Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual “Manwhores” Are Tearing Our Cities Apart

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Manwhores may be the fiercest gladiators in the  raunchy arena of American homosexuality.

The men, clad in tight jeans and black leather, descend on this quiet corner of Brooklyn just as the clock strikes midnight. They shout obscenities and smoke angrily. Most are visibly intoxicated.

One of the young ones opens his shirt and moistens a nipple with a finger of spit. An older “daddy” nods approvingly. A fellow denizen of the darkness passes around a vial of “poppers,” a sex drug rumored to be so powerful that it can lure straight men to sodomy.

The doorkeeper, sensing the full-on gay “action” that is about to erupt, hustles the crew inside the clubhouse. She, like the grandmothers who have been living in this neighborhood for decades, knows all too well what this gang of horny hoodlums is capable of when they take over the streets.

These are the so-called “manwhores,” a new breed of radical homosexual degenerates who pursue carnal chaos with a shocking ferocity. They gather at dive bars where they swap boys, blunts and bitchiness with equal abandon. Later, they’ll roar down the avenues hell-bent for mischief. They demand attention and that’s exactly what they get.

This picture of alarming menace has become all too familiar in our largest metropolitan areas. Yet the Gay Agenda boasts that no political party can break up their rampage.

Among hell’s chosen few, the manwhore is a particularly vicious specimen. Everything about him has been painstakingly crafted for maximum sodomy. Between alcoholism and anonymous sex, he’ll spend his time at the gym fighting against an ever bloating waistline. Tattoos and greasy mustaches suggest a raunchy masculinity. He might even wear a specially fitted ring around his phallus to maintain peak tumescence. His buttocks are treated like some sort of personal occultic shrine, a thing he cares for constantly, pampering it with talc, deep cleaning its pipes and even whitening its ruddiness through medical procedures (see my report on anal bleaching).

Manwhore gangs congregate at rowdy, raunchy clubhouses for late night action.

Rowdy manwhore gangs congregate at secret ghetto clubhouses for late night action.

They survive in various ways. Fashion, the liberal media, “consulting.” Some have “sugar daddies,” with whom they’re infamously unfaithful. Few employers want to hire a manwhore, but they’re blackmailed into it by the Gay Agenda’s extensive networking organization.

These anal anarchists have a predilection for gang love. Passing erotic partners around to other members of their crew week after week is common. Sex delivery apps like Grinder make this process easy. One simply dials into the service and orders off an elaborate manwhore menu of filthy fetishes. Asians, jocks, socks, saunas and sadomasochism are just a few of the categories prominently featured.

The manwhore clubhouse is always a loud, raucous place. Marijuana smoke hangs heavily in their air. The walls are black, the lights are dim. Hairy chested go-go dancers gyrate on makeshift stages. There will be a saucy, wisecracking barkeep who is charged with maintaining the vodka-induced stupor of the crowd. The roar of gossip here revolves around the reproductive organs of possible conquests. Girth and length, curvature and angularity, foreskin and stamina, all are hotly debated at the homosexual dive bar.

The very worst crimes of the hardcore homosexual bar are often kept from public view.

The very worst crimes of the hardcore homosexual underground are often hidden from public view.

No act is too degrading for the pack. Their initiation rite, for example, demands a humiliating act of bathroom sodomy be witnessed by the group, providing them with ample blackmail material should one attempt to leave this frisky fraternity.

Manwhore gangs can be passionately territorial. Each has laid competing claims to emerging homosexual trends. Whether it be house music, facial hair or jockstraps, they’ve invested too much time and emotion to let another crew muscle in on their patrimony.

In New York City, for instance, the bearded ruffians of Williamsburg have been known to riot against the polo shirt-wearing musclemen of Chelsea, an upscale Manhattan enclave. One sleek Uber SUV entering their hardscrabble bohemia is all it takes to set off a vicious “bitchfest.”

Now that the manwhore gangs have turned America’s cities into massive cockfighting arenas, will our children ever be safe? Authorities have suggested declaring these disaster areas, “Homosexual-Only Zones,” like they’ve done in Old Europe. Yet abandoning our urban centers will only make the radical homosexuals lust for more. Soon, they’ll be demanding a national holiday honoring back alley penetration. Next, they’ll force normal people into paying gay reparations. Male pregnancy, nonstop internet pornography, illegal immigration, recruitment into reptilian shapeshifting and hardcore socialism all await a society that succumbs to the militant manwhore agenda.

