Richard Dawkins May Be Using the Shroud of Satanism to Cover His True Communist Agenda

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
Richard Dawkins is the high priest of radical atheism for many young people today.

Richard Dawkins is the high priest of radical atheism for many young people today.

The business of atheism has been very good to Richard Dawkins. He has sold millions of books and videos. He is paid handsomely to lecture university students and left-wing political groups who covet his every mundane utterance. The notorious skeptic has even gone so far as to start a highly controversial non-profit organization that collects personal donations.

All these efforts have been made to enshrine the Cult of Dawkins for posterity.

As a result, this British anti-Christian activist is one of the most famous crusaders against the Word of God today. He promotes an agenda of scientism mixed with Friedrich Nietzsche’s moral nihilism. Nietzsche was, for those who don’t know, the German anarchist who announced, “God is dead,” thereby launching Hitler’s worst atrocities.

Intoxicated by Dawkins’ Godless worldview, many young people have embarked on countless deadly pursuits: alcoholism, marijuana, STDs, homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, socialism and much worse. Christian theologians have correctly classified this atheistic lifestyle trend as little more than old-fashioned Satanism in a new guise.

Yet is it right to dismiss Richard Dawkins as simply a Satanist?

The fact that Dawkins has so visibly shrouded himself in moral relativism makes one wonder why his political views are such a secret. This is a man recognized the world over for his polemical tirades. He rarely refuses an opportunity to berate Faith on live television. Yet his attitude towards our elected leaders and his support of socialism is not widely known.

Both Hitler and Stalin kept their political endgames

Much like Dawkins, Hitler and Stalin cultivated a cult of personality to further their political goals.

Many Concerns, Few Clues

Richard Dawkins was once outed for providing assistance to England’s Liberal Democrat party, but few in the media paid any heed at the time. When pushed in various debates, the atheist zealot has unleashed unscripted attacks on American patriotism and the presidency of George W. Bush. A researcher in London has even discovered evidence that millionaire Dawkins is, ironically enough, adamantly anti-capitalist.

One clue that can lead us to this wealthy crusader’s endgame is his advocacy for globalist humanism. Another is his membership in the Bright Movement, a subversive effort to link people despite ethnicity, social class and national boundaries.

Both of these pieces of evidence suggest that Richard Dawkins supports a socialist worldview. When one considers the man’s cloak-and-dagger attempts to undermine traditional gender roles, it becomes quite clear that his ideas adhere to the standard template of Marxism.

Of course, the most glaring proof of Richard Dawkins’ communist agenda is his vicious international campaign against Faith, which imitates similar battles fought by the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro and Barack Hussein Obama.

Atheism, One Tentacle of the Communist Octopus 

Dawkins' supporters may ultimately seek a communist takeover of the White House.

Dawkins’ supporters may ultimately seek a communist takeover of the White House.

Globalist atheism seeks to bond the people of the world through a shared hatred of Christianity and empower them for future activism.

Millionaire Dawkins has stated on numerous occasions that politicians should pay more attention to nihilistic constituent organizations. Once this loyalty is formed, however, and the love of Jesus Christ is torn from our bosoms, what comes next?

Like many agents of communism, Dawkins uses secrecy and “useful idiots” to deflect attention away from his ultimate political goals. The fact that the man goes to such extreme lengths does not bode well for those who have fallen under his spell.

The genuinely surreal thing about Richard Dawkins is that for an avowed Satanist, he lives a rather subdued life. He does not take advantage of the extremist beliefs he espouses. There have been no reports of carnal orgies or narcotic gluttony, ritualistic sadism or child sacrifice. Maybe his cohorts in the mainstream media have managed to cover up these activities.

Or maybe it’s that atheism isn’t Richard Dawkins’ true passion. Maybe atheism is simply a means to a much more gruesome end. Maybe communism is the only thrill that courses through the veins of this loathsome proselytizing European elitist. Whatever the answer, one thing is clear: By the time we know the truth about Dawkins, it may already be too late.