“Vaping,” The Shocking New Marijuana Trend Putting Your Family in the Hands of International Terror

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
"Vaping" has become Al Qaeda's latest recruitment tool.

“Vaping” has become Al Qaeda’s latest recruitment tool.

You’ve probably seen one. On late-night television. In the streets. Or maybe even in your own home. It’s a dangerous new drug delivery device known as a “vaporizer” and it could be putting your family at grave risk.

Most shocking of all, this high-tech marijuana pipe is disguised as an ordinary household pen in a heinous effort to target school children. To make the substance abuse difficult to detect, these pipes are small and slick, and they don’t emit any smoke. But the dosage of pot they deliver is incredibly potent, far more than the average street joint. Unwitting parents have even been tricked into buying these so-called “vape pens” for their aspiring students.

For America’s families, this is a teachable moment. It reveals the dangerous intersection of contemporary science and international crime syndicates like the Mexican drug cartels. With Barack Obama’s “open borders” policy toward illegal immigration, the collusion between these drug lords and groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda is now greater than ever. As numerous media outlets have reported, the United States continues to be under the threat of an imminent catastrophic attack.

Public schools and universities are the primary source for marijuana today.

Public schools and universities are the primary source for marijuana today.

How will the terrorists carry out their mission once they cross our southern border? As seen on television programs like 24, many will try to convert local “fall guys” to carry their weapons of mass destruction into public spaces. If drug lords are training our children to hide high tech pot delivery devices in ordinary pens, what else could they be conspiring? It doesn’t take much of a leap of logic to see that a suitcase nuke could be stuffed into a child’s school backpack.

When teens and twenty-somethings become addicted to serious narcotics like weed, they will do anything for their next fix of reefer vapes. Some sell their bodies on street corners. Others spread the vaping epidemic to their friends by dealing in playgrounds and locker rooms. Still others may turn to terrorism. Twitter is one of the biggest sources of recruitment today (and parents should certainly prohibit their children from having accounts there, as well as Pinterest and Craigslist). But we should never forget that domestic terror can begin anywhere, even in one’s own home. It never hurts to be vigilant toward one’s relatives and even spouses. The threat is always brewing all around us!


  • Blanche Beecham

    I am always brought to tears reading about the wholesale destruction of our youth. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! My nephew is a vape addict. I helped my sister put together an intervention. I will share a portion my letter to him so that hopefully, it will touch a teen in trouble or maybe encourage a parent at their wits end.

    “Dear Wendell, Please stop vaporizing Satan’s pee wand and putting it in your precious mouth. Your family loves you and is here for you when your frail body trembles with need for the demon weed. I will always have a stick of gum in my purse for you to ease your pain as you fight this evil. I will pray with you and your sweet mother. Love, Auntie Blanche.”

    • skrambled

      I bet he and and friends laughed their asses off after reading that. If your nephew is vaping, it is most likely nicotine. Why don’t you just buy him a pack of cancer sticks instead?

  • *The threat is always brewing all around us ! The devil is bussy in the dopekitchen !

  • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

    Children today are statistically far more stupid than they’ve ever been in American history which is why we have the pot epidemic. Under Clinton and the rest of those liberals, our public schools have been decimated to appease the radical leftists and soon we’ll no longer have the brainpower to keep this nation leading the world unless we get a conservative in the White House and some real Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court to actually get this nation back on track. This narcotic needs to be outlawed and drug addicts should be shown ZERO MERCY.

  • Cassidy Pen

    Silly socialists are now doing the “vapie” mind dope while riding public transportation. The latest affront involved a group of hipster terrorists vaporing some kind of caramel smelling gas and rendering the whole bus ride unbearable.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I could write a book about all the freaks and liberals I see on the bus these days here in Tennessee. Ever since Obama got elected they feel so entitlted to do whatever they want!

      • Dan50thAE

        Are those freaks and liberals wearing indicative shirts or are you just assuming that because they’re black or wear trendy clothes?

  • skrambled

    Wow, this is the absolute dumbest thing I’ve read all day. You people don’t get out much do you.

  • shawnhoefer

    And, this article was written by a doctor? One would think that, as a doctor – one who at the very least had to write a dissertation at some point – a little bit of research might have gone into this rancid piece of garbage. I vape, and there are no terrorists involved and no marijuana. I vape to stay away from combustible tobacco. I can honestly say vaping saved my life and the lives of many of my loved ones.

    • Dan50thAE

      Dr. *Not a doctor* Stephenson Billings.

  • Sean Carling (The Collector)

    this article is a crock full of BS i am a “vaper”these devices are not made for pot but a liquid containing pg/vg flavor and nicotene to help quit smoking cigarettes i’m 5+yrs smoke free after 30+ cig habit my health has improved,now i’m part of a terrorist group for heavens sake all this media is using scare tactics. that’s why i hate the media blow everything out of proportion check out http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com for real vaping info

  • babz

    oh my ( “When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”) at our house we add raising you arms over your head and shaking your hands about.

  • Dan50thAE

    There are no factual statements anywhere in this entire article. Potency of marijuana use through vaporization is lower, as less consumable parts of the plant are explosed to heat. It’s a much healthier (tar free) way to consume the plant.
    I won’t even bother to go into such falsities as “Open border policy”… OK maybe I will;
    The Obama administration presides over a border that has:
    More fencing than ever before in history;
    More border agents than any time in history;
    More deportations than any time in history;
    This is not to say we can ignore the border, but such blatant bias is not “investigative journalism,” and you’ve certainly discredited yourself as a doctor.

    Lastly, hardly anyone who wants to ‘get high’ uses a vaporizer – it’s compact and more stealthy, yes, but as I mentioned above, the result isn’t near as desirable as a joint. EVERY (99.9%) of people you will ever see using a vaporizer have used it as a cigarette cessation device, and it’s application as such is well documented as effective. Including for myself. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 6 months, and my lungs and workout program are thanking me for it.

    • IJR

      Vaping the pots can explode your pants or worse your government issued housing area. Over 4 million pets were killed by vaping pots last year. Think of the animals.

  • rlawson

    You people do realize that marijuana is not chemically dependent. Not that you should encourage kids to use the substance, but this article is a throwback to the reefer madness days.

    The drug I would be more concerned about teens vaping is nicotine. Nicotine is chemically dependent. A habit as hard to quit as heroin. And it is the leading cause of lung cancer.

    If “your nephew is a vape addict” I can assure you he’s smoking something other than marijuana.

    • IJR

      The good thing about vaping nicotine is that it makes you look so douchey that it is very unnattravtive to the youth.

  • rlawson

    In Colorado marijuana use among teens has gone down. Not only are they not buying from “terrorists” because they grow it legally there, the sales taxes on marijuana fund drug prevention education.

    The solution to this is legalization or at the very least decriminalization.

    The science supports my position. Scientific American: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/colorado-s-teen-marijuana-usage-dips-after-legalization/

  • Todd Gatchel

    This article is easily the biggest crock of shit ive ever heard! Yeah weed is the problem and a gateway to terrorism! Dr. Stephenson Billings you are an absolute asshole for writing this article! Nice work doc, cause we all know marijuana doesnt have one single redeeming property (thats extreme sarcasm, just in case you couldnt tell)

    • IJR

      Pots will kill you dead. If you concentrate and vaporize pots like some sort of Star Trek man, you will die. Today’s pots is so strong that your whole family will die! Your house will explode and kill the neighbors.

  • JadedPurple

    Too funny… lol… You folks are amusing…