Is the Card Game Uno Spreading Carnal Knowledge for the AntiChrist?

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The Uno epidemic infects the young with a unique combination of sexuality and Satanism.

In the final days of World War II, an unusual panic arose in the great corridors of power. From the White House to the Kremlin to Château de Pregny, the Rothschild’s sumptuous castle in Geneva, there was much discussion about what international politics would look like after the era of bloodshed was over. The profound question the global super elite faced at this time was, how will we continue to force the masses into submission?

The answer was to be found in several significant events that took place in 1945. It was the year that the United Nations was officially founded. Hitler disappeared. The Manhattan Project finalized the atomic bomb. General George Patton was assassinated in Germany. And Mao Tse-tung was named the First Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Mao’s Marxist-Leninist philosophy of a planet-wide political system run by a politburo-type government overlapped neatly with the United Nations’ own conspiracy against the sovereignty of individual nations, particularly the United States.

1945 was also when a curious little game company named Mattel was formed. It was a partnership between a secretive analyst with the Office of Strategic Services named Matson and a man with deep ties to Hollywood’s Jewish pyramid of power. Unsurprisingly, they chose El Segundo, California as their base of operations (El Segundo also “happens” the be the heart of America’s West Cost military aerospace industry with Raytheon, Boeing and Northrop Grumman all represented). Not long after Mattel was incorporated, a new card game began spreading across the nation. It was called “Mao,” and historians believe it was named in deference to China’s newly crowned communist strongman. As we shall see, this game– later rebranded as “Uno” in the 1970s and sold by Mattel– has become one of the greatest subliminal tools in the Illuminati arsenal today.

The Uno game circle can quickly descend into a sexual circus.

The Uno game circle can quickly descend into a sexual circus fueled by drugs and alcohol.

What is it about Uno?
It’s cool. It’s flashy. Anyone can play. You’re drawn into that tight little circle. Slick, smooth cards pile up in an orgy of speed. Glances are exchanged and alliances are formed. In no time, knees touch beneath the table. Bare feet are intertwined. You thrive on that sensuous rhythm of strategy, mounting and attacking, switch-hitting and submitting until one of you empties his hands in a climax of glory. It’s a gratifying thrill like no other and once you’re hooked, you’re a lifelong player. But do people realize they’re dealing out hidden messages of globalism, obedience and sexual perversion with each round? Are they aware there is an even darker agenda here?

Mao Tse-tung’s socialist ideal of communal love is readily apparent in the hedonistic frenzy of Uno. It teaches you to abandon traditional instincts of family and faith. There is no loyalty in the game. Instead, you become intimately involved with the two bodies beside you. You train yourself to read their eyes, their lips for any sign of excitement. No wonder this fast-paced action is wildly popular among young adults at a point in their lives when hormones rage and common sense fades. These are people far away from the guidance of their mothers and the notion that any player is a potential conquest fits into their newly discovered sense of erotic experimentation.

Uno teaches the power of circular logic as gameplay reaches a dizzying pace. It programs you to reverse the flow of social norms and to jump on top of a pile when it’s not even your turn. Each of these actions symbolizes real world sexual fornication techniques. They express animalistic copulation — pairing up matching cards (homosexuality), reversing the direction of play (anal penetration) and Wild Cards (sexual orgies across racial lines). The skip card could be interpreted as a formal renouncement of expected binary relationships (i.e. the rejection of marriage), while the +2 hints that any couple has the potential to be turned into a threesome. Finally, the +4 Wild Card throws all of these outrageous ingredients into a soup of bestial passion that reaches depths that haven’t been seen since the bacchanals of ancient Rome.

The Bible prophesizes that the United Nations will challenge America’s devotion to Christ.

The Bible has prophesized that only Christ can save America from the United Nations’s New World Order.

Is it any wonder that all the 9s look like 6s?
Some might say this is all just a crazy confluence of events. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the United Nations, America’s military industrial complex and China all have secret connections to a pop culture mind control tool that has become strangely successful during the exact same period when feminism, homosexuality and masturbation have dominated our culture. Yet the frequencies of conspiracy become even more jammed when you consider the name “Uno” itself.

Uno means one in both Spanish (the fastest growing language in the United States under Obama) and Italian (the vernacular tongue of the Vatican). As a syntactical tool, “Uno” appears as both UN + 0 (zero). U.N., of course, stands for the United Nations. Zero as a symbol is often equated with Armageddon, that End of Times when the Earth will face great turmoil. Thus, it can be said that as a purely subliminal semiotical incantation, Uno translates to “The United Nations beckons Armageddon.” Equally bizarre is that this very notion is specifically prophesized in the Bible.

In both Daniel and Revelation, we are told that a one-world government will be formed by ten nations under the guise of international peace (ten is the official maximum number of players in Uno). After each country surrenders its sovereignty to this united group of nations, one will seize power over all the rest. The Bible teaches us that the secret leader of this globalist superstate will be, in fact, the satanically-empowered AntiChrist. Considering these facts, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that a card game that reeks of hardcore sexual adventure also teaches young people to chant, “The United Nations beckons Armageddon” across a Babel of international languages.

The Illuminati orgy at the end of America
According to Mattel’s corporate press releases, Uno was invented by a humble barbershop owner in Ohio in the 1970s. As we have seen, this cover story is demonstrably false. The fact that a Fortune 500 company funded by Rothschild banks would employ such false flag misdirection certainly alerts us that something far more sinister is happening here. The black/gold/red color scheme of the cards themselves underscores this point by evoking the dark triad of Illuminati/Zionism/Satanism behind the game’s origins.

Will Uno ultimately invoke the End Times?

Will Uno ultimately invoke the End Times?

As leaked documents in the Congressional Record testify, communists have long known that the only way to enslave America is by eroding her bedrock of faith and family values. What better way to achieve this than by subliminally targeting our young people with phantasmagoric messages of fast-paced free love orgies where anyone can be forced to submit by a mere Masonic flick of the wrist? Is it any surprise that “Nude Uno”– a bootlegged, X-rated version of the game– has become even more popular than Naked Twister among the underground hipster elite in places like Austin and Williamsburg? Some pagan groups have even become so enraptured by Uno that they’ve taken to worshipping the cards themselves as talismans of sensual delight.

Unlike any other weapon in the armory of Cultural Marxism, this sleazy little game promotes both a self-aggrandizing victimology and a permanent underclass of psychopathologized atheist perverts. That fact alone makes Uno quantifiably more dangerous than other card games like Poker, Magic the Gathering and Pokémon.

In the final analysis, there is no greater proof that Satan has targeted America’s children with immorality than the card game Uno. Its shocking history exposes the deep state connections between the Rothschildian Illuminati, Red China and Atheism, Inc. As a result, our culture has become a putrid soup of premarital sex, full of reverse action penetration and matching pairs against God’s will. Following Mao Tse-tung’s nefarious social stratagems, young people think nothing of throwing down that “+2” in defiance of the bonds of Holy Matrimony. They’re whipping out Wild Cards in dorm rooms across the nation. They’re flaunting “+4s” in our inner cities. And it’s more than bare feet intertwining. We have an epidemic of hot, raw bodies writhing in circles of nude Uno play. Little do these New World Order puppets realize that they’ve been chained to the Mephistophelian agenda of lifelong sexual slavery. And when this generation of fools and fellow travelers finally reaches the global climax of the End Times, they will conjure that dark spirit in unison with their cries of, “Uno! Uno! Unooooo!” as Jesus Christ Himself sheds a tear for so many young souls lost to liberalism’s lusty finale on Earth.


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