“Power Bottoming,” The Most Disturbing New Trend in American Homosexuality

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

As Christians, the horrors of homosexuality remind us of our humanity and the great demands that God asks of us. We must remember that one day we will sit before the judgment seat and our worst acts will be brought to the fore. We will also be asked to account for our fellow man, our brothers and our fathers, our sons and our fellow Americans. One recalls that moment when God asked Cain about Abel, and Cain’s fateful reply, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Now more than ever we need to be the best brothers’ keepers we can be.

Within this perplexing set of spiritual responsibilities, it is vital that we fight vigilantly against the worst humanitarian disasters surrounding us. To do this, we need to educate ourselves. Sometimes this is difficult. Sometimes this is a realm only for the strong and mature. As we here today take a step into an offensive and demeaning corner of homosexual activity, I can earnestly say that now is one of those moments.


Sodomy. It is a vile word. God justly describes it as in an “abomination” worthy of destruction in both Genesis and Ezekiel. Medically, human sodomy is defined as penetration of the human anus by a foreign object. For homosexuals, this means one male inserts his erect phallus between the buttocks of another male and inserts it quite deeply. He will then proceed to pull his member almost all the way out before violently poking it back in again. This rectal trespass causes indescribable pain. Pharmacy products and even saliva can be used to lubricate the robust activity, although many gays prefer to go without for that “rough and nasty” feeling.

Within the homosexual element, there is a group called the “power bottomers.” The power bottomer is not just an expert at sodomy; he is singularly dedicated to this sexual assault and will entertain no other. Simply put, it is the only way he will achieve ejaculatory gratification. Recently, power bottoming has moved out of the shadows from a perverse psychological dilemma to a full-blown cultural trend with shamelessly vocal adherents. These types of sodomites delight in their lack of carnal dimensionality and spend much of their free time seeking out a mate who can balance their “queer” equation.

The homosexual will exhibit himself in three basic positions for power bottoming:

• Standing against a wall with one’s exposed buttocks swaying out. This is most often employed in public restrooms and gym showers.

• Kneeling face down with one’s hands on the floor and the glutinous maximums gesturing upwards. Convenient for abandoned warehouses and private sadomasochistic “dungeons.”

• Lying on one’s back with hind legs in the air. Most often occurring in a domestic setting (such as the bedroom), this posture allows for the deepest form of homosexual penetration.

In urban homosexual vernacular, the male penetrator may be a “total top” or “100% top.” “Versatile,” another expression in this lexicon of filth, is gay code for a man who pretends to be a well-endowed penetrator in public, but readily begs to be the recipient of sodomy in the bedroom or alleyway. Any hint that a potential partner is a “versatile” will scare off a power bottom on the hunt, and he will move deeper into the bushes of a public park or on to the urinals at the local disco to seek his prey.

Although leaders of the homosexual community would be loath to admit it, the gay male penetrator top is quite elusive. Attempting to classify him by clothing/body/character types is next to impossible. Because of his rarity, the phrase “power top” has no credibility in gay slang.


Experts have noted that the power bottom has changed the traditional submissive/dominant dynamic of the homosexual copulation ritual. In this new environment, the bottom takes on the role of the aggressor/hunter, prowling leather bars and anonymous wesbites for a most vigorous backside invasion possible. The top penetrator is submissive in this delicate game, letting the “bossy bottom” purchase him expensive cocktails and pay carfare. They may wear specially colored scarves and exhibit chest hair to communicate what role they intend to play in this disgusting, fast-paced action. Most often, the bottom can be identified by his bearded face, sarcastic flippancy and very tight slacks (to show off the buoyancy of his buttocks).