Will nothing but the second coming of Christ Himself stop these sleazy sadists as they sodomize their way to the complete subjugation of Moral America?

  • Blanche Beecham

    Stephenson, this is such an important message for America. Bless you, for wandering the back alley bottom dens in your tube socks and 11 B.C. sandals just to witness what we cannot. I know these sickos accept your swinging disguise as hipster, but WE know you walk with the man from Galilee.

    I wanted to also note that Clinton is going to be giving out “Hilldoes” to further demoralize Americans. It is time to stock up on batteries so libs looking for a buzzing thrill can’t wander in to the local Dollar Mart and take all the batteries that could be used for Billy and Junie’s Christmas gifts.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I find it rather shocking that no one in the liberal corporate media is talking about what Hillary will do if she steals her way into the Oval Office. We have been so distracted by Benghazi and the Emails that I have begun to wonder if it’s all a false flag to distract us her from true agenda to unleash the hardcore gay agenda on America and your absolutely right that sexual devices will likely be part of her bribery just like those free Obama cellphones and all those Obamacare heath care drugs. I just makes me so outraged to imagine these perverts getting sodomoized on the taxpayers dime!!!!!!!

      • vversatile

        Oh I do hope so

      • ajani

        Take your Meds Bigot.The only person sodomizing America is The Fat Orange Dumb Trump.Trump makes Hillary look like a saint.Madame President Pardons your Ignorance Hate.

        • Bringthelove

          Bless your little heart…

          • Joe Palmer

            Allow me to translate. This is Southern for ” eff you”.

          • Alan Zurvas

            I thought this was satire of some kind. At least he can spell.

          • Joe Palmer

            Yeah, thinking it must be. Even the name “hard dawn” = “hard on”.

          • Alan Zurvas

            Ah huh! well spotted. Phew!

          • Tom Miller

            Beautifully stated

      • J.Z. Slawosky

        Liberal media? You have all long worn-out that carpet. There has not been true liberal media since Nixon wasvin office. 6 companies dominate most of our news /entertainment outlets…t.v.Radio and print. All 6 derive a significant of revenue from the miliatry industrial complex. Do you think anyone of them is going to use their clout to ask the military budget is way too high at 60% of the U.S budget? Hell no. If they were liberal they would at least allow discusion on that. They don’t. They won’t. Other then Mother Jones,the Nation and Utne Reader are the only major avenues liberals have. The rest is middle right to far right. So that liberal media crap works in the right. Such a gullable sort. Fear and anger works effeciantly on them so far. But this election has demonstrated both sides are pissed. When the supporters from the middle wake up and actually listen to their leaders and see that it all cannot be blamed away. Obama ruined the nation. What a load of crap. I don’t know but gad isn’t $5a gallon and no banks have closed down either.

      • Thomas Straley

        Yo. So-called ‘Obama phones’ started with Reagan and became widely used under Bush.

    • blondein_tokyo

      Where exactly can I get one of these Hilldoes? It sounds abfabtabulous!!

      • Tom Miller

        I know right? I want to get one. My boyfriend is a little difficult to take on a regular basis

    • Tom Miller

      You DO realize that this is a Satirical Op-ed piece. Thank you for playing! Bye Felicia!

  • donco6

    LOL! When did you write this? 1975? Polo shirts? It’s hilarious! Sharing!

  • Benjamin Spider

    Once they are done with the tear down process they will build a far better cities. Maybe they than they can work on your complete lack of style afterwards.

  • Tom from NYC

    Thank you for posting this .. it is such an important message to get out to the trusting Americans who think that those homosexuals are normal ans deserving of love.
    By the way: exactly where are some of the places you have done your research on the Man-whores in NYC?
    I have some, ummm, research of my own to conduct.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Hi Tom, thank you for your interest. I actually traveled to Gotham recently and am working on an important expose of the underground liberal culture there. Also, I am a long term expert on the Radical Homosexual Agenda and have dedicated years to pursuing this offensive phenonomon. I consider Peter LaBarbera one of my personal heroes. He regularly travels to the Folsom Street Leather Fair in San Francisco to document the latest manifestations of the hardcore gay underworld. God bless and stay safe out there my friend!

  • J. Bruce Wilcox

    Dear Stephenson Billings. Are you dateable? I do have one single leather jacket. Is that enough? There’s a manly bar just blocks from my Denver art studio. We could meet there. Thanks for your consideration.

  • wayne pannabecker

    Oh I was forced into hiring one of those manwhores. I will never be the same again. Can anyone help?

