Can President Trump Effectively Sterilize the Poor?

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America needs

America can no longer afford the explosion of the entitlement class.

In our border states and urban ghettos, we have a poverty problem that is costing normal taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Often this epidemic bleeds into the rest of the population, causing devastating health crises that further destabilize our democracy. Politicians have known about this catastrophic state of affairs for decades now, but none has been brave enough to ring the alarm bell on a national level.

Could all that change with the election of Donald Trump?

For too long, political correctness has kept applicable science out of the hands of doctors who could make a difference. Some innovations were pioneered in Germany during the last war, while vital data was collected in Puerto Rico for decades. Under President Nixon, new efforts were made to give these concepts wider currency. Among Native Americans, African-Americans, and California’s female prisons, the technology has proven successful in keeping dangerous population surges in check.

A Financial Obligation to Explore Our Options

When economists evaluate the potential upside for our civilization, particularly the white middle class demographic who is struggling the hardest as traditional society faces violent peril, a convincing case can be made for sterilizing those who pose the gravest risk. The cost benefit for our culture is quantified in billions, if not trillions over the next decade. As the manufacturing sector struggles to transform itself and as the workforce adapts to a vibrant internet infrastructure, these funds will be crucial in maintaining our dominance of global markets.

The "one shot" solution.

The “one shot” solution.

Indeed, such an emergency injection into the American economy may be the only thing that keeps the United States afloat as China and Russia conspire to dominate through military means. This is just one of the many arguments that President Trump will need to make as we embark on this fascinating change in our health care priorities.

Trump has signaled that the Federal Government can no longer afford the illegal tenets of Obamacare. The presidential nominee has suggested drug testing welfare recipients, and sterilization could certainly be done at the same time. He has also noted that Medicare and Medicaid monies could be far more intelligently employed. To insure the success of such a shift, we will need to tap new revenue streams without burdening the taxpayer any further. Sterilization provides all of these opportunities, while also offering new white-collar job possibilities for many in the field of health.

As a medical doctor, it is my great honor to watch the people of this country reclaim greatness through the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. His grace and candor have opened up the national discourse to a wide range of innovative ideas that we can all take part in. Sterilization may seem like a novel concept now, but it is the hope of many that once President Trump reviews the financials, he will see the economic potential of such efforts. In doing so, he will not only be protecting our children from a potential World War III, he’ll also be insuring the health of older citizens in their twilight years. It is just that sort of hard-nosed pragmatism which is inspiring millions of professionals just like me to vote Trump this election season.


About This Journalist

Dr. Arthur Bacon Plimpton, DDS and BOHDSc, is a retired physician who spent decades fighting on the frontlines of America’s healthcare fiasco. Today, he uses his journalism to inoculate citizens against our nation’s pandemic of socialism, scientism and sexual perversion.

  • Blanche Beecham

    Well Doc, as they say “Silence is Golden; Duct Tape is Silver.”

    A lot of the Socialism comes from the poors. They (poors) do still have some voting rights and as a block a voice in American politics. While the Rhino’s are all about increasing poors, it really makes more sense to shut down the factories as it were and end poverty once and for all – along with Socialism and Communism, both economic constructs that require a bunch of poor people to “work” (they really don’t work, they just need enough people to say that).

  • Derby Mack

    There’s a whole street full of folks down near me that I’d like to sign up for this program!

  • The doctor is my friend.He makes me happy in the end.

  • Pun Pun, the Kobold Mastermind

    I can’t tell if this website is satirical or not. And frankly, I’m not sure which one would be funnier.

    • Ted Gemberling

      It’s satirical. You can tell if you read several articles. I’m sure “Blanche Beecham” is one of the people who work on the site.

    • letters2mary

      Start with considering the name of the site.

  • 787878781

    discusting subject… this is what the dems are doing with planned parenthood, GMO foods, vaccines and chemtrails.. already.. its otherwise called eugenics, + dont sully Trumps name with it.
    Since the dems are already doing it, they will as usual blame teh Rs for wht evils they are perpetrating.

  • BooBooBaby

    Fake News Website!!
    Must be a Looney Lying Racist Racist Race Baiting Liberal site! Lolz! 😉