“Vaping,” The Shocking New Marijuana Trend Putting Your Family in the Hands of International Terror

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
"Vaping" has become Al Qaeda's latest recruitment tool.

“Vaping” has become Al Qaeda’s latest recruitment tool.

You’ve probably seen one. On late-night television. In the streets. Or maybe even in your own home. It’s a dangerous new drug delivery device known as a “vaporizer” and it could be putting your family at grave risk.

Most shocking of all, this high-tech marijuana pipe is disguised as an ordinary household pen in a heinous effort to target school children. To make the substance abuse difficult to detect, these pipes are small and slick, and they don’t emit any smoke. But the dosage of pot they deliver is incredibly potent, far more than the average street joint. Unwitting parents have even been tricked into buying these so-called “vape pens” for their aspiring students.

For America’s families, this is a teachable moment. It reveals the dangerous intersection of contemporary science and international crime syndicates like the Mexican drug cartels. With Barack Obama’s “open borders” policy toward illegal immigration, the collusion between these drug lords and groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda is now greater than ever. As numerous media outlets have reported, the United States continues to be under the threat of an imminent catastrophic attack.

Public schools and universities are the primary source for marijuana today.

Public schools and universities are the primary source for marijuana today.

How will the terrorists carry out their mission once they cross our southern border? As seen on television programs like 24, many will try to convert local “fall guys” to carry their weapons of mass destruction into public spaces. If drug lords are training our children to hide high tech pot delivery devices in ordinary pens, what else could they be conspiring? It doesn’t take much of a leap of logic to see that a suitcase nuke could be stuffed into a child’s school backpack.

When teens and twenty-somethings become addicted to serious narcotics like weed, they will do anything for their next fix of reefer vapes. Some sell their bodies on street corners. Others spread the vaping epidemic to their friends by dealing in playgrounds and locker rooms. Still others may turn to terrorism. Twitter is one of the biggest sources of recruitment today (and parents should certainly prohibit their children from having accounts there, as well as Pinterest and Craigslist). But we should never forget that domestic terror can begin anywhere, even in one’s own home. It never hurts to be vigilant toward one’s relatives and even spouses. The threat is always brewing all around us!