“Sodomy on Demand” Laws May Be Coming to Your Hometown

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
With the traumatic changes homosexuals have forced on American society, could something far worse be next?

Homosexuals have redefined America, but the next stage of their agenda may be far worse.

If there’s one thing that homosexuals and Christians can agree on, it’s that gay activists have had an absolutely stunning string of victories lately. Most would never have predicted this shocking turn of events twenty years ago. That was the era when Bill Clinton, the king of the liberals himself, heralded the Defense of Marriage Act and helped formalize the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of our armed forces… Yet there have been inklings, deep behind the scenes, that the recent destruction of moral justice in America has been on the agenda of secret power players all along.

Sodomy: To Empower and Humiliate

One significant piece of information in this strange devolution of modern society is a tract known as The Gay Revolutionary. Penned by an anonymous activist in the late 1980s, it foretells the dramatic cultural changes the homosexual lobby seeks. It mentions using violence, political blackmail and the courts to get their covert plans achieved. Terrifyingly enough, most of the events predicted have actually come to pass.

In the text’s most gruesome passage, the final solution of the gay agenda is proclaimed:

“We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theatre bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding.”

So could this be the very next step for the gay lobby in the United States? It’s clear, as I have noted many times in the past, that homosexuals use the brutality of sodomy to both empower and humiliate. Since many of these radical “cultural terrorists” literally lust after their heterosexual icons, the men who sweat the grit of true masculinity, we very well could be their next target.

This idea may seem farfetched to my readers in 2013, but so did the idea of legal gay matrimony to the Iowans of 1983. The same-sex lobby could arrange some polygamous mashup of laws like the Civil Liberties & Reparations Act, the Equal Access Act, the Non-Discrimination Act, the Accessibility Guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Lawrence v. Texas to formalize this reprehensible mandate.

Christians have been warning of this new epoch for over four decades.

What Christian thinkers have been prophesizing for decades is finally coming to pass.

How Would “Sodomy on Demand” Work in Practice?

Today, highly sophisticated cellphone applications are allowing homosexuals to engage in epidemic levels of detestable fornication, irregardless of location. It’s happening in our streets and parks, our schools and workplaces.

Such technologies could be adapted into a type of court-approved sex “app” where homosexuals corner heterosexuals into acts of sodomy that they are legally-bound to perform. Again, this is likely to be seen as a “reparations” and a “civil rights” issue, to somehow offer gays redress for the years when Biblical teaching was still vibrant in America.

I received a tip recently from a former homosexual activist who believes his movement has gone too far. He had doubts about the gay monopolization of politics in this country and wanted to warn me about the coming round of cultural purges. One interesting thing he mentioned was that the gays are quietly looking into a taxation and quota system (and we all know how liberals love quotas!).

The basic idea is this: as reparations for “homophobia,” heterosexuals will need to pay a special tax each year that funds a wide range of socialist programs like “pride” parades and sensitivity training.

Yet this tax could also be levied on our sex lives, determining that heterosexual men must be forced, much like Obamacare, into a physical program that goes against every fiber of their being. In this case, it would be an erotic act, most likely sodomy, to be performed on gay men possibly a certain number of times a month or a year.

Each heterosexual will be assigned a quota to fulfill and when a homosexual locates him with his Google app or iPhone, he will assert his “Sodomy on Demand” rights, under threat of police enforcement. The homosexual will then arrange for the activity to immediately take place at the closest possible location, such as an alleyway or motel room.

Sodomy is considered one of the most celebrated aspects of gay "culture."

Heterosexuals may be forced to pay into “sexual discrimination reparations” accounts with their bodies.

The heterosexual male will then be required to engage in sodomistic anal intercourse long enough that the gay feels that his “sexual discrimination reparations account” has been appropriately credited.

Credits might also be traded through an online marketplace (as Obama has attempted to do with “carbon credits”), or bid on through websites like eBay. Some homosexuals may seek to hoard SDRA credits so that they can cash them in on highly desirable straight men.

Since the gay male suffers from an emotional lack of masculinity, the most brawny and muscular are likely to be targeted. Big brutes with broad shoulders and hairy chests, macho military marines and sweat-drenched factory workers, Marlboro men and Tea Party Patriots, all will be forced to comply.

While this tale may seem more implausible than disturbing to readers, one simply need look back on the last twenty years. We went from DOMA to same-sex “marriage” in sixteen states, the emasculation of our military, transgender toilets, the delirious promotion of homosexual lifestyles on our television screens and the criminalization of basic Biblical teaching under the guise of ENDA.

“Sodomy on Demand” legal action is guaranteed to be a very hot issue for the nest twenty years. With the evidence my tipster provided, there is little doubt in my mind this is what the homosexual elite is conspiring at this very moment.

