Anonymous Twitter Patriot Organizing Mass Protests Against the Coronavirus

Posted on by Henricus Institor
One protestor has already taken his powerful message to the White House.

A grassroots movement that began with a single Tweet is threatening to shake up America’s political status quo.

It all started late one Tuesday night when an anonymous account named simply AverageAmericen293827 sent out the following message, “Come protest the #Coronavirus with fellow real Americens down in the old town square next Sunday 14.30 hours! @RealDonaldTrump @Hannity @Trish_Regan #Conspiracy #QAnon #MAGA #LockHerUp”

It only took minutes for the message to ricochet across the internet, receiving 14,000 retweets within the hour. The next day Rush Limbaugh mentioned it on his radio show and influential figures in the conservative community including ShowMeGamerTits16 on Voat were suddenly promoting it.

While not much is known about the original Twitter user, the fact that he had a Bible and American flag in his avatar was enough to vouch for his patriotism, experts say. His sentiment has certainly hit a chord with average Americans who are extremely angry with the coronavirus. Some noted that this Democrat hoax from China was destroying our economy and possibly killing millions without access to properly equipped hospitals, because liberals hate America. Others stated that they knew all along that this pandemic was fake and that it was aimed at murdering elderly Trump voters, because liberals hate America.

The rallies, with over 320 locations currently planned, are on course to bring together millions of citizens for a national day of rage, fiery speeches and close contact.

On Facebook, protesters are sharing photos of the cardboard signs they’ve created, showing the wide range of ideas circulating among conservatives at the moment. From “#Coronavirus” and “Fake News!” to “USA CIA Out of Ukraine!” and “Trump 2020!” Of them, a Kansas teen’s “Coronavirus 2020” sign received the most likes, highlighting the alt right’s incredible power of satire, somehow. Supporters of the movement say they will risk the cold weather and recent health problems to join the rallies because it’s the only way to show people that liberals hate America.

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