real and wonderful Scotland. Whether we become independent or not, the US can butt out, but then if there’s oil around, it’s amazing how the warmongers make it their business

  • ScotRaisedInEngland

    Come on folks, this is a deliberate wind-up blog. The author is having a laugh. Don’t rise to it. The only sad thing about the outcome of this debate, either way, is that it causes hatred between friends.

  • Lorraine

    What a pathetic article! This was obviously not written by someone who has a single idea about what Scotland is like. I am a proud Scot. I am well educated; I have a job and do not rely on the dole. I have never been dependent on drugs of any sort. I do not live on a council estate and to be frank, I would say that less than 10% of Scots live on council estates and/or reliable on the dole. I would dearly love to ask the writer of this article where he found his ‘facts’ about Scotland as you may just succeed in boiling the blood of 5 million people with this rather bigoted view on Scottish life.

  • Love the highlands

    What a load of shiate!

  • Scottish and proud!

    What a lot of misinformed and inaccurate rubbish. If we can look forward to idiots like you protecting us then God help us!

  • Mac

    As a Scot, I find this article outrageously insulting. You have portrayed a proud, intelligent and inventive race as dumb-witted barbarians. No change there to the political agenda of England in the 17th century! I suppose no-one at your office has noticed the English flags clearly displayed in your photograph representing Scottish street hooliganism. Not even a sad excuse for journalism. Shocking.

  • Amber Pattullo

    Written by the man who is preparing his family for the apocalypse. Says it all. Btw the picture used for the Scottish hooliganism has an English flag in it not a Scottish one.

  • Tam O’Shanter

    ‘Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.’  Sir Winston Churchill – for the benefit of the abundance of ignorant idiots on here – widely regarded as one of the most respected English people to have lived).

    If you disagree maybe try doing some research instead of making ill judged, misinformed assumptions. Cunts.

  • happy scot

    This guy who write this is a Rocket of the highest order …please have a read at this, it is light hearted, but just remember, WE INVENTED EVERYTHING, if we didnt , we found a better way of doing it.


    Has this author actually ever been outside his own street that he lives in? does he know where Scotland actually is on the map, and NO its not in a state of America…

    This guy cracks me up,

    Also have a read at this – Written in 1320 AD …. you may have heard of it (probably not since you are an uneducated ludite!!) your American Deceleration of independence was based on this, which by the way was written by some Scots (one of whom came from the same small village i am from)


  • YoYoInAttackMode

    Everything is wrong with Scottish independence. So say I, a proud Scot! Salmond’s “White Paper” explains very little and provides next to no exact figures or where money will be. However, this article seems to be working a reverse psychology on me that makes me want to vote for independence just to prove this guy wrong…. probably still gonna vote against independence regardless….

  • Pegasus82

    Well this site had to be plastered all over Facebook, just to comment on the %%%% it is spouting.. In addition photographs and commentary that haven’t even been proof read or checked for accuracy. Oh the freedom of speech and the Internet… Yes the top picture says it all Scottish Socialist Party, yes educated people even pimpled and looking like graduation rejects – or skinhead’s with bover boots, and the odd swastika tattoo. Picture two – which even a 3 year old could spot. ‘Scottish Culture’… Ah when wearing England Tops, with St. George Flags, and oh Bulldog tatoo’s.. nay a Kilt or Saltire in sight…

    Ok my reply is string, and there are some strong and well formed replies to this article… maybe Derby when commenting on military, etc… and run down council estates (most in hands of private housing associations), would like to consider the 100’s of former soldiers, from Scotland, on the streets, most with mental health or physical conditions, from defending the ‘UNITED KINGDOM’, from terrorism.. Maybe one day he would like to stand in front of some of these men and women, and prove the pen is mightier than the sword… Before he wets his pants….

  • GB

    Derby Mack is clearly an idiot. Take the debate somewhere else and don’t give this man or his unfounded and fabricated article the satisfaction of your opinions. Pure fear-mongering.

  • sam

    the picture of ‘football hoolaganism’ you post has english flags in it, not scottish – you really have no clue do you. utter twoddle

  • Carly

    I am a Scottish woman of 37 years who attended a fine Scottish university which provides an education a lot of Americans can only dream of. I have graduated and worked
    my way up to a reputable position. I have never been on welfare, I hate whisky, I have never hit anyone in the street and do not speak like a German! I know no one who in fact fits this description. Your article is a predujuce piece of work that is an insult to the country that I was born in and I feel immensely proud of. I do not support independence personally, as I believe Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom. Please apologise for your inaccurate and offensive account of Scottish people. You obviously do not know Scotland very well.

  • George Mortimer

    Its a spoof site, say the name out loud – Hard Dawn…look at some of the other articles at the bottom of the page – ‘Did the Irish invent gonorrhea?’ etc etc. It’s a very good spoof site i must admit.

  • sam

    it is the scottish national party who are posing the question of independence not the socialists – this is shocking – my 5 year old knew that

  • Carly

    Utter rubbish !!! You should be sued

  • Kat

    This is a very biased and poorly writen/edited article.

