White House Studios Announces Remake of “The Moon Landing Hoax” (1969)

Posted on by Henricus Institor

The original Moon Landing Hoax was plagued by continuity errors and celebrity infighting.

All that black cardboard and folded tinfoil doesn’t look like much today.

But in 1969, Stanley Kubrick’s moon landing stage set was so convincing it launched the most brazen fake news story of the 20th century.

Maybe people just wanted to believe.

Star Trek, an Illuminati propaganda vehicle crafted by a 33rd Degree Freemason, had been beaming a pro-space agenda into our nation’s homes for years at that point.

By the time Apollo 11 launched, more Americans had faith in “Spock” than supply-side economics!

Now, five decades later, Donald J. Trump is set to reprise this cheesy “moon landing” sci-fi flick and the audience at home is wondering why?

The answer, of course, is that the President is ripping a play from the liberal’s handbook and showing them that he can best them at their own game!

Just as leftwing demagogue Lyndon Johnson distracted the public from the hippie menace with his starry-eyed antics, Trump is gearing up for a major maneuver and needs the liberals to look the other way for a moment.

And we all know Antifa atheists love nothing more than a little space-age schmaltz!

Kubrick famously enlisted actors Peter Falk and Jack Lemmon for the moon landing hoax. Falk, who was so blackout drunk on the day of the shoot that he had a bungee cord tied to his waist to keep him from falling over, unwittingly invented the “low gravity moon walk” when he stumbled across that stage. Little did the esteemed thespian know he was stumbling right into our nation’s most delirious fantasies of intergalactic communion!

Americans have been obsessed with atheistic science ever since!

Hollywood mega-star Peter Falk played “Astronaut John Glenn” in the original series.

Don’t expect to see “Astronaut John Glenn” listed on Peter Falk’s IMDB page as his greatest role, however! Thanks CIA!

Fortunately, President Trump will be working with slightly more sober auteurs this time around.

Kirk Cameron has already signed onto the project as director, if a blind item on Crazy Days and Nights is to be believed. It’s also rumored that a script entitled “Toffler Shock!” by Newt Gingrich has been optioned, with Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey being put forward as co-stars.

Expect to see a first-rate big budget production coming from President Trump’s experienced media team. The shadows will line up, the lunar winds will be on high, there will be no production assistants mistakenly reflected in Busey’s visor. There will be romance and suspense and, with Cameron’s deft touch, a heavy dollop of evangelical fire branding. Maybe our heroes will discover proof that the original moon landing was fake news. Maybe they find Hillary’s lost emails buried in a Nazi gold vault on the dark side of the Moon. Surely, the protagonists will learn an important lesson about Jesus and friendship and American nationalism on their journey!

This is precisely what the good citizens of the United States need right now! And hopefully President Trump will make good use of the distraction to fire Mueller or hire a Blackwater Secret Police Force or deregulate the medical profession or whatever it is he’s conspiring to do between Fox & Friends and his Diet Cokes.

To the moon, ‘pedes! To the moon! 


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