RuPaul’s Drag Race is Luring Kids Into the Dangerous World of Illuminati Shape-Shifting

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
RuPaul styles herself as an Illuminati princess and will stop at nothing pursuing the dark agenda of gender destruction.

RuPaul styles herself as an Illuminati princess who will stop at nothing to pursue the dark agenda of gender destruction.

Beauty pageants once meant something important in America. They showcased our little girls as they first reached out for that weighty baton of adulthood, their bare ankles quivering with excitement. But now that cherished image is under attack. It is being trampled by the liberal media in the slimy back alley of our culture known as political correctness.

What is ruining the dreams of so many precious angels, you ask? It is none other than the cable television program, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Drag Race is a brutal look at the underground world of radical homosexuality. Hosted by a lanky female serpent by the name of RuPaul, the show is one of the most controversial reality series around today. Each week, the gays compete in a “beauty pageant” for lavish prizes. To win, these men must bury their faces in makeup and adorn extravagant outfits dripping in sequins. Thus attired, a man becomes what is known as a “drag queen” in secret homosexual slang. These drag men are then forced upon a stage where they jump and gyrate to the intoxicated shrieks of a panel of bickering banshees. Whoever manages to sexually arouse these jaundiced judges– through feats of extraordinary depravity– is declared the winner.

It goes without saying that Drag Race is incredibly graphic. Often we are shown “behind the scenes” shots of these girls in their dressing rooms. Sometimes they are topless. Contestant Hennedy Davenport— one of the show’s most raunchy and rambunctious– flaunts her cleavage every time there is a cameraman within striking distance. Innocent little Violet likes to show off her not-so-innocent derrière in full view of the audience. And the perennially persnickety Pearl can’t quite shake off the musk of last night’s Brooklyn bondage scene that viewers inhale every time she deigns to appear on screen.

"Queen" Elizabeth II and "Queen" Violet.

Both “Queen” Elizabeth II and “Queen” Violet have a fierce taste for extravagance that masks a reptilian cunning.

Encouraging the worst of it all is a tall African-American by the name of Ruben. The man loves to drop in with the cameras just as the contestants’ knickers drop. Lest there be any doubt that this show is pure pornography, Ruben is accompanied by a troupe of male lap dancers known as the “Armpit Crew.” If one is to believe the internet rumors of contestant Ginger Minj’s tawdry affair with one of these sweaty young hustlers, the erotic action of Drag Race is often so disturbing that entire orgies must be cut from the show to keep the censors from canceling the program altogether.

Gay Agenda/Illuminati Connection

But Drag Race is much more than a Gay Agenda plot to lure the heterosexual population into hardcore sodomy. By assaulting patriotic Christendom with seductively sensual transgenderism, the show is opening the door to much, much worse. Some may dismiss my panic here, but few would deny that we are living in an age when the 1% is seeking to enslave us. Few will deny that the mainstream media is one of the most powerful tools in the global elite’s arsenal. And few will deny that RuPaul– always trending on Twitter, continually dominating cable ratings and now working on her own Hollywood blockbuster– is part of the new ruling party of the global media elite, otherwise known as the Illuminati.

It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that RuPaul ends each show with the ancient Freemasonic incantations of “Shan-te” and “Sa-che,” both of which are prayers spoken in the original Coptic and meant to invoke the Illuminati god of enchantment, Isis.

So what does seductively sensual transgenderism mean in the hands of the Illuminati? This is a difficult question to answer because there is so much false flag disinformation out there jamming the frequencies of truth. If we are to believe the countless astronauts, Air Force pilots, military generals and astronomers who have testified under oath that our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials, it only stands to reason that they would want to control the human population in some secret way. Many believe that this is why the Illuminati is shrouded in such mystery, to hide the true shape-shifting nature of those whole rule our planet.

Michelle Visage, Backstage Ruben, Illuminati

Clockwise from top left: Michelle Visage, Backstage Ruben, subliminal Illuminati pyramid flashed into episodes, hipster heartthrob Pearl, the erotic go-go boys of the show.

Blurring the Lines of Sex and Species

It is no coincidence that shape-shifting is the very premise of Illuminati serpent RuPaul’s highly subliminal television series. Simply put, shape-shifting is the ability to change one’s form from male to female, from innocent boy to sexual provocateur, and finally, from reptile to human. Many experts theorize that the extraterrestrials who rule Earth are actually interdimensional lizards who use shape-shifting to hide their true reptilian nature. Analysts have classified many Illuminati leaders as actual reptiles, including Queen Elizabeth II, Henry Kissinger and newly crowned Draco, Leonard Nimoy. This unassailable evidence seems to suggest that Drag Race is an attempt to infect the media with viral images of shape-shifting sex vixens to make complete alien domination more comprehensible for the human race.


• Technologically Advanced: Aliens species are believed to possess science far beyond our comprehension, just as radical homosexuals tend to be the most technologically advanced subculture around, whether it be owning the latest iPhone, or multitasking various platforms simultaneously (Grinder, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tumblr and PornHub).

• View Humans as Inferior: Sarcasm is a vital part of the drag queen persona as promoted by RuPaul and this certainly conforms to what experts have gleamed about the Illuminati. They are quick to give “shade” to lesser creatures, insulting everything from a poorly calcified collagen endoskeleton to the chartreuse silk you wore to the Dillard’s afterparty.

• Live Underground: Just as the Illuminati has erected massive deep-earth bunkers all over the world, the gays have a vast network of underground discos, dungeons and dive bars stretching from Bushwick to Belgrade.

• Associate Through Secret Societies: The Illuminati uses the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove and the Council on Foreign Relations to name a few, while homosexuals have organizations such as GLAAD, CraigsList, Adam4Adam and the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

• Extremely Versatile: One of the sexual attractions of the transgendered is their erogenous flexibility. In homosexual slang, this means they can be “tops” or “bottoms,” penetrators or recipients. As pansexual interdimensional shape-shifting beings, reptilian elitists are also experts in the Karma Sutra and can twist themselves into literally hundreds of different erotic positions on a single dose of MDMA.

Ginger Minjj (left) channels Anton LeVay, leader of the Church of Satan.

Ginger Minjj (left) channels Anton LeVay, former leader of the Church of Satan.