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Maybe or Macy’s are hiring? That’s where a lot of these folks end up.


  • Ricky

    Curse you, Stephenson Billings!

    You, along with Scooby Doo and those meddling kids have ripped away the mask of our carefully crafted public image. Our painstakingly planned Secret Gay Plan for Global Domination has been prematurely exposed, just as we were poised to take total control.

    But we are not discouraged, and the day will come when all will bow down to the Gay Agenda, and do as they are told. You will stand on the sidewalks, and applaud us as our Gay Pride Festivals passes by, and you will be force to approve. You will sign affidavits declaring that we are normal people, just like you. You will pay those financial reparations without question, comment, or complaint. Yes, it will be shoved down your throats!

    Husbands will be lured away from their wives and families, and taught the unique pleasures of man on man action. Once they’ve sampled gay sex, and learn what one man can do for another, they will lose all interest in women. They will become addicted to Our Way, as one would become dependent on a powerful drug.

    We shall destroy the family unit, and western civilization will fall because of our efforts. So if you think we’ll retreat to the shadows, you’re mistaken. A new day is dawning, and tomorrow belongs to us!

    • J.Z. Slawosky

      And that day is just FABULOUS !

      • Ricky

        Isn’t it just?

        • Alan Zurvas

          The author seems to think about gay sex more than I do (and that’s really saying something). Do you think he is jealous? If he doesn’t like gay sex, perhaps he shouldn’t have any!

          • Ricky

            Alan, I think a lot of straight men envy their gay counterparts because they think we get a lot more sex than they do. They’d do it as often as we do if they could, but women put the brakes on them.

        • Fred Retson

          im gay never heard of an agenda..i just live my life

          • Ricky

            Therein lies the problem, Brother Fred.

            I don’t recall seeing you at any of the weekly meetings at Gay Headquarters. If you had attended, you would’ve received instruction on how to do your part to fulfill the Gay Agenda. You’d understand why we must act with a “hive mentality,” all of us thinking the same thoughts, united in our efforts to destroy the family unit and western civilization.

            I must warn you that unless you toe the line and follow orders, this kind of disobedience could result in the revocation of your Gay Card. This would mean no admittance to gay bars, the loss of your rights to wear drag, and the confiscation of all your Judy Garland records.

            Think about that for awhile.

          • EastCoastJ

            The so-called Gay Agenda has nothing to do with that. It IS suicidal and self-hating at its core though, as most (not all) gay men have worked hard to promote more (homophobic) Muslim immigration into the west. That’s one of the reasons most (again, not all) gay men voted for Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

          • Ricky

            Despite the levity of my earlier posts, you can believe me when I tell you that the gay agenda consists of just one thing: equality. Nothing more is wanted, and nothing less will suffice.

            There is nothing suicidal or self-hating about it, and your claim of most gay men working hard to promote Muslim immigration is absolute nonsense.

            While many people believe in helping immigrants fleeing war or persecution, this has long been a core American value. The people who have been placed in the most danger by current examples of war and religious intolerance come from predominantly Muslim countries like Syria and Iraq.

            Democratic voters tend to be more empathetic to others than most conservatives are, so it’s no surprise that most people who vote democratic gave their votes to Hillary Clinton.

            People warned of dire consequences if Irish immigrants were allowed to come to the US to escape famine in the 1840’s, but history shows it was nothing more than bigots using scare tactics to maintain their social and economic position. The same thing as people like you invoking a strawman argument of Muslim hordes imposing Sharia Law on Americans and murdering white Christians with their scimitars.

    • R. Meijer

      but, what should I wear ? 😉

  • Jason Andrew Smith

    Well I am so happy the writer ventured into the gay world..well this part of our gay world. Their sheer observance and new obsession to this long running tradition…is comical. Also perhaps they are fighting a hunger..and watch out…we all know what happens when a new queer or old queer jumps out of the closet. They become everything they wrote about. I mean he does collect soda bottles…

    Anyway journalist, I wish you luck and with trojan power might you be safe with your new lease on life.

    Until then…this is old arent to much of a journalist if you think this all just started.

    • Michael Pettine III


  • LAguy323

    These salacious tales of rampant sodomy have disturbed me so much. I am compelled to say the full rosary now, to cleanse my soul of this wickedness. However, I can’t remember where I put my rosary beads… I had them wrapped around my wrist last week when I was fisting … was it Julio or Juan? I can’t remember.

