Should Trump Defect to Russia Before Hillary Arrests Him?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Whatever happens, he'll never forget US!

Whatever happens, he’ll never forget US!

We are on the verge of losing Donald J. Trump. Patriotic citizens from coast to coast are in mourning. The liberal media has let it be known that this election will be rigged for Hillary, no matter how many brilliant people on the internet believe it’s the wrong choice.

Journalist Alex Jones released a tear-jerking post mortem for his dear friend yesterday and it truly tugged at my heartstrings. How can he as a nation be so ungrateful for the gifts the Donald has bestowed upon us?

Now is not the time to mire in those damp, pathetic pools of our own self-pity, however. Now is the time to be pragmatic. Let’s think about Mr. Trump’s safety and his next steps.

Hillary Clinton’s jackbooted thugs will likely arrest Trump sometime after the election. Will his children also be imprisoned? What about Melania? The ex-wives? We cannot be sure. They will seize his businesses and claim he’s bankrupt. There are all sorts of false flag corporate media narratives that are about to spring into the headlines.

This leaves the Trump dynasty with two options: Secede or defect.

Donald Trump does have strong support in several Southern states. He could gather up his political capital and create a United Trump States of America and force their secession from the Union. Millions of citizens would be saved from Hillary’s wrath. One imagines Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida excitedly joining. Could you imagine a more wondrous combination of America’s best and brightest states? It’s a dream for so many of us.

The other alternative is more grim, but also more strategic. Mr. Trump could defect to Moscow before he’s jailed. He has a close ally in Vladimir Putin and would be afforded the luxurious lifestyle he’s accustomed to. It would be a safe and democratic haven for his extended family. The Russians might even benefit from his golden business touch and see their economy saved from Rothschildian globalism! The grateful people there clearly know how to appreciate a masculine and forthright leader. In time, Trump could build a consensus for his return and, with the help of Putin’s forces, take control over the entire United States. This was his original destiny, after all.

In the final analysis, we Trump supporters need to prepare for a very long haul. The days ahead under Hillary’s dictatorship will be difficult and devastating. We will shed more than a few tears for our lost friend, Donald. But we must keep strong in our hearts that he has never stopped thinking about us little people. Us little white, American-born normal people. And he will return!