Pot Legalization is Killing My Buzz

Posted on by Derby Mack
Marijuana is for idiots.

A surefire way to destroy your future.

Enough already with the marijuana lectures, you foul little freaks!

I am so sick of all you bong-loving boneheads spouting off about why narcotics should be legalized. You claim to know so very much about the law and the police and “crowded” jails (oh, boo hoo!). And then you’ll digress into gang violence and drug cartels and money laundering and political corruption. Heck, you might just tie it into some conspiracy involving beer brewers and tobacco farmers. And William Randolph Hearst, I know, I know…

Every pothead in America is a loser and a bum. It’s that simple. These are people who hate hard work. They’ve never been responsible their entire lives. They want to throw away their brains and their good health for a few hours of “getting their rocks off” on illegal drugs.

Marijuana forces these jerks into a crazed, fuzzy mental state where shapes and colors spin like the jump cuts in the old Batman TV show. Your hands feel like they’re falling off and your legs are suddenly made of rubber. It’s impossible to speak on this nasty stuff, but that’s never prevented these knuckleheads from trying. Usually what you get is a mixed salad of language, chunks of big words with a lot of contrived dressing to make them sound “intellectual.” What about a little common sense, you jackasses? That’s what I’d love to hear from you. Just one of you!

Before you know it, these grassheads have fallen into a hole of the “ganja giggles” where every dumb cartoon has them tumbling over and flailing their arms as if they’re experiencing explosive diarrhea and a heart attack at the same time. No wonder garbage like South Park and Family Guy are so popular among young people. These silly cartoons are crude, rude and absolutely out of control. Even worse, they’re filling young heads with the most manipulative fantasies of radical liberalism. And you weed addicts buy it wholesale!

You have to wonder what came first, radical liberalism or marijuana advocacy? Both are equally stupid and mentally destructive. Both are all about permissiveness and promiscuity. When it comes to the bitter secularization of our society, these two strains of ignorance intertwine, as the armies of Militant Atheism advocate very loudly for drug legalization and most drug fiends are hardcore atheists.

The thing that annoys me most about the pot junkies is that they’re just so intolerant. They have no time for anyone who disagrees with their aggressive agenda. They’ll shout and push if you attempt to challenge them. Oftentimes they turn violent for no reason at all. We have all heard the stories of mothers who have turned on their own children, brothers against brothers, men holding razor blades to the throats of their lifelong friends. Don’t believe the hype, experimenting with marijuana is like playing Russian Roulette with an Uzi.


Young Obama regularly “indulged” in drugs like pot and it opened him up to ideas like homosexuality and socialism.

Well congratulations, all you horrible people. Hardcore pot has been legalized in Colorado and Washington. The modern mouthpiece of cultural Marxism in America, the New York Times, has even announced in a week-long editorial treatise that they, too, endorse drug addiction among the teens in our nation.

You addicts should be ashamed of yourselves. If only you had chosen to “get high” on faith and patriotism, this nation might stand a fighting chance against the communists and the illegals, but I guess you don’t care.

Weed freaks, you’re ignorant and it makes me incredibly sad.

Every single child in America is now at risk of cancer, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression and heart disease because of you marijuana promoters. They’re also vulnerable to peer-pressure, bullying, immorality, apathy and failure because of pot. This is not a drug that helps or cures. It’s a disease in itself. It makes people incredibly lazy and profoundly foolish. How many will get behind the wheel and kill someone? How many will flip out with a panic attack and jump from a window? How many will waste all the opportunities that life has to offer just because they’d rather get “high” and zone out in their grotesque little bedrooms surrounded by semen-crusted towels and half-eaten bowls of Lucky Charms?

Let me tell you friends, high up there on pot you forget your responsibilities. You forget your homework, your job interviews, your family obligations, your nation and your sacred purpose. You become old, disgusting creeps whose only goal in life is to spread the disease of marijuana to the next generation. No wonder so many are shouting about grass right now. America has become a nation of creepy, old freaks and we all know exactly why they’re so anxious to target the gentle, smooth bodies of our innocent children!

Now if only someone could step forward and shut these people up!


About This Journalist

Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of HardDawn.com, Derby Mack is an American Patriot who has dedicated his life to loving his country and preparing his family for the National Apocalypse. He would like to thank the Founding Fathers, President Reagan and Jesus Christ for the opportunity to share Wisdom with every member of the HardDawn.com community. God Bless and Stay Vigilant!

  • Batmanius

    You’d almost think this was legit.

  • 8——->

    You are one mean old man. Get with the times and relax maybe? I think you need one big bong hit, you dumb fart.