  • J.Z. Slawosky

    Is this the Onion? That is the dumbest yet, most hilarious thing I have read in sometime. Poppers is a powerful drug? Boy are you clueless… that it seduces straight men into sodomy was particularly priceless!. If anything a after the 90 seconds this “drug” lasts it is more likely give you a headache/

    You seemed to miss the one thing that would have made this piece of bullshit believable. Crystal Meth, Tina, Ice, Shard, Chris, or Clear. That would have been the story somewhat accurate.{ You blew it on that one! You focused on booze and pot} Meth is a very serious problem. it is also associated with promiscuity. As it is with the straight population. Since there are many more straight people with children being born addicted to Meth. You would have to write about that.

    While i am on the subject. You and families/ Hypocrites! You and your Bible thumpers all shutting down Womens Clinics. So ironic how few of you who are out there against abortion, are willing to adopt these children. No one wants that problem especially you and yours…oh and the Bible belt has all the highest rates for teen age pregnancy, Incest, VD, Syphilis, HIV, Porn viewing, arrests for Prostitution and gun violence. Yet we are to follow your advice/? Oh hell no you are running things into the ground.Check out the CDC and any credible source go Google or Bing for yourself. You will see I am telling you the truth. But we all know how truth and facts are with most of you . Suddenly you all became hippies and feel things are bad. No evidence but you feel it so it must be true..

    As for this article I knew it was phony when you wrote about “hairy chested go go dancers” Pal, there has been no hair on any male stripper since the Village People ruled the dance charts! So that I think this is all in your very horny homo lust filled mind.(You are hot and filthy) Dude you really are so clueless. But you are slightly better then that turgid writer of 50 shades of gravy. Why is it all these straight guys know so much about Homosexual acts. Their likes, dislikes, ways and sexual proclivities.. down to such detail as you did here. You are so obsessed with it! Begs the question.. what were you doing in these bars? Where you in a jockstrap? Are you a pitcher? I am thinking you are more of a bottom. No doubt a total “Mitch” a male bitch. A power bottom is a possibility. No doubt you knew what each and every word was therel didn’t you .
    Later Felcia .

    Now go buys some EDM and boogie oogie away. Thanks for the laugh. I must get this to F,A,G Headquarters so it can be socially media out. Add it on to our ever growing cult The to the secret hotline that only Gay and Lesbians know. Tranny and other trans have their own line. Yes we agenda and are organized to take over,, Yes this country is about to be fung shui. Your clothes will be picked out. Resistance is futile you will be made over and be fabulous!

    • Bringthelove

      Gurl, proofread before posting!

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    This reminds me so much of those dangerous biker gangs my parents used to warn me about. Sad how Obama just gave these wack jobs free rain to run all over our cities and terrorize innocent old grandmothers like that.

    • Aaron Smith

      “Free rain”

      How much does rain usually cost?

      • Stephenson_Billings

        She meant “free reign”. Give her a break Aaron and don’t be such a fussy nag for crying out loud!

        • Joe Palmer

          Rein, not reign nor rain.

          • Stephenson_Billings

            I see you’re jumping right on the pile there, Joe. You probably have a lot of practice with that…

          • Joe Palmer

            Hahahahahahahaha! You’d like to think your imagination about me is true.

          • Stephenson_Billings

            Just between us guys, how many orgies have you seen?

          • Joe Palmer

            Sweetie! Such a perv you are!

          • MARRIEDandGAY

            myself, ive seen and BEEN in thousands,, one just today actually,, too bad you didnt make it,, you would be writing a completely different story if you had been here

          • Abba Scodilli

            Lookit! The Holy Triad protects its own… You tell him, Master B!

    • Mr-DJ

      Um lady you are in the wrong place if you thought that was for real. LOL. That was a fictional short story of a dystopian future. Not a news story! I mean – SERIOUSLY? You couldn’t tell within 1st couple of lines? Bless you heart!

    • Michael Pettine III

      Obama? Wtf ??It’s true when they say ..The crazies are these living next door,working at the next desk and having lunch with us. Oh my oh my…run run dave yourselves from the Democrats and liberals. Ooooo were so scared!

  • Steven Diedesch

    I had a friend in high school, straight-A student, God-fearing white boy. Blond hair, blue eyes. Very pure. Then, one fateful day, some troublemakers peer-pressured him to try the devil’s lettuce. The next time I saw him, he was wearing nothing but a black leather thong, aviator sunglasses and a leather cap with a slender oriental boy on a leash who kept calling him “Daddy” and touching his nipples.