The Holocaust of Heterosexuality 

In the final analysis, we must conclude that the sudden thrust of cross-dressing, drag queens and transgenderism in our media shows that the Gay Agenda will stop at nothing to lure heterosexuals into that musky dungeon of sodomistic desire. But more than that, it also reveals the crucial link between radical homosexuality and the Illuminati. If anything, programs like Drag Race prove that the Illuminati is not only a threat to our culture of faith and family, but that suspicions of the global elite’s hidden reptilian nature are demonstrably true. One need only look closely at such drag queens as Michelle Visage or Violet Chachi on the RuPaul show to suss out the cruel, cold-blooded lizard that lurks behind the eyes of the Illuminati elite.

Do we yet know what the Illuminati plans to do with its drag queen militia? Looking at RuPaul’s latest recruits, it’s not hard to imagine Katya or Max or Miss Fame as stiletto-booted camp guards of heterosexuality’s ultimate holocaust. Or maybe it’s Jayden and Kandy as the strong-hipped hosts of alien sperm, some day bouncing future Bilderbergers on their knees. Or will tukhus temptress Violet be raised up on a throne before us, crowned the new high priestess of the church of flaming libidos, to be worshipped by the masses of men transitioning out of Christian morality?

Sadly whatever the case may be, most Americans will not grasp the true danger of RuPaul and her fierce army of Illuminati avengers until it is much too late.


  • Cassidy Pen

    Spreading the doctrine of homosexual behavior fits right in with the Illuminati’s plans for ultimate population reduction since gays do not reproduce. RFID chips technology is now able to detect erections in boys who play football or watch sinister programs like this for recruitment purposes.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Exactly correct, Cassidy! These people are obsessed with the male phallus, so much so that they will discuss it endlessly and the vast majority of homosexual pornography consists of numerous close up shots of the organ. It really is no way to live your life thinking of some appendage that God gave us for urination and sacred uses only.

      • Cassidy Pen

        It’s all so frightening. I can’t believe how people walk through their
        lives with blinders on so oblivious to the harsh reality that exists all
        around them. Since the Illuminati controls the liberal media,
        government, and most industry, I guess I shouldn’t be all that

        • Mark

          I actually know quite a few gay guys who have slept with women to reproduce because they’ve wanted children of their own. Therefore, you comment is invalid.

          • Cassidy Pen

            Then they’re not gay, are they, Mark? I think the proper nomenclature is “bi-sexual.”

          • Keith

            No, that makes them gay men who had heterosexual sex, while fantasizing about gay sex

          • zid

            Isn’t it obvious? It’s part of their plan to indoctrinate the youth. Next thing you know they’ll be taking them on trips to the salon, singing show tunes with them and going antiquing. Or as I choose to refer to it- Gay boot camp.

          • Houston Neal Kirby

            Speaking of indoctrinating the youth. That is how Christianity is spread. The child is taught to not think for themselves.

      • Tamara Vanderlee

        What’s sacred about hookers?

      • Lloyd Wynn

        Heterosexual men watch porn with closeups too….and every guy who had oral sex with his beloved wife has a ‘closeup’ as well! We are created through the sexual energy WHICH CAN BE ENJOYED WITHOUT PLANNING TO INPREGNATE. LONG LIVE SEX and its diversity!!! LOVE

    • Kaylee-Aurora

      The homosexuals have all the money and all the power. That just makes it so hard for regular white folk to even get to college these days. Obama just wants all the socialism and no wonder why make weed legal everyone votes for him. I guess when you really follow the clues it all leads to the one percent and people like this Rupaul woman. Maybe Hilary will appointed her ambassador to Sodom.

      • Mark

        RIGHT. We have all the money, which explains why over 60% of homeless people are LGBT? We have all the power, which explains why LGBT people are getting killed by the thousands daily.

      • Andrew

        Yes and if u had some money you would go c a plastic surgeon to get that face fixed. At the end of the day im over here wearing versace and u r probably trying to feed 6 kids on 250 a week because u didn’t believe in using condoms. EAR MY CUNT 😉

        • StandUp777

          What’s ear my cunt mean??? Somebody’s a dipshit…

      • FrizzHed

        Obama has no more elections to run, no more to win, so tell me again how making weed legal (which he can’t do) makes people want to vote for him?

      • FrizzHed
      • Ejc

        You are so inbreed!!! The fact that you couldn’t get into the 50 schools you applied too has nothing to do with gay people, it looks like from your picture you’re a pretty white female, you already have massive life advances already, stop blaming others for your failures! This kind of comment makes me want to give up on the human race!!!

      • samthor

        why should “college” accept “regular white folk”? perhaps your grades/application should have been “exceptional” instead of “regular”.

      • Dan Jester Gleeson

        Ok if we have all the money and the power how is it that in some states you can still get fired from being gay

      • Karlos Jebediah

        I wish I had money and power, you hellish bitch. I work 50 hours per week in a factory and overtime in a bar yo pay my mortgage and my bills. And yes, I am GAY!

      • yes – gays have all the money … .trump is a big faggot … all your millionaire politicians are all gay – it’s not that they’re pillaging taxpayer money – it’s because they’re gay …

        this is me – …

        you don’t have my brains or skills because you filled your head with stupid – no one’s fault but your own …

        god gave you a heart, brain, and soul – yet you fill your head with evil and blame others for your failures in life …

        your kids can’t get into college or ‘compete with illegals’ because they’re too dummy’d down to compete with MY KIDS …

        ‘raising a child’ means preparing that child for life – it was YOUR JOB to raise your child and prepare them or college – and yes that means that YOU open your wallet and pay for it YOURSELF …

      • Stacy Morgan

        @Kayl@kayleeaurora:disqus … you just might be the biggest fucking moron I have ever seen.

    • LMAO


    • Kevin

      The Great Architect is orderly yet not pleased with people like you and that is the being that created all things. Homosexuality has long been proven natural. Even a CT of the brain can tell if you are gay or straight.

      Sexual orientation is genetic and comes from the mother’s side. It’s natural and needed because both heterosexuals and homosexuals do something important that continues the human race. Even an idiot can figure out how heterosexual make more carbon units but it takes a little better research and understanding to know what it is homosexuals do to continue the human race. This dates back through Evolution and works the same today as it did 100 thousand years ago.

      There is no such thing as Illuminati. That word is tossed around far too much. There is NO REAL info online about the Masonic Order in any great detail so most online is conspiracy and just rumor of made up BS. There are no other real orders so there are a lot of generic & fake societies out there but the US was founded on one order and that was the Masonic Order. That order is soon to bring about a one world order in which there will be no more wars, hunger or other problems between humans at least. It will be much like TV shows such as Star Trek and for a very good reason for what is to be coming to visit earth in a few years.

