InfoWars Announces New Line of Public School Textbooks

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Trump will make education great again with these Alex Jones-authored textbooks!

Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s new Secretary of Education, has just announced an important initiative to tear down the hardcore leftist agenda in our public schools. And it’s no surprise that liberals are absolutely freaking out.

The multimillion-dollar deal signed with Alexander Emerick Jones, Executive Chairman of the InfoWars Media Group, calls for an entirely new series of textbooks for grades K-12.

The works, to be authored by noted experts from Infowars, Breitbart and, will cover a variety of important topics. Some suggestions already put forth by Chairman Jones include: Bohemian Grove, Jews in the Federal Reserve, the Clinton Crime Family, chemtrails, vaccines, Hollywood homosexuality, Jade Helm, Ruby Ridge, government false flags, the climate change hoax and an exhaustive investigation into fluorides.

“We’re going to do much more than cut and paste old articles from PrisonPlanet,” Jones stated, “these textbooks will also include transcripts from our amazing interviews, pullquotes from popular commenters and the true history of President Trump’s many triumphs.”

The volumes are expected to arrive on homeschool curricula sometime in early 2018 and in full distribution in our public system by the fall of that year. If the efforts are successful, DeVos envisions an InfoWars science textbook series, as well as mathematics and computer programming.

“Chairman Jones’ contributions to science put him on par with our greatest thinkers, like Tesla and Ken Ham,” DeVos noted. “Our school children would be incredibly blessed to learn from his secret wisdom.”