Are you outraged? Terrified? Disgusted? You can do something about it! Remember, every vote counts and Christians still outnumber homosexuals in this country. Clearly, we are not beaten down and forced into that alleyway of dark desire just yet!


  • Kaylee-Aurora

    Sad that most Christians are just going to sit back and let this happen to America. There was a time when the Bible meant something to our leaders. Now it’s all about the money and the gays have all the money and pratically own the Federal Reserve and the U.N, now.

    • Abba Scodilli

      Why would anyone ever think that the above scandalous article would ever happen? I think heavy drugs are to blame. This Billings character has gotta lay off the acid fer sure! You too!

  • Stop Watching, Start Shouting

    No way I’m getting butt pirated by some liberal wackjob.

    • Dieter

      “Just try to relax”

    • Abba Scodilli


  • Neal Keyes

    damn, somebody’s dick got hard typing this article……..is this REALLY what the christian right thinks about us? Good lord, the world is in worse trouble than I thought!

    • The Iso-Nationalist

      Neal I and my fellow researchers at the Institute of Chanology have come to the conclusion that this website is a manifestation of Independent Collective Trolling by former frequent visitors to MMYV and ED.

  • Michael

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Can you asshats really be this paranoid and insane?

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      Why don’t you open up your eyes and look at what Obama has done to America.

      • Rick Hitchings

        you are either on crack or just the dumbest bitch on the block. Are you serious with this stuff? I have been an out proud gay man since I was 23, in a long term relationship for years and one of the most boring couples on the planet. I am quite sure you get more butt sex than I do, since it is not even part of our sex life. Please do the planet a favor and get some education, before you start spouting off like some paranoid repuk.

        • Kaylee-Aurora

          Wow just wow. I cant even begin to tell you how offended I am that you think i have BUTT SEX. I feel disgusting just typing that and I hope your happy that you made me even do THAT MUCH. I am a very decent woman and my chastity and purity are beautiful things to me. BEAUTIFUL.

          • Kaylee-Aurora

            Honestly now I feel gross. I never want to type those two words again.

          • Griff Jim Griffith

            But you did Blanch. You did type those two words.

          • Old Guy In Stanton

            >>>”But you did Blanch. You did type those two words.”

            And, like any dirty minded little girl, you must be punished! Spanked. Yes, I think spanking on your soft, round and supple bare bottom will do the trick! Lots and lots of spanking, until is is red and imflamed and just begging for…..

            Ahem. Yes. You’re a bad little girl. Bad.

          • Abba Scodilli

            Sadist troll! Kaylee probably feinted when she read this 2 yrs ago! And then flicked the bean thinking about it after she came to!

          • Abba Scodilli

            And they probly burned down to the first knuckle.

          • hdtex

            Kaylee only scissors with fellow church ladies not some degenerate homo lesbians!!!

          • The Iso-Nationalist

            It’s not the what so much as the where and with whom.

          • Old Guy In Stanton

            chastity and purity?

          • Eli

            What two words butt sex? Do you dislike butt sex? Disgusted by butt sex? Butt sex butt sex butt sex BUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT SEXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Wow. I’m neither gay nor male (bisexual pagan genderqueer feminist who enjoys watching the overprivileged squirm) and I just said butt sex so many times

          • Abba Scodilli

            Ha! Ha! BUTT SEX! It feels good ya know, especially if yer a male receiving a thick veiny c&*k up the pooper! Oh when it rubs that prostate! WOW!

          • Abba Scodilli

            What does chastity or purity have to do with anal sex? If the pink is too loose, stick it in the stink!

        • Abba Scodilli

          Get ‘er!!! This site is hilarious! Takes homophobia to an all new level! And makes about as much sense as homophobia does!

  • Satan

    This article is full of the most crazy made-up bullshit I have ever read.

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      Another paranoid libtard on the payroll of Soros and the Gay Agenda.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Thanks Kaylee for coming to my defense but these dizzy pervs aren’t worth it.

        • Eli

          well I’m pretty horny so I guess I’m a perv but ya know, I don’t really feel dizzy right now

          • Dieter

            This IS making me pretty hot right now. Billings is pretty cute… can’t wait for this to be law… I’m so hacking the app just to get HIM.

          • Abba Scodilli

            LOL! Don’t encourage the haters!! LOL!

    • Abba Scodilli


  • douggiefairbanks

    I call first dibs on Bradley Cooper!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I will be hiding out far in the woods from the likes of you.

      • tylerregas

        Be extra careful what part of the woods you hide out in, Doctor. Many sections of the woods are designated Federally Protected Free Sodomy Zones!

        • Stephenson_Billings

          You are a very odd person.

