Trump Just Booted the Rothschilds From Palm Beach Society and Banned Them From Entering His Mar-a-Lago Club “Under Any Circumstances”

Posted on by Derby Mack

trumpsavesDonald J. Trump recently informed his inner circle that he completed paying off a debt he had to a Rothschild bank and then, “grabbed Jacob by the scruff of the neck and kicked him out the back door of Palm Beach society.”

This meeting featured the future President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy Hillary Clinton’s corrupt globalist financiers, according to a Mar-a-Lago source. As evidenced by an explosion of interest in Illuminati central banking, Trump is making great strides through his anti-corruption Twitter campaign.

“They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them!”

It is understood that the Rothschild banking racket was a noose tied around the neck of the Palm Beach society. Once the knot was tightened, America’s entrepreneur class  would struggle and choke around the trillionaire European aristocrats.

A keen student of history, well versed in world affairs, Trump studied the secret knowledge of the world’s most elusive organization. It’s rumored that the fabled developer is extremely angry about the role financial collaborators have played in fomenting the major international conflicts of the 20th century.

The Rothschild’s invasive roots keep spreading around the world, but Donald Trump has stopped them expanding into Florida. This is a major blow to their plans for American domination and they’ve long viewed the billionaire philanthropist as a real threat. He has them running scared, which is why he is degraded in the corporate Hollywood media at every opportunity.

The reality is that Trump is leading us towards a multi-polar world, far from the one government, one religion future plotted by the New World Order. When he made the brave move to run for president and protect a sovereign state, he further enhanced his reputation as a beloved leader.

Sheeple around the world need to wake up and notice!

rothschild conspiracy

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Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of, Derby Mack is an American Patriot who has dedicated his life to loving his country and preparing his family for the National Apocalypse. He would like to thank the Founding Fathers, President Reagan and Jesus Christ for the opportunity to share Wisdom with every member of the community. God Bless and Stay Vigilant!

  • scarolina1

    This information just information just reinforces my commitment for Mr. Trump. I always knew in my heart there is something “SPECIAL” about this man that we have not been privy to in America for over two hundred years . Wake Up America !

    • Winghunter

      ROFL! Here’s why you find him so ‘special’:

      Trump The Inkblot
      “Some say that in this age of substantial anger, anxiety, and fear, the ‘Donald’ has become everybody’s inkblot where each person sees what he wants to see and not what is really there. That’s why, they say, a cross section of American society, including the most unlikely, are
      pushing the Trump button in the voting booth. They are, really voting for their illusion…”

      • bigbonedmutt

        Your an idiot!

        • Winghunter

          TrumPets almost always react like Liberal snivelers – Just like you did.

          • Michael Guay

            Hate Trump much??? Seriously it sounds like you have your special view of him… #JustAMan

          • Winghunter

            Your attempt to turn the whole point of the article back on me, who didn’t write it, is the tactic only a 5 year old would dream up in desperation.
            Try again when you grow up – IF you grow up.

          • MANDU2

            You have forced everyone else here to “turn the whole point of the article back on you” …because you are so insulting and belligerent toward everyone else on this site at the moment. Are American citizens not allowed to vote for and support the candidate of their choice ? That is the time-honored principle of the Constitution. – Do we have to agree with your “rantings” against Donald Trump, because you say so ? I have been a lifelong Progressive Democrat, and I despise Hillary and Obama as FAUX Democrats, as disreputable Warmongers and Neo-Cons…not in the least sense actual liberals or even Democrats at all. So I voted for Donald Trump as a possible breath of fresh air… a Populist and Nationalist, as were many of our Founding Fathers who created the Constitution, & Bill of Rights in particular…

          • Winghunter

            You have no F’n idea who the Founders were and if they were alive today, a flintlock would be permanently jammed in your ass as they would immediately do to ALL ‘progressive socialists’ who call themselves democrats.
            You’re nothing but pond scum floating on the gene pool.

          • Turkey Chazz

            now who’s the 5 year old?

          • Winghunter

            Everyone has their limit of patience with psychos, MF.

          • Emmett Grogan

            Mandu: same with me! I voted Dem for 40 yrs but hate Hillary so I checked out the Donald. Long story short, I firmly support my president, Donald J. Trump. I like the direction he is taking us and he does seem to be cleaning out the swamp.

