Is Oprah Bad for African-Americans and Bad for America?

Posted on by Stephenson Billings

Oprah. That one word conjures up: Power, Superstardom, Wealth, Wisdom, Elegance and… Terror! Her position as the most powerful woman in the world is undeniable: 40 million weekly watchers, iron-fisted control of television, internet, radio and print outlets and a personal fortune in the billions.

But now Oprah has abandoned the jolly image of a woman who hands out free cars to become a self-made spiritual genius. Daily on her show, she claims to hold the secrets to happiness, health and salvation. Experts say her actions border on the irrational and unethical. And most frightening of all, she is embracing the lowest charlatans and false prophets America has seen since the 19th century. These are women and men who offload the worst kinds of bunk medicine and fake religion at every turn, trashing sound advice to profit from their potions, books, lectures and DVDs. It’s putting the safety and soul of America, and specifically African-Americans, at grave risk.
Well, now it’s time to ask ourselves as a nation, Why should we support this menace that is Oprah any longer?

Oprah has abused her legendary influence to help peddle alternative treatments that are ineffective, expensive and dangerous. […] Investigators have dissected the credentials of Winfrey’s favourite talking heads, opinionated imposters who simply “gush nonsense.” The guests have offered questionable endorsements of ineffective new plastic surgery techniques, unproven hormone therapies and dangerous cancer “cures.” — Guy Adams,The Independent, 06/07/09

Oh Oprah! You can’t even keep your weight down and you’re a billionaire, what makes you think you know anything about health? Is sitting on a couch all day jabbering with your friends really setting the best example for America’s women? At least Martha Stewart cooks and cleans on her show. But no, instead of exercise and a healthy diet, Oprah has opted for the quick fixes of a bunch of holistic unlicensed “healers.” This has been explored deeply in the amazing article, “Why Oprah’s Health Advice Will Make You Sick” by the reputable magazine, Newsweek.

Here’s a peek:

Suzanne Somers, Former “Three’s Company” Star: Has been on the show extensively to talk about her regimen that includes taking 60 vitamin pills a day, using “a syringe to inject estrogen directly into her vagina.” Plus, “If she’s exposed to cigarette smoke, she has her blood chemically cleaned with chelation therapy.” Oprah has started the treatments herself!
Jenna McCarthy, Pornstar: This lusty lass is a very loud opponent of child vaccinations. Let’s bring back measles and polio, Jenna!
Dr. Christy Northrup: “A lifetime of swallowing words one is aching to say,” is the cause of thyroid disease in women, so says this bright light. Then why does Oprah have a thyroid problem, Doc? She’s one of the biggest talkers on the planet!
Phil McGraw, aka “Dr Phil”: This spouse-cheating cowboy-wannabe with the good looks and intelligence of a dead bullfrog was already neck-deep in controversy when his first wife revealed that he used to lock her in the basement and tell her to lift weights to improve her bustline! Sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience telling women what to do, Dr. P!
Suze Orman: If the phrase, “the banality of evil” wasn’t already taken, it would apply perfectly to this freakishly googly-eyed, self-proclaimed financial “guru” whose stew of inept and dull advice can be boiled down to cabbages like, “Use self-service gas pumps rather than full-serve.” Why is this lizard on PBS?


“Oprah’s new age teachings are sucking in millions of people to false philosophies, and they’re literally leading people to Satan. Oprah, whether she knows it or not, is really being a conduit to lead people to Hell.” — Christian Leader Bill Keller on The Cavuto Report
Lately the unmarried and childless Ms. Winfrey has been stirring the pot against her Baptist upbringing with quotes like, “I don’t believe that Jesus came to start Christianity,” and “There couldn’t possibly be one way to Jesus.” These outrages are an indefensible denial of Christianity and are completely, utterly against everything Jesus teaches. (See the nasty catbrawl video here!)
But it gets far worse! To fill that emptiness in her soul, the big O has gathered a carnival of New Age crystal-loving astrologers on her set to sell their hollow promises. Who’s buying? Oprah, for one, who submits to every new fad, pulling a huge share of her fan base down with her. Here are just a few of the regular guests that Oprah follows and expects her audience to do the same:

Helen Schucman: Authored the bestseller, “A Course in Miracles,” which she states was dictated to her by none other than Jesus Christ in His spare time! Did they stop for bathroom breaks?
Eckhart Tolle: A dangerously ridiculous little man who declares, “Thinking has become a disease” and shows that he has nothing to worry about himself with his New Age hodge podge of clichés. Oprah shills his 10-month course from Larry King to the web. It contains such worthless gems as:

