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One of the growing tragedies we have in the United States is the new popularity of sodomy during intercourse. Ever since the homosexual lifestyle became so visible and popular, straight couples have been tempted to experiment with this incredibly painful fornication situation. Now, to avoid pregnancy more and more teen girls are giving in to peer pressure and trying this extreme hardcore sexual perversionary act. Sadly, many people today are unaware that sodomy is Biblically immoral and that it’s extremely unclean and unhealthy.

Sodomy can trace its origins to the homosexual world. Gays have always been keenly fascinated in violating themselves in perverse, anti-Christian ways. Whether it’s destroying marriage or turning good-natured boys into transvestites, they have no self-control when it comes to depravity.

In this select subculture, men who take the active role during sodomy are awarded special status among their peers. In the gay dialect, there are over 100 words to describe this coveted “top” man. These types often garnish their persona by adopting an exaggerated masculinity– flannel shirts, hard hats, leather costumes, work boots, thick black chest hair, gym bodies, mustaches. On the flip side, the “receiver” adorns himself like an anxious peacock to attract a mate with colorful clothing, flippant hand gestures and a high voice. When these two types come together, it is a ritual dance too absurd to witness.

As the gays have become so trendy in today’s fast-paced popular culture, they have raised the public visibility of sodomy during intercourse. An increasing number of heterosexual couples have seen this and said to themselves, “Why not?” One of my favorite books in my personal library is #8220;Sodomy: The Sickest Sin on Earth” by Dr. Dennis Corle (he’s also the author of “Backyard Football!” for kids). In the book, Dr. Corle makes a fantastic case for sodomy being quite sinful and dangerous. Both Leviticus and Romans distinctly note that God does not like sodomy at all. This should be obvious to any Christian. But what are the social implications?

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For married couples, the interest in sodomy comes out of physical frustration or boredom. As years of marriage drag on, men and women seek new thrills to feel that same rush of their first copulation experience. What these couples really need is to find pleasure in parenting, to take joy in the athletic and academic successes of their children, to be humble but hardworking members of their community, whether it’s being more active in your church or volunteering to fight the homeless. Unfortunately, when adults overlook these responsibilities they go down a sinful path of danger seeking. When the allure of sodomy wears off, what comes next? Role-playing in outfits, whips and chains and exhibitionism? Is that the type of parent you want to be? Consider the possible sodomite end-game before you experiment with your wife’s body.

For unwed heterosexual couples, this sodomy trend provides special challenges. Females gain no erotic pleasure from this type of relationship, while men enjoy the sin and violation of it all. It debases a woman’s purity and good name and men get jollies from this. The sodomized woman becomes totally unmarriable. She is a used object, not the pretty nice girl a guy wants to take home to mother. Once a woman submits to this arrangement, there is no going back. The man will demand anal activity again and again. The only answer is for the woman to avoid talking about the subject at all costs and if confronted with the idea directly, to say with complete authority: Never!

Teens believe sodomy is a cool thing to do. It’s like cigarettes and MTV– something they want to try because their parents hate it. Anal intercourse provides our children an easy way to experiment with sex without the fear of pregnancy. But it really isn’t fun. In fact, hard sodomy can be quite upsetting for a girl. This type of experimentation can also lead young men to try new things, to pull the same trick on their fellow boys. As we have seen with other gateways, the unformed morality of a teen boy is susceptible to many, many influences. Sodomy can become that special gateway to a life of alluring homosexuality.

This is a critical issue for parents and one that is most definitely not being taught in our poorly managed public schools. Today’s educators may hand out free condoms and talk about homosexual lust, but no teacher is going to admit that sodomy is downright painful. It falls to the parents to address this issue with their kids. It will not be easy, but it is essential. I feel the sodomy talk is significant enough to be a separate conversation than the “birds and the bees” talk. Stress to your young boys and girls that this is a health and hygiene issue. Be very clear that anal sex is never fun. Tell your girls that sodomy is not a guilt-free way to avoid pregnancy. Tell your boys that sodomy can hurt their friends emotionally and that it can make them weak whether they play the “top” or the “bottom”.

Together, parents can fight sodomy with a concerted public information campaign. We have to reach out to our kids and tell them that there’s nothing “cool” or “trendy” about it. But it’s just as vital that we remind ourselves that this type of sexual temptation is not worth the risk. The purity of our souls is just too important to gamble away by hard and lustful anal fornication.

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Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.