          • David Landy

            @Winghunter bending over once more. You’ve been taking it hard for so long that you don’t even feel it.

          • Winghunter

            You’re more than welcome to try, Davey. Put your affairs in order first.

          • MANDU2

            Inkblot of darkness Winghunter speaks with Forked Tongue as usual. Always with vilification of everyone’s comments who does not agree with his intemperate words. I would even listen to HIS, but only IF he did not castigate everyone else as if they were stupid fools and Winghunter were the Voice of God, instead of the Voice of Illusion himself. Who is behind his false and bogus provocations. ? Please reveal your copied Sources, WingNutHunter. That is the meaning of your moniker, isn’t it?

          • Winghunter

            That’s easy, Comrade Tonto. The Founders spelled ALL this out; Futurity’s duty to themselves and the country of who and what they should apply in making their decision on who to vote for. In what you’ve written already, you believe yourself smarter than THEIR design, idiot, not mine! Anyone who pretends they are smarter ARE IN FACT stupid fools who work towards regressing us to a time before the Founders, dictatorship, slavery and tyranny. You suicidal jackass’ are the Regressive Party!

          • Emmett Grogan

            Winghunter, it would help if you at least made sense.

          • Winghunter
          • Rockslider1

            guess I was wrong you are an idiot LMFAO

        • Qwixdraw

          That’s what I was going to say.

      • Joyce Roberts

        Interestingly, Obama described himself similarly. Paraphrasing, he indicated he was a blank slate and other people simply projected who they thought he was on to him.

      • Qwixdraw

        Wingnut the dumbbutt, The United States of America was a ‘illusion’ at one time. But look at it now, built from the blood sweat and tears of a lot of Great American’s.

        • Winghunter

          ROFL! So, the men who handed it to us and the instructions they explicitly left us is somehow immaterial to you because you wear your emotion on your shirtsleeve and believe whatever a con man tells you.
          You’re a pathetic excuse for an American.

          • Linda Bond

            No, actually you are!

          • Winghunter

            Drooled like a true TrumPet cheerleader. Don’t go away mad, little girl, just take your pom-poms with you.

          • MANDU2

            I suggest that you buy a high quality Full Length Mirror, Winghunter… and spend a large part of your day looking into it, and contemplating your image in it. Perhaps after a considerable amount of looking at yourself, you will see the belligerent ass and immoderate critic that you continue to be, hurling accusations & insults at just about everyone… Charming is the antithesis of your personality…vitriol spills from your mouth with no decent or respectful thought preventing its being spewed at one and all… And you tell other people “to grow up”. Buy the Mirror .

          • MANDU2

            P.S. to Wounded Winghunter — Donald Trump won. Hillary and the Neo-Cons lost. America is saved from a catastrophic nightmare of more wars, Killer Drones and contempt for the majority of normal American people.

          • Winghunter

            For over 40 years there was no discernible difference between Trump and Hillary as Trump glorified BOTH Clintons while shoveling thousands of dollars at them all during that time. Until Trump decided to try gaining the power of the presidency by running on the republican ticket, it took the truly gullible to believe the AW and nominate him!

          • Emmett Grogan

            How about providing sources? You can’t expect us to simply take your word for it so give us some EVIDENCE, otherwise you’re just flapping your (very) rude lips.

          • Winghunter

            Trust this: It would be so much different in person. Cross my path and find out for yourself.

      • MANDU2

        And supporting President Bush and President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not just beyond the Pale Illusions and bankrupt morality ? Killer Drones that Obama used to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent noncombatant villagers across the Middle East, and other locations, including thousands of poor children blown to smithereens by these wonderful leaders that you never speak about with “even the slightest” criticism… Are these Neo-Cons not YOUR inkblot..? And you see love and light where there is actually murder and mayhem, Wars upon Wars, and Dishonesty at a perversity level, piled up like gigantic mounds of excrement. Maybe you need to open your heart to the mass sufferings caused by the United States and its allies during these Dark Days… Russia and Putin did not play ANY role in interfering with our 2016 Election to help Trump. But the George Soros DID along with his New World Order fiends…er … friends… who interfered to place Hillary C. in the White House, God forbid… Even with 98% of the U.S. Media on her side, Hillary still could not defeat the American people and destroy the Constitutional Republic– and we readily acknowledge the errors and weaknesses and crimes of America that diminish its higher principles and intentions. That is our job, to form a more perfect Union, with genuine “Equal Justice Under the Law” for every individual, without exception. That is the ideal to strive for at all times.