  • Stephenson_Billings

    Beautifully on point and full of guts and passion, as always, Derby! As someone who has seen the terrible face of addiction in our youths, I really loved this piece. Thank you and God bless.

    • You’re all stupid

      Lol yes marijuana is the worst addiction, the withdrawal is a doosey! Haha you sound just as ignorant as the author.

      • OGIS

        Yesterday I injected 5 mariwannas, and died. But Prosperity Gospel JESUS brought me back to life so I could WITNESS against the EVILS of this VILE DRUG.

  • Blanche Beecham

    Walking in the park or where these drug doers might lay about getting high in the dark of night, I always wear shoes with hard rubber soles so my feet won’t be pierced with a marijuana needle.

    • Derby Mack

      It’s a sad fact of contemporary America that marijuana smokers have become absolutely brazen with their drugs. We as a society have given them a pass and many law enforcement agencies are neglecting the law by letting this happen so openly. I am sorry that you felt threatened, Blanche. The world is truly a sorry place when a woman cannot enjoy our national parks without being harassed.

      • learn shit first

        Dude your fucking stupid reefer has such good affect for people with cancer aneixty depression and evrything all u need is a bong hit and to relax so shut the fuck up god im tired of all these people saying shit they dont know about

        • Courtney Wilson

          If you are a marijuana addict, please do America a favor and seek out a Christian treatment center and therapy. You are in denial of your substance abuse problem. Trust in Him and He will lead you down the path of righteousness 🙂

          Have a blessed day,

          • Detroit Alyssa


      • ConcernedCitizen

        Go back in your hole.

    • Get-educated

      marijuana needles you gotta be kidding! you do realize that you don’t inject marijuana with a needle right? so from whatever these needles are sure as hell not from marijuana use. Please think before stating wrong facts here

      • Blanche Beecham

        I wouldn’t wear those foot glove things. Have you ever stepped on a nail? Well needles are just as dangerous and covered in biologicals that can transmit disease and germs. Needles from marijuana druggies are the worst kind. One very important pamphlet “Don’t Step on That!” that our ladies group put together was a big hit at the local high schools.. Gladys is our graphic artist and she really out did herself, kids respond to it – asking for multiple copies to share with friends. So @Get you can put down your naysaying right now.

        • zack

          smoking mean smoking. not injecting. marijuana is smoked in a paper, similar to the papers they use to roll cigarettes. or in a blunt (or cigar). and its not an addicting drug.

        • andrew heisz

          you need to read some different pamphlets or some shit. Mabe go roll a j for yourself and watch out for those HEROIN needles.

        • Courtney Wilson

          These addicts are in such denial!

      • OGIS

        It’s possible. You just have to grind the stems up very very small. Yesterday I injected 5 mariwannas. In my eyeball.

        Yeah, I’m HARD CORE.

        • rubes

          its not fucking possibly to inject a marijuana stem in your body. even if you grind it up very small.

          • OGIS

            You won’t know until you try…..

    • ConcernedCitizen

      A marijuana needle? hahaha You can’t inject weed you dumb shit! It’s a plant that you smoke much like cigarettes but without the deadly chemicals and horrible stories of cancer and death. In fact no one has ever died from SMOKING weed but the figures on cigarette related and alcohol related deaths are insanely high. I come to this site to see the truly stupid in all their glory and you are one of the dumbest I’ve come across!

  • You’re stupid

    You sound so ignorant! I know a lot of pot smokers who hold stable jobs that aren’t just working behind a counter or flipping burgers. These are people in management and jobs that pay more than $15 an hour. You’re articles suck ass to say the least, you are wrong on so many levels and you need to get your facts straight. Honestly I’ve never been so annoyed as I am now after reading just two of your articles. Old ass douchebag

    • Derby Mack

      I pray that when you’re older, you’ll see the foolishness of your anger. Your body is precious and it should not be abused with drugs and escapism. People do care for you and I’m sure your parents want the very best for your future. I hope you’ve told them that you love them recently. Maybe some day you’ll walk into a church or seek out a guidance counselor and get some help. Marijuana is not that answer, young man.

      • Blanche Beecham

        Marijuana is not the answer!

        • Stuart

          Marijuana is not the answer? I’d say that depends on what the question is.

        • Guy Brandenburg

          Jack Daniels, my lord, is the answer

      • three little birds

        You, my friend, have a serious attitude problem. 😉

      • OGIS

        Marijuana is TEH DEBIL’S DRUG!!!!!!

        • rubes

          do you even know how to spell right? please do it so.

          • OGIS

            You’re right, thanks. It should have been:

            MariJEWana is TEH DEBIL’S DRUG!!!!!!

