College-Educated Radical Atheists Were Decisive in Hillary’s Iowa Win

Posted on by Henricus Institor
Hillary Clinton displays a secret Freemason hand gesture at a campaign event.

Hillary Clinton exhibits an upper body gesture known as “The Freemason Triad” at a campaign event.

Much has been written about Hillary Clinton’s surprising near tie in the Iowa caucuses, but little has been said about her most secretive voting bloc– radical atheists. As a pro-abortion, pro-gay, anti-faith candidate, Clinton has long pandered to their extremist views. In the days leading up to Tuesday night’s action, the former first lady laced her speeches with coded references that spoke directly to the group’s militant agenda. Using terms like, “feminist rights” and “the end of traditionalism,” she let it be known that she was advocating for the secularist cause.

Courting this powerful underground certainly had its electoral dividends. Atheist organizations have evolved into a national political force for liberals to reckon with. In Iowa, they organized phone banks and fundraisers. Their outreach programs ranged from farmers’ markets to Twitter hashtags (#AtheistVoter). Using SuperPacs, they funneled desperately needed donations into Clinton’s war chest. Their influence was also felt in the boardrooms of newspapers across the state, where atheist insiders flexed their muscles and demanded editorial endorsements of their hardcore feminist candidate.

Atheism has been the inspiration for many dark political agendas.

Atheism has been the inspiration for many dark political agendas.

In the end, Hillary Clinton’s hatred of Christian faith paid off most with affluent urban atheists. In Cedar Rapids, a hotbed of secular activism, voters came out in force for the female presidential hopeful. Elsewhere, cities like Des Moines and Waterloo were influential in her victory. In exit polls, many atheist voters cited Mrs. Clinton’s efforts to legislate immorality and her commitment to the murder of unborn children. Female college graduates noted that they respected Mrs. Clinton’s assault on normative gender roles and homemaking. These same issues failed to resonate with rural atheists, who objected to her coziness with Israel and Goldman Sachs.

Elderly socialist candidate Bernie Sanders also tried to court the militant atheist vote. In an interview widely circulated to the liberal media, Sanders renounced the power of the Bible and demanded that the United States end its dependence on Jesus Christ. Analysts, however, saw this move as too little too late. Clinton had secured commitments from major atheist elitists as far back as 2007, when she first ran for president against Barack Obama. While Sanders’ wild-eyed socialism did appeal to some in the rank and file of these groups, most remained committed to Hillary’s dark agenda.

As the candidates move next to New Hampshire, the question arises how much more will radical atheists demand of their presumptive presidential nominee. Will they agitate for an end to tax exemptions for religious organizations? Will they push to increase funding for gays, abortion and open borders? This may be a challenge for Mrs. Clinton, as second place Bernie Sanders has already proven that he will do whatever it takes to bamboozle the electorate.

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