        • Winghunter

          ROFL! Oh STFU! NO, America’s drones have NOT killed anywhere near the amount of noncombatants that you insanely claim. NO, I don’t speak about the RINO Bush, Obama or the witch of Benghazi BECAUSE THEY AREN’T THE SUBJECT, YOU PATHETIC SOB!

      • dancingjellymom

        every candidate is an inkblot…obama more so than anyone ever!

        • Winghunter

          ONLY for psychotics!

      • Jeremy

        If that’s what it takes to have 2500 pedophiles arrested thus far, then I’ll take that anger. He’s the cure for the criminal elite. Your probably one of their minions. America First!!!!

      • Rockslider1

        seems like maybe you got this all figured out about Trump and those who put him in office. You also seem to also know exactly who the Trump supporters are and their frame of mind. So being such an insightful intellect please share your world of wisdom with those you consider ignorant “inkblot” Trump supporters

    • Brenda Remine

      A lot of people are privy to this info about the Rothchilds, the illuminati, and the tri-lateral commission and they ‘re not afraid of Trump, and for you to call Trump a philanthropist is a joke. He is a taker, not a giver!

  • Stephenson_Billings

    It’s fascinating to read stories that aren’t being suppressed by the corporate media. Trump propbably thinks this is all in a normal day’s work but doesn’t realize it a move that means so much to so many people. He has so much grassroots support that he really should win this election but I’m just afraid Hillary had this all rigged a year ago. At least Mr Trump will be the president of my heart no matter who CNN declares the winner next month.

    • James Zottarelli


    • Pic889

      It’s rigged folks. Sorry to hear it from me. They can have an arbitrarily high number of dead people voting Democrat (Why do dead people always vote Democrat and particularly for the Obama-Clinton gang? I am being sarcastic of course).

      That early voting that happened in Florida? They already have the datapoints, have already predicted the results of the other states using statistical analysis and know how much they need to rig the elections for their puppets to win.

      Let’s face it: Unless there is a representative of EVERY presidential candidate on EVERY ballot, the elections are just for show.

      Then there is the whole “electronic voting” scam, which is a whole new level of secrecy. Do we even know what kind of software those machines run? Even if the software is open source (as of now it’s not, the source code is a trade secret of the contractor that set up the machine), but even if it’s open source, do we know for sure that the executables they are running were compiled from that source and not a modified version?

      • Stephenson_Billings

        I absolutely agree Pic889. I fear that voting only legimates Hillary and the entire rigged electoral process. It says, well you conservatives tried but didn’t win so suck it up while the liberals take over and screw things up. Sorry, no. I chose to dump the entire rotten process. It’s fraudulent and in no way represents true democracy. Landslides don’t mean anything when you’re printing your own votes.

        • Larry

          Great excuse!

        • Pic889

          Dumping the process is not a solution. The monopoly of force belongs to the person who won the rigged process, and you will be forced to obey, unless you leave the country.

          The solution is people raising the issue to hot button status so the party caught doing the cheating receives a major PR bruise and gets delegitimized as a viable choice (which would then require an impossible amount of rigging to compensate), so no party wants to cheat and all parties want the process to be clean.

          Unfortunately, most people don’t care, they think any rigging is small and it doesn’t affect the result (it isn’t small and it does affect the result). People only start to care when their car gets T-boned by an drunk illegal immigrant who has being granted “amnesty” by the elected-by-the-rigged-proccess president. Since the illegal immigrant has no identity, no insurance and no driving license, he just gives the police officer an alias (“Jose Lopez”) and is conveniently deported back into his country without paying for the damaged and injures he caused.

