Radical Atheists Are Outraged That These 9 Conspiracies Have Been Leaked to the Public!

Posted on by Stephenson Billings
The global elite has worked for decades to keep the truth about Hardcore Atheism from being leaked to the public.

Globalists have worked for decades to keep the facts about Hardcore Atheism from going public.

The truth is contagious, as they say, and today we’re living through one of the greatest information epidemics in human history. Thanks to the internet’s finest citizen journalists, the New World Order has been revealed. The globalist mask of International Atheism has fallen.

You have a grave responsibility with the secret knowledge that follows. Every time you share the truth, an Atheist dies a little inside. But be aware that every time you expose the Cultural Marxist corporate media conspiracy to enslave us, you makes enemies. These are global power players with names like Dawkins and Sanders, Nye and Gervais. They’ll stop at nothing to destroy you for knowing the incredible things that you know. So if you’re feeling brave and if you love your friends and family, let’s do this together. Let’s make those rabid dogs of Radical Atheism furious by exposing their worst crimes against our freedom!

1) The implosion of America’s public school system can be directly traced back to Hillary Clinton’s anti-religious activism of the 1990s.
“Statistical analysis reveals that the decline of educational standards began two decades ago. Coincidentally (or not), this also happens to be the era of the Clintons. Suddenly, a slew of activist judges set about disseminating controversial ideologies in the public sphere. They attacked any display of the 10 Commandments. They destroyed historic statues to our fallen veterans, they removed inspiring banners from school gyms. The Bible was forbidden as general subject matter and morning prayer was banned. Most importantly, basic science became extremely politicized. As one report recently noted, leftwing activists have even perverted the basic logic of math to support their agenda!”Is the “Evolution Theory” Hoax to Blame For Our Nation’s Failing Schools?

Illuminati kingpins like George Soros are funding Hillary's globalist liberalism.

Wikileaks has exposed Hillary as a puppet of socialist Illuminati billionaire George Soros.

2. Atheists in high-level government positions are secretly conspiring to take over the CIA.
“In this age of relentless terror, nothing could be more perilous than handing over the most powerful intelligence agency on the planet to Radical Atheists. Drone strikes and black sites, extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogation, all are reduced to simple violence without the ethical justifications that only Christians can provide. The Central Intelligence Agency may not be our very best ally on the homefront, but it is one of the few Federal departments working to stay ahead of our foreign enemies. Let’s keep it in the hands of those who still have faith in America’s founding values.”A Plague of Atheists Is Quietly Clouding the CIA’s Moral Mandate

3. NWO scientists are using Chemtrails to damage your sexual stamina, thereby reducing the Christian-American population.
“One of the most controversial aspects of atmospheric manipulation is done by airplanes through controlled spraying over population centers. These toxins are known as chemtrails, and can cause a wide variety of symptoms. While the exact chemical make-up of chemtrails is up for debate, many doctors have noticed a dramatic increase in skin rashes, lethargy and decreased sexual activity in their patients.”Are You Not Having Enough Sex Because of Chemtrails?

4. We are living through the worst Atheist Crime Wave in our nation’s history, but no corporate media will report on that fact.
“According to the FBI, close to 10 million people were charged with criminal offenses in 2010. Reviewing the categories in their statistics is like reading a Chinese menu of atheistic beliefs. As one would expect there are sex crimes and murder, acts that those who do not fear God are far more likely to commit. As the politicalization of atheism has grown, we are seeing an increase in loitering, vandalism, disorderly conduct and vagrancy charges. Vice, suspicion, gambling and crimes against children round out the list, and highlight what happens when an individual strays far away from the wisdom of his faith community.” Why Doesn’t the Liberal Media Identify Murderers as Atheists?

Charles Darwin's secret agenda is finally coming to fruition with the help of the Clinton Foundation.

Charles Darwin devoted his life to silencing the Bible’s insights on human sexuality.

5. Militant Atheists use games like Ouija and Uno to lure innocent kids into Satanism.
“Uno teaches the power of circular logic as gameplay reaches a dizzying pace. It programs you to reverse the flow of social norms and to jump on top of a pile when it’s not even your turn. Each of these actions symbolizes real world sexual fornication techniques. They express animalistic copulation — pairing up matching cards (homosexuality), reversing the direction of play (anal penetration) and Wild Cards (sexual orgies across racial lines). The skip card could be interpreted as a formal renouncement of expected binary relationships (i.e. the rejection of marriage), while the +2 hints that any couple has the potential to be turned into a threesome.”Is the Card Game Uno Spreading Carnal Knowledge for the AntiChrist?

6. “Neanderthals” are nothing more than an erotic fantasy dreamed up by hardcore Atheists as a way to mask their sexual inadequacy and lack of masculinity.
“Despite there being absolutely no Biblical evidence whatever for evolution or ‘ancient ancestors,’ the Atheists truly loves the Neanderthals. In fact, many of the supposed skeletal remains showcased by Atheist scientists happen to be either shards of monkey bones or remnants of the physically deformed. […] As the Atheist pursues endless nights of wanton lust, he will seek some sort of ‘spirit guide’ who condones his hellaciousness. In this way, the Neanderthal becomes the patron saint of sexual self-destructiveness.”Why Do Atheists Believe in Neanderthals?

7. Science Activist Bill Nye is recruiting young children into Atheism without their parents’ consent.
“Molly Murgenson, a mother of five in Dyersburg, Tennessee, worries about the influence of radical liberals like Nye. In a recent interview, she noted that her children, ages 12 to 16, have access to Nye’s Youtube channel on the family computer. ‘I just don’t think it’s right that some older man we don’t know is trying to get my kids alone and speak with them like this,’ she stated. ‘Who really knows what this Bill Nye is fixing to do with my kids. I got girls and boys, but I can’t hardly tell with these city types what his thing is.’ Others have noted that nowhere on Bill Nye’s channel does he praise faith, patriotism or Jesus Christ.”Could “Science” Guy Bill Nye’s Disgusting Secret Destroy His Career?

Donald Trump's message of national purity has the sex-addicted Atheist Elite freaking out.

Donald Trump’s message of a cleansed national community has the sex-addicted Atheist Elite utterly freaking out.

8. The Loch Ness Monster actually proves the Biblical depiction of the Flood is 100% accurate!
“Did you know that Nessie very closely resembles a type of dinosaur known as a plesiosaur? Did you also know that plesiosaurs have been spotted not just in Scotland, but in Japan, Cornwall, Canada, Arkansas and Lake Erie? If a few, isolated examples of dinosaurs survive to this day, it proves that notions like evolution and mass extinction caused by a meteor strike are simply absurd. If evolution were real, these massive predators would have grown bigger and stronger and retaken the planet. We’d be huddling in murky caves, fearful of prowling Tyrannosaurus Rexes right now!”Are Deep-Sea Dinosaurs Living Proof of the Biblical Timeline?

9. Atheists are literally murdering puppies for sexual arousal.
“The truly shocking thing is that the atheist addiction to canine fetuses opens the door to much, much worse. A disturbing joke has long circulated on the internet that atheists ‘eat babies.’ Yet there have been reported incidents of actual baby meat consumption in China in recent years. What is unfortunate is that America’s atheists continue to see the Chinese as the vanguard and are anxious to pick up their latest trends. Could a human fetus consumption fad happen right here in the United States? With radical atheism’s ascent to power seemingly unstoppable, it’s almost inevitable.”Many Atheists Believe That Eating Puppy Fetuses Will Cure Their Sexual Impotency. Here’s Why They’re Wrong