Trump to Sue Alec Baldwin for Copyright Infringement

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

President Trump appeared visibly angry with the liberal media during his first press conference.

Citing grievous harm to his personal, multibillion-dollar brand, Donald Trump is taking Alec Baldwin to court.

At issue is Baldwin’s “deliberately crude and bombastic” depiction of the president on Saturday Night Live, a late-night comedy program popular with coastal elites. The regular skits have won accolades from the Hollywood set, but have caused endless consternation in Washington.

The action was filed at the Southern District Court of Texas in Houston, which is known as an accommodating venue for personal injury cases.

In a statement, Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, noted, “Mr. Baldwin’s portrayal of the President has been recklessly offensive, racist and misogynistic. It is also so shockingly authentic that it raises slander issues.”

A Canadian Connection?
In addition, Mr. Cohen has asked the FBI to look into the possibility that Baldwin, or someone in his employ, may have hacked Trump’s phone and email to obtain such an accurate understanding of the president’s unique mental state.

“Broadcasting this highly classified information about Trump’s psyche only emboldens our enemies such as China or Canada,” Cohen added. “And if they take it upon themselves to mock President Trump with Baldwin’s help, we will consider it an act of war.”

White House Spokesman Kellyanne Conway has called for an “Alternative Baldwin” to step forward and counter Alec’s antics. “I’d just like to reach out to the beloved star of Bio-Dome and Threesome and let him know that America needs your exceptional acting talent now more than ever.”

Trump is seeking $445 billion in the suit, based on personal estimates of his own self worth.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    Trump should sue all of Hollywood and Canada while he’s at it. He deserves every penny!

    • Marvin the Martian

      Shoved up his backside.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Trump certainly didn’t make his tens of billions of dollars bending over and taking it up the butt from our enemies who hate our freedom!

      • Chaz

        Piece of shit was given a million bucks the. day he was born. Not hard when it is given it to you.

        • Patrick Jones

          This is satire, genius.

          • CherMoe

            The hilarious part is that it wouldn’t be surprising to ANYONE if Trump really did sue him. He and his wife and family will sue ANYONE. That’s how they make their money. It’s part of their game … their Standard Operating Procedure. And Twitler is very familiar with lawsuits. He’s got 3,501 lawsuits going against him right now. That’s why he needed to get his hands on our Treasury so badly.

          • Sheila Tamper Gibbs

            Amen CherMoe

          • Hank Dutchover

            Americans responsible for his screwups.

          • Karen Anderson

            No the best part is it’s not satire this man is every bit as stupid and ignorant and Petty as he seems

          • Lori Duchrow

            or is he? Read this article about Chavez. Maybe Trump is just crazy like a fox. This article really struck a nerve with me.


            Stunts like the twitter, suing Baldwin, using unsecured phones, whining about non-issues, all of it, is all very calculated to keep us divided. He might also just be crazy. Or both. But either way, it’s working. It worked for Hitler, Chavez, all of them, even the days before the internet. He studied Mein Kampf for years before he ran for office. We need a movement to somehow counteract all of this. Maybe Alec Baldwin and Hollywood are the key. They have the money, the exposure.

          • Emerald City


          • idontknowwhyyousayhello

            I don’t think Trump is smart enough to be manipulative.

      • RussianAgent

        He doesn’t have 10s of billions. This story is satire and would be protected speech anyway. You know nothing about freedom.

      • KittyP

        No, he inherited his 100s of millions!

      • Michael Paolucci

        No he made screwing college kids out of tuition fees to his phony Trump university, and screwing contractors out of millions by not paying his bills, and thousands of investors lost millions after he filed bankruptcy 4 times, and father bailed him out, that’s how he made his fortune, but please keep drinking the cognitive dissonance Kool aid!

        • Karen Anderson

          The electrician that work on the hotel in D C is already suing him for 5 million. Nevermind only the hotel is in violation of the Constitution

      • Mike Wilen

        What freedom? He is putting gag orders on everyone. They want to control everything

      • Karen Anderson

        You mean his new best friend Putin?

        • Sheila Tamper Gibbs

          I’m afraid so Karen Anderson

      • Barbara DeMoss

        How much

      • Barbara DeMoss

        How much? He is in debt up to his eyeballs. He owes Blackstone in Russia in the $M’s. He is a con man of the 1st degree.

      • Barbara DeMoss

        No, he was shoving something up the butts of all the contractors he refused to pay after they completed work for him. He was shoving something up the butts of those in NY who he evicted from their homes through eminent domain so that he could build parking lots for his cars. He was shoving it up the butts of his employees when he filed bankruptcy and caused them to lose their jobs.