The power bottom is unrepentant about his effeminate behavior, eschewing any discussion of the immorality of anal violation. This is not to say this type is quiet. Indeed, most are overly loquacious during a physical encounter, cooing then demanding, snarling and then shouting. One clinician has likened it to bearing witness to a veritable convention of Tourette’s sufferers, a shower of relentless profanity and human fluids that sickens as well as fascinates.

powerbottom1Over time, the power bottom will come to be defined by his rectum. His anus will become a sort of personal occultic shrine, a thing he cares for constantly, pampering it with talc, deep cleaning its pipes and even whitening its ruddiness through medical procedures (see my report on anal bleaching). He will spend night and day thinking of the reproductive organs of his past and future conquests, memorizing girth and length, curvature and angularity, foreskin and stamina. He will view illicit pornographic films and linger in public toilets. As this sad predilection overtakes him, family and friends will be cast aside as he seeks out even larger phalluses to fulfill his accursed needs. And each and every time he sits down, whether it be at the office or church, he will think of the foulest acts of sex.

When broken down by race, ethnobiologists have found that the vast majority of power bottoms are Caucasian or light-skinned Latins. Whether because of hereditary endowment or social stigma, many blacks prefer the role of penetrator. Few studies have been done on the significance of anal sex among Asian homosexual males, though anecdotal evidence suggests it is quite rare. This is surprising, given the fact that Asian heterosexual females engage in sodomistic intercourse far more often than their white female counterparts. This statistical anomaly could be explained by the fact that a growing number of white male/Asian female couples exist and that they have been introduced to the act of anal intimacy through atheism and transsexual pornography. The number of white males who are sodomizing Asian females may also account for the large number of white males being sodomized in male-on-male encounters, for there is a strong overlap of white males who date Asian females and white males who pursue homosexual acts. Indeed, ethnographers have not yet classified the white male who is characterized by this dualistic nature– appearing publicly with Asian women and privately being anally raped by groups of Latin or black males. Experience has shown, however, that this growing subset of the American population may pose moral and societal risks for future generations and it is vital that today’s Christians take note of this outrageous trend.

  • This is the funniest thing I have ever read on the internet, and that takes a special breed of stupid to achieve!

    • tylerregas

      I know, right!? I’m shocked that there aren’t more comments on this piece. It’s so lovingly detailed and really dives deep into gay culture. I’m sure that this hardcore journalist spent a lot of time researching this subject carefully.

      • Stephenson_Billings

        Save it for the shower line at your local bathhouse, you perv.

        • tylerregas

          You wound me deeply, kind and clearly educated sir! I read your article with the greatest of respect and admiration for your efforts. Those who revere Jesus and his solemn teachings of the Word of God must know the enemy in order to fight them. The more intimately we know them, the sooner we can rid their perverted evil from our precious world.

          • Stephenson_Billings

            Thanks you the apology my friend and have a wondrous Christmas!

          • tylerregas

            And now is when I reveal my ruse in the likely futile attempt to show you how words can be used to misdirect others. You are so deluded by your own hatred and disgust of things you cannot control that you even thank me, calling my response an apology, when it was you who called me a pervert.

            You don’t even know me.

            Of course, I’m not the one hiding behind some identity. I use my real name and you can find out all about me on the internet. You, supposedly an award-winning investigative journalist, have only a mostly empty Facebook page. Even a high school newspaper student would have researched me with a simple search on Google. You just took my words as writ.

            You and your cronies on this site do nothing but sow the seeds of hatred and fear from a position of ignorance and your so-called Faith in God. You make up lies about those you cannot tolerate and feed them to your followers so that they might carry on your despicable works. You claim to be Christians and yet the last thing you do is act in any way that is even vaguely Christian.

            You sling around words like socialism like you understand what they mean. You make outrageous claims with absolutely no factual backing and expect to be taken at your word. You want to take America back from the Hedonist masses whose debauchery is corrupting it? That, then, would mean that all of us White people who stole this country from the natives needs to leave and give it back to them, but of course, that’s not what you mean.

            You want freedom, but only for people who think and look like you. You want smaller government, as long as you are in control. You want lower taxes so you don’t have to support the lower classes that your filthy, capitalist thievery created in the first place.

            Well, I’ve got news for you. You can’t have it. The wounded animal screams loudest near the end, my “friend”. America is being overrun, but this time by people who are actually willing to help their fellow citizens so that all boats can rise in the common tide. It’s too bad that you don’t want the same thing. You might be happier if you didn’t hate everything so much, but we’ll never know, will we.

            Merry Christmas, asshole.

