Should Wikileaks Release the Donald Trump Sex Tape?

Posted on by Derby Mack
Is a future president vulnerable to blackmail?

Is a future president vulnerable to blackmail?

The images are rumored to be graphic. The scandal promises to be intense. Nothing has been confirmed, although the whispering campaign has already begun. According to sources, Senator Roy Blunt’s office tried to warn the Trump campaign over Labor Day Weekend. A certain New York journalist with a penchant for leaks and latex has been asking questions. But right now, this whole thing is nothing more than untraceable innuendo.

What we do know is this: Donald J. Trump purchased Maison de L’Amitié, a 10-bedroom, 33,000-square foot estate at 515 North County Road in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2004. He acquired the luxurious compound for $41.4 million from healthcare magnate Abe Gosman during a bankruptcy auction. The New York developer and philanthropist quickly set about improving the waterfront mansion. He spent at least $25 million to make it a world-class property, landscaping the grounds and updating the interiors with exotic marbles and gold fixtures.

Trump also had a state-of-the-art security system installed.

That security system inadvertently recorded certain events that transpired in January, 2008.

Donald Trump stands before .

Donald Trump stands before Maison de L’Amitié, the site of the alleged videos.

There are several implications to consider. When some scandal sheet in New York City published naked photos of Melania Trump, the liberal elite went wild. They took to Facebook and Twitter to shame the Republican presidential frontrunner for marrying a vivacious and exciting woman. Now, these same leftwing zealots are spreading rumors that the Donald’s current wife is a former prostitute who worked the mean streets of Manhattan in her early twenties, charging bargain bin rates to busboys and traveling businessmen alike. Whatever the truth is here, isn’t it a bit hypocritical that Democrats, who claim to be champions of women’s rights, would bully a girl for her entrepreneurial spirit?

Donald Trump calls Palm Beach his second home and Maison de L’Amitié was actually his second residence in that fabled town. His main home there is Mar-a-Lago, a 126-room, 110,000-square-foot historic landmark originally built by the heiress to the Post Cereal fortune. He also has an extensive security system installed at that property.

In 2006, Trump engaged Sotheby’s International Realty to sell the North County Road home with a listing price of $125 million. It was the most expensive home in America at the time.

Rybolovlev reportedly handed the tape over to Putin and Trump had Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn intervene.

Rybolovlev reportedly handed the video over to Putin and Trump had Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn travel to Moscow to intervene.

Two years later, Sotheby’s found a buyer: Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The price was $95 million, then a record in the United States residential real estate market. Rybolovlev, a confidante of Russian President Vladimir Putin, made his money in banking and the fertilizer industry. He lives in Monte Carlo and was reportedly looking for a place to stash some of his wealth during a contentious divorce.

Rybolovlev’s personal detail discovered the tapes on the security system in the weeks after the purchase. The cameras in question were located in the ocean-facing conservatory, an extravagant addition to the mansion that Trump himself had conceived. At the time of the recording, the room was decorated in rare animal skins and chaise lounges embroidered with 22-karat fabrics. The cameras captured several different angles. January 22nd is a date that has been mentioned, which suggests the events were some sort of celebration of Donald and Melania’s third wedding anniversary. There may have been a third person involved.

It is unclear when the videos were transferred out of the country, but according to sources they landed in Moscow sometime in 2014. Vladimir Putin was said to have viewed them personally. Mr. Trump’s buttocks are featured prominently. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a Trump friend and adviser, traveled to the Russian capital in 2015 and met with one of Putin’s lieutenants to discuss the matter. It does not appear that any resolution was reached.

Privacy and respect for the office of the future president are certainly two valid arguments as to why the videos should not be released. On the other hand, isn’t it dangerous for a foreign power to hold something so dangerous over the head of the leader of the free world? Could these graphic images be used for international blackmail? What if ISIS got a hold of them? It’s unlikely Donald Trump would fall victim to such maneuvers, but they could do harm if edited and leaked at a strategic moment to insult our national stamina.

There’s a sold reason for releasing the tapes now and in full. America needs to see who we’re getting into bed with (both literally and figuratively) before we go to the polls. Mr. Trump could actually end up on top by getting ahead of this crisis immediately. He’s talked so much about his muscular approach to policy and something like this might convince the undecideds that it’s no bluff.  That’s certainly not the sort of bravery you see coming from Hillary Clinton’s camp!

A third party such as Wikileaks would be the best avenue for this release. There’s always a danger that socialist elites in the corporate media would manipulate this storyline to slander the Trump campaign. It really is a shame that at this point in time in American culture there is so much body shaming directed at elderly men who don’t cover themselves, particularly when it comes to beaches and parks and even our own front yards. Maybe Trump could personally turn the tide against this unjust discrimination. It’s even been said that Putin himself was impressed by the Donald’s swordsmanship and has watched the sex tapes several times. “Tasteful” is a word that has been thrown about the Kremlin. Could that be the reason the Russian leader admires the Donald so much? For the sake of us older and curious patriotic Americans, release the tapes and let us all find out!


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