Why Do We Need Health Care When Donald J. Trump Can Cure America With Patriotism and Essential Paleo Oils?

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

American companies got sick under the health care costs imposed by Obama and the Clintons.

Jesus always asked us to have a little faith and that’s exactly what this country needs right now but you wouldn’t know it listening to the Democrats screaming in Congress.

When did we as a people become so addicted to health care?

We used to be such a strong nation but somewhere over the last eight years we got blown off course. Liberals started demanding gold-plated medical services, bankrupting states and our corporate citizens alike. They collectively decided that emergency care was an inalienable right, even though that’s not in the Constitution!

The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves thinking about all those government-funded hospitals and the greedy few dying on the taxpayer’s dime!

Big Pharma has been in on this con from the beginning. They’re selling us cures for diseases that aren’t even real. And the drug-addled left always wants more and more. First they started with the hardcore pot and then moved on to the Obamacare! The fact is, once people start getting all those leftwing medical entitlements, they stop bothering to look for a job!

This is big business and the CDC, Monsanto, the Clinton Foundation, the Federal Reserve and the Dorito Corporation are all in on the take!

To make things worse, we now know that these same globalist corporations are spreading GMOs and fluorides and chemtrails to make folks sick like we’ve ever seen before. No, we didn’t have illnesses of this magnitude under President Ronald Reagan!

Under Trump, we finally have the freedom to break free of the Big Pharma nanny state and cure ourselves as Jesus intended.

That is why we need a return to patriotism and that’s what President Trump is proposing. Let’s pull away that gold-plated safety net for the unemployed and force people to stop making themselves sick for once!

Medicare simply costs our homeland business community too much and that’s why the coal and steel industries were so flat under Barack Hussein Obama. Sorry, this isn’t socialist Canada, sheeple!

Repeal health care and you won’t believe how fast the entrepreneurial spirit of the job creator class will be unleashed!

The other great secret that Trump Nation knows full well is that the American Medical Association is suppressing the real solutions for contemporary diseases.

Thanks to independent researchers, we are educated about ancient cures, homeopathic medicines, megavitamins and essential oils. Such respected figures as Alex Jones, Dr. Arthur Plimpton Bacon and Dr. Michael Savage are leading this fight!

I’m most excited about essential paleo oils from ginseng, potatoes, elm tree roots and sun-dried turkey bones. According to countless online message boards, they’ve been shown to cure summer complaints, brain catarrh, scrofulous humors, skin ague and torpidity of the morgellons. Surely you won’t hear that news in the corporate liberal media!

So let’s support our Republican Congressmen and just say NO to health care!