      You should be much more concerned of what is on the way to earth now instead of natural sexuality in all animals of earth. I suspect you’re gay since homophobia is when a person hates on themselves, lies to self about sexual identity and then attempts to transfer that angry and hate onto others. Homophobia is fear of self not others. There is also just ignorance from fundamentalists but fundamentalism is on its deathbed. There won’t be any significant fundamentalist religion in a few more years. It’s ending as it did in Western Europe 100 years ago.

      The smartest and those with the most are leaving the US just like Germans left Germany in the times before, during and after Hitler for 20 years. Tina Turner has just been one of the more public ones to turn in her US citizenship! Snap out of it. Your nation is a mess as are you because of Theocracy but that is changing. Help is on the way. USSC will vote on the last 13 States that don’t have gay marriage and make it federal law this very year. Likely this month of June. You will be free to get married to the same sex then so you don’t have to hide your orientation anymore.

      Gay males score 10 points higher on IQ testing in over 50% of the time. They are smarter, better looking & the ones with the education, money, inventors, creators of the great works of arts too on average.

      The Great Architect knows all things & knows you’re bi-sexual. The Great Architect cares about you & knows every cell in your body, every thought you think & everything you do. The Great Architect knows the Bible is a man-made pile of rubble used to indoctrinate just as Islam. You don’t even bother to read your Bible so go ahead & flush it.

    • JustGay

      Ignorance. Gays DO reproduce. They actually have to pay tens of thousands to do so or go through rigorous background checks & examination to even raise a child. As opposed to the average incompetent & ill-prepared Herero that will have a child by mistake; barely able to care for themselves, let alone a child. Boys get boners & do what they want w/ them. Lol. The recruitment of those boners to push a dark or sinister agenda is highly doubtful & seemingly bullshit to be quite honest.

    • breeding is the fast-track to poverty … the population of the earth is 7.3 billion … and you revolved your life around your genitalia …

      god gave you a heart and a brain and a soul, but you’ve forsaken god …. and that’s your ‘freedom’ … but there is no alternative world – you are what is evil …

    • Rod Fee

      Your an idiot, Gays can & do reproduce. What world do you live in?

    • john simone
    • john simone

      and you seem to know all about boys’ erections….do TELL!

    • Stacy Morgan

      @@cassidy_pen:disqus you need to take some medication or seek help. You are out of your mind and completely out of touch with reality.

  • doodles

    I have watched the RuPaul show and she certainly has a way with astral projections. I could literally feel it from my kitchen when I left the TV on! I think she is channelling some very ancient Goddesses like Shu and Geb. She really has that Egyptian quality about her and she likes the gold and the thrones. Maybe she is actually a reincarnated Goddess. Wouldn’t surprise me. Somebody really needs to do a detailed reading of her charts. But I hope she is a benevolent Goddess because now she is so rich and powerful she really can destroy entire cities if she wants to.

    • kneelbeforetigers

      This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read. Thank you thank you.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    Never watched this show but I’m def going to boycott it now! I just have to kick somebody thinking that none of this would of happened if we had a leader like Sarah Palin in the White House.

    • penny tration

      White trash

    • Ben

      What good does boycotting if you never have watched in the first place?

    • FrizzHed

      I have read a lot of stupid comments on a lot of message boards, but you are truly the dumbest person in the world.

    • Kyle @ canada

      Get a life. Sarah palin to make us go back in time. We might as well build more ghettos and put people in the fire!! Ludicris!!

    • EG

      Going to boycott a show youve never watched… ok then.

    • Bernard Bautista

      ignorant cunt ! trying to boycott a show she didn’t even watch in the first place. hahahaha funny af!

    • Twathunter

      U brainless twat LOL

    • Dan Jester Gleeson

      Your lose cause it’s an amazing show! You people will believe anything that you read on the Internet, I bet if you read that Beyoncé the classy lady she is, was a alien trying to take over the world you would believe it! Go watch honey boo boo your white ass trailer trash scum

    • TransPride

      You are just wasting you time. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, but boycotting it just confirms your stupidity and bigotry. Everyone is different and everyone has the right to express it in whatever way they feel as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, and they ARE NOT.

    • you’re going to boycott a show you’ve never watched and do not contribute to …. how exactly does that work ??

      the t.v. show is a private sector production – it’s capitalism, which is the basis of the u.s.a. – and if you don’t like this country then you can get out and go somewhere that doesn’t have capitalism …

      you are so dummy’d down that you don’t understand the difference between the private sector and government – so of course you’re not doing your duty as a citizen …

      in a ‘government of the people’ elected and appointed officials are your employees, not your gods or kings … they will not ‘save you’ from yourself …

  • Ms. Dairy Vein

    What Go Go boy did Ginger Minj sleep with? Was it the Latin guy with the really cut abs and the facial hair?

  • Rhea Pollstry

    I’ve long been aware of the dangers these crossed dressers pose, but I had no idea they were part of the Illuminaty. Thank you for opening my eyes, Mr. Billings!

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I appreciate your candor, Rhea. I pray that you are well!

    • Katrina

      Are you aware that your profile picture makes you look like a Drag Queen?

      • Rhea Pollstry

        Hi Katrina, were you named after the hurricane? Or do you just enjoy going around wrecking innocent souls with your harsh, petty comments? For your information, I happen to have a disfiguring thyroid condition. However, I do not let my disease prevent me from enjoying all the glamour and glitz of being a girl, as you can see from the radiant joy in my face. Is there any particular reason that you do not have a profile picture?

        • What

          That insult would work on said Katrina If she was born around the time the hurricane happened but she wasn’t, stupid fat unhealthy americans, shake my head

        • σ.

          omg what a halfwit.. she s referring to your hair and make up dummy, not your actual face

  • Hank in Memphis

    Watched this once but the colors are way too harsh and saturation is turned up so high. Jump cuts are very very fast so its hard to follow whats going on and these drags speak so quick and its all cat talk so really this show is pretty impossible to follow.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thank you for this comment. I absolutely agree this show is hard to watch because of the colors and pacing of the scenes. I have long believed this is done intentionally, to scare off older viewers so that we are not aware of how dangerous the hidden ideology behind RuPaul truly is. Older folks just can’t keep up with shows like Drag Race, and that’s precisely what the liberals like Obama wants.

  • rupaulsuperfan


    • Stephenson_Billings

      Thank you for exposing the true face of the Gay Agenda with such clarity and wisdom. God bless.

      • Katrina

        Take note…..that was Sarcasm!

  • Sms

    That is not Michelle Visage lol That is Kandy Ho. Who the heck is Ruben? I think the show is fabulous.

