Is This Election Even Real?

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson

Media pundits have been confounded by the 2016 election for months now. Every day the New York Times runs editorials bemoaning this surreal state of affairs. Some say we’ve entered the age of “Post-Truth.”

Others understand that we’ve been imprisoned there for a long, long time.

We know this election has been fixed. Now, we have confirmation that there is no election. It’s just a shadow play, a false attempt at managing the message of contemporary politics.

Worse still, this election isn’t even about Hillary Clinton and her global vaginarchy. It isn’t about the coming war in Syria, nor about the ascension of the financial elite. No, in this election the medium has been the message.

We are being forced to partake in this shameful sham in order to perpetuate the myth that politics matter, that our voices matter. It’s a farce and we only legitimize the Clintonian Illusion by participating in the first place.


None of this is real. That’s why the corporate journalists are so confused by Donald J. Trump. He is pure disruption and none of the blaring headlines can diffuse his mind bomb.

Yes, Trump will likely have the election stolen from him. Yes, he may just be a vessel for a larger intellectual revolution. But for now, Mr. Trump has transcended the politics of the moment to become the flag bearer of our future.

That future is a world beyond the community of American patriotism. That future is beyond the global community the leftists and their corporate handlers have been dreaming about since the 1890s.

Our future is a post-truth, post-disinformation world. The internet itself will likely not survive past the coming three or four decades. We will transition into new environments, new platforms. The unstoppable spiral of change affirms this.

In that techno-frenetic hyperspace, no truth will matter. We will create worlds out of our own beliefs, just as Mr. Trump has done. Our outrage will be weaponized and our wars fought psychologically (Putin understands). We will evolve past the borders of leftist identity, past the confinement of big government obligations.

Society itself will abandon its most fundamental notions of selfhood for something grander, and infinitely more horrifying.

So worry not that Mr. Trump has been robbed of this election. And at the same time, be outraged! Be outraged all across the internet! But rest assured, he may have lost the fight, but the true battle has only begun. The virus of our enlightened selves has infected the logic boards! We will burn everything down!

Thank you Ayn Rand and reality itself be damned!

About This Journalist

Moishe Mustafa McPhearson is the pseudonym of a former Iraqi Navy Seal who worked undercover for the Bush Administration and Irish Intelligence in the aftermath of 9/11. He has been awarded the CIA’s coveted Intelligence Star and was once a contender for a Grammy in Country Music, but had to bow out due to security concerns. Today, Moishe consults various presidential campaigns, EMP awareness groups and Fortune 500 companies while remaining an active voice for Freedom in the Middle East.