    Them liberal hippies will tell you all about how that jazz cabbage will open your mind.
    Oh, it will open your mind, alright.
    Open it to the Devil!

    • Blanche Beecham

      I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from concerned parents, gentlemen bachelors and dedicated teen mentors that begin with hope and cleanliness of a great young person only to end in the filth of some broke-down flop house, a stained mattress and marijuana needles littering the crunchy carpet. We need more for our young people than aviator sunglasses and puffing with Satan.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        I love it when you give the kids straight up testimony, Blanche! I just want to shout Hallelujah!

      • J.Z. Slawosky

        Marijuana needles? That was preciously stupid. Cannot figure whether you are tongue in cheek there or serious.

        • Abba Scodilli

          Blanche thinks you inject it. She won’t listen when you let her know its smoked. She is a weirdo… So’s Billings. You should try looking em up on facebook, its rather disturbing…

      • davids64

        “Marijuana needles”

        Yeah, that is a really big problem, I hear: Intravenous injection of marijuana. It’s destroying our nation!!!

      • Joel

        Marijuana needles? That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read.

    • davids64

      “Devil’s Lettuce”? “Jazz Cabbage”?

      That’s too funny! I’m definitely stealing both of those.

  • Taylor

    From your description, it appears that young man in your logo, is a manwhore! Did you recruit him off the streets of Williamsburg for your cause?

    • Stephenson_Billings

      You certainly sound like you know a little too much about cruising Lorimer after midnight, jonesing for those scruffy street corner ruffians smoking that “Mary”and looking for alleyway action, young man! For shame!

      • Taylor

        Sweetie, my comment was based on your description. The city I live in doesn’t have a street called Lorimer, so no, I know nothing about cruising it after midnight. However, it appears that you might have some experience at doing so.

        Is there something you want to get off your chest and confess to us?

        • Stephenson_Billings

          I AM NOT HOMOSEXUAL!!!!

          • Taylor

            Of course you’re not dear, I would never accuse you of that. You’re just a married straight guy who gets drunk ocassionally with your buddies, plays strip poker with them, and ends up sucking their cocks.

            There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!!

          • Stephenson_Billings

            Wait, what?

          • Taylor

            Don’t be coy, sugar. You know exactly what I’m talking about (wink) (wink).

          • Sean McLaughlin

            He better not be right! We look up to you here!!!!

          • Abba Scodilli


          • Joe Palmer


          • Abba Scodilli


          • Joe Joseph

            No you aren’t, you just take it up the butt in the name of undercover journalism. What a professional.

      • Abba Scodilli

        Look who’s talkin’! You seem to know many things you should not. Are you sure your anus hasn’t been ravaged by any manwhores?

  • Gary

    Be real . All men , straight , gay, bi, closeted, married, political leaders , Priests , we’re all MANWHORES . Some will choose to not act on it but it’s in our thoughts often . LOL.

  • Gary

    And if I had children , you Mr. Stephenson Billings would not be allowed to ” entertain ” them .

  • PedroP

    Damn! I’d like to go head to head with that guy in the first photo! He could swap me around his manwhore bars any night of the week!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Please DO NOT turn our website into your own personal manwhore grinder, okay champ?

      • Joe Palmer

        Don’t want competition?

  • michael_carr

    Isn’t this the disco ball being unloaded right now? Or another virulent strain of ugly that needs to be suppressed?

  • Sean McLaughlin

    (see my report on anal bleaching). This was the funniest part of the whole article. Didn’t click on the link, but just the idea of someone making a full report on anal bleaching… lol This site is just too much! lol

    • Stephenson_Billings

      It’s a fabulous read!

  • Thad R Moorland

    You are aware that Stephenson Billings is a textbook narcissist, and that this is completely fictitious? It’s only a matter of time before his gatherings will be sipping the Kool Aid.

    • Why do you have a picture of a broken dollhead ?
      Looks evil.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        This armchair “pyschologist” (if you believe in that sort of thing) probably likes playing with dead dolls in his spare time.

      • Thad R Moorland

        It is evil. And it bites, It got possessed one Ouija Night. I’m what is known as fun and deeply seductive.

  • Ronald Reagan is Dead!

    Where do you live Stephenson, I would be happy to start a chapter of ”

    Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual “Manwhores”” or at the very least buy the property next to yours.

