“Planet Earth II” is Incredibly Disrespectful of President Trump’s Environmental Vision and David Attenborough Needs to Apologize

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

This foreign movie promotes a communist vision of animals living in a big government nannystate funded on the taxpayer’s dime.

In these days of political division, it’s so difficult for parents to find television programming that lacks subversive leftwing messages.

I learned this terrible lesson firsthand when I attempted to watch a British nature documentary with my 16-year old niece this weekend.

We were flipping through Amazon on a quiet Saturday when a fascinating new show popped up on my feed. It was called Planet Earth 2 and was the sequel to an older movie that apparently won raves from the critics. As a longtime fan of Downtown Abbey, I thought I’d give this flashy import from the Brits a try.

Immediately we were slammed with an angry diatribe about hardcore “eco” activism. This was followed by scene after scene of animals living like communists in government-funded luxury. No mention was made, of course, of the ridiculous amount of taxpayer money required to fund these extremist fantasies.

Clearly this show had an ax to grind. I quickly realized why it was released at the same exact moment when Donald J. Trump is doing so much to save America. Conspiracy much?!?

One of the President’s most important priorities is peace through environmental deregulation. America is blessed with vital homeland resources and it’s criminal and un-Godly for us to neglect that. Yet the delusional terrorists in the Democrat Party want the Federal Government to seize our states’ own lands. They want to turn millions of American acres into “nature preserves” because it puts hardworking middle class families out of work. They care more about some wild possums (and yes, they are delicious) than patriotic young citizens looking for work in our coalmines.

If President Teresa May truly respects President Trump, she needs to offer up an apology from alpha eco predator David Attenborough.

This goes to the heart of David Attenborough’s secret agenda. He’s the alpha in a pack of predatory international media elites now preying on our nation’s sovereignty. When Bernie Sanders announced his socialist candidacy for the White House, they smelled blood and pounced. That scent pushed them into a frenzy of yapping about “Mother Earth” and the United Nations. The globalist carbon tax is just of one their methods of stalking us. Propaganda like Planet Earth 2 is another. They’re going for the jugular and will howl through the night as American industry bleeds out on the darkened plain of economic reality.

My niece survived the attack. She was scared, of course, but we fought back by watching several important YouTube videos about the New World Order and the Rothschilds. Personally, I felt betrayed and have decided to boycott the last season of Downtown when it comes out. I just don’t feel like I can support a fundamentalist regime. I urge my fellow centipedes to do the same.

Now I worry now about the rest of the heartland. Will they be as quick to escape the barbarism of Planet Earth’s relentless hunt? What of Mr. Trump himself? If we genuinely want to have a relationship with the British, shouldn’t President Teresa May offer up an apology from David Attenborough?

Considering how we saved their butts in the Iraq War, it’s the least they could do!