  • Shelley Petlansky Watkins

    lmao! Poleeeze! Humans are already frightening and cruel as they insanely torture and brutally murder other sentient beings by the billions to eat their flesh, secretions and eggs. This is silly. Live a kind and compassionate life. Live the Golden Rule.

  • Hata H. Zappah

    In case you haven’t guessed it, folks, this is a SATIRE site.

  • Sean Michael Gray

    Are you fucking kidding me with this bullshit?????????

    • Freakshow

      It’s satire. I’m new too 😛

  • whatever

    this really made me laugh! thank you so much! stupid Americain christians *eyerolls*

  • Rachael Valentine


  • Alyssa Marie

    You people are pathetic. Now, excuse me, I have to go sissy that walk.

  • Adam

    Are you wackos actually serious? I hope this is a joking article. They have to cut orgies so they won’t get canceled? Lol!!!!
    It is you people who parents need to protect their children from. Flipping psychos!

    • zid

      Its a satire site, calm yo tits.

  • Devon Page

    Stephenson Billings you are completely wrong in saying everything you said in this Whatever u want to call it! i could only read a little bit of it because its absolutely idiotic!!!! i want u to go back to when theater first came about… WOMEN were not aloud to do theater, it was only men, so “drag queens” have been around for Decades! Drag is an illusion, its entertainment, and most of them are quite holarious when they perform! for u to sit there and say all these horrible things is absolutely WRONG! why dont u climb out of the sheltered homophobic lifestyle your in and realize that were all the same weather were Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Transgendered, Transexual, or Bisexual! For you to judge people like that who are here to entertain people around the world is absolutely sickening! wow some people and their idiotic minds! I love you Rupaul even though you only let the one win that makes your tucked penis the hardest! hahahaha screw this artical! You are fabulous and i enjoy your show VERY VERY much, NOW YOU BETTER WORK!!!!!!

  • Nicco


    • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

      This is precisely what the Illuminati WANT you to think. Sorry I’m not buying your shiny copy of the Gay Agenda Journal today.

      • a

        … Or the hundredth night you say to your wife, ‘not tonight’ and wait till she sleeps to jerk off to gay porn. I know your secret.

  • Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.

    Dr. Stephenson Billings you are a brilliant genius for making these astute observations. Not since Stephen Colbert’s insightful ‘Colbert Report’ has someone so intelligently articulated the dangers of the gay agenda, and also the very real danger of Bears (also part of the gay agenda). Additionally, I am hosting a party for a group of developmentally disabled children in Indiana and Arkansas (they are the unfortunate byproduct of years of unabashed inbreeding). Would you be available to be a Motivational Children’s Party Entertainer for these delightful idiots? Would your program include firearms instruction? I tried to get Sarah Palin, but she wanted way too much money. Please let me know, and thank you so much for truly spreading the word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Tomas De Santis

    Don´t forget about the twirling, it is a ritual that invokes the satanic forces of the gravitational pull of black holes, the death drops which symbolize the sudden death of Christians worldwide, the ¨snatch¨ game, which mocks the rapture event and the use of all kinds of demonic lingo such as ¨reading¨(the egyptian book of the dead) ¨shade¨ (dark side) and ¨kiki¨ (short for kkk).

  • trist

    You are all crazy!!

  • Libby Akdoğan

    Is this article serious? You sad, pathetic, lonely man. I know a few drag queens personally and I would rather be friends with a bunch of queens than surrounded by idiotic people like you, Billings. People will try and find the Illuminati in everything and it’s you kind of people that make the World a scary place. Chill the hell out and stop trying to put stupid ass nonsense into other people’s heads. You need to get a grip and leave drag queens and homosexuals in general, alone.

  • Katrina

    What a bunch of BS and you people are so ready to latch onto it. The only thing I got from this is that the author has laten homosexual tendencies. Otherwise why would he watch the show and then do “research” on all these things and come up with such a ridiculous theory? I’m not gay but I watch the show with my son and the only thing he gets out of it is entertainment.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      I am NOT a homosexual.

      • Katrina

        Apparently you have laten thoughts that made you so upset about this. Otherwise why would you protest it so much but study it so intently?

        • your friend toto

          katrina this is a joke article hehehe rupauls drag race rulesSSS !!

      • #Ruminati

        The guy has a million articles describing gay sex trends that even us normal homos have never heard of and in such detail that you know he experienced it first hand. Or else he’s spent hours watching the nastiest porn. How long before this guy ends up on Grindr in some sort of closet right winger scandal?

        • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

          You seem awfully obsessed with seeking out homosexual content on the internet, don’t you?

          • eyet

            You’re reading this article Arther, you stupid old man, you seek out articles on homosexuality often? pray, click on a gay porn, I think you do

  • Diddle

    You guys are in desperate need of anal

  • docmark

    Damn you, Stephenson Billings! I don’t know how you keep accessing extremely highly classified information, but you’ve set us back months with this damning expose’! I’ll get you my pretty- and your little weiner-dog, too…

    • #Ruminati

      I hear he’s got top men working with him, top men!

      • docmark

        Top men? He must have connections- those are very hard to find….

  • Dr Know

    Dear author, I’m having a hard time concentrating on this since the sound of my gaydar is ringing in my ears like a five alarm fire. Just between us, it’s okay. You can come out of that closet now. Must be very very filthy in there by now.

  • Acorn

    I can’t agree with this but every is entitled to their opinion.

  • Nick “The Queen Diva” Kennedy

    Isn’t one allowed to view things in the ways they wish. I’m a 14 year old gay male, and I knew I wanted to do drag and I knew I was gay way before I began to watch Drag Race.

  • Girl Bye

    The true brainwashed people here are those who actually believe that the illuminati is a thing. So 2012 lol.

  • violet chochki

    Yes gawddddd , DID ANY OF YALL SEE MS VIOLETS RUNWAY THIS WEEK? I was gagging gurl, she was giving me life mamaw, she is def gonna win miss thing, You guys are all old, whiny, jealous, white trash homophobes

  • Stefani

    So much fact checking that needs to go on with this….
    1. The “African American” is not Ruben. His actual name is RuPaul, which is why they named the show that
    2. The first picture is fanmade, there was nothing covering the face
    3. There is no “Armpit Crew”. It’s “Pit Crew” to go with the theme of a Nascar race
    4. They are not censoring orgies. Sex of any kind, with anyone during filming is not allowed. They sign a contract about it. Season 4 contestant Willam Belli was publicly disqualified for sex
    5. The 3rd photo cites “Michelle Visage” when it is not. It is Kandy Ho..
    6. 4th picture is not chaneling the leader of a church. The challengs for the week was a bearded look to go with their acting debut in shakespeare
    7. Michelle Visage is not a drag queen… she’s a real women who judges their clothing

    • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

      I have to wonder if Obama and his ilk are paying you to post this socialist propaganda? Or are you just evil enough that you’re doing it on your own?

