Are Travolta’s Gay Rumors Just a Cover-Up for His Role in the Chemtrails Conspiracy?

Posted on by Henricus Institor
Real of staged? Travolta's "nanny kiss" drew attention away from his role in aerial spraying.

Real of staged? Travolta’s “nanny kiss” drew attention away from his role in aerial spraying.

John Travolta, one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, can attract international media attention for the most mundane of life’s daily routines. Yet one thing that is rarely mentioned in the press is the Hollywood star’s strong advocacy for the aviation sciences. Within the Church of Scientology and among select insiders of the film world, Travolta is known as one of the leading proponents of atmospheric engineering.

The actor’s curious role in the geosciences nearly came to light in 2003. At the time, investigative journalist Gary Webb had some preliminary information on Travolta that he intended to share with Coast to Coast AM host Art Bell.

Shortly before the interview was scheduled to take place, Bell’s wife died under mysterious circumstances and the radio host was forced into retirement. Soon after that, Webb himself was found dead.

Coincidentally enough, the deaths were soon followed by an explosive scandal about John Travolta’s sexuality. The rumor became such a major story that it effectively pushed any other questions off the front pages of the world’s newspapers.

John Travolta, like many of Hollywood’s leading men, had long been dogged by questions about his sexuality. They never were more than a ripple beneath the surface. Yet in 2004, gossip bloggers such as Perez Hilton and Matt Drudge both began hinting that the star was hiding his “true” sexuality.

Soon enough, the National Enquirer and other media outlets published a photograph supposedly showing the actor kissing his child’s male nanny. Yet few failed to appreciate that the image also shows the actor at the foot of his personal Boeing 707.

Travolta's home in Florida: gay orgy palace or Chemtrails refueling center?

Travolta’s secret Florida compound: gay orgy palace or Chemtrails refueling center?

But is John Travolta truly a homosexual?

The stories placed in our media follow a standard “false flag” type of protocol. They are spectacular while being strangely vague. They divide public opinion. There are unreliable witnesses and grainy photographs. We are offered no clear answer to the question of Travolta’s sexuality. Instead, we are encouraged by the press to debate and doubt and defend… while the true purpose here is to deflect.

In this case, the goal of misdirection has been accomplished with astonishing success. Because of the gay rumors, no one is talking about John Travolta’s role in the international conspiracy to spray the planet with Chemtrails.

Gossipmongers do not mention the fact that Travolta is an “ambassador” for the aircraft industry, personally representing major companies such as Learjet, Challenger and Global. No one talks about the fact that the celebrity also founded a secretive and sprawling private aviation-focused town in Ocala, Florida. Named Jumbolair, the gated community has its own airport and regularly refuels large international planes.

Today, when people discuss John Travolta’s personal fleet of jets, there is always a homosexual subtext to it all. They whisper the false flag rumors planted by Scientology’s PR team with giddy delight. Maybe the co-pilots are his gay lovers? Maybe the planes are used for hardcore same-sex orgies? Maybe all the secrecy surrounding the Florida compound is to hide his staff of erotic masseurs and lollipop boy toys? Yet in reality, this manufactured nonsense is laughable to anyone with basic emotional intelligence.

Travolta's role in atmospheric spraying

Travolta’s obsession with piloting Chemtrails planes grew from his dedication to Scientology.

But what does this have to do with Chemtrails?

L. Ron Hubbard, in his book Dianetics, postulated that the dark god of Scientology, Xenu, “devised a plot to eliminate the excess population from his dominions.” Xenu used a type of craft that resembles a Douglas DC-8 in this evil scheme of obliterating souls. Some analysts believe that John Travolta’s connection to the aviation industry is his way of attesting to his faith in Scientology. They suspect that he may be attempting to fulfill Hubbard’s prophecy that those souls can be reborn by dispersing the thick aerosol sprays that hang in our skies. Obviously, we cannot be sure without more disclosures. It’s possible he may be pursuing other Scientology/Illuminati-related objectives.

There is still much debate about what Chemtrails actually are, whether an attempt at depopulation, a massive electromagnetic superweapon or a chilling secret plot by the Atheist Elite. Whatever the story, the juvenile suggestions of John Travolta’s homosexuality need to be cast aside so we can learn the real truth about Hollywood’s alarming atmospheric agenda.


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Henricus Institor is the “nom de plume” of a former Internet hacktivist and high ranking member of the atheist radical elite. Yet even there, amongst the most dangerous liberals in the world, he could not hide from God’s Calling. He was reborn in the Blood of Christ in 2011 and today “Henricus Institor” serves as’s foremost expert on secret left wing agendas and global power conspiracies.

  • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

    Medical science cannot even begin to fathom the health problems caused by chemtrails and water fluoridation publicly consumed today. We’ll see the sad results in a generation.

    • Hamish

      Damned life expectancy increasing year on year… those bastards!!

      • Thomas Brown

        Sure, but what’s the point of living with our precious bodily fluids being diluted by the Commies and their evil fluoride conspiracy?!!

        • tarheel5

          And teeth, what about teeth? Old people with their own teeth. Because of “flouride”? Why is it important for these old people to have their own teeth? What are they not telling us???

  • tomme

    whatever this guy is up to, its sure not acting.

