Are “Super Homosexuals” Breeding Human-Alien Hybrids to Take Over Professional Sports?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Are male safe spaces under threat?

Are male safe spaces under threat?

The locker room has always been America’s proudest fortress of raw masculinity.

But not for much longer.

Agents from the Gay Agenda are infiltrating professional sports in unprecedented numbers. They’re setting competition records and completely redefining athleticism in the 21st century.

It seems that every single day a pro athlete comes out of the closet. Swimming, volleyball, golf and soccer are all bending over for this shocking trend. The NFL, NBA and WWF are reputedly next on the hit list.

As more and more heterosexual safe spaces fall victim, no one is asking the most important question: what do the homosexuals want from us?

One of the most obvious answers may be that for the hardcore homosexual there is a sexualized component to man-on-man athletics. They’re drawn to the musk of rough and tumble play. The sweat excites them. Brawny muscles, peak physicality, hard chests are all fetishized in the gay underworld. They crave the type of defined and buoyant buttocks that pro players have. It leads to the worst sorts of erotic fantasies, the type that keeps men up late into the night.

On a deeper level, however, it’s also about power. We need to look at who is behind this trend.

As has been noted in countless other reports, a new breed of radical degenerate has been flexing its muscle in America’s cultural sphere. These are the so-called “Super-Homosexuals,” a highly sophisticated apex predator with deep state ties to the Illuminati.

Hidden from public view, many Super-Homosexuals homes have fabulous interiors and a ready supply of half-dressed young men.

Hidden from public view and rarely discussed in the corporate media, the private homes of the Super-Homosexuals feature fabulous interiors and a ready supply of half-naked young men.

Super-Homosexuals are at the very peak of society, though many hide from public view. They tend to cluster near water sources (beaches, lakes, private islands) and inhabit fabulous palaces filled with extravagant art. They will maintain a small army of hard bodied young men to fulfill their every need. Many specialize in sodomy in their rituals. Nights in the secret compounds of Super-Homosexuals are filled with champagne, marijuana drugs, elaborate costumes, steam baths and carnal orgies.

It should come as no surprise that these are the very people controlling the economy and monopolizing human contact with extraterrestrials.

We’ve long known that alien creatures have visited the Earth. Even Barack Hussein Obama himself has been unable to suppress the avalanche of evidence. What is not widely known, however, is that many of these foreign creatures have become hapless victims of the Gay Agenda.

The very best sources have confirmed that the Super-Homosexual have plotted this conspiracy from the beginning. The gays have a unique talent at recruitment and are always looking for new ways to turn sexuality into perversion (see my report on the “manwhore” trend).

Many suspect that the Gay Agenda has lured extraterrestrials to the farthest reaches of modern morality.

Many suspect that the Gay Agenda has lured extraterrestrials to the farthest reaches of modern morality.

Now, the rise of genetically superior homosexuals athletes reveals the next stage of their global plot: Alien occupation of America’s professional sports leagues.

It’s been discovered that scientists at the highest levels of Militant Atheism have access to technologies most people would barely comprehend. From the exotic foreign notions behind the Apple iPhone to socialist weather control, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

In this brave new world, it’s not hard to speculate about the types of gene-spliced hybrids that could be cooked up in hardcore homosexual laboratories. The male phallus could be exaggerated to unheard of lengths. Strength and girth will also be maximized. The buttocks will be sculpted like the brave moons of Jupiter. Firm and meaty, smooth and mysterious, round orbs that can fill up a man’s hungry hands.

Social anthropologists have already identified new and unexplained traits in the gays. Their highly detailed knowledge on peculiar subjects and their unusual stamina are two of the most surprising. Indeed, many of the most salacious sodomites are recognized as great consumers of reefer and vodka, and will then proceed to tell you more than you ever wanted to know about both.

Most terrifying of all, select homosexuals appear to have psychic powers, but absolutely no conscience or ethics. They call this “reading” in some secret subcultures.

This is precisely the type of man-lusting, fast and muscled degenerate sodomy addicts, with their 10-inch appendages swinging wide through the locker room, that the Illuminati wants to embed in our world! In the bold words of Donald J. Trump, “Sad!”