        • Wren

          Well, Mr. Billings, I am very glad most Americans did not take your attitude on election day about ten days ago. Overwhelmingly, voters all across the country showed up to vote for Trump. I took my senior friend (whom I’m caregiver for) to vote and we asked for our electronic votes to be verified while we stood there – especially since my research beforehand revealed that George Soros owned all the voting machines in our area and many other states. When the 1st voter assistant said she couldn’t do that and didn’t know what I was talking about, I asked for paper ballots. She said they didn’t have any, and I asked her, “Well, what would you all do should power suddenly go out?” She had NO answer but went to get her supervisor. This woman was terrific. She said no one else had asked to double check the machines in our tiny rural farm town but she knew it might happen and wanted to help us. She also really wanted to learn how to do that herself. It took half-an-hour but we did it and all worked out well and our votes showed up as we marked them – confirmed. Yes, HRC’s campaign tried to cheat – and they’re still trying to cheat – however, we are confident that the Electoral College has saved us all and it will NOT be abolished for this election (if ever). Looking at every county in the nation, more people voted RED than blue – more voted for Trump, and he’s our next President. If more people chose to sit out the election and not vote at all, this wouldn’t have occurred.. You see, the power of “the people” DOES still live!

          • Kenneth Freed

            And I believe Mr.Trump actually won more states than they gave him! It has been proven Killary stole 5 states!

          • Pffftttt

            Uh, no, they didn’t. People overwhelmingly VOTED for Clinton. Currently she has 1.5 million MORE votes than Trump, and they’re still counting. But none of you will care about the actual results. You will in 4 years. Your president elect, only 10 days after being elected, has already had to settle the first of what will be many lawsuits he loses, to the tune of $25 million dollars. This guy is a clown

          • Eudoxia

            I’m in Australia – I am glad Killary didn’t win, thank God. That woman is a fully fledged psychopath with blood all over here hands. The only option was Trump wake up.

        • Michael Guay


      • Terry

        Pic889 A lot of us think about that and how the likes of Obama destroyer of America and other Demos want open borders and no proof of citizenship for voting now.
        I hope Trump can bring back voter verification.
        It doesn’t have to be with just drivers license but SS number or give people a voter ID through the DMV for low price with picture or free if low no income.
        S. Security card cost nothing so the excuse of can’t afford it is invalid and be checked through a data base as well as how many times that number voted and seek out the true number via address and arrest those who voted illegally, and check if they are dead or alive.
        That will hinder a lot of the illegal voting.

      • RAY


        • Pic889

          Trump won the popular vote if you subtract the 2 million or so non-US citizens who voted without an ID card. As I said, it was rigged.

          I used to object to the electoral college, but during this election I realised its purpose: The federal government doesn’t own the elections and the electoral college is a way to minimize rigging by certain states.

        • Eudoxia

          I long to see that day. She’d look great in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs best look she’ll ever have.

      • Eudoxia

        From what I’ve found out – the Soros,Clinton, Bush cabal’s strategies failed. They miscalculated and felt they only needed to ensure they got the swing states to take the election they were certain of it. It backfired – Trump did get despite popular opinion, the popular vote even though there is much speculation on this. At this point in time it’s actually irrelevant as he won the election and he’s now President.

    • Share a Smile

      You still need to go vote. A landslide may be the only thing that can help stop them from proceeding any further.

  • “Guardian of the Vatican Treasury” Rothschilds and their false-Jew Khazar Christ-killing FedScam banking associates, as well as Switzerland, and their American Fifth Column Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon satanic Organized Crime ZioTalmud/Caesaropapist/Masonic pedophile homosexual ruling false-elite all know killed John and Martin to restore the fiat money scheme JFK had ended, and to keep us as papal catspaw in Indochina after JFK had ordered us out with 120 dead; which did Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, the hoax and psyop mass shooting to disarm the sovereign People, and 9/11 as false-flag terror for false-war to protect the unconstitutional FedScam from gold-backed currencies in the ME, protect Saudi “royal” buggers from secular Islam, and to further our role as “golem” for False Zion, are all arms of “the real Anti-Christ” we Black and White “righteous remnant of the House of Israel” came to America, True Zion, in express covenant with God to escape. See: “Whiggism” in Mr. Jefferson’s letters, and learn the absolutely valid “Whig Interpretation of History.”

