Sharon Horgan’s New Drama “Catastrophe” Exposes Cultural Marxism’s Obsession With Destroying Traditional Marriage

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

Horgan and Delaney unmask the raw futility of modern matrimony.

“I’m just so unhappy!” a character laments about her marriage on the new drama Catastrophe in what has to be the most brutally honest moment of American television I’ve seen all year. It’s crucial and completely exhausting. All the devastation of modern love is laid bare in that brief scene. This woman, played by the indomitable Eileen Walsh, is so wrecked by her loveless husband and her excrement-smeared children, she can’t even cry. And so she drinks. She drinks in some misguided hope that she’ll find utter annihilation. But that sweet justice does not come. Instead, she feels the sharp edge of misery evermore. A misery we all share.

This is just one of the many places in Catastrophe where I felt I really couldn’t take it. The show, created by Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney and now streaming on Amazon Prime, is simply too naked in its ambition. The story concerns a 30-something American man who impregnates a British woman on a one-night stand. They decide to raise the child together in London and the six episodes follow their quirky escapades as their marriage day approaches.

Yet that marriage is just an afterthought for this couple. They did not sail toward that special day with beautiful plans after years of courtship and months of planning. No, it is a union of convenience, a partnership of sudden needs and short-term solutions. Without any real way to communicate, these would-be lovers constantly harass each other with vile insults. More often than not, they can’t help but openly despise each other.

An icon of

A tragic icon for the contemporary crisis of love.

Most viewers will recognize this as the real face of marriage in our current age. So many are wed because of ridiculous circumstances, whether it be pregnancy or the need for health care, a roof over one’s head, or even the misguided belief that maybe after time you’ll find a genuine connection with that foul-smelling carcass of bitterness that flops down in our bed at night, swatting his pillow with a fat, sweaty hand while a gastric symphony erupts beneath the sheets. And then that ugly halogen street light creeps beneath your curtains and sirens tear through the air as you pray that the Ambien takes effect before you really start thinking about the perpetual misery of your life.

Yes, again misery! Why is it such misery to be bound to someone who only grows to hate you more each day? You have long forsaken the idea of soulful love, and surely intercourse. It’s simply too grotesque to imagine that sour hairy mass chafing your body. The spitting, the grunting, all now just a memory from your first month of “wedded bliss.” Sometimes you’ll watch him as he stumbles to the bathroom, those thickening rolls of fat at his sides, the grim crack of his buttocks, the blotchy elbows, the strangely shiny bald spot. You might wonder if he still has the urge. You might wonder if he hides himself away in the bathroom to masturbate over his grimy little laptop. It’s a horror to think of his moaning, unshaven face, the yellow teeth, his plump hand groping an angry stub until he climaxes with that obnoxious passive-aggressive sigh of his. Then it’s our best guest hand towels mopping up a beer belly dripping in tacky fluids. I’ll find the crusty mess in the hamper tomorrow. And when I smell it, it will reek of stale urine and his even staler dreams.

Well, that’s what the Cultural Marxists wanted! They hate the idea of marriage and faith and anything sacred. Homosexuals, marijuana, polygamy, Obamacare… They’ll send anything our way to undermine the American nuclear family. Traditional, loving Christian home life was the foundation of our society for centuries. The leftists know this and they’re on the assault! If Catastrophe has taught me anything, it’s that the Brave New World of matrimony is hellscape of eternal failure and frustration and why bother to have even a shred of hope?


  • Cassidy Pen

    The far left will not rest until they’ve destroyed the family unit and everyone is as miserable as are they.

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      And I’m getting there, thank you Mr Obama!

  • Stephenson_Billings

    Thank you for this Kaylee. I don’t have this cable station but it sounds like a very sad show. And i wouldn’t want to give the wife any ideas! But thank you none the less. I always appreciate your sincere wriitng style. I guess liberals will do anything to flaunt there agenda.

  • Blanche Beecham

    It used to be that a couple would be a man and woman or teen both from wealthy families or families of merit that conjoined in Matrimony to consolidate estates or even form alliances that maybe started great dynasties.

    And now we have this, the lost souls “getting married” for all the wrong reasons and then expecting happiness to fall on them like splattered wishes from the cloaca of wedding doves. These young women want to walk down the aisle of a CHURCH in a strapless gown, her jiggly-jugs wiggling like jello shots at the reception and don’t think about 30 years from now when those same things will gt caught in a waistband if she’s not careful and does arm exercises every morning.

    There is just too much sex and not enough getting to know a person emphasized in marriage today because that is the real agenda – Everybody wants married so they get a free ride from the government on taxes, but the working man pays for all the bigger government!
    I am about ready to move to Canada!

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      I so appreciate your thoughts, BB! Yes marriage is a real sham today because so many people just don’t care and I think this is what the liberal media really wants. No wonder it’s all x-rated filthy anyway and xombie shows which really make me angry. I mean, come on this stuff is pure occult and that’s not good for children!

  • This is so funny my whole tight bodey is laughing.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      There’s nothing funny about the death of the American dream, friend.

  • Ross Archer

    Very entertaining. Thanks for the hilarious lunacy.

  • Anatoly Zackov

    So sad to see Marijuana addled youth being led astray by the socialist menace. I can only pray that Jesus will return to Earth, and through his power the UN building will collapse with everyone inside. Then by his continued grace, patriots in helicopters could strafe the survivors.

  • Rik Myslewski

    Okay, I was suckered in by your Scalia article, and I was even dumb enough to have believed that this site represented the bat-shit-crazy element of the good ol’ U.S. of A.. Ooops .. I now have realized that I fell clumsily and fully for a deeply and convincingly concealed steaming heap of satire.

    You got me — nobody could be quite this insane. Close, maybe …