  • Christian

    There is so much misinformation and lies in this article that it is obvious to me that Satan has inspired it. Pray for those you feel are sinning. Love the sinner. Help the poor and feed the sick. Leave your morals to the holy spirit, not the idiot who penned this article. And finally, a Christian follows Christ. The old testament is included as history. We aren’t supposed to live by it’s laws, as Jesus’s law was simple: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR

  • Andrew

    I have not laughed so hard in ages! This can’t be real. “Antique soda bottle collector” aka ugly straight guy sitting at home with 5 cats. He has nothing to worry about, the gays won’t come for him, because we have standards.



  • Kawaii

    My family have watched every single episode, and they’re still as straight as always.
    I hope this is a parody post, please.
    May Satan be with you all <3

  • LMAO


  • Jeremy Hodder

    i’d say everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is not an opinion. just like the bible it’s a delusional fantasy world you’ve built up around yourself so you don’t have to interact with the real world or see what is really going on with the planet. you’d rather bury your heads in conspiracy than care about climate change, corruption, the destruction of the poor, classism, racism, and every other manner of phobia you hold but won’t conquer by rational thought.

  • Richie

    This is absolutely ridiculous and a far reach into the “Illuminati” category.

    You talk as if the Illuminati are satanic. They aren’t and it would be appreciated if the writer would do some thorough research about the Illuminati opposed to following the “main stream” view of it.

    Secondly, it’s time to point out the idiocy in this.

    1. Advanced Technology – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs remain the biggest names in technology to this day. While Steve Jobs passing did put an openly gay male as CEO, his legacy and inventions remain his. Bill Gates is the richest man alive and from what? You guessed it. Technology. Gay people are open-minded to the new possibilities of life due to the harsh criticism and backlash received for being “different”. So of course they are interested in technology because it’s the fastest growing median in the world right now and is constantly changing and evolving (something gay people can relate too.

    2. View Humans as Inferior – Okay wait. But this entire thing was to demonize an entire group of people? So I think that this is a clear case of And let’s not forget the ever so recent “Justin Bieber Roast” that has gone viral. All performers who sat there and threw “shade” were straight. So there isn’t any further validity on your point. People are in a competition trying to win. Of course they aren’t going to be friendly all the time. And of course the footage isn’t going to show boring clips. It’s entertainment — so they get the entertainment going.

    3. Associated Through Secret Societies – This is the most absurd of all the points made, which is saying something because they were all pretty out there. But for one, Craigslist — really? How is that a secret society when its open to the general public for use? And I know a couple years back it was women getting murdered by men on Craigslist. Last I heard also, it was women selling their body for money with the code name “roses” as payment. So, straight people have definitely overwhelmed Craigslist more than any homosexual.

    Secondly, Adam4Adam is also available to the public, but intended for gay men to socialize. Just like straight people have Christian Mingle and PlentyofFish, homosexuals have their apps and networks to help find love and success in their world.

    4. Extremely Versatile — Not all gay people are transgender. And if two people are having sex, its obvious one has to take one for the team. Straight couples have anal sex all the time and the awareness of anal sex is beginning to stick. Many straight men enjoy anal play with butt plugs and their partners tongue/mouth. After all, the prostate can be found inside the anus — where the pleasure is stimulated from. So it’s just a reach.

    Also, some drag queens aren’t gay for the record. There are many female impersonators/drag queens out there who are straight men looking to get in touch with their feminine side. You may not like nor understand it, but it’s really also none of your business or anyone else’s on how another person chooses to live their lives.

    If you feel repulsed by the behaviors, avoid them. Demonizing them only hurts your ultimate cause. Strategy is key and making sure your thoughts are well-collected and you have data to support your cause, then you have something worth writing about.

    This type of writing is based on “buzz” around the media waves and your personal views. While your personal views are fine, they should be backed by accurate research. As an “Investigative Journalist”, I feel this article provided very little investigative work and more speculation work.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      First of all, “awareness of anal sex is beginning to stick…” Now that’s just gross.

      Secondly, so you’re denying Satanism but confirming the existence of the Illuminati?

  • Katie

    Hello. I am recruiting homosexuals. If you are interested then reply with your signature. “Orientation” day will be next Friday. There will be donuts. 😉

  • miles

    this is such COMEDY..Gay people do not have a Secret Agenda or an Illuminati Agenda..This is FAKE NEWS…Most Gay People are very spiritual, religious or Good Hearted …This is such bad Journalism..Please Get your Facts straight…

  • miles

    ps : We do NOT have Devices that detects people’s erections..Such Comedy..lmao

    • Mini Violet Chachki

      We do though. They’re called mouths.


  • doublelayout


  • Buttholes are tasty

    Stephenson Billings if this isn’t satire you certainly know a lot about gay culture Mr. Big Boy. Why is the website name and catch phrase a complete reference to morning boners? Why does it depict a male with a gun which is an obvious reference to a huge cock if you are protesting some “homosexual agenda”? Why are you a children’s party entertainer? Clearly it would be eternally scarring for anyone to be entertained by you. Otherwise the article was hilarious and would be great satire.

    First off if anyone believes any of this crap article it’s really sad.

    Second if any of you idiots are religious then you are breaking one of your god’s 10 commandments which says only your GOD can judge people, not you. Also you all have committed one of the 7 deadly sins you believe in known as wrath. I mean you can’t possibly be christian, believe in the Bible AND expect that you are going to get into heaven acting the way you are right? Just because you are straight doesn’t mean you haven’t sinned. Doesn’t matter if it’s homosexuals that you sin against, you still sin. You’re still a disgrace. i don’t believe in any of that but you do.

    Last… A man has no idea what an orgasm is until he’s had really hot manly gay butt sex. Even some straight men like women to play with their buttholes. =)

    good evening ya’ll shitheads.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Okay Mr X-Rated, I will reply since your comment seems so over the top angry. The phrase, “Morning in America Won’t Be Easy” is a reference to Ronald Reagan’s famous campaign slogan “It’s morning in America again…” (see link below). Derby Mack, the founder of this publication, named the website to honor both Reagan’s contribution to America, and to recognize the incredible challenge we face in the epoch of Obamaistic socialism. It is indeed morning in America. We are at a time of rebirth, but the problems we face are profound, particularly in light of the criminal leftwing billionaire elite trying to destroy our freedom and take away the Constitution in the name of political correctness. So this mission ahead will not be easy, but if we come together we can do it!