          • Stephenson_Billings


            What a strange, maybe delusional response? Tyler, I did see your website as well as your Facebook. I took the time right now because you are so incredibly BOSSY (you must be a genuine delight to spend time with in person). So normally I do not pursue people off this website. Honestly, it’s just not me. I prefer to let people speak in plain truths with honesty.

            You, on the other hand, dear Tyler, have the mentality of a stalker and a terrorist. Yes, a terrorist. Your tactics are not one of decency, but rather shameful sneaking and Twitter slander. I see you on there, too, you crazy pervert.

            Furthermore, because you so graciously demanded, I took a look at:


            Your website, I should warn others is a bit NSFW from those two or three clicks I made. You have a strange obsession with the male… reproductive organ, shall we say. Are you homosexual? You can tell me. I actually have known many of them in my life. Obviously my work reveals a dedication to understanding that unusual subculture.

            I am not ashamed, however, to bring MY wisdom to your dangerous world. I feel an obligation to spread insight and teaching in the hope that you can change and move toward the warm and loving bosom of Christ.

            Finally, let me just say this Tyler: I love YOU! I truly do love you! Please be safe out there, I have heard so much of the dangers of that lifestyle.

            Warm regards,


          • tylerregas

            Oh, that’s excellent! What a wonderful target you are, Dr. Billings! I am, indeed, a terrorist, but it is unkind of you to suggest I slander. I only call them as I see them, and I see you for the hatemonger you truly are, Doctor. I am neither shameful nor sneaking. I am honest about myself and who I am, and what I am not is gay.

            Of course, you would have no understanding of that, since it is the love of Jesus and your belief in God that directs you. You are pure and clean and all that God wants in Heaven, aren’t you? Or maybe you are born in and of sin and that your lifelong pursuits to cleanse your soul is just how you pass the time.

            Regardless, your endless presumptions give you away, good Doctor. You are nothing more than a sad, little man, locked away in fear in an ivory tower of your own making. The only weapons you have are lashing words, hoping to inflict pain and shame in any who come near you who don’t look like you.

            Unlike you, I don’t hate for the sake of hate. I only hate those who are intolerant of others through ignorance. Despite your so-called degrees, you are not an educated, Worldly man. You know nothing of life but that pathetic little cocoon of fear you have wrapped yourself if. It must be cozy.

            As for being delightful, I am and you will get a lot of opportunity to experience it for yourself.

          • Stephenson_Billings


          • tylerregas

            Oh 🙁 That’s it? Wackjob? You can’t even spell it right. The term is “whackjob”, like being smacked. Of course, your best epithet is “pervert”. You should stick with that.

            In fact, you should always respond to everything with just one word. Pervert.

          • tylerregas

            Oh. I forgot to mention what kind of terrorist I am. Shame on me.

            I’m the kind who makes bad jokes, drinks and laughs with my friends, doesn’t feel shame for who I am, and welcomes people of all stripes into his heart, home, and embrace. It’s a weird kind of terrorism, I know, but there you have it.

  • billings fat rock
    • tylerregas

      Dr. Billings is just a gem, isn’t he! It’s people like Dr. Stephenson Billings who will save our world from the perverts, scumbags, and colored people! WHEEE!!!

  • GayChristClown

    Stephenson- if anyone here is gay, its you. You are OBSESSED with gay sex, you describe things so vividly; in a awkward, half-excited tone you grossly (yet hilariously) describe the very acts you condemn, without ever really making a point.. you sir, and GayChristClown

    • Stephenson_Billings

      No, you sir are obsessed. I am merely reporting and feel the need to protect my reputation when pointless accusation are flung my way like a monkey with his feces at the zoo. But you probably enjoy that sort of thing.

      • James

        I bet the good doctor has a nice big dildo he uses to pleasure himself! do you fantasize about those bearded hairy chested men making a power bottom out of you?!!

  • Charlie adormeo

    The descriptions on this are making me moist

  • LaserN8

    Thank you for the eye opening and informative article. At times difficult to read, i find that we must stomach this sort of material in order to be aware and equipped for the spiritual war.

    11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

    12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

    13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.