    There is only one God, the Creator of the universe, Our Sovereign.

    One Creator – One Creed – One People
    Annuit Coeptis – Novus Ordo Seclorum – E Pluribus Unum

    It is the “engine for enslaving mankind” our prophet and founder, Mr. Jefferson identified in his 19jan10 letter to Samuel Kercheval, fronted by the Bush and Clinton Rockefeller/Rothschild sub-clans.

  • God is using Mr. Trump as Harbinger of the Apocalypse. We must claim it and share the witness.

    The Beast now upon us must be cast down.

    Death for Treason

    • Blanche Beecham

      Yes, YEs, YES!

  • pops

    My father sat me down and warned me about the Rothschild family when I was a young man. It took me 20 years to understand the gravity of what he said. “they are the evil we fight against”

    • Lisa Richards Wantz

      My dad also did the same for me, as a young adult…thank God for parents that PAID ATTENTION, and took the time to teach us the truth. I’m 1000% Trump.

  • woke-and-broke-bloke

    Glad to see the site back but that sucks about the DDOS attack. Clearly you got SOMEBODY very upset with this article!

  • SMB1128

    Bahahaha. The conspiracy articles crack me up. Donald Trump would be the last person to change anything. He’s a weak person whose robbed people to get ahead. That’s not coming from a place of strength.

    • Larry

      What’s SMB stand for? Scrawny Male Bitch?

    • Houdini50

      SMB you should change that to SOB… you pos. leave and don’t come back troll.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    Is there nothing Donald Trump can’t do?

    • Houdini50

      he can do almost anything because he is not beholding to anyone but we the people.

  • Julie Smith

    Palm Beach County is the most corrupt county in our nation! I had my children taken after a threat by a corrupt Palm Beach County CASA GAL five years ago never to see my son again! CASA gets CLINTON”S Federal funding!

    • Ade

      That’s very Sad, don’t give up hope, live your life but, in the background, keep fighting them,
      I hope you and your children will be together again soon.
      Maybe, hopefully, a Trump administration will allow this to happen. I hope so.

  • Sarah

    This article is a fucking joke. Oh yea, he totally has the Rothschilds family running scared because he kicked them out of Florida. … get serious people! Trump or clinton Are on the same side!

    • Jacob = The Onion

  • spinwizard

    Ask Jack Kennedy, He was going to do the same thing in the ’60. And yes, Oswald WAS a patsy.

  • Tammy Morgan

    There is one way we could overcome this disgusting take over……a revolution of sorts. And the Constitution stands behind us, ask any tax accountant. We should ALL stop paying taxes for Hillary’s term. Can’t put us all in jail, hit them where it hurts. Demand a balanced budget, put OUR money back into Social Security where they stole it from. There is nothing they can do but try to penalize and tax us. If TRUMP doesn’t win we don’t give in!!!

  • David Kahn

    I have only this to say, God must want Donald Trump to win. What were the chances of Anthony Wiener being investigated and FBI finding those 650K emails on his laptop, a few days before the election? Odds were microscopic. To me that means God arranged this whole thing. But according to my understanding of bible prophecy, this is just a temporary reprieve that will by the church a little additional time. The end of the Gospel age has to come, then Ezekiel 38 and then Jeremiah 31:31, mankind will enter into the new covenant with God through Israel.

  • There are more reasons that he was elected to office, than people now realize.

  • Will Mckoby

    Good Show!

  • Phil

    The banner on Rothschild is bullshit info. Not true. They are nowhere that powerful. Central Banks are owned by governments of those countries.

  • Winghunter

    Then how do you explain all this? Mark Levin: Trump The Globalist
    No, of course you can’t explain it but, Goebbel’s would be very proud of you.

  • Dena

    Our President..Thank you Lord! We have such confidence in his interest of America and WE THE PEOPLE!
    KICK all of these liberals and money grabbers to the curb.

  • mmazzi

    All those traitors need their passports revoked to re-enter the U.S. and thrown out of our country!!

  • Ade

    Any source on this ?

