RuPaul’s Drag Race is Luring Kids Into the Dangerous World of Illuminati Shape-Shifting

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
RuPaul styles herself as an Illuminati princess and will stop at nothing pursuing the dark agenda of gender destruction.

RuPaul styles herself as an Illuminati princess who will stop at nothing to pursue the dark agenda of gender destruction.

Beauty pageants once meant something important in America. They showcased our little girls as they first reached out for that weighty baton of adulthood, their bare ankles quivering with excitement. But now that cherished image is under attack. It is being trampled by the liberal media in the slimy back alley of our culture known as political correctness.

What is ruining the dreams of so many precious angels, you ask? It is none other than the cable television program, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Drag Race is a brutal look at the underground world of radical homosexuality. Hosted by a lanky female serpent by the name of RuPaul, the show is one of the most controversial reality series around today. Each week, the gays compete in a “beauty pageant” for lavish prizes. To win, these men must bury their faces in makeup and adorn extravagant outfits dripping in sequins. Thus attired, a man becomes what is known as a “drag queen” in secret homosexual slang. These drag men are then forced upon a stage where they jump and gyrate to the intoxicated shrieks of a panel of bickering banshees. Whoever manages to sexually arouse these jaundiced judges– through feats of extraordinary depravity– is declared the winner.

It goes without saying that Drag Race is incredibly graphic. Often we are shown “behind the scenes” shots of these girls in their dressing rooms. Sometimes they are topless. Contestant Hennedy Davenport— one of the show’s most raunchy and rambunctious– flaunts her cleavage every time there is a cameraman within striking distance. Innocent little Violet likes to show off her not-so-innocent derrière in full view of the audience. And the perennially persnickety Pearl can’t quite shake off the musk of last night’s Brooklyn bondage scene that viewers inhale every time she deigns to appear on screen.

"Queen" Elizabeth II and "Queen" Violet.

Both “Queen” Elizabeth II and “Queen” Violet have a fierce taste for extravagance that masks a reptilian cunning.

Encouraging the worst of it all is a tall African-American by the name of Ruben. The man loves to drop in with the cameras just as the contestants’ knickers drop. Lest there be any doubt that this show is pure pornography, Ruben is accompanied by a troupe of male lap dancers known as the “Armpit Crew.” If one is to believe the internet rumors of contestant Ginger Minj’s tawdry affair with one of these sweaty young hustlers, the erotic action of Drag Race is often so disturbing that entire orgies must be cut from the show to keep the censors from canceling the program altogether.

Gay Agenda/Illuminati Connection

But Drag Race is much more than a Gay Agenda plot to lure the heterosexual population into hardcore sodomy. By assaulting patriotic Christendom with seductively sensual transgenderism, the show is opening the door to much, much worse. Some may dismiss my panic here, but few would deny that we are living in an age when the 1% is seeking to enslave us. Few will deny that the mainstream media is one of the most powerful tools in the global elite’s arsenal. And few will deny that RuPaul– always trending on Twitter, continually dominating cable ratings and now working on her own Hollywood blockbuster– is part of the new ruling party of the global media elite, otherwise known as the Illuminati.

It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that RuPaul ends each show with the ancient Freemasonic incantations of “Shan-te” and “Sa-che,” both of which are prayers spoken in the original Coptic and meant to invoke the Illuminati god of enchantment, Isis.

So what does seductively sensual transgenderism mean in the hands of the Illuminati? This is a difficult question to answer because there is so much false flag disinformation out there jamming the frequencies of truth. If we are to believe the countless astronauts, Air Force pilots, military generals and astronomers who have testified under oath that our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials, it only stands to reason that they would want to control the human population in some secret way. Many believe that this is why the Illuminati is shrouded in such mystery, to hide the true shape-shifting nature of those whole rule our planet.

Michelle Visage, Backstage Ruben, Illuminati

Clockwise from top left: Michelle Visage, Backstage Ruben, subliminal Illuminati pyramid flashed into episodes, hipster heartthrob Pearl, the erotic go-go boys of the show.

Blurring the Lines of Sex and Species

It is no coincidence that shape-shifting is the very premise of Illuminati serpent RuPaul’s highly subliminal television series. Simply put, shape-shifting is the ability to change one’s form from male to female, from innocent boy to sexual provocateur, and finally, from reptile to human. Many experts theorize that the extraterrestrials who rule Earth are actually interdimensional lizards who use shape-shifting to hide their true reptilian nature. Analysts have classified many Illuminati leaders as actual reptiles, including Queen Elizabeth II, Henry Kissinger and newly crowned Draco, Leonard Nimoy. This unassailable evidence seems to suggest that Drag Race is an attempt to infect the media with viral images of shape-shifting sex vixens to make complete alien domination more comprehensible for the human race.


• Technologically Advanced: Aliens species are believed to possess science far beyond our comprehension, just as radical homosexuals tend to be the most technologically advanced subculture around, whether it be owning the latest iPhone, or multitasking various platforms simultaneously (Grinder, Twitter, WhatsApp, Tumblr and PornHub).

• View Humans as Inferior: Sarcasm is a vital part of the drag queen persona as promoted by RuPaul and this certainly conforms to what experts have gleamed about the Illuminati. They are quick to give “shade” to lesser creatures, insulting everything from a poorly calcified collagen endoskeleton to the chartreuse silk you wore to the Dillard’s afterparty.

• Live Underground: Just as the Illuminati has erected massive deep-earth bunkers all over the world, the gays have a vast network of underground discos, dungeons and dive bars stretching from Bushwick to Belgrade.

• Associate Through Secret Societies: The Illuminati uses the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove and the Council on Foreign Relations to name a few, while homosexuals have organizations such as GLAAD, CraigsList, Adam4Adam and the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

• Extremely Versatile: One of the sexual attractions of the transgendered is their erogenous flexibility. In homosexual slang, this means they can be “tops” or “bottoms,” penetrators or recipients. As pansexual interdimensional shape-shifting beings, reptilian elitists are also experts in the Karma Sutra and can twist themselves into literally hundreds of different erotic positions on a single dose of MDMA.

Ginger Minjj (left) channels Anton LeVay, leader of the Church of Satan.

Ginger Minjj (left) channels Anton LeVay, former leader of the Church of Satan.

The Holocaust of Heterosexuality 

In the final analysis, we must conclude that the sudden thrust of cross-dressing, drag queens and transgenderism in our media shows that the Gay Agenda will stop at nothing to lure heterosexuals into that musky dungeon of sodomistic desire. But more than that, it also reveals the crucial link between radical homosexuality and the Illuminati. If anything, programs like Drag Race prove that the Illuminati is not only a threat to our culture of faith and family, but that suspicions of the global elite’s hidden reptilian nature are demonstrably true. One need only look closely at such drag queens as Michelle Visage or Violet Chachi on the RuPaul show to suss out the cruel, cold-blooded lizard that lurks behind the eyes of the Illuminati elite.

Do we yet know what the Illuminati plans to do with its drag queen militia? Looking at RuPaul’s latest recruits, it’s not hard to imagine Katya or Max or Miss Fame as stiletto-booted camp guards of heterosexuality’s ultimate holocaust. Or maybe it’s Jayden and Kandy as the strong-hipped hosts of alien sperm, some day bouncing future Bilderbergers on their knees. Or will tukhus temptress Violet be raised up on a throne before us, crowned the new high priestess of the church of flaming libidos, to be worshipped by the masses of men transitioning out of Christian morality?

Sadly whatever the case may be, most Americans will not grasp the true danger of RuPaul and her fierce army of Illuminati avengers until it is much too late.