      • MikeParent

        Tens I gave Billions? Cite please. Tia.

        Trump is s draft dodging chicken hawk who cowered when his country called

        He also stiffed many hard working Americans who provided him with hard work and material.

      • Florence Iapicca

        No, he made that money by forcing other people to bend over and take it up the butt over and over and over again

      • guy

        You are such an asshole!

      • mrivera1119

        Oh, yes, he did. The fact that the ostrich’s head is in the sand does not mean its butt is not out there.

    • RussianAgent

      This story is satire and would be freedom of speech anyway. You Trumptards will believe anything.

      • KittyP

        Right? So gullible. That is why we have so much misinformation, why we have Trump. They cant tell the real from the fake. Sad.

        • Karen Anderson

          There is no fake it’s just alternative facts

      • Patrick Jones

        Bingo. 100% correct.

    • KittyP

      Are you are *special* as you look?

    • Stuart Hamilton


    • Philip Schuster

      Yeh, fuck democracy and free expression.

    • Myra Barr

      You are DEPLORABLE and stupid.

    • CherMoe

      Are you waiting for him to come grab your “kitty?”

      • Karen Anderson

        In Trump world that is considered foreplay

    • Barbara DeMoss

      It’s of his own doing. He opens his mouth… he loses customers.

    • Reagan Yuke

      Imagine if he did some good with his money??

    • Sheila Tamper Gibbs

      Kaylee.. opinion like an aashole everybody has one

    • mrivera1119

      LOL. Why stop there? He should sue the WHOLE world because they are all laughing at him. Do you think he will pay taxes on all that money you silly child thinks he will get?

    • Hank Dutchover

      Maybe the world..and planets in our solar system.

    • James Johnson

      Sorry little pee pee prez won´t get a penny and it will give him more to whine and cry about!!!

    • Chaz

      Those shows will last until the end of time. Piece of shit deserves that and much more.

    • Chaz

      He doesn’t have time. He has a whole planet to destroy.

    • Silvia Vousden

      I take it you are being sarcastic, as you do realise this is a JOKE article? Satire?

  • Louise

    Canada is our enemy? Act of war?

    • Patrick Jones

      This is satire. Most people are really thick.

    • Bill


  • Lionel

    It’s called satire..Thin skinned …Watch how far freedom of speech goes. He can lie all day long to media..Call them liars…And he can’t take a ribbing lousy excuse for a human.

  • Mitchell Brown

    Meh. Is this really satire? Maybe its just not very good satire.

    I mean, its not their fault really. Jonathan Swift set the bar pretty high.

    Only The Onion comes close to The Swift Prize (I made The Swift Prize. Don’t google it)

  • MindyTenThousand

    That photo caption, tho…

  • Mari

    Another TANTRUM!!…….

    • dick_c


    • distachio


  • Donald Trump is STILL a #WhinyLittleBitch
    and #TrumpVotersAreSTILLReallyStupid !

  • Chaz

    Piece of shit deserves what he gets, and more.

    • Patrick Jones

      You are a dope.

  • KittyP

    Its a fake news site, relax! ROFL

    • dick_c

      Shhhh… Don’t tell them, just sit back and watch their heads explode!

  • psboatbuilder

    I love this and await him going completely bonkers on the lawn of the White House yelling at people with foam coming out of his mouth.

  • S.M.A.R.T.

    The citizens of the United States should sue tRump for destroying our great country one day at a time. He is mentally ill, way too sick to be outside a locked psych ward. The 25th Amendment needs to be enacted to get this freak out of the White House. He is a DICK-tator and a crazy one at that. He is unhinged and will only get worse. Hopefully he will stroke out and save us all a lot of trouble. He is morbidly obese, eats unhealthy food, doesn’t believe in exercise and stays up all night watching TV and tweeting instead of sleeping. Seventy seven percent of the country hates him. When he strokes out, the cheers will be heard far and wide.

    • Janet French

      and then we have Pence, and that’s even scarier.

  • this has to be satire. first off if Baldwin is portraying the president as:recklessly offensive, racist and misogynistic and then states it is also shockingly authentic that it ” raises slander issues.” Well if it is accurate it is not slander, as slander is a lie and Baldwin’s portrayal is not even 10% of the actual Donald Trump’s true self, as Trump himself has demonstrated on numerous occasions to the public, on live media and that has also been recorded. So if Donald does not like what he sees, he should be suing himself as he is really much worse than anyone, even Alec can portray.

  • Giantsfan

    Trump is nothing but a continuous running joke line.

  • Jacques

    The new Crybaby in Chief!

