Small Business Advisory: “Nathan For You” is Not For You

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

nathanfielding2If you’re the owner or operator of a small company, you should be aware of possible fraudulent activity in the business community. Recently, a man named Nathan Fielder and his company “Nathan For You” began targeting family-owned shops and other types of enterprises. He claims to be a business consultant with advanced academic degrees in the field. Be warned, however, this man holds no such qualifications and “Nathan For You” is not licensed in the professional consulting arena.

Operating out of the Greater Los Angeles area, Nathan Fielder (who also uses the alias “Nathan Fielding”) has risen to prominence through a cable channel infomercial touting his talents. It is little more than a gimmick. The advice he offers is both unprofessional and possibly illegal. He was connected to a coffee shop that attempted to hijack the copyright and logo of the Starbucks Coffee chain. He has been involved in other stunts involving fake YouTube videos, a struggling taxi operator and a fast food seller.

Despite high fees and an unproven track record, many small business owners have been snared by Fielder’s assertions that he can help their companies grow. This is likely due to the incredibly competitive economic environment in America right now, made so much worse by Obama’s prolonged financial mismanagement. It could also be caused by the infomercials themselves, and business owners tempted to have a small moment in the cable channel spotlight. Unfortunately, that moment comes at a steep price for one’s hard-won credibility. Being featured on a late-night infomercial with a schlockmeister like Fielding has done genuine damage to many businesses’ reputations for integrity and customer service.

The most alarming fact about “Nathan For You” is that the entire venture appears to be a farce. Fielder, a native Canadian, may be giving out poor consultation services on purpose. He is a grim and unappealing on-air personality, with an awkward, pale face and nervous eyes. His hair is black and flat and he seems squirrely, like he has something very serious to hide. In one episode, he fixates on a plot of exposing himself sexually to young children and even consults with law enforcement about how far he can go without being arrested. Maybe in liberal California this sort of activity is acceptable, but for the rest of the country, Hollywood pedophilia is no laughing matter.


Famous infomercial “schlockmeisters,” from left: Ron Popeil, Billy Mays and Tony Robbins.

Fielder’s television audiences may be in on the joke, but the real-life victims are not. Any small business owner who hires this man is putting his company at serious financial and legal risk. Coming from a country that runs on far-left socialist principles, it’s not surprising that this is Nathan Fielder’s secret agenda. The Canadians have always hated the capitalism and freedom that America represents.

If you have been the victim of Nathan Fielder and the “Nathan For You” business service, you need to contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with your state’s Attorney General’s Office.