  • Dazza

    I, for one, welcome our Gay Overlords and look forward to being a high ranking officer in their gay army. If I must enslave other heterosexuals and force them to become anal anarchists more the better. Anything to appease our Supreme Manwhore Leader….and I do mean anything….

  • Dok Rok

    I have not read something with this high a level of weapons-grade stupidity in a long time. Well done. The ignorance is strong in this one.

  • chinangel

    well i don’t know about anyone else, but I’m turned on.

  • chinangel

    now that’s hot.

  • Gabe B

    It’s the liberal media!!!

  • Brian Kenny

    HA! John Waters would LOVE this article. ANYONE who takes this seriously should come sit next to ME! (Im the one in a thong)

  • Alec Sophianopoulos

    Fuck yeah! Where can I get my hands on some manwhores? I am all over that maximum sodomy thing.


  • Steve Davies

    Please could you give the addresses of these dens of sodomy. They sound like the perfect weekend break.

  • Justo Ricardo Uribe Valdivieso

    What kind of Research did you do to write this filthy piece ??? Do you need some Pomade ??? Bwahahaha !!! This hate inducing article is really Comical !!! Dude… Stop Sniffing on those Poppers !!!

  • Joe Joseph

    Well I must not be living in a large enough metropolis to have ever seen these fab-fighting wicked warriors. Too bad really, because when I was younger I would have fit right in. But now that I’m in my mid forties, I guess I will have to settle for being one of these highly valued “sugar daddies”. In fact, you could have that little snack-boy in the photo with the head band and underwear just delivered right to my house so I can get an early start on a summer filled with callipygian glory. Please deliver via parcel post to 1469 Kornholia Hwy, Madison WI.

  • This article is so damn hot!!! It got me rock-hard just thinking about all those slutty men. Fuck yes!!

  • Daniepwils

    Those damn homosexuals have to ruin back alley fun for the rest of us straight men!

  • John Yohalem

    I think you are very unjust to an entire segment of the gay agenda — the “grannies,” or guys who sip tea and wear old lace sewn to their jockstraps and listen to old Irish and Yiddish melodies on the Victrola in the evening and sip still more tea (camomile this time — the caffeine was making me horny) and who are out in the evenings IN FORCE attending Gilbert & Sullivan revivals and some of the less revealing ballets. We are all very titillated by what you write, but it can’t be good for our blood pressure. What would Queen Victoria do? And would she do it with that Scots “ghillie” or the Muslim “mufti”?

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Now that’s fascinating, John! I will certainly keep an eye out for these types! I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit using the urinals during intermission at the opera so I must say, I’ve always had some suspicions that elderqueers were a grave threat to the turgid manhood of folks like myself! You’d be shocked at how many videos there are with the tag “Daddy” on certain homo-erotic streaming channels, as well. Just saying!

  • Elgran Reyes

    Damn, dudes, and I just wanted to find out where these “man whores” hang out. I thought you were serious. Could we get a few listings for the best clubs where these things are happening? It isn’t fair to kid about such things!

  • Michael Wolkiewicz

    OMG! This pack of lies is WAY to funny!! Thank you so much for the entertainment!!!

  • Louie

    Hahahaha…. you are fucking SICK! Take one of your soda bottles and shove it up your wrinkled ass.

  • Dean Cameron

    Sounds like a Straight Person wrote this!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thanks bud!

  • latinpop

    You couldn’t sound hungrier for cock. Well done.


      I’m hungry for cock 24 / 7
      does it cycle now?

  • ErnestSewell

    Someone’s hungry for dick.

  • john macleod

    ROTFLMAO..where do I join???? I’ve been gay for 68 years…People actually believe this shit.????????
    .I’ve been married to the same man for 30 years..better than most of the people here who are on marriage #?

  • Tommy Bendall

    This is the funniest thing I have read in ages. I loved the Reptilian shapeshiftingthe best! The Bio as well for the author, so funny jajajajajaja (laughs in Spanish). In answer to the end of the article- we’ll take Christmas as our national holiday, I’m totally up for reperations, Male pregnancy you guys are SO funny, the Internet is for porn, legalise immigration and YAY HARDCORE SOCIALISM!!!

  • Chris L Hough

    This was a hilarious read. Thank you for this.

  • When you’re so deep in the closet you get your wifi signal from Narnia…

  • Sounds like fun! I just wasted a whole weekend I guess, missing out.

    Where can I buy this bleach?

  • Mike Feinerman

    Can I volunteer for the position of Gay Reparations Distribution Czar?

  • Sub cub

    Tell me where, so I can join the club!