Pot Legalization is Killing My Buzz

Posted on by Derby Mack
Marijuana is for idiots.

A surefire way to destroy your future.

Enough already with the marijuana lectures, you foul little freaks!

I am so sick of all you bong-loving boneheads spouting off about why narcotics should be legalized. You claim to know so very much about the law and the police and “crowded” jails (oh, boo hoo!). And then you’ll digress into gang violence and drug cartels and money laundering and political corruption. Heck, you might just tie it into some conspiracy involving beer brewers and tobacco farmers. And William Randolph Hearst, I know, I know…

Every pothead in America is a loser and a bum. It’s that simple. These are people who hate hard work. They’ve never been responsible their entire lives. They want to throw away their brains and their good health for a few hours of “getting their rocks off” on illegal drugs.

Marijuana forces these jerks into a crazed, fuzzy mental state where shapes and colors spin like the jump cuts in the old Batman TV show. Your hands feel like they’re falling off and your legs are suddenly made of rubber. It’s impossible to speak on this nasty stuff, but that’s never prevented these knuckleheads from trying. Usually what you get is a mixed salad of language, chunks of big words with a lot of contrived dressing to make them sound “intellectual.” What about a little common sense, you jackasses? That’s what I’d love to hear from you. Just one of you!

Before you know it, these grassheads have fallen into a hole of the “ganja giggles” where every dumb cartoon has them tumbling over and flailing their arms as if they’re experiencing explosive diarrhea and a heart attack at the same time. No wonder garbage like South Park and Family Guy are so popular among young people. These silly cartoons are crude, rude and absolutely out of control. Even worse, they’re filling young heads with the most manipulative fantasies of radical liberalism. And you weed addicts buy it wholesale!

You have to wonder what came first, radical liberalism or marijuana advocacy? Both are equally stupid and mentally destructive. Both are all about permissiveness and promiscuity. When it comes to the bitter secularization of our society, these two strains of ignorance intertwine, as the armies of Militant Atheism advocate very loudly for drug legalization and most drug fiends are hardcore atheists.

The thing that annoys me most about the pot junkies is that they’re just so intolerant. They have no time for anyone who disagrees with their aggressive agenda. They’ll shout and push if you attempt to challenge them. Oftentimes they turn violent for no reason at all. We have all heard the stories of mothers who have turned on their own children, brothers against brothers, men holding razor blades to the throats of their lifelong friends. Don’t believe the hype, experimenting with marijuana is like playing Russian Roulette with an Uzi.


Young Obama regularly “indulged” in drugs like pot and it opened him up to ideas like homosexuality and socialism.

Well congratulations, all you horrible people. Hardcore pot has been legalized in Colorado and Washington. The modern mouthpiece of cultural Marxism in America, the New York Times, has even announced in a week-long editorial treatise that they, too, endorse drug addiction among the teens in our nation.

You addicts should be ashamed of yourselves. If only you had chosen to “get high” on faith and patriotism, this nation might stand a fighting chance against the communists and the illegals, but I guess you don’t care.

Weed freaks, you’re ignorant and it makes me incredibly sad.

Every single child in America is now at risk of cancer, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression and heart disease because of you marijuana promoters. They’re also vulnerable to peer-pressure, bullying, immorality, apathy and failure because of pot. This is not a drug that helps or cures. It’s a disease in itself. It makes people incredibly lazy and profoundly foolish. How many will get behind the wheel and kill someone? How many will flip out with a panic attack and jump from a window? How many will waste all the opportunities that life has to offer just because they’d rather get “high” and zone out in their grotesque little bedrooms surrounded by semen-crusted towels and half-eaten bowls of Lucky Charms?

Let me tell you friends, high up there on pot you forget your responsibilities. You forget your homework, your job interviews, your family obligations, your nation and your sacred purpose. You become old, disgusting creeps whose only goal in life is to spread the disease of marijuana to the next generation. No wonder so many are shouting about grass right now. America has become a nation of creepy, old freaks and we all know exactly why they’re so anxious to target the gentle, smooth bodies of our innocent children!

Now if only someone could step forward and shut these people up!


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Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of HardDawn.com, Derby Mack is an American Patriot who has dedicated his life to loving his country and preparing his family for the National Apocalypse. He would like to thank the Founding Fathers, President Reagan and Jesus Christ for the opportunity to share Wisdom with every member of the HardDawn.com community. God Bless and Stay Vigilant!