Should Vegetarians Own Pets?

Posted on by Doc Bacon

vegans1In the market this week I chanced upon a curious sight. A young woman with braided hair and tattooed arms was berating a clerk. She was inconsolable, on the edge of tears, demanding managers and stock boys! What horrible injustice had the little lady suffered? Our local grocer was no longer carrying “vegetarian” cat food because of low demand. Eventually the hysterical, dog-faced woman gathered up her ratty rucksacks and shuffled away, presumably to a garret apartment teeming with dust mites and overly familiar tabbys.

The ridiculousness of the above scene highlights something I’ve long been concerned about. America is a land of plenty and we are a people of profound compassion. Yet there are times when that good fortune is misplaced, when we become misguided and subservient. This is often the case in our relationships to our pets. We devote an unconscionable amount of energy towards their wellbeing, while neglecting our friends, our families, our communities and, most importantly, our souls.

For vegetarians, the dilemma is dramatically worse. When a person radically alters one of the fundamentals of human existence– namely how we consume sustenance– to conform to a hardcore political agenda, naturally there are grave risks. Vegetarians are putting diet above health, social activism above survival, and personal indulgence above our greatest moral traditions. Despite the obvious problems inherent in this situation, we often see vegetarians owning pets. And when these people own pets, it’s quite common that they force their radical beliefs on those lesser creatures powerless to debate the horror of vegetarianistic recklessness.

vegans3Just how bad is it? Most pet species are carnivores. Their bodies have been formed to function in the real world of species competition. The minerals and fats in meat provide for healthy muscle growth, healthy bone growth and proper mental development. A pet that is denied a proper diet grows sickly, pale and weak. They become confused and irrational, violent and unpredictable. Forcing a vegetarian regimen on a dog or cat is nothing less than animal cruelty. Ironically, vegetarians are quite liberal and overly sensitive in their personal lives but fail to see the obvious damage here.

What many vegetarians don’t comprehend is that we’re all taking part in the majesty of the Food Chain. We need to hunt and consume the lesser creatures to keep them from infesting and overpopulating. If the rabbits and mice species went unchecked, for instance, they would decimate many crops with their voracious appetites. Fortunately, we have animals that step in and kill off the excess animals. As humans, we have taken on the stewardship of our pets and thus the responsibility to kill has been transferred to us.

vegans2Why are vegetarians both cruel and shockingly unaware? One needs to understand that vegetarians themselves may suffer from the same physiological traumas that they’ve inflicted on their pets. As individuals, they’re often weak and sallow and mentally slow. They cling to a dangerous belief system fueled by leftist politics and a hatred of Judeo-Christian values. Indeed, much of vegetarianism is a rejection of American heartland traditions. Vegans hate the farmer and the cowboy and seek to destroy the economic basis of his survival. They even despise the pioneers who made this nation great. They want nothing to do with patriotism (and yes, many are against our men who serve in uniform under the guise of “pacifism”). All told, the agenda of vegetarians is to disrupt family values from the inside. Two of the most famous vegetarians in all of history were Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. While it’s not known if their dietary deficiencies fueled their genocidal manias, it’s clear they both hated America just as much as contemporary vegans.

The next time you encounter that vegetarian in the pet aisle, take a moment to remember all those who sacrificed their lives so that America could be free of such genocidal agendas. Whether its Jews or Chihuahuas, there’s just something not right about the vegetarianistic obsession with dictating the fates of others.

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Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.