  • Ryan McLaughlin

    My god you are one sick, twisted fuck. “Hidden compound”? “Chemtrails” (btw, do your homework moron – learn what contrails are)

    Oh, wait… I get it. You don’t believe any of this shit… you’re like the West Baptist Church. You don’t believe in the dumb shit you spew, you just like setting other people up. What’s in it for you??

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  • Volunteer Ministers

    ROFL! Chemtrails! PERFECT for violently insane Scientology dimwits

  • Tony

    I know I am very late to this old thread but I just cannot help myself. Travolta is GAY as it gets. There is absolutely no shame or wrong in that and of itself. This is not some crackpot conspiracy false flag cover story for the severely demented scientologists. The dude is just flat out gay! Scientology holds this fact over him to control him. Scientology is nothing but a cult that physically, psychologically and sexually abuses its own members systemically. Travolta clearly has sexually assaulted men. He is nothing but a coward whom has lost his ability to act and spends his time defending a criminal cult organization to try to maintain his secret sexuality. He is a vile and disgusting human being because he does not have the courage to speak out against the cult in which he belongs to, despite the fact that he has been aware of their evil abuses since the early 1980’s. All of you paranoid delusional morons that keep trying to push illuminati conspiracies are detracting from the fact that scientology is a cult and an abusive criminal enterprise that has destroyed thousands of peoples lives. Focus on the obvious that is right in front of your eyes, use common sense and stop making up crap conspiracies.
    Instead of propagating baseless, non factual bullcrap to make yourself feel important to other like-minded individuals, you should spend your time and energy on exposing scientology for what it is. It is a cult and a criminal enterprise that should be prosecuted under the Racketeering influenced corrupt organizations act. Boycott any celebrity that is a member of this cult for it is they who fuel scientology and not only enables their abuses, but defends them with the same old, tired lies that the cult has been putting out for decades. These celebrities have sold their souls to this cult and turn a blind eye to its crimes. Rather than admit they are wrong and speak out against what they know to be true, they continue a campaign to defend an ongoing criminal enterprise because they are deeply afraid of the personal secrets their cult holds over them.
    Boycott TOM CRUISE, MICHAEL PENA, JOHN TRAVOLTA, KELLY PRESTON, GRETA VAN SUSTERAN, GIOVANNI RIBISI, MARISSA RIBISI, NANCY CARTWRIGHT, DANNY MASTERSON, LAURA PREPON, BECK, ANNE ARCHER, JULIETTE LEWIS, CATHERINE BELL, JASON LEE, and the list goes on. These people should be outed for their outrageously false lies about their cult and ultimately indicted under the R.I.C.O. act as co-conspirators for knowingly covering up the crimes committed by this cult. Without these celebrities and the insanely massive amounts of money they provide to this cult, it would not be able to sustain itself.
    Thankfully most of these cultists careers are on the rocks because scientology has completely ruined their ability to be relatable. And every obsurd statement they make pushes them one step closer to obscurity where they will end up penniless. Let us see what their warped cult thinks of them when they are no longer able to cut scientology a check. Every TOM CRUISE movie that people pay to see or watch on television only puts more money and power into the hands of this criminal organization(Not that CRUISE has made a good performance since he rededicated himself to the cult going all in and guzzling the KOOL-AID). Every crappy BECK song that is downloaded or played puts more money in this criminal cult’s coffers and PAYS for the abuse, exploitation and bankrupting of non-celebrity cult members. So stop the garbage talk about false flag homosexuality distraction and call scientology and its members what they are; Cult, criminal enterprise, physical mental and sexual abusers, and celebrity enablers/co-conspirators. They are merely a following of insecure losers that cannot think for themselves and will turn a blind eye to PROOF of felony crimes and abuse of peoples civil rights. The consumer has the power to affect change and the cult members themselves have the power to have its leaders and conspirators indicted for the felonies they have committed. As well as having this cult stripped of its status as a religion. If this is done, scientology will fall and the criminals will face charges for their heinous and disgusting crimes. This includes the disgusting celebrities that contribute to and therefore help to finance the crimes of this cult. In short, CRUISE and TRAVOLTA are both homosexuals(big deal, nobody cares and in Travolta’s case coming out of the closet and speaking out against this cult might actually help his pathetic floundered career and free his mind up to become a good actor again because he has not had a good performance in DECADES… same goes for CRUISE) and SCIENTOLOGY IS CULT AND VRIMINAL ENTERPRISE! It’s that simple people! No need to turn it into an octagonal conspiracy to spread brainwashing dust or whatever the hell other ridiculous theory I have seen. By trying to make it into some illuminati plot the only thing you are achieving is discounting the victims of this cult. It is taking the attention away from the PROVEN FACT that this is a dangerous cult that has grown into a criminal enterprise. And it all started from demented sociopath that never used a toothbrush in his entire repulsive life.

  • Tony

    This blogger and anyone who reads and believes anything here us SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL! I, for the sake and safety of everyone, hope all of you get some help with your severe psychological sickness. This site is a microcosm for what plagues us as a society. It is a perfect example of what happens when you mix paranoia, the internet and a people with way too much time on their hands. I feel like I need to shower now because a link led me to this twisted blog. Icky!