“The pain-body consists of trapped life-energy that has split off from your total energy field and has temporarily become autonomous through the unnatural process of mind identification.” – Eckhart Tolle

Rhonda Byrne, author of “The Secret”: Believes she discovered an old book that showed her that by thinking very, very hard she could get whatever she wanted in life! From curing breast cancer to a date with Brad Pitt or a new Honda Civic, all you have to do is sit down and concentrate. A real lot!
LeVar Burton, aka Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: This German-born poker player promotes “peace science” and is secretly funded by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which believes in special healing powers and psychic abilities.
Marianne Williamson: Who tells people, “You’ve committed no sins, just mistakes” so don’t worry about the embezzling or raping. Also pushing for a “Department of Peace,” to “treat gang psychology,” and create a “Peace Day” holiday that would replace Veteran\’s Day. (Oprah ravenously bought 1,000 copies of her book all for herself!)
Barbara DeAngelis: Penned the hedonistic rant, “How to Make Love All the Time” Coined absurd self-help terms like “rescue-holic” and who humbly calls herself, “one of the most influential teachers of our time.”
Ted Haggard: The homosexual, prostitute-loving, lying evangelist and crystal-meth addict had his spiritual love-in moment with the big O. He fit right in up on that stage!
Betty Eadie: Another deranged astrologer who had some kind of female hemorrhage, during which she died for a moment and met Jesus at the end of a bright tunnel, where uploaded to her brain the answers to life’s important questions, for sale now on Amazon!
You have to wonder if this harem of on-high hoodlums are simply evil con artists or actually mentally-damaged enough to believe their outrageous and downright silly claims. But we shouldn’t laugh too hard at their absurdity for they prey on the most fragile of Americans– the weak, the elderly, the spiritually lost souls who will grasp at anything as long as it costs less than $30 and promises complete redemption.


In the aftermath of the recent Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Affair, when the grisly underside of American racism was revealed, Oprah still pushes her own view of racial priorities and segregation. Shedenied entry to her show to both Governor Sarah Palin and Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary, causing an uproar which she refused to answer.

Oprah also founded a “blacks only” school for girls in South Africa a few years back. When asked about her anti-white admission policy, she proclaimed, “Oh,…..I don’t care about no white girls.” If this school were in America, it would be clearly illegal (and we’d expect better grammar).
Another shocking event happened when Oprah was interviewed about future job prospects on XM radio in September 2006 by Gayle King. Here’s a snippet of the offensive transcript (or listen here):
Gayle King: You could work for some good White folks.

Oprah: They give you clothes and you get food to take home. And they give you good clothes, too, not all worn out. That’s what my grandmother used to say to me. And I now say that I wish she had lived to see that I did grow up to get some good White folks–[yelling:] WORKING FOR ME!
Gayle [also yelling]: WORKING FOR YOU!
Oprah [still yelling]: WORKING FOR ME!
Gayle: Hehehehe! [laughs at “White folks”]

What does it say about the African-American community to have its second most powerful representative say such things? And what does it say when that same woman then wanders off into the woods of religious relativism with a mostly white gang of frauds? And then to foist this pyramid scheme on her own community, putting their health and their souls at risk? Has Oprah’s ego become so big that she is blind to the very real consequences here? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

Oprah started off benignly enough as a gabby talk show host covering relationship issues and new products for the home, but somewhere along the line veered off into more frightening territory, recasting herself as a celebrity kingmaker, moral authority, political activist and ultimately as a spiritualist leader. But because she does so many public good deeds, ordinary people give her a free pass on the more dangerous aspects of her personality. The educated and powerful on the other hand are too afraid to speak out. From the pundits at Fox News and black leaders like Al Sharpton, to the recently washed ashore Cuban mambo player, everyonefears Oprah’s wrath. Even the most ego-centric of Americans: Presidents and Hollywood A-listers will prostrate themselves just to spend a half hour with her on a Wednesday afternoon. Can we continue to let this kind of power go unchecked? She asks her followers, and ultimately all of America, for a dangerous mix of physical, financial and religious devotions. She will both bankrupt, sicken and damn us if we don’t wake up! America, please stop tuning in to Oprah’s crime spree of reckless insanity! Now (S) People!

“The pause symbol (S) after certain passages is a suggestion that you may want to stop reading for a moment, become still, and feel and experience the truth of what has just been said.”
— Eckhart Tolle, Preface to The Power of Now.