      As for the whole God is the only one to judge, you clearly are very unfamiliar with the full text of the Bible. As Christians, we have a moral obligation to call out sin where we see it. Should we not prosectute the murderers and pedophiles out there? Should not our judges, in their estimable power, actually judge people? Should we not rebuke and exhort? If we see sin, don’t we have a responsibility to act?

      “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” –2 Timothy 4:2.

      Reagan Campaign Ad:

      • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

        Very well said!!!!

  • Kyle

    What a bunch of horse shit!
    First of all, your story isn’t correct at all. Half of the people you name aren’t the people in the picture. Get a life and know that the world is changing..
    It’s 2015, not 1902.
    Pure stupidity.. I feel sorry for the people who wrote this story. I hope you don’t have children as they will become so deranged from your teachings. We all have a say in life as to watch we watch and how we can view it and take it from there.
    No such thing as watching a program that turns us into something else then who we are. You people in the USA are delusional.. Thank god canada respects people’s lifestyles and doesn’t try and blame it on tv!!!
    Thanks for the great laughs with this article. I might as well jump off my house and say that the illuminati made me !! Bahaha!!!!

  • Cee Cee

    Who is Ruben?

  • Renee

    Whoever wrote this article must have spent a lot of time watching Rupaul Drag Race to come up with this madness. I think deep down inside, he really got turned on by what he saw, and now he hates himself for that. So he decided to hate on Rupaul. What a sad and sorry person he must be. Hating on Rupaul wont change the fact that he is in the closet and afraid to come out. Its ok sweetie. Come on out of that closet. Its ok.

  • Katie Brode

    Hello. I am recruiting homosexuals. Please sign in the comment box if you are interested. “Orientation” day will be next Friday. There will be donuts. 😉

  • Nat

    This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Who on earth comes up with this crap.

  • Nat

    By the way not all transsexuals are gay some people just do it for a living or a way of expressing them selves this article is so wrong on so many levels
    It’s too me just as bad as labeling people because if there race or color.

  • Nat

    Drag queens are not even all gay grow up idiots.

  • Steve
  • Popsy

    Hey what about all these faggot priests raping boys? Oh tuuurning them gay is the problem. Fucking them up the ass and jizzing in their mouth is your gayass ‘god’s word’. ok got it.

  • Lizzard

    Us Rupaul’s gay avengers also have a steam page!

  • zid

    Damnit I only wish I had a musky sodomy dungeon. All I can afford is a small bedroom, a slightly bent Bad Dragon and some Glade air fresheners.

    • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

      I am quite sure you make do. Sodomy can happen anywhere at any time.

  • Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton

    If we keep hitting the Illuminati right were it hurts people will start to wake up. What the elite fear most is information. They do not want us to share this secret knowledge so that’s exactly what we must do!

  • Truth

    I am amazed how seriously so many of you are taking this SATIRICAL article. Just proves that clueless, ignorant, people, are a far bigger threat and danger to the planet, than Gays could ever be! SMH!

  • SwanSongRebeL

    I assume David Icke isn’t gay then. Good one.

  • Alberto

    Sashay, Satan, you stay

  • Citizen

    What you don’t know about the homosexual agenda, is that most of the men in the comments here are closeted gays that are bashing gays openly. What they commonly tell people is they’re scared that people will find out that they’re gay themselves and cannot quit, tortured by gay male fantasies, breaking relationships with women and increasing in a drinking habit so out of guilt, they post like you see here in the comments and If anyone confronts them about their homosexual behavior, they scream or get violent. An agenda, is one such as Christianity with a handsome model male stud named Jesus and a lesser pretty Mary and his agenda to lead men and his anti woman views. I cannot support Christianity, because although it is the first openly queer religion for gay men, it disowns them as well

  • Guest

    you guys are BANANAS! wow!

  • Sarah Rader

    Youre all a bunch of ignorant sheep following this blind person. I bet you havent watched the show even one time. this entire article is a JOKE!!! This writer doesnt even know the casts names. This has to be the dumbest thing Ive ever read on the internet! Please continue judging everyone and you’ll be the ones answering why you felt you were in the position to point fingers! Bunch of idiots! Are you jealous of their talents? or is it sheer boredom because you have such tiny minds? Give it up and do something better with your time.

  • Sarah Rader

    This article is by far more perverse than the show is! Shame on all of you feeding this TROLL!

  • Kira

    LMAOOOOOOO!!! I love this

  • Rapal

    stiletto-booted camp guards, i’m dead. this is really one of the funniest things i have ever read. thankyou.

  • JG1987

    This is fucking stupid. Paranoid , delusional almost schizophrenic. Can’t help but laugh at crackpot theories. #getalife

  • Brandon Coppin

    Funny how very few people get that this article is SATIRE. Read between the lines, people! “Rupaul and her fierce army of illuminati avengers.” LOL.

  • Steve cold

    The man who wrote this should burn in hell. Anyone who cares so much about what get men WANT to do in their free time is either gay and scared, a complete ass joke who has to make other people miserable in order to be happy, or just plain ignorant and unknowledgable. There are several holes in this artical and and a lot of assumptions and even more errors. So next time you want to talk shit about something you should probably do a little more research so you don’t look as stupid as you do right not:)

  • komodo drag on

    Because of this article I’ve been able to come out as Lizard Illuminati. Thank you for helping me find myself. Truly.

    • Swan Rebel

      Ha! I know right, so enlightening.

  • Wendy

    Is this even a real article? I can’t believe I just read this. Shapeshifting Illuminati aliens? You’re legitimately saying it’s possible that they’re shapeshifting illuminati aliens? I don’t even need to have seen the show to know you’re absolutely crazy or under the influence of some very strong drugs. Also what is this Hollywood blockbuster that Rupaul is supposedly in? I googled this and found no sources with such information; I think you’re literally making up “facts” that your readers don’t bother to check.

    Also, really quickly from a google search:

    1. Kennedy not Hennedy (that can’t possibly be a pun about the awful chicken-esque runway look she had, I know from reading this article you maybe watched one episode of this. Maybe).

