The Seductive Immorality of Telescopes

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

Does the spiritual isolation of big cities encourage unethical acts like voyeurism?

Recently, a major New York City newspaper reported that sales of telescopes have been skyrocketing. According to the article, inhabitants of that northern metropolis have developed a passion for peering out into the night. But it’s not the heavens that they’re gazing at. No, pollution and urban lights make that all but impossible. Rather, they’ve acquired a taste for peeping at their neighbors. The problem has been made even worse by all the glass skyscrapers with their million-dollar minimalist condominiums. It seems that the one thing that isn’t trendy up there is curtains!

In most places peeping toms would be arrested. But the sad fact is that many urban people actually enjoy being watched from afar. They’re exhibitionists and for them, it’s a sexual thrill to have some creep from down the street leer as you shave your legs in the shower. But just because some folks wants you to spy on them, that doesn’t make it right!

In big cities, it’s so easy to get alienated from your families. Many are simply far away from the communities they were brought up in. They’ve lost their faith along the way, too. Without moral checks and balances, voyeurism with a big phallic telescope is simply another hobby for the liberal. The sleazy culture of the metropolis encourages just this sort of ethical isolation.

Outside of cities, we have a whole different obsession with peeping. In Hawaii, for example, the government has just announced plans for a massive “Thirty Meter Telesscope” paid for with a blank check from the taxpayers. The stated purpose of this billion-dollar boondoggle is to “peer back in time,” according to scientific officials. They hope to prove that our galaxy was created by the “Big Bang” theory and that God is dead. They’ve even got several socialist countries like Canada enlisted in this outrageous extravaganza.

Hawaii's "30 Meter Telescope" in graphically sexual, it's an insult to God.

Hawaii’s “30 Meter Telescope” is not only plagued by sexual suggestion, it’s an insult to God.

But should taxpayer money really be spent on such a prejudicial pursuit? Does the U.S. government really have a right to assault the foundational faith of her people with biased science? What are the immediate economic benefits to this sort of sexually suggestive fleshy pink orb? We’re not going to invent a new lunchmeat or iPhone because of this research, that much is clear.

Hawaiians are naturally outraged by this blatantly anti-American, anti-Christian seizure of private property. They’ve been protesting all over the island and the national media is beginning to take notice. Giant telescopes of this kind are poor symbols of our nation. They suggest that we don’t trust God, that we want to peep at the inner workings of his grand creation. Do we really think we have that right?

The lure of telescopes is seductive, but this is certainly not something we, as a society, should encourage. Shop owners should ask themselves whether they feel morally justified in selling these devices. Christians should boycott any business that engages in this conduct. As for the giant science telescopes, they are not just corrupt taxpayer waste, they are an insult to America’s sacred faith. When you allow liberal college professors and Canadian socialists access to such fraud, you are legitimizing their power to push radical atheism on our children. Is that a risk we are really willing to take?