          • tylerregas

            How funny! I was just going to say the same of you 🙂 I mean, who really believes that the Federal Government of the United States of America would mandate that heterosexuals allow gay people to have anal sex with them as reparation for decades of hate crimes? Reasonable people don’t believe this, unless you actually are a reasonable person just putting on a sham.

            Is this site supposed to be like The Onion? If so, then I’m outta here. If, however, you are earnest about what you are doing here, then I’ll just hang out for a while 🙂

          • Stephenson_Billings

            Why so you can shout at me even more? This is getting ridiculous. You are just rambling and throwing hate my way.

          • tylerregas

            Shouting? This is textual communication. There is no sound.

            Aside from that, one of America’s founding principles is freedom of speech, right? You get to speak freely about whatever crazy stuff you like AND, might I add, put it on the internet WHILE inviting people to comment, then you don’t like my comments? Wow, il Doctore, you’re quite an odd person!

            I’m not a troll, Dr. Billings. I am engaging in the debate that your site is inviting by allowing commentary! Also, if you say that I’m rambling, then I say YOU are the one who is rambling, sir! I’d also like you to point out what hateful things I’ve said to you. Could it be that I’ve suggested that what you are presenting as fact actually isn’t?

            Yeah. I could see how, if your intent is to lie to people to get them to believe things that are not true, it would be a little inconvenient to have someone calling you on the carpet. I’m not sure that qualifies as hate, though.

            Keep trying! 😀

          • Old Guy In Stanton

            You got a live one, girl.

          • Abba Scodilli

            I think you are the one hating? Yer article is rubbish!

          • Abba Scodilli

            You looked in the mirror today?

        • Abba Scodilli

          You just made that up! Turnip!

      • Eli

        Oh good! You gave us your location! LET’S GET ‘IM GUYS!

      • Abba Scodilli

        You know what prowls the woods, ya? Big bears! Hairy bears! Maybe some cubs, chubbs, and twinks too. You will be suffering fecal incontinence within an hour!

  • God’s son

    Makes me sad to think that any good christian would buy into this terrorist’s scare tactics. To think that America would ever become a country that would allow laws requiring sex against one’s will is ridiculous, ignorant fantasy. No gay man I’ve met has ever come onto me, or even hinted the least bit interest in me sexually. God is looking down on what his people are doing, and crying out for an end to the hatred and division of his children. Reading things like this is a truely disheartening tragedy. I will be praying for all the misguided who buy into this mans delusions. May god’s light shine through his wicked veil of lies and personal agendas and deliver you from his black dark path to hell.

  • Rob

    Irregardless??? Illiterate.

  • Northern gal

    AHAHAHA! Too funny!!!! People actually believe this??? This is too stupid to even get outraged at. Laughing is really the only thing to do with something this asinine.

  • Murica’

    “”The heterosexual male will then be required to engage in
    sodomistic anal intercourse long enough that the gay feels that his
    “sexual discrimination reparations account” has been appropriately
    credited.”” WHAT? … wait … WHAT? … What did i just read? .. I am satisfied that this is some of the most hilarious satire at this point. Well put Stephenson Billings, The Dr. of having 2 last names.

    • Stephenson_Billings


      • Abba Scodilli


  • spitfire

    This is just the definitely in the works. In the “New” Amerika, very soon the Obama Regime will legalize and decriminalize Polygamy, Incest, Pedophilia, Pederasty, Child Porn and Bestiality. (hence the need for Taxpayer supplied ‘Free” condoms, STD treatment, and abortions) Anyone objecting will get an IRS audit, be labeled a hater and racist, have their guns confiscated, and either be sent to a re-education camp, or permanently FEMA camped!

    • Abba Scodilli

      Paranoid schizophrenic, yup!

