Time to Stockpile Food, Gold and Printer Ink in Preparation for a Hillary Presidency

Posted on by Derby Mack
The Clintonian death cult will move quickly to destroy Freedom.

The Clintonian death cult will move quickly to destroy Freedom.

The fix is in. The liberal media has sounded the horns. Hillary will be crowned America’s 45th president in November.

As patriotic citizens, we need to prepare for the next stage of our lives. Things are about to get very bad very quickly.

The moment Clinton assumes power, we’ll likely have a false flag war or a national emergency declared as an excuse for a newly empowered political correctness thought police monitoring our daily lives. Look for massive gun seizures in the first months of 2017. Taxes will rise immediately. Entitlements will be handed out on a scale never seen before. HillaryCare troops will be ordered to come to suburban and rural neighborhoods to seize property to fund all these national expenditures. We may even see family farms and local restaurants taken over.

Torando strikes will worsen.

Those who truly love the Constitution will be prepared, however. The smart people are already planning their “bug out” scenarios. Now more than ever, we need to start stockpiling.

Gold and food are two vital resources for all us preppers. Another often-overlooked resource is the alternative media. Hillary’s thought police troops will censor the internet within minutes of her moving into the White House. We’ll start to see less and less crucial news pieces from the grassroots press like InfoWars and Sputnik on our Facebook feeds. Wikileaks will be entirely blocked.

To prepare for this, it’s important that we start printing out, collating and storing every piece of information that disrupts the illuminati Rothschild HillaryCare oligarchy destroying our freedom. That means printer ink. And lots of it!

Luciferianism will likely play a large role in the new administration's policies.

Luciferianism will likely play a large role in the new administration’s policies.

How much printer ink will you need? The coming war with Russia will likely take three to five months. Putin’s forces have been ennobled by a just patriotism, while ours troops have been demoralized by leftist emasculation and nonstop sodomy. For a single adult male, that translates to 500 cartridges depending on your brand. If you’re a voracious reader like me, that might even translate to 650 cartridges.

All of this raises the question of why printer ink prices are so high. If one looks at trends on Amazon, you’ll notice a strange upsurge in statistical pricing models beginning in January of 2015. This is a full FOUR months before Hillary formally announced her run for the presidency, on April 28, 2015 (via YouTube video).

Curiously enough, you can’t print out a YouTube video.

Clearly, someone is making a killing off America’s printer ink supplies. Who, exactly? If you suspected the Khazarian Mafia, you’d be entirely right! This proves they know the fix is in, and have known it for some time. This evidence only confirms it.

All this begs the question, how long has Hillary been colluding with Middle Eastern crime families to corner our nation’s printer ink market and how many billions has the Clinton Foundation made off the scheme? Did they violate election laws by coordinating this scam long before Hillary Clinton formally announced? Was Hillary’s entire run for the White House purely a con job to profit off America’s printer ink reserves? Should Congress convene a Special Prosecutor to investigate?

The CEOs of Brother, Hewlett-Packard and Canon need to be immediately subpoenaed before anything can be deleted from official servers.

It’s pretty amazing to imagine how this investigation could explode and force Hillary into resignation! That would be just the sort of drama I’d leave my bunker to watch on Infowars!

Hold on to your hats, folks! It’s going to be a wild ride! 


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