    2. Who is Ruben? There is no Ruben on any cast list for that show. I think you are confused.

    3. The definition of sashay (/saˈSHā/): walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders. Shante is a woman’s name from the 80s. I don’t know what source you found that told you they were Freemasonic incantations, but again, a basic google search tells you the correct information.

    4. It is unacceptable for you to describe women as “sexual provocateurs.” I shouldn’t have to even explain why that is.

    5. How does one go from “innocent” male to “sexual provocateur” to reptile to human? Weren’t they human in the first two stages? Wouldn’t that mean the cycle stops at reptile, and that reptile can just shift to human? If you’re going to have insane theories, you need to at least explain them correctly.

    6. How does owning an iPhone make someone an alien? I am so baffled.

    7. Who has an underground disco? As a matter of fact, who still owns a dico? I think there are probably less than ten active discos.

    8. They have to have the MDMA to do kama sutra? Their biology and behavior all seems very complicated. Like complicated nonsense you made up, really.

    I can’t believe I entertained this article for a moment. This is garbage.

  • CrazyOle Carl

    She(Ru Paul) didn’t write that show. She stole it from a guy who was inspired to write it to help finance his dying friends medical care! Who since passed away. So not only is she a lying thief but a heartless murderer.

  • 100% agree

  • Stan Goodvibes

    OMG *please* put a Satire warning on the top of this website. I just came from a youtube clip where some nutjob was going on about the Illuminati and I actually thought this was serious.

    You can’t satire the far right because they say shit like this seriously all the time! Too confusing.

  • samthor

    the way the author discusses the girls cleavage and toplessness just screams “closet case”, sweetie. time to face some hard truths…..

  • Joe Joseph

    Wait…what. We have erect massive bunkers all over the world in a vast network of underground discos, dungeons and dive bars stretching from Bushwick to Belgrade? I thought these were just where Martha Stewart stored her scallions. Well why the hell haven’t I been told about this?

  • Mini Violet Chachki

    In the famous words of Bianca Del Rio: not today Satan, not today. Drag is what? Sickening! Living for the fact you called Ru out of drag Ruben. Her name is RuPaul in and out of drag, if this isn’t fucking satirical I worry for you, America, I really do. Hopefully majority of you see sense, because this is some nonsensical bullshit. Here’s the ‘gay agenda’ : Wake up
    Eat Breakfast
    Get changed for work/school
    Go work/school
    Come home
    Maybe go out with friends
    Have dinner at home
    Repeat cycle everyday but the weekend.

    Now, my question is whether or not there is something bad about this? We live the same life as everyone else, just we tend to like the same sex and have a bit of a kaikai with them. It’s ‘sashay’ and ‘shantay’ for further references, ‘shantay you stay’ is the phrase RuPaul uses when keeping one of the queens from the lip syncs and ‘sashay away’ is used as a phrase Ru says to dismiss the queen from the show. You also mean ‘The Pit Crew’, the guys who give out drinks, bring in the fabrics and such for the mini challenges. That picture you showed with ‘Michelle Visage’ is by a matter of fact, Kandy Ho from season 7’s main challenge of Death Becomes her, Michelle is a biological female. Probably something you’d have to force to have sex with you, we all know you’re only available for sex dolls. No tea, no shade no pink lemonade but you’re beyond this planet idiotic. I myself am a beginner in drag and as a matter of fact, we’re just firece mother tuckers. Can’t deal with it? Don’t watch Drag Race or anything to do with drag! Simple as that, now sashay away because queens are needing you to get out of our path so we become successful and, well, we don’t need irritating obstacles in our way. Need help packing? Beat it thing. Now, bye felicia xoxo ~ Mini Violet Chachki

  • Mìa Coco

    All of y’all must of been born ass backwards. This article just pretty much personified your ignorance and pettiness. You all were raised up to be narrow minded and taught that people who are different is not okay in your household. Drag is a art form, we drag queens go up on stage and to make our dreams come true. I thank god, not your god of hate, I’m talking about god that I am thankful that he has ppinted my direction of doing something I love and have a passion for.

    So all of you hypocrites and bigots go ahead and sit on your asses and wear your cotton blends and eat pork.

  • Arnes

    It’s crazy how people can’t see this is a satire website mocking the ridiculous conservative right wing minions.

  • Sammmmm

    I’m sorry – a doctor wrote this?
    Just a heads up – someone dressing up in drag does not mean they are homosexual. I found this article to be laughable at best, choc full of misinformation.
    If a heterosexual person is indeed heterosexual, there is no “musky dungeon of sodomistic desire” in the world that would interest them, as they are not homosexual… In order to be lured, one would have to have some kind of interest in the first place.
    Why is everyone in the comments so obsessed with homosexual people? Perhaps your lives would be better spent on living your own life and not being so worried about how others choose to live their lives. If it bothers you, don’t look.
    Though I was amused you were able to name a few of the contestants from a couple of seasons ago, I am still confused as to who Ruben is. I have been watching Rupauls Drag race since season 1, and there has never been a contestant with that name.
    That all aside, Rupaul’s drag race is only available on Logo TV, which is a channel devoted to the LGBT community – this isn’t a show broadcasted on ABC family at 9 am on a saturday morning.
    As someone who does agree the “illuminati” is definitely not a great group of people, I feel like this post is a stretch, to say the least.

  • ChattyCathy

    Wonder how channeling LeVay works because he accepted God on his death bed!!

    Anton lavey-His Deathbed Confession-begs God for mercy as he slips away into Hell

  • Dan Jester Gleeson

    Your just a homophobe fool

  • Mmm… That’s good satire.

  • Tamara Vanderlee

    Omg You are nothing but a lowlife REDNECKED PEDOPHILE!!! Trying divert everyone from the pathetic truth. How dare you! Rupaul and his show have saved so many of your young people delivered them from the brink of suicide, because they were bullied by people like you for being different. Not everyone gets turned on my little girls you fucking creep.

  • Let’s face the facts. The homosexual community wants everyone involved. If they cannot get straight men to cross the line by man on man then they lure straight men with the form of womanhood only to find out too late that their is a little surprise waiting.

  • Esmeralda Isadora

    Is this… Real…

  • Tim Merritt

    Ok so I read the article and it is obviously a joke. The people in the comments I hope are also joking. LOL

  • @RuPaul

    You exposed me. Good job squirrel friends.
    Now, let’s talk about… SquareSpace.