  • truthforonce

    A society so willing to reject the one true and living God is
    certainly capable of sliding even further downward into moral chaos and anarchy
    in ways that go far beyond the lunacy we have seen thus far. Who would have
    thought just a few years ago that our civil laws would penalize people for
    refusing to ‘confess’ and ‘treat’ a sexual relationship between two men and two
    women as a ‘marriage’? Who would have thought that those holding to Christian
    morality would be labeled bigots and criminals by the very people who held
    those very standards just a few years earlier when they voted to uphold them by
    passing DOMA? Who would have thought mayors of major American cities would try
    to force companies out of their cities for supporting Christian views of
    marriage and the family (as we saw with Chick-Fil-A?) If Stephenson’s vision of
    the future may seem outlandish to you, yet you have to admit it may not be too
    far off the mark, when you consider the horrific things that are already
    happening in our country, and what history tells us about regimes that embrace
    statism — such as China and the Soviet Union. Imagine what a heinous society
    the U.S.A. would be right now if everyone in our government held to the same
    radically leftist, Marxist concepts of how society should be as some of the
    people Obama is appointing to fill positions in the judicial and executive
    branches of our federal government? Many of these people view conservatives as
    mentally ill, anti-social anarchists who are filled with irrational bigotry and
    who need to be ‘rehabilitated’ through some form of re-education– if not for
    themselves, then for their children. It is that sort of thinking that has led
    to the outlawing of homeschooling in Germany and the idea that children’s
    education may be determined by the state alone to prevent the creation of
    ‘parallel societies’ within the nation. Why has our own government refused to
    protect a homeschooling family from Germany who has taken refuge in the U. S.
    to flee that sort of tyranny? Could it be because our own government at some
    point wants to follow Germany’s example? The denial of parental rights with
    regard to the education of children is an Orwellian reality that already exists
    in the modern world– in no less an advanced country than Germany. In the U.K.
    street preachers now can be fined or put in jail if they so much as utter a
    negative word about homosexuality or other sexual sins of the society in their
    street preaching (I know that for a fact). We are definitely living in a time
    when freedom of speech and religion are being attacked by activists who want to
    pursue their vision of a globalist society where religion is
    “quarantined” in isolated spaces where it cannot affect public policy
    and the public square. These people are quite willing to use the force of civil
    law to penalize in some way those who stand in the way of realizing their
    vision. That is quite clear by now.

    • Stephenson_Billings


      • floppy penis

        One god? Here is a mental idea… what if there is no God? What if every MAN MADE religion is wrong? Maybe, just maybe, this life is all you have and you need to enjoy it and stop stressing about gays.

        • Stephenson_Billings


          • Abba Scodilli

            Keep outta the bedroom! None of yer, or your deity’s business!

        • tylerregas

          No. I’m with Mr. Floppy Penis (nice name, dude). Here’s a thought. What if, and this may be radical, but what if you simply let people sin while you live a life FREE of sin? You would go to Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, and we sinners would all go to hell. So what the hell do you care?

          • Abba Scodilli

            Ding! Ding! Ding! Exactly! Mind yer own business Billings! Its not like the alien cares anymore. He just wanted more followers to brainwash anyway.

        • Abba Scodilli

          Ya, damn!!! Tell these zealots!!!!

      • Abba Scodilli

        And hes an alien…. And yer a f%^ktard!

    • tylerregas

      I’m sure that if I were to ask you why YOU feel that you have the RIGHT to dictate to ME what MY life should consist of, you would say that GOD gives you that right, right?

      BTW, just for the record, my kid was homeschooled. No, not because I’m a radical Christian, but because she’s Autistic. Not ALL homeschoolers are insane.

    • Abba Scodilli

      Uh-oh, more brainsickly religious nonsense…

  • Harvo

    Awful lot of people posting here right, clearly do not….hmmm how do I not spoil the procession and ruin all the fun outright…..ok…., they have not watched much Monty Python……d’ya get it yet? Or was that too English for ya knuckleheads, hehehe x

  • Matt

    This is one of the funniest things ive ever read. If I am walking down the street, a gay man can approach me and effectively rape me because he has an app on his phone, because the government are gonna allow that for “reparations”!?. The writer of this piece of fantasy is either stupid, or cleverly writing for a stupid audience.

    This website contains an article that states that potheads are not living in the real world and are conspiracy theorists of the highest order (excuse the pun). Well, maybe potheads are, maybe whatever you’re smoking is stronger.

    I also like how this comes from a website, whose main image at the header of the page is a semi naked man holding a rifle in at a somewhat suggestive angle.

  • JC89

    I am outraged, terrified, and disgusted… that any human being is moronic enough to let this take even a minor foot-hold in their brain. I mean, how diseased is your mind that you think this is something that would even warrant a serious discussion? Sexual activity as reparation? Seriously??? This is truly sick, but I’m referring to the conception and writing of this thrice-damned article. Also that book cover that says sodomy is the sickest sin… what about murder, genocide, greed, pedophilia, bigotry, etc…. those seem much sicker to me, and to most people whose minds aren’t clouded with drivel like this.

  • Hannah Greene

    Anyone that buys this bs is a MORON. I feel so sorry for people who are so insecure in themselves that they willingly deny other human beings the same rights they expect

  • Dieter

    So do Bisexuals get to get in on this as well? If so, I’m so looking you guys up when this goes through. Your butts are MINE.

  • Abba Scodilli

    Wow! Someone has a vivid imagination… Does anyone actually believe this?


    If a heterosexual woman try to perform fellatio on me I would urinate inside her mouth
    the same way I urinate inside a urinal inside the men’s public restroom because I’m uncomfortable
    with heterosexual sodomy. I have no respect for a heterosexual sodomite regardless of gender.
    I sincerely believe that a heterosexual sodomite regardless of gender is lower to a


    Bullshit in bookform lacking evidence