Ricky Gervais: Profiting Big From Bigotry

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

stephenson billings on ricky gervais
It’s hard to imagine comic Ricky Gervais as anything more than a caricature of a European intellectual. Bloated, pompous and forever attired in black t-shirts, he fills the role to a T. Add to this image a difficult accent and an unpleasant sexual persona, and we have some sort of cross between alleged Wikileaks rapist Julian Assange and the character Dieter from the late night comedy skit, “Sprockets.”

Would you trust an exotic dancer to diagnose cancer? Do you hand over your tax returns to a pop singer? Of course not! Those decisions would not only be wrong, they could be criminally negligent. Why is it, then, that so many people today look to Hollywood celebrities for spiritual advice? Madonna has traveled far and wide to promote the fringe Jewish cult of Kabbalah. Tom Cruise sang the praises of Scientology from Oprah’s couch while Oprah herself launched the careers of a thousand booksellers and potion makers who promised soulfulness through credit card purchases.

Mr. Gervais is a unique case. With the assistance of his suspiciously slender sidekick Stephen Merchant, he catapulted to fame by stealing the concept for the popular American televisions series “The Office” with his own British version. It was a crudely crafted effort, with unsteady cameras and clumsy close-ups. The actors on the show looked uncomfortable before the lens and there were far too many stream of consciousness diatribes that a better production company would have edited out. From there, Gervais came to Hollywood with a cable series entitled “Extras.” It was quickly cancelled due to lack of popular interest. Left with no mainstream outlet, this megalomaniacal media addict has taken to broadcasting his thoughts through internet podcasts and anti-American newspaper editorials. A recent column had Mr. Gervais preaching that he was better than most Christians because (he claimed) he had violated none of the Ten Commandments. In summation, he proudly stated, “Not bad for an atheist!” As Dr. Robert Johnston, professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminar promptly responded in the Christian Post, “Ricky has chosen to be reductive in defining Christianity as an ethic rather than a relationship with God that includes ethics but is much broader and wider than that.”

stephenson billings on ricky gervais

“For they have forsaken me and made this a place of foreign gods; they have burned sacrifices in it to gods that neither they nor their fathers nor the kings of Judah ever knew, and they have filled this place with the blood of the innocent.” –Jeremiah 19:4.

Despite these deep character flaws, many teens seem drawn to Ricky Gervais. He is that queer dirty uncle who tells blue jokes and wants to show you the magazines he keeps in his motel room. His foreignness gives him a pass in American culture. We do not hold him up to the same moral and societal standards as we would someone from our own country. His rich accent allows him to get away with far too much vulgarity on late night interview shows. Some interpret his English brogue as a sign of intellectualism, while others find him delightfully rebellious. In a particularly disturbing display, he made an incredibly offensive and expletive-filled appearance on the children’s program Sesame Street. One can only wonder how the kids watching absorbed the disgusting spectacle.

Mr. Gervais’s atheistic Richard Dawkins-inspired worldview is not only hollow, but also culturally insensitive. He seems to have little understanding of the global fight against capitalism and democracy happening all around us. He willfully attacks our greatest spiritual institutions from the comfort of his Hollywood compound while reaping millions for his efforts. Somehow this garrulous foreigner has been allowed to remain on our soil, despite his avowed hatred of our values. Marketing studies have shown that older women are the least likely to be among this Gervais’s fans. He exudes the aura of a slimy charlatan, a sexual predator who not only violates women but robs them as well. Yet he is still here, flashing his funky wares in full view of the American populace on a regular basis.

As a society, should we not stand up to such a reprehensible sexual propagandist? Ricky Gervais represents everything that is wrong with European socialism and carnal liberation. His sweaty and nervous personality in front of the camera is a sly trick. It draws in the socially awkward who find fraternity in his lumbering ways. Most critics note that the man can’t truly act. He is simply playing the character of himself over and over again. Surprisingly, all this has helped Ricky become the patron saint of disaffected teens in their long trench coats, pimpled girls yearning for the touch of an older man and all those who fool themselves into believing that atheism offers scholarly superiority. Yet beneath Mr. Gervais’s carefully constructed visage lurks a man with dangerously selfish intentions. He is really nothing more than a bigot here to profit maliciously from the confusion of our multicultural times.