  • Michael Paolucci

    Trump is now a public property, his Image is now the property of the people of this country, and unless he’s lying, and is still running his empire from the White House, he is out of luck, because that would be grounds for impeachment!

  • daronlady620

    Pathetic that his first priority is his vanity. Outrageous that he is using government agencies to harass someone who stepped on his ego.
    Parody and satire are protected by the First Amendment. But Trump has no knowledge of, interest in, or respect for the Constitution.

    • distachio

      You do realize that this article is ALSO satire, yes?

      • daronlady620

        Yes, but like most satires, it’s based on some fact. Trump in fact did want to sue Alec Baldwin and every other entertainer who lampooned him- and it should be pretty obvious that affronts to his vanity concern Trump more than policy decisions: Look at his obsession with the size of his inauguration crowds, and proving that he would have won the popular vote if it weren’t for the “millions of illegals who voted.”

  • Charlie3

    This is satire, and anyone who doesn’t get lacks the ability to think critically or at all for that matter.

  • TEd de

    all that and he wont show his taxes

  • Brian Carlson

    Is this a joke site or is this real? With Donald, the skewed becomes reality. I want to post this if it is accurate.

    • distachio


  • Brian Carlson

    On the one hand they are suing him for his portrayal as it is so recklessly offensive, racist and misogynistic and, on the other because it is so incredibly authentic! May we say..”It is all too true?” But you never want to go after a comedian. That is a real bigly mistake.

  • Patrick Jones

    Fake news or bad satire.

  • campagn

    bs news which suits a bs artist

  • Crickett Wilbur

    I actually like the part about hacking his phone and understand his State of Mind

  • Bill

    That because the idiot is using his unsecured cell phone why is not everything yelling about this like they did about Hillary is it because Hillary was a woman and Trump is a man.

  • Patrick Pine

    Baldwin’s defense: My hands are too big…

  • Sharon Meise Ascherl

    Is he going to sue all of us????? I just can’t believe this clown is our president!!!!!!! What a nightmare and ebarrassment.

    • distachio

      This is satire.

  • Mike Wilen

    Awesome satire

  • I always thought those Canadians were suspect

  • Karen Anderson

    The whole thing is hilarious Trump has such a humongous freaking ego that he thinks somebody making fun of him is a problem. We are all making fun of you president Pumpkinhead because you are a legitimate unqualified and just an ignorant fucking bozo. Those of you who think he should sue because he deserves it look down you’re getting ready to walk off a cliff

    • debbie

      do you eat with that mouth??????

  • Guy

    Here’s the view from the UK of Theresa Maybe’s visit, will he sue Steve Bell too?

  • EMMA

    I don’t see him going thru with the law suits that’s pending for him like all the women he’s raped and grabed their pu**y and the 1e year old kid let him sue I would sure he was in court with all the suits thats pending about him I wish Gloria Aldridge would hurry and drag his ass in court no lawyer in court he would have to show up in court him thin skin if he last a year before he is impeached he will crack up because he’s already mentally unstable.

  • To the World…STFU

    Fuck Trump!!! Sit fuck down somewhere you little bitch ass wimp!!

  • Llegra

    $445 billion, yeah right!! Trump is not even a billionaire. Money laundrer for Russians and Middle Eastern elites. He knows how to play the game, using others money a la Bernie Madoff!!

  • Nora Miller

    Satire has won out cases like this

  • richardarcher

    This has to be an Onion article or something similar. Not even Trump could be this arrogant and self-absorbed.

  • MadamDeb1

    This is satire, right?

  • Cheryl Welch

    I can’t stand him, but this article is satire. Some of you might want to read

  • massive

    I think when you are President you are up for jokes on SNL- They made an entire play making fun of George Bush, Obama was made fun of all the time. Trump is so immature .

  • Lady Legasus

    We should sue that “alternative Baldwin” for Threesome and Bio-Dome!

  • darma2u

    So by this very suite Donald is admitting a conflict of interest- as he is suppose to be our President and has not actually given up his ‘outside’ financial interest- So Trumps 1st. Press Conference was a scam- Interesting thanks Donald for proof by your own actions! LMAO

  • Arthur Hinty

    Fuck you and your fake news. Make this a clear joke, don’t pretend it’s news so that idiots fall for it. That’s not where the humor is. Fuck you.

  • Cynthia No-moreDrama Suber

    He is so thinned skinned, the have made fun of every President for years. Stop your sick obsession with yourself and do what you should be doing! Get over yourself!

  • Chaz

    Fuck you Trump the only way you can make money is to SUE someone. By the way. Looking forward to your Impeachment.