Why Do Rabbits Rape Cats?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

rabbits rape cats

Something disturbing is happening all across America: children are witnessing the raw sexual conquest of one beast by another in the privacy of their own homes. No, we should not be surprised. Families have been turning their dwelling spaces into veritable Noah’s Arcs for some time now, blind to the larger moral risks of mixing species never meant to cohabitate. Two such creatures no longer playing by the rules of domestication are rabbits and cats. The incidence of rape between these house pets has risen at such an alarming rate that many are asking, “Why?”

More importantly, we should be asking ourselves, “Why now?”

Despite the trauma and the hurt, this could truly be a teachable moment for Christian families. Currently, there are close to one hundred videos on YouTube depicting rabbits raping cats. It can happen in any home to any type of cat. It can even happen to male cats. Yes, adults are upset and children confused. But ultimately the Bible teaches us the importance of stewardship, or rather the idea that human beings are caretakers of the animal world. “Then God said, Let us make man in our image, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” –Genesis 1:26.

We need to be responsible and forthright about this developing situation. Studying these interactions can help us learn something about the true nature of our family pets and how our personal lifestyles choices can even affect the animal kingdom around us.

cat rape crime

In its most basic form, rabbit rapes are power struggles between two pets climbing all over us for attention. That human attention, in turn, translates into rewards: physical affection, expensive foods and long term care. As dominant creatures, rabbits use sex as a crude weapon. They exploit the inherent weakness of the cat, while dirtying its reputation via surprise penetration. The cat, for its part, submits sheepishly to these attacks. They may even enjoy the warmth and attention at first, before feeling the true pain of anal violation.

Inevitably, the rabbit uses rape as a way to inform its human masters that it is the superior pet choice. Because these sorts of creatures lack a moral conscience, they know not what they do. They have no self-control and will even pursue fornication in same-sex encounters that cross the species line. They do not understand that their acts are detestable and violate God’s will. As we view these rapes, they are important reminders of the cruelty and immorality that forms the basis of the animal world.

Why now? This question is especially relevant when you consider the types of households that many pets are being placed in today. Experts agree that animals have been known to mimic humans and hypothetically this could extend to intimate activities. As has been noted previously, same-sex activity does not occur naturally in the wild world. It does happen, however, in caged environments like zoos or private homes, just like gang rapes in prison. Following the idea that pets seek rewards from their owners, there is a good possibility that rabbits are simply showing off for their voyeuristic homosexual masters. They hope to garner a treat by offering up a visible affirmation of a radical human lifestyle choice. Perhaps this indicates that sexual attraction abnormalities can be spread from humans to pets. The number of practicing homosexuals with homosexual pets is not known, but the correlation is clearly evidenced by the large number of gays online proclaiming that their pets are also gay. As more and more homosexuals take up the trend of pet ownership, it is undeniable that we will see an increase in the number of rabbits raping cats.

the 911 on rabbit rapists

Does this mean that pets who witness human gay sex are more likely to commit rape? The question has not been studied in depth but it is an important one for society to address. If pets are watching their owners’ physical relations and emulating our most hardcore displays, this could lead to a crisis in the animal kingdom. As homosexuality spreads across the boundary from people to pets and now from one species to the next, how far will it go? Is it also a two-way street? Will humans start copying beastly sexual maneuvers (if they haven’t already)? Will our children be affected by seeing such animalistic erotic congress, encouraged to either rape or engage in gay sex on their own? Again, these are important questions and concerned parents should take every precaution to prevent their kids from witnessing such dangerous content in the home and on the internet. Taken altogether, this crisis of rabbit rape is clearly an indication that families need to approach pet choices, particularly those involving cats, with caution and prayer.