Should Trump’s FEMA Camps Offer Basic Services Like Racially Segregated Bathrooms?

Posted on by Derby Mack

President Trump faces a moral conundrum with his plans to contain dissent.

Grappling with the painful legacy of Barack Hussein Obama is going to be a challenge for the Trump administration. From bloated government agencies to illegal foreign trade deals, our new leader has much to address.

One of the most vexing questions is what to do with all those FEMA camps.

As many now know, Obama built an extensive network of detainee centers to house conservative leaders, military veterans and anyone else who opposed his radical liberal agenda.

Fortunately, President Trump was able to swoop in just in time to prevent the gun seizures, Sharia law and mass incarceration of America’s most patriotic citizens.

Now, however, dissent is rising and these FEMA camps have become, “the necessary solution to the liberal question,” as one top analyst recently explained.

As extremist anarchists are detained for their own safety by the Trump government, we must ask ourselves what sort of treatment they deserve.

Should these facilities focus on punishment or re-education? Should they offer basic human services in line with Trump’s vision for a new America? Or should we be as cruel as the liberals have been to us for the last eight years? Should we pray for the eternal souls of these wretched leftwing cretins? Or are these traitors damned to a Hell of their own creation?

Segregated bathrooms are an important first step in restoring Southern dignity, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In Trump’s FEMA camps, they will help instill a sense of ethnic pride so sorely lacking in today’s white liberal northern elites. They could provide important cost benefits, too, as the Caucasian race is far cleaner in their defecation practices.

For men, these bathrooms could also function as “safe spaces,” where large ethnic phalluses are not used to humiliate the lesser qualities of the white man. Indeed, Vice President Mike Pence, who is a self-proclaimed expert on the subject, has often condemned the “length and girth, musk and sheer awesomeness,” of racial male appendages in contemporary society.

All of these are vital topics for Mr. Trump to consider as the new administration begins rounding up those who threaten our freedom with their treasonous “alternative alternative facts.”


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