Those Who Forget the Lessons of the Grateful Dead May Be Doomed to a New Reign of Terror

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
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The Grateful Dead devastated the American creative and spiritual landscape.

How quickly this nation has forgotten the grave threat the Grateful Dead once posed to our sacred values. For several decades, mothers only mentioned the 60s rock band with anxious whispers. They were a ghastly apparition, a gang that crept up in the night to steal your child’s soul. Sex, drugs and Satan’s slavery awaited those who fell under the spell of these insatiable degenerates.

From the beginning, the Grateful Dead combined beatnik hucksterism with the hippie’s appetite for mass delusion. They unscrupulously took advantage of teenage angst with promises of narcotics and “free love.” The result was a large following of dedicated fans, known as “Deadheads,” who devoted their grubby lives to chasing down these musicians, no matter where that blind passion would take them.

There are many detours in the heinous saga of the Grateful Dead. The band was complicit in the production, distribution and popularization of the dangerous hallucinogenic “LSD.” LSD, in turn, caused an outbreak of mental schizophrenia among our young people. But this was okay, according to the philosophy of “Let you freak flag fly!” Crossdressing, nudism and sexual “role play” soon followed.

The Dead were also notoriously unpatriotic. They encouraged countless college students to drop out and protest our brave men fighting overseas against the scourge of communism. They demanded we stand down to the Soviet threat and insulted the presidencies of Nixon and Reagan with salacious delight.

America Wakes Up to the Hippie Menace

In the minds of the drug-addled hippies, this marijuana-fueled communist agitation was their utopia. The rest of America woke up and realized that vision was a nightmare. Charles Manson, Jim Jones, the violent riots over Vietnam, terrorist bombings by the Weather Underground, the epidemic of drug addiction and the crime that went with it, all resulted from this failed belief system that the Grateful Dead pushed on our children.

Bob Weir, left, was known for his revealing shorts while Garcia, right,

Bob Weir, left, was known for his on stage antics while Garcia, right, preferred a dour countenance.

In the 1960s, the counterculture movement proclaimed peace and love as their goals. By the 80s and 90s, the Dead’s lyrics may have mimicked those syrupy ideals, but their music told a different story. It was grim and demonically dark. It spoke to the pain of heroin withdrawal. Songs like “Friend of the Devil” and “Cassidy” reflected the isolation of its listeners. They had abandoned families and morality. In turn, the juvenile optimism of the 60s had abandoned them.

In their solitude, the Deadheads were burnt out. Alone, addicted and soulless, they became conspicuously dependent on the Grateful Dead as their only spiritual outlet. There were no rules to this new mindset. It was simply the anarchy of the music.

Yet all that seems like ancient history now.

Cultural Inspiration or Continuing Threat?

For many years after the deaths of central players Brent Mydland and Jerry Garcia, it appeared that the Grateful Dead crisis had ended. But much like Al Qaeda rearing its ugly head in Syria and Somalia after Osama Bin Laden’s death, the undercurrents of the Grateful Dead movement are disturbing the waters once again.

For example, the Deadhead’s effeminate sensitivity to Mother Nature spawned the “green movement,” which, in turn, morphed into genuine homeland eco-terrorism and the “global warming” hoax perpetuated by our universities. Occupy Wall Street rioters are clearly the intellectual heirs of the 60s mass protest. They seek to destroy American capitalism and replace it with the failed socialism of Mao and Stalin.

In the Dead’s waning days, bass player Phil Lesh conspired to launch a spin-off cult known as “The Phish” (their name is a messy, LSD-induced amalgam of his “Phil” and “Lesh”). The Phish continues to lure the innocent into a life of marijuana addiction and sexual adventurism. (This cult was recently implicated in the downfall of teen pop star Justin Bieber, whose own pot problems have landed him in jail.)

Yet these examples pale in comparison to the coming anarchy that the Grateful Dead philosophy now heralds in the United States today. That threat is aimed directly at America’s internet infrastructure.

Are we prepared?

This is Part II in a three-part series. For Part III, click “Is the Grateful Dead’s Anarchist Legacy Threatening the Future of America’s Internet?” For Part I, click: “How the Grateful Dead Inspired Me to Devote My Life to Patriotism and American Values.”


  • matthew

    Wow. Feel sorry for you and your closed mindedness and ignorance. I’m a Christian who is embarresed by your type – the opposite of what Jesus preached – compassion, forgiveness and love for all with no judgement. Clearly you have never really read the bible like a book straight through. I’m sure you only read parts and listen to your pastors read on Sundays. I’m a very devote Christian dead head and you couldn’t have it more wrong. “Our” Deadhead philosophy of Peace, love, accEptance not judgement and celebration of life through music is more in alignment with Jesus preaching, (if you really pay attention to Jesus teachings in the new testament), than your distorted, judgemental, views. If Jesus were like you he would have never Hung out with the “dead heads” of his time that people criticized him for – prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors and other outcasts that your kind judged then as well. Clearly you have learned nothing from Jesus teachings and are too wrapped up in your own earthly understandings and pride. Look in the mirror … cuz you are what is wrong with the moral fiber of this country with your ignorant, better than all, hypocritical Christian beliefs. What would Jesus do? Take you to a dead show and help open your eyes to the world.

