What if Obama Doesn’t Step Down in 2016?

Posted on by Derby Mack
Tea Party militias may be the only hope for the future of freedom.

Tea Party militias may be the only hope for the future of freedom.

America faces the very real possibility that Barack Hussein Obama will not vacate the White House when required to do so by the United States Constitution. From secret courts to his billion-dollar West Wing bunker, this “president” has shown every intention of prolonging his corrupt, brutal reign indefinitely.

How, exactly, might Obama cling to power beyond the end of his second term and what can we, as citizens and patriots, do to prepare?

• Court declares presidential term limits unconstitutional:
Be on the lookout for any sudden deaths or forced retirements among members of the Supreme Court. Obama used death threats to ensure that Hillary Clinton would back off in the 2008 election, so it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise here. To ward off this possibility, we need to tell our elected officials to reject every administration appointee starting right now so the president understands he will have no chance of stuffing the court with his lackeys.

• Michelle Obama attempts to seize the presidency through a fraudulent election:

Today’s voting machines are dangerously vulnerable to hack attacks and technophile activists in the democrat party know this. We need to start informing the public about the true danger that Michelle Obama represents by fighting every aspect of her agenda, from socialist school lunch programs to ghetto hip hop fashion shows. Hopefully, this public animus will discourage her from running in the first place.

• Obama appoints himself Czar of a greatly-empowered FEMA:
The secret FISA court could potentially give Obama unrivaled power in the federal government. To withstand this, we need to show the “president” we will never respect FEMA’s mandates. From death panels to fusion center concentration camps, Americans must refuse all levels of FEMA harassment in their daily lives.

• Global elitists select Obama as the new head of the United Nations:
Well, at least we’d get to ship him off to Europe!

• Obama cancels the elections due to “national security issues”:
This is why we have the Second Amendment, folks! This is why we own guns and do not need federal agencies like FEMA keeping lists of who we are and where we live! Join your local Tea Party group and stay informed and active!

• Chino-Canadian Invasion:
As the greatest nation on Earth, America is continually threatened by lesser countries who hate us for our freedom. We can rest assured, however, that even if Obama is too intimidated to man up against our foes, there are countless men in our military who would not hesitate for a second to drop the bomb on any foreign aggressor.

dictator_obama22• A new president is elected but Obama simply refuses to leave the White House:
Any urban landlord will tell you that this situation happens far too often. In the case of Obama, the incoming president would be obligated to order the Secret Service to have him arrested and removed. You would probably hear cries of “Racism!” and the inevitable media trial that would follow. There is some concern that Obama could barricade himself in the tunnels beneath the White House, in which case tear gas will become necessary.

If none of these tactics succeed and Obama remains president after 2016, secession is the only answer. The war against hardcore liberalism really should be fought on the state level anyway. It is highly likely that a good numbers of states will formally renounce their membership in the union in the coming years. When one truly examines the United States as it exists today, only the Northeast, Illinois and California are in the hands of these socialist revolutionaries. In the beginning, other communist nations may come to the aid of the democrats and their ilk. Yet such globalist entities are not to be trusted over the long term. Indeed, it would not be long before Canada is moving its own troops against New England and the Mexicans seize California. After a few years subjected to such violence, poverty and dictatorship, the liberals would certainly come crawling back to the Tea Party Confederacy begging for help!


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