    Why should anyone believe, Scotlands right to a democratic vote on declaring independence and breaking away from England is “setting a very bad precedent?” A precendent being ‘an example or guide to be concidered in other “similar” circumstances.’ The results of “breaking away,” have not always been a bad precendent.

    If the “racial elements” (please define more clearly, or maybe you do in your above statements) are sucessful in achieving their independence and it leads to “social collapse” (as you’ve mentioned) then so be it: Sometimes people need to be reminded that history tends to repeat itself. But I’m not convinced that political alliliaftion (socialism) is in total control. I believe economics speak louder.

    Uneducated, averagely educated AND highly educated persons are unable to find work in their qualified fields. Many of these once available jobs have been outsourced or given to immigrants willing to work for a fraction of what an “average person” needs to live a comfortable and/or content lifestyle. I believe this crushes the dream of anything bigger in their future and this leads to sleepless nights, grouchy attitudes, domestic disbutes/abuse and even resorting to underhanded means to maintain an expected lifestyle.

    Are these the “rioting hooligans” of Scotland that you refer to Mr. Mack? Only in Scotland? Get real!!! You know as well as I do, in our country we call them low classed, middle classed, lazy, white trash, niggers, wetbacks, etc… Americas inner cities and rural towns are overflowing with “crack addicted,” “heroin slamming.” “moms on meth,” “child molesting,” “dope dealing” and “murderous” individuals. Reliance on government handouts (welfare) may lead to lower ambition, true. but it has also proven to INCREASE birth rates, not decreae. Please show me a statistic!

    As for your remarks on Scotish men being a lowsy lay and Scotish women not bathing properly, I have no first hand knowledge and will refrain from comment.

  • loveforscotland

    This is one of the most racist and incorrect pieces of literature I have ever read. I am Scottish and will never claim that Scotland is a perfect country, nor that it ever would be perfect if independent from the UK. We have many social problems here but they are mostly the same problems seen in most developed countries the world over. We have exceptionally hard working people and successful industries here (not to mention some of the world’s top universities) and to claim that we are a nation of fat, lazy people who live off the British state is highly offensive, not to mention untrue. Scotland has produced some of the finest minds in world, including Alexander Flemming, Alexander Bell, John Logie Baird and, more recently, the first cloned mammal was created in Scotland – a huge achievement for medical science! The people I know here are some of the most decent people I have come across and we are world-renowned for being a welcoming and friendly nation. My home city’s slogan is “People Make Glasgow”, indicating that it’s the friendliness and good-humour of the people living here which make it special. We are a very proud and patriotic nation who wants what’s best for itself – much the same way America does!

    I’d just like to add that, like many people in Scotland, I am a Scot who’s proud to be Scottish but also proud to be British and would feel heartbroken to lose half my national identity. I do not support independence but for very different reasons to the ones high-lighted in this article.

  • Anon

    I suggest doing some research before you spout this kind of ill educated, close minded, vile rhetoric. This article is a total waste of space. It is such a travesty that people like you are given a platform from which to corrupt impressionable minds. Disgusting!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      RIght back at you, little lady.

  • Cat

    Fucking Americans. Yet again showing complete ignorance and a need to interfere in things that have nothing to do with them. Totally moronic article with no basis of truth. #pissoffamerica

  • l smith

    This is a Mick take, the riot pick, its a George’s flag.if you think it merits serious discussion then don’t be silly!!

  • malcolm

    What an absolutely ridiculous article. A sad day when a single mind is corrupted with such ludicrous and idiotic thinking.

  • andy

    I can’t believe that an American Patriot (Derby Mack) is against Democracy, thinks it was a mistake for the USSR to break up? Against a country being independent from England? Check your history. What is the 4th of July about? Scotland should be allowed the democratic right to determine wether or not it wishes to remain part of a United Kingdom or not. Without interference from foreign powers.
    The major problems with most countries that have been in conflict has been from caused or agitated by foreign involvement mainly the US followed by the UK.

    When was the last time you were in Scotland? How many Scottish people do you know? maybe visit before spewing out your nonsense and if you profess to be a journalist then at least get you facts straight!
    The photograph you used happens to be English and German Hooligans fighting. Not Scots!!!

    You should be concentrating your efforts on your own back yard. America professes Freedom but is more afraid of freedom and democracy more than anything else!
    Heal your own land first, get your homeless off the streets and out of poverty, create a safe country where you don’t need a gun to protect yourself.
    Worried about socialism? You say you would like to thank Jesus, what was Jesus if not one of the biggest socialist ever, read his teachings they weren’t about screwing the world for your own benefit and gain, helping your fellow man.

    Finally in guid auld slang
    Yer and erse!!!

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      There is a big differance between democracy and socialism you know. Democrats elected Adolph Hilter by the way.

  • Bigdod

    Is this by a 12 year old child doing a school project?! So misinformed, its hilarious! The picture of English football casuals just makes it even more random!!