  • Veronica

    How can’t you people just see and accept the human race becoming more open and versatile, more free. Why is it still such a problem for so many people if some people are gay, some people are transgendered ?! there have always been people who are lgbt, but they have been discriminated and hidden away by majority of societies, using different systems and regimes, religions, arguments to keep them away from sight, keep them shut down, keep them voiceless, take away their rights for living the way they want to live, take away their opportunities to be themselves. This article is just plain ignorant. Although I must admit, the lizard theory did make me amused and laughing. The world is changing all the time. It is 2016, and the fact if somebody is transgendered or gay or a glamorous entertaning drag queen, expressing him/herself creatively, shouldnt be a problem at all. Why cant you people just accept other people that are different from you ?!? What about human rights ?! Why should a guy that can and wants to turn himself into a gorgeous feared and hated for doing that ?! How is he hurting other people by doing those transformations ?! People should be free, free to be who they really are, free to look how they want to look, free to express themselves, as long as they are not abusing, hurting other people, people should not be controlled by strict dogmas…provided by the authorities, government, religion. DONT BE AN IGNORANT, HATEFUL JERK. PLEASE, OPEN YOUR MIND !

  • distaff

    This is a parody site people – do some research!

  • DragQueenJeanette

    RuPaul is a drag queen you dumbasses. “Backstage Ruben” is RuPaul when she’s not in drag.

  • TransPride

    There is no gay agenda you idiots. The only “agenda” is wanting equality and not wanting to be killed for who they are. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay, trans, lesbian, a drag queen, etc.
    The only defense you have is a religious preference or a personal disgust but that is not any actual evidence of it being bad.

  • Lorna Payne

    Biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever read, and most of the comments about the show are factually sooooo inaccurate,it’s beyond comprehension. If you’re a serious journalist with academic qualifications I’m a white mouse invading this planet from my home on Jupiter! This whole blog is beyond stupid.

  • Someone Withtact

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever stumbled across on the internet. It is actually laugh out loud outlandishly silly. Praying for educational reform in the US… we clearly need it lol.

  • Equanimity

    this is absolutely, utterly, penultimately, and indisputably, the most hilarious thing I’ve ever, ever, ever read online.

    We know you watch us, Stephen. We know how much you watch us.
    We know why you watch us. Growing beneath your self-inflicted scab of fear is a fresh and shining scale of pure pleasure.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      That’s patently absurd! As a professional, award-winning journalist, it’s my JOB to expose the dark corners of this world and if that means I have to spend an entire evening watching the worst sorts of jocks and socks and Asians and sauna films on your underground streaming websites, then I will stand up to the challenge, no matter how frantic and sweaty it makes me when I wake up shrieking in terror at 3am!

      • Equanimity

        beloved, when at last you break free from the dark shell of terror, and the light pours in from every crack and rivulet of open space, when at last the dull scales slip from the young eyes of your soul, and in a blink the world is made new, and vast, and blue, we will be there, beloved. not to devour you, but so you wake from your loneliness.

        • Stephenson_Billings

          River Styx is missing a poet!

  • Noah Shelton

    You got me bitch

  • Kurt

    The level of ignorance and sheer lack of anything relating to
    intelligence in this “article” and on this website is almost hysterical.
    I say “almost”, because sadly there are people who will actually
    believe every unfounded conspiracy theory written here. Nothing on this
    site or in this article has any basis in reality or fact. This, along
    with our current Idiot in Chief, Donald Trump, is exactly why this
    country is falling apart.

  • ProfessorThisCentury

    Aren’t you worried that unmasking them will risk your own life?

  • Sirhc

    i am a homosexual with immense yet obtuse directional satanic prowess. my lines move within a phallic-driven paradigm to which the great beelzebub bestowed in the early seeds of mankind. the HOMOchipsTM were inserted with such a cum-flavored force that they are no match for even the most YAWEH-heteroTM-centric “rule” and will no longer be discernible . the “hetero” race is a tenacious mediocrity unhampered by will OR grace OR judy garland. THIS will be then beginning of the sacred SODOM2B^^. era in which the paradigm will shift after season 10 of RuPaul’s drag race. I’m told through the sacred Illumiati texts that the vagina-bearing huMansTM whose earth names start with “C” will be the first to go.

  • drag is an art form that’s been around for hundreds of years … god chooses a persons’ sexual orientation – and god chooses that 10% of the population are gay …

    in the 21st century people have access to facts and knowledge to develop their brains … people born and raised in the states and other parts of the world had the opportunity to acquire education and skills, but they could not shake 10,000 years of worshiping kings and gods and filling their heads full of stupid …

    and no – i do not believe in the liberal/socialist theory of sparing the feelings of the fools …

    this is me – …

    and there is what REAL AMERICANS can do when their heads are not full of stupid – …

    there is a separation of the human race occurring – but it has nothing to do with race or sexual orientation …. it’s the advancement of the mind, body and spirt of some and the deterioration of the mind, body, and spirit of others …

    no one knows what caused the separation of man from apes thousands of years ago …. but it’s happening again …

    the problem isn’t gays or drag queens or performance art – it’s a massive demographic of humans that have fried their brains and lost their souls …

  • john simone

    then all those possessed children can buy my limited edition vintage RuPaul photographs from 1980’s New York:

  • σ.

    hahaha man that is next level trolling XD

  • Maxine Shaw

    You have too much time on your hands when you’re coming for the drag queens. Homophobia AND tinfoil hat nonsense? Please take your medicine and log off.

  • CCinRI

    You fucking evangelofascist wackos need the stupid bitchslapped off you. These Xtian grifters’ve been selling hate for so long, and taking your cash you’re just embarrassed to admit what sucker you are. Smarten the fuck up.

  • Paul Craven

    This article is just a bit far fetched.

  • Five5x

    This is hilarious.

  • Bill Thompson

    The Illuminati are good people and they are trying to save our species from overpopulation. Me and my friends used to work for them as a summer job. They would buy us pizza every Friday and perform magic shows. They were great friends.

    • Stephenson_Billings

      Pizza? It all MAKES SENSE now!

  • Blanche Beecham

    I get afraid when I read articles like this. With Mr. Beecham on mission in Thailand to preach the word to youngsters called Laideebois (it’s sounds funny in Thailand language). I really don’t have all the details, but I feel so selfish in my fear when reading things – all I really need is a hug and some comfort.

  • zombiemaven

    Bahahahaha!!! That was the funniest thing I’ve read today!!!! Awesome!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Ryan Quinn

    Well, I didn’t think I could find anything funny on the internet and then I came across this. You can bulk tinfoil at Costco to make MANY protective helmets.

  • farmers

    T.V. is poison “NWO” predictive programming psyop horse shit. Throw the thing out the back door.