Could Secretary of State Sarah Palin Finally Bring Peace to the Middle East?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

palinheroWith oil prices collapsing, the crisis in the Middle East is now more urgent than ever. The Saudis are losing their foothold. Iran has been emboldened by Barack Obama’s apologetic gestures. Syria invites the Russian hand, and Putin dreams of rebuilding his foreign policy bona fides. Elsewhere, Pakistan and Israel and Turkey are facing defining moments. ISIS seems unstoppable. The future of this region is in grave peril and the only constant is the threat of all out warfare.

The United States has long played a fateful role in the Arab’s homeland dilemma. We were thrust into that position in the post-WWII years and haven’t looked back since. It’s the necessity of the paramount superpower to guide the lesser nations towards peace, and maybe even democracy some day. To that end, we have spent enormous resources in flesh and finances securing some degree of tenuous stability amongst these ever-mistrustful nations.

Has that been our Christian duty? Most experts would agree that it rarely feels like a crusade of righteousness. No, the Middle East has been a tragedy that only spirals downward. The American public receives no glory, no gratitude for all the moral investment made in those once-sacred lands. Even Israel turns its back on our mission to illuminate their plight.

America has long carried the Middle East's burden.

America has long carried the Middle East’s burden.

With Barack Obama’s reign finally heading toward its twilight, a precious new opportunity arises. There is hope in some quarters, a hope that a conservative executive in the Oval Office can restart the peace process. We have an immediate need to correct the criminal legacy of Secretary’s Clinton and Kerry. If the polls are correct and we see a Trump or a Cruz or even a Rubio in the White House in 2017, the Middle East will beckon a fresh vision.

There is an unmistakable power to Governor Sarah Palin’s faith. She shares it with everyone who comes into contact with her. It is a brilliant, glowing thing expressed throughout her life. Palin was one of the most important and memorable governors in recent Alaskan history. She was a groundbreaking national campaigner in 2008. Since then, she has been ahead of the curve of every major political sea change from the Tea Party to Donald Trump. And she still has so much more to give.

As a sophisticated strategist and philosophical visionary, Palin has the necessary leadership skills to triumph on the international stage. She has earned the respect of leaders around the world, from Vladimir Putin to Turkey’s Erdoğan. At home, she is revered as one of our nation’s greatest national treasures. The people will certainly demand a vital position for her in the coming Republican administration after all she has sacrificed for us.

Could Palin shed light on this darkened land?

Could Palin shed light on this darkened land?

There is simply no one else like here on the global stage today. Her honesty is as bracing as it is beautiful. She speaks eloquently of her passions and her patriotism. There is an unmistakable grace to her intellect. It is deft, defying the fashionable sarcasms and pettiness of our media age. And when she speaks to the heartland, the heartland listens. No one commands the respect on both sides of the aisle that Palin does. She is a phenomenon that spreads beyond party lines. That bodes particularly well for the divided Middle East.

Sarah’s special dedication to Christ may make her mission to this ancient land a sacred calling. It’s hard not to be awed by her presence and that could surely be an asset when addressing radical terror. If we are to understand the Bible correctly, we must see that Islam’s notion cannot have a stranglehold over the Arab peninsula forever. As the End Times approach, only a truly significant presence can break that spell. Could Palin be the one? Could she lead the huddling masses of Arabs into the bosom of true faith?

Only time will tell, but surely wherever Sarah Palin goes, the people will follow.


  • Yes.

  • Cassidy Pen

    Sarah Palin would make a great SoS. She’s the heartbeat of traditional America.

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      Absolutely agree! She really does “get it” unlike Hillary and the rest of those liberals. The governor will really help get America great again and I[m excited because the polls show Trump in a landslide and it will feel so good to walk down the street knowing America is in the power of Christians and Conservatives once again!

      • Kathy Kelly

        Trump is not a Christian or a conservative. He is lying through his teeth to sell his ‘brand.’ He has been calculating this move to enrich himself even further for years.

  • Blanche Beecham

    Governor Palin is a lightening bolt for freedom everywhere she goes. No one is more gifted at drawing out hidden agendas and communicating to those interested in listening. I truly believe we need a faithful woman leading us into the next age.