    • Jessica Buchman- Pachter

      I think this is a satire site.





      • Danny Avelar

        Hmm. Now lets see Nov. 3, 1991 Golden Gate Park for the Bill Graham Memeorial. All 400,000 of use fun loving non violent hippies. And yes a fight did break out. It was the bunch who were not smoking weed. They brought a wheelbarrow full of Buttwiper.

        You see your thoughts of “godlyness” is severely distorted. For all religion is is a form of control. You want to control who has rights, who can live freely. Can you show me where in your fable book “the bible” does it say who can and cannot get a government marriage license? You see a Marriage License is a government document. It has nothing to do with your church. You are still allowed to be as hateful as you want, IN YOUR CHURCH.
        You see you can still be hate filled vile christians in your church. No one is taking your right to hate away from you. You are just being denied the right to control others. So please tell me where it hurts you when gays get married? Funny I stood out collecting signatures for gay rights, and my wife has yet to be replaced by a man.

        I served in the US ARMY to protect your freedom of religion. And to protect my freedom from religion. I know Tx gov. Rick Perry says I have no freedom from religion. So I guess that puts you guys on the same level as ISIS?

        Pull your head out. You are being controlled by something you can’t prove.

        From a recovering (Engage Archie Bunker voice) a recovering Catlick.

        • PARKS CURTIS

          The drug culture has not provided ” fun loving non violent hippies.” in fact my very first day in golden gate park i was attacked and had to fight several long haired drug finds , have you actually ever been in Sanfransisco ? The ” ,Peace and Love ” facade is short lived in the sense of reality . ” Youiwant to control who has rights ” Actually unlike the communist and islam loving ” counter culture ” conformists I actually believe in na constitutional republic that insists on inalienable rights that are endowed to us by a creator … yet you are claiming that this divinity is terrible ,,, you fell for the brainwashing . be honest you think not is harmless and will make all sorts of claims to avoid its mental healthy and health over all downfalls don’t/ wont you yeah … its that predictable ? You are seriously going top compare Gov Perry ( who my Heric Uncle worked with for WW parking ) Withj IOSIS ? I also bet you think ISIOS are ” radical Islam don’t you ? You say ” pull you head out as you are encouraging me to shove it in a hole as you have ? IF all religions were the problem then why is Gopd in the beth certificate of the United states ? IOF you were really worried about protecting freedom then why are you glorifying the things that destroy is and lopping oppressive Islam is with the Judea Christian values that have provided your freedom hint : the hole of ignorance you are sticking your head in dutifully so you must insist that acknowledging facts and spiritual principe—all were are founded in is some hope in need of ” pull head out … more leftist opposite speak , you serving in the Army was not at all protecting you from me , and it was intended to protect against oppressive ideologies you are simply whitewashing and sweeping under the Carpet , your favorite politicians have socialist inclinations , am I right ? Instead of diverting and insulting dress the issues head on . Attempting to change the definition of Marriage is not about Rights , nor is insisting Bruce is a woman that belongs in the Trump tower little girls room as Trump seems to agree with you on a factual basis . Ofdf you are sop guns ho for gvay rights then why don’t you oppose islam itself hint : more tunnel vision in the hole syndrome

  • Juli Richmond

    Your wrong. The whole article is wrong, bias

  • Marvelouse

    I always thought it was Supertramp or maybe Def Leppard who caused the major problems of the 70’s 80’s.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Supertramp, are you insane?

  • wut wut

    n the Dead’s waning days, bass player Phil Lesh conspired to launch a spin-off cult known as “The Phish” (their name is a messy, LSD-induced amalgam of his “Phil” and “Lesh”).

    Wait wut???

    • Elmer Gloo

      It sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? Phil is a bit goofy sometimes.

  • twoody

    Your hilarious piece lost me when I realized you were serious!

  • Preston

    I can’t tell if this is satire or the most idiotic thing I have ever read. I sincerely hope it is satire.

  • Pastor Mike

    was formed at The University of Vermont in 1983 by guitarists Trey
    Anastasio and Jeff Holdsworth, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon
    Fishman. Their formation had nothing to do with Phil Lesh or Bob Weir.
    This article is so bananas you’d think a monkey wrote it. Lay off the bath salts, brother.

    • But isn’t the craziest thing that he calls them “The Phish”?

  • ActualDeadhead

    You are entitled to your opinions, as ridiculous as they may be, but your twisting of facts along with the complete falsehoods severely undermine what tiny credibility you cling to.

  • Cassidy Pen

    Everyone knows the song Mr. Charlie is about Manson. “Gonna scare you up and shoot you

    Cause Mr. Charlie told me so.” It’s so eerie that these punks dance to this.

  • Hagbard Celine

    This is brilliant.

  • Luke

    Stephenson Billings your name is terrible, but not as bad as your thought process & attempt to slander people you clearly are intimidated by because you are likely afraid to be open. I feel very, very sorry for you. Your suffering is clearly tremendous.

  • James S

    This is the kind of satire that leaves even me–“Mr. Satire”–needing to read it twice. But when I got to the letters, oh shit–are any of you actually serious? My morbid fear is that you are.