President Trump’s Necessary Answer to the Liberal Question: Obama’s FEMA Camps

Posted on by Derby Mack
The powder keg of radical liberalism is set to explode at the onset of Trump's presidency.

The powder keg of radical liberalism is set to explode at the onset of Trump’s presidency.

The Liberal Question is as old as American history itself. From the days of Andrew Jackson to the 1950s, patriots have risen up against radical leftist parasitism. Now, for the first time in decades, our nation may finally have the chance to separate the aliens in our midst from faithful citizens.

The so-called democrats of today are little more than international socialists. Through their internet hate speech and violent public activism, they have made it quite clear that they will threaten the very fabric of the national community that Donald J. Trump has so eloquently envisioned. Worse still, this cancer is going to grow far worse before we can heal as a country.

Richard M. Nixon’s presidency began in 1969 with a dramatic increase in domestic terrorism. From the Kent State riots to the Symbionese Liberation Army, liberals proved themselves to be a dangerous element as our nation faced serious global challenges.

Mr. Trump’s election promises to inspire much the same reaction from the extremists embedded in our communities. These are people who were radicalized by the Occupy Wall Street riots and cruelly manipulated by Bernie Sanders’ demagoguery. The next step in this unfortunate timeline is full-blown warfare on the homefront.


Our best chance to rid America of parasites and bring about global peace.

President Trump will need to move quickly to resolve the Liberal Question. He should impose legal measures on any movement or expression that directly inhibits the exuberance of our national community. To achieve this optimal vision, the new administration must remove hardcore leftists from the civil service and the press and cultural life. Heavy fines should be imposed to discourage their cowardly acts of slander, libel, association and activism. We need to censor their violent and hateful speech online.

For those who simply refuse to be cleansed, the threat must be contained. The youths of America are too vulnerable in these tumultuous times. They can easily fall prey to the contamination of socialism, as we have seen over the last eight years. For this reason, President Trump should and must employ all the resources of the Chief Executive, including, but not limited to, the network of FEMA camps that the Barack Hussein Obama conspired during his tenancy.

The world will certainly pay attention to President Trump’s solution to the Liberal Question. We may even find common ground with leaders in France and Russia on this crisis. Global liberalism needs to accept the inescapable fact that it will face a movement that transcends borders and oceans. These parasites can no longer get away with exploiting the hardworking families who form the backbone of every nation’s moral conscience. In the end, unifying sovereign nations around Trump’s vision may be the only way to achieve a lasting international peace.


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