    • Messinger

      Yes, she is indeed a “lightening bolt” unfortunately it is for incoherence and demagoguery. This rocket scientists thought Africa was a “country.” When do we learn the continents , in the 4th grade? That is a dumb bridge too far. That psychotic verbal goulash she emitted trying to endorse Trump made even him looked pained. I fear for you if this is your salvation.

      • Kathy Kelly


      • Richard


  • Larry P.

    The Lord works in mysterious ways. He went home to Jesus and we will wait to agree or not with our president’s nominee. The nation cannot lose its third branch of governance for at least one year. For the sake of the Union we will all long for a centrist nominee that has no political or social agenda such that key issues before the bench can be resolved. To seek gridlock and immobilize the bench is akin to aiding and abetting our enemies who would love nothing more than to see the USA suffering through self imposed infighting.

    • Kathy Kelly


  • Annon

    Palin? Really? The dumbest politician in the Conservative arena (which is saying something within the USA)?


    Oh my God, xDDDDDD

    • Kathy Kelly

      OMG, is right.

  • Jerry

    With such skill in diplomacy you will be able to see Russia from your backyard and the Middle East from your front yard.

  • Solargrain

    sorry, don’t know how I got here.

    • zaphod1

      neither does she!

  • disqus_vSZmOBXdho

    Bwaaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaa! Oh the idiot splendor of it all

  • Kathy Kelly

    Is this for real? Are you people kidding?

  • shizane

    Ridiculous. You people are all too stupid to realize this is satire. You’re all worthless and weak.

    • Janet Coffin

      Really, is that necessary? I think you are a small minded individual without much of significance to say. Resorting to insults is not necessary and shows that you are not at all interested in advancing any kind of dialogue.

      • shizane

        This isn’t dialogue genius, it’s satire, a string of one absurdity after another designed to draw out people so inured of the imbecilic rantings of right wing media that not only do you not recognize you’re being trolled, you actually try to engage in what passes for substantive discourse on the subject with those of your ilk. You’re an embarrassment to logic and reason.

        • Stefan

          Thank you, hilarious they are so hopelessly stupid the young don’t know they were played

        • Stefan

          Hilarious the herd too stupid to realize they were had

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Hilarious. If you actually had a solid counterpoint to make to my argument you would have said it. Instead you liberals dissemble and resort to ad hominen attacks. No wonder the Middle East has descended into chaos at the hands of your “democrat” parties and its failed notions of social justice.

      • shizane

        If you actually know what dissemble means then you can rest assured I am not doing it. My disdain for people who treat this stuff as serious is as real and honest as can be. As for what you call ad hominem attacks, my statements would only be ad hominem if there was a legitimate argument being made rather than a giant steaming pantload of nonsense designed to make stupid people look stupid. Bravo, mission accomplished.

    • Agent Smith

      Is that a pledge pin your wearing?

  • Joseph Sarria

    She stated that she personally would meet with mistet AlQueida, to set him straight

  • BobN

    My God you have no sense of reality!!
    Please stop the genetic flaw now, do not have kids.

  • Mr. Stockman

    Please tell me this is satire. Sarah Palin is one of the dumbest people to ever exist. Thankfully she never became Vice-President.

  • suckitreligion

    All anyone need do is look at the exemplary job $arah did as a mother to realize that she would have similar results as SoS . Tramp , Brisket , Wallow , Pie Hole and Twig . Imagine the courage of this half-term Governor and failed VP candidate raising her Murican Patriot spawn as we approach the end times ! She is just the person to negotiate with foreign diplomats as to how we hasten Armageddon .You go $arah !

  • pirato

    Can she bring peace in a place that she doesn’t know exists? LOL. She’ll probably see the Middle East as being next to Mid-West America. You heard the joke about the genie, the old man and the wish? Google it, if you haven’t. Americans haven’t even ‘followed’ Sarah Palin, talk less of the Arab world. World politics is not ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ (the one-season reality show)

  • calvet

    OK, this site is run by Saturday Night Live, right? Someone is gonna tell us we’ve been punked, right? If this site is legit some of you are on some serious drugs and need to sing up for rehab Pronto!

  • Brian Leslie


  • Johnny Johnboy

    This website is really weird and stupid.

  • Jocelyn

    I thought this was satire. I can’t believe people take it seriously.

  • Stefan

    Estefan M San Martin
    November 16 at 11:39pm ·
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  • Stefan

    You imbeciles don’t know satire when you read it? Palin is a imbecile emeritus
    Queen of idiots. She is also in