Putin to Offer Trump Global Chemtrails Ban in Exchange for Dissolution of NATO

Posted on by Moishe Mustafa McPhearson

Chemtrails have been used by the liberal globalist socialist elite for decades to spread apathy and erectile dysfunction.

President Donald J. Trump’s famously chummy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin was off to a sunny start this week.

In high level talks regarding a future summit between the two world leaders, the controversial issue of geoengineering was raised. As has been reported continuously for over a decade by the alternative press, certain members of the international elite have engaged in a conspiracy to seed our atmosphere with harmful toxins that cause immediate damage to human health.

While the debate about so-called chemtrials will percolate for years to come, many believe that it was none other than Hillary Clinton who pioneered this dangerous depopulation scheme. And we know now that she did it at the behest of her Illuminati handlers at the United Nations.

The good news from Moscow is that beloved leader Putin is willing to enforce a planet-wide ban on the heinous toxins, which cause everything from brain fog to erectile dysfunction and spiritual apathy.

According to a report co-authored by NaturalNews and SaveAmericaFreedomPatriot.ru, Mr. Putin’s staff was approached by National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. Flynn has been unfairly criticized for his embrace of alt right media sources in the past, but in the case of chemtrails, his forthcoming agreement with Russia will prove his critics hilariously flawed.

Trump considers Putin brave for his stance against chemtrails.

A leaked copy of the memorandum of understanding states that Russia will immediately suspend all chemtrails research and begin building an anti-geoengineering facility in Western Ukraine. In addition, Russia is authorized to enforce “no-fly zones” over known chemtrail factories in Eastern Europe.

To finance this ambitious this program, Trump will pledge financial relief from the Federal Reserve Bank, before it planned closure in 2018. The money will be immediately available to Putin’s personally chosen associates via a Western Union international wire transfer.

In exchange for Putin’s valiant efforts to rid our earth of chemtrails, President Trump will unilaterally agree to dismantle the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and withdraw any troops too close to Russia’s borders.

Trump supporters on Twitter are already heralding this as a “two-for-one” victory for the new administration. Not only will the United States be relieved of the painful costs of supporting NATO, but the Putin government will bear the physical and emotional burden of the chemtrail eradication efforts.

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