The Case Against John Oliver: Why America Needs to Take a Stand on Media Treason

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
The European

Will President Trump take action against those who abuse the notion of “free speech”?

Seven and a half years ago I looked out on this country with the deepest anxiety for my people. The liberal establishment had just crowned Barack Hussein Obama their new leader, yet few truly understand the implications.

Today, we voters are mired in a pool of patriotic blood shed over the last two presidential terms. Many have trodden the bitter path to unemployment as our jobs continue to be shipped overseas. Our homeland has become a war zone as illegal immigrants flood through the gates. On national television, we are humiliated on a nightly basis as Obama’s Cultural Marxism is preached as news and entertainment.

Now one man stands amidst a crowded field of political opportunists to reverse this tide. His name is Donald Trump and the vision he offers is so revolutionary that the leftists are doing everything in their power — both legal and illegal, immoral and demonic — to crush his momentum.

The Angry Puppet of Agenda 21
Leading the pack of hateful big media propagandists against our rebirth is none other than John William Oliver. Pull back the curtain on this whimpering caricature of a wry intellectual, and you’ll find a failed European comic. Such a fraud could be easily dismissed were it not for his dangerously expansive bully pulpit. Using the uncensored airtime of cable television, Oliver has committed endless hours to slandering America’s final hope.

Along the way, this sweaty little man has lured many into his cult. With spit forming in the corners of his mouth, he shrieks with a prepubescent ire that appeals to a certain underclass of users and losers, outsiders and freaks. He paints a messy canvas with poorly edited YouTube clips and anarchist messages of social justice. He targets the youngest and most vulnerable in our society and sells them the alluring potion of victimhood. Brushing the greasy hair from his oily forehead, the angry young man never misses an opportunity to be self-congratulatory in that nauseatingly British schoolboy way of his. As a foreigner and a zealot, he will do anything and everything in his power to assault this nation’s most sacred principles.

Lately, Mr. Oliver has taken to harassing Donald Trump with a grotesque passion on his nightly news program. He targets with little facts and even less common sense. But that hasn’t prevented demented socialist morons all across the internet from sharing these outright lies. He’s a meme and Facebook video sensation. Gossip blogs and international newspapers repeat his most outrageous claims. This only inflames his hate speech to greater depths. It’s clear he’s pandering to the lowest common denominator with an insatiable greed for more and more media influence. His checkbook has surely fattened in the process.

The failed comic is terrified

The European comic is sweating over the thought that patriotic Americans might actually stand up to his hate speech.

Yet in voicing this degree of manufactured outrage, Mr. Oliver is no longer a simple parasite on our body politic. He has become a true menace.

High Treason in an Election Season
Could all this be intentional? Does Oliver have a broader agenda here? Do we know everything there is to know about this man’s allegiances and associations? Did he cross our borders with a specific purpose? What, exactly, is his immigration status and does Homeland Security have the power to detain elements like him preëmptively?

Slander is just one of the crimes that John Oliver is guilty of. Defamation, libel inciting a riot, perhaps even treason… How long will it be before one of his cultists takes up a rifle against our republic? The implications of his sedition should never be underestimated. Words are literally tearing this nation apart. This putrid socialist fanatic is standing in the way of a true revolution. He’s also putting Donald Trump’s life and livelihood at grave risk.

Mr. Trump has spoken forcefully about the need to curtail dangerous speech at the outset of his first term. He has demanded tougher libel laws and has taken aim at liberal mouthpieces like CNN and the New York Times. Both are guilty of serious violations of their journalistic mandates. Yet it is John Oliver, and John Oliver alone, who truly tests the outer limits of American freedom. His bile has no place in the national community we are promised.

Will President Trump do the right thing and bring John Oliver to trial? A bold act such as this would become a teachable moment for all citizens. Mr. Oliver’s sacrifice might ultimately help our cause. It could actualize our fears and unite us, for we have a common enemy and he is everywhere.