  • RAY

    BLM, LaRaza, islamic doctrine If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.) § 2381 – Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.) OBAMA LYNCH HILLARY DID THIS.AND ALL WHO WATCHED AND DID NOTHING DID TOO

  • “A man is to be judged by his actions and his statements, not by how one may perceive or ‘hope’ them to be. One does not continuously excuse such a person, using standards other than what are used toward others who would be rejected by those same standards. Anyone who considers these facts and still supports Donald Trump, certainly I question their involvement with the Truth movement and whether they are just more gullible goyim, falling for the latest Zionist disinformation agent promoted by the media to give the American people the false illusion of an independent choice other than the whims of AIPAC, Jewish moneyed-interests and the Zionist agenda.”

  • Elisa Lenz

    If you believe this then I have some land in the Everglades I’d like to sell you. I voted for Trump and I wish this was true, someone needs to choke Rothschild and stick his head on a pike.


    Hopefully President Trump will send in a special ops team, as Obama did for the already dead Osama bin Laden, and take out the living Rothschilds.

  • Sunwheel Knight

    Rothchild is a damned JEW. Get it right.

  • Al M

    It is estimated that the Rothschild family controls more than $2 trillion worth of assets.

    Read more: Rothschild Family’s Net Worth Explained | Investopedia

    Hardly 500 trillion dollars. This is very much a kick the Jews diatribe.

  • JonnyG

    This is a word for word transcript from a previous article, replacing “Trump” for “Putin”. Someone is trollin’ y’all.

  • John Rayner

    This article is considerably alike to what was cited by President Putin ad verbatim regarding to banishing the Rothschilds, as viewed at, perhaps coincidence and/ or great minds think alike however such word for word citation by this author causes me to be suspicious of the information furnished. Not with standing I wish for all the greatest of good fortunes and successes to President Trump and President Putin whereto moderate the world’s status quo for the better.

  • I’m not going to bash or light into someone who also professes a faith in Jesus Christ. But in finding this, I do find it to be not only oddly fawning but maybe not the most well informed. So “Donald Trump” said he grabbed Jacob Rothschild by the scruff of the neck and threw him out. Yeah, Donald Trump has never told a tall tale or exaggerated things for the admiration and applause of his devoted followers. And Jacob Rothschild presumably sulked away, forever defeated and shut out of Florida and maybe America- because of Donald Trump.

    Here’s what I believe I know about Donald Trump from my own admittedly not exhaustive research.

    Donald Trump has worked for/with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers since at least 1987. That’s when he bought 93% of the shares of Resorts International and jumped into the casino business. Resorts International, formerly Mary Carter Paint, was a front company that laundered money for the CIA and Mossad. Trump was regarded as a colorful front man and good public figure and face while the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, et al, ran the company behind the scenes.

    That was reported years ago by author/reporter Michael Collins Piper. Two months before Trump declared his candidacy for president Piper was found dead in a hotel room.

    When Trump expanded in the casino industry and when the casino industry went bust in Atlantic City, it was primarily due to the word and influence of one Wilbur Ross, Jr., Senior Managing Director of Rothschild Inc. (Yeah), that kept Trump from losing his entire empire.

    In March of this year that same Wilbur Ross, Jr., still right hand man of Jacob Rothschild endorsed Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee.

    Donald Trump isn’t going to bite the hand that has watched over and fed him for 30 years. Any appearance or thought to do so is theater for the masses.

    The bottom line is we’re not beating back or moving away from globalism and the Rothschilds. We’re still on the same schedule moving toward it. Christ and God’s Word told us it will happen and when it does, Christ, not Donald Trump, or any other man, will defeat it.

  • jFitz369

    Too bad Trump nominated Wilbur Ross who was the head of investment banking company Rothschild Inc. for 25 years to be secretary of the Department of Commerce.

  • MDB50

    Pray for this man! keep him safe, he has painted a huge target on his back! pray people, pray hard.

  • Natalie Pradkin

    This article everyone is actually an article that the author copied from an interview from Russian president Vladimir Putin. He basically took the articles and changed the attributions from Putin to Trump. Here is the article:

    Derby Mack? Have you NO fucking shame? You are not a journalist or and editor. You are a person trucking in yellow journalism. Beware everyone of people like this. They are peddling wholesale lies on the internet.

    What exactly do you hope to accomplish with what you are doing? You are a propagandist.