      • rubes

        listen man, marijuana is not a bad drug. it is not addicting and it is good for people who have illnesses such as cancer. or some little kids that have epilepsy, it helps them stay calm when ever they get freaked out. try researching more about the plant before you post something that you know will bring a lot of controversy to you. it is also not a drug to used for escapism.

      • OGIS

        >>>”Your body is precious and it should not be abused with drugs and escapism.”

        Totally agree. Therefore we should lock people up in prisons and ruin their lives for their own good.

        Makes PERFECT sense.

      • ConcernedCitizen

        I’m pushing 40. A musician of several instruments, self taught…graduated high school, went on to trade school to be a sound engineer and work in recording studios, own my own studio, own a restaurant, have served in the Coast Guard protecting this countries people and it’s borders…Ive smoked weed since I was 16 and just about everyone I know also smokes weed. I know some important people with some high paying great jobs, business owners and so forth. You don’t know shit and should really go away

  • Michael1981

    I’d especially advise all to stay away from cannabis in its “oil” form, which people use to vaporize it into a “healthier” smoke. This makes it just like that crack cocaine, so that it is incredibly physically addictive and destructive! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

  • RJpal

    Derby I think you are being a bit narrow minded about this topic my friend. I understand your point of view however, the fact is, marihuana has never been linked to a single death, alcohol however… Millions, tobacco, millions, both of which are completely legal and taxable. Marajuana does in FACT help many sick people cope with the pains and symptoms of their illness. Marajuana was used by our forefathers for many things, in fact the Bill of Roghts was written on hemp paper. A patriot such as yourself should brace the freedom of this fine country including the right to enjoy a crop that comes from the Mother Nature. But I’m just another guido from Rhode Island so I’m sure my opinion is completely irrelevant to you my friend.

  • Kaylee-Aurora

    I hate the smell of pot on a guy. And it makes your skin gross.

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Hahaha makes your skin gross? hahaha thats a new one.

  • Lord Vego

    just catching my breath, can’t breath, laughing to hard.

  • Cassidy Pen

    Tommy Cheech and Chong Marin should both be on the Federal BI Most Wanted List.

    • Lol Nice Try

      Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin*

  • Dollartooth

    here`s another example of the vile liberal drug agenda… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TebhmQ8555o

  • Cowabunga Kid

    I can only surmise that you view a naturally growing plant like cannabis as the devils work and not something created by the “lord”

  • OGIS

    I am sooooooo stealing this entire article for trolling on the cbslocal “view with alarm” concern troll articles.

    Yes, I am medicated.

  • Youcan’tbeserious

    This is such a narrow minded viewpoint. Yes, weed can be abused, obviously no one with half a brain would deny that. People who are looking for an escape will find it, doesn’t matter if they find it in pills, weed, alcohol, or even junk food. That said, when used properly, it has been scientifically proven, ( not that those words mean much around here, apparently. ) to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and yes, even cancer. Now, pay attention here, because I’m not saying that every single person should be high as a kite all the time. I’m simply saying that if we as a society value personal liberty, as we claim, then people should be allowed to choose whether or not to indulge.

  • Stuart

    Marijuana, injecting it even once can cause autism and homosexuality. And it contributes to fast food profits. Really, would a rational person go into a Taco Bell? No, only the drug addled.

    • rubes

      actually i loved taco bell before i started getting stoned. and when i did start getting stoned i never ate there.

      • Stuart

        Could be now that you inject marijuanas, you are now too autistic to focus broadly enough to find the Taco Bell.

        • ConcernedCitizen

          You can’t inject weed…

          • Stuart

            You are simply not determined enough. Real marijuana addicts will sell their babies for just one Mary Jane hypodermic

  • James Smith

    This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever read in my life. It sounds like some old man ranting about kids on his lawn.

    • Stuart

      If this is the dumbest thing you have ever read, I suggest you read more often.

  • Olivier Butler

    These comments are the best comments ever.

  • tMod

    Well I am impressed. This really looks legit, Mr. Mack. You sir, are a troll of the highest order, I salute your moxie. Carry on!

  • moo

    Lmao I thought the picture of this guy was going to be a clean shaven guy…. This dude looks like a pothead

  • Neal

    How does one shut you up idiot. Ever heard of a place called THE NETHERLANDS?? Or a city called AMSTERDAM?? Take a moment off your HIGH horse and check their crime rate. Your spewing the worse jkind of 19th century tripe. The only good thing is VERY SOON your entire racist, ignorant generation will all be dead. good riddance. Your a moron. Where’d ya get your degree?? Cracker Jack box?? Mines from Princeton. So yes…. I’m smarter than you. dumbass

  • bulshmit

    well, somebody is a little ignorant