Open Concept Kitchens Are the Height of New World Order Fascism

Posted on by Kaylee-Aurora

Do degenerate European designs have a place in the American family home?

“Modern” architecture has never been taken very seriously in this country.

And rightly so! It’s gloomy and plain, stomping around the edges of our culture like some black-booted spinster we do our best to avoid at a backyard funeral.

All that changed under Barack Hussein Obama, thanks to the hardcore liberal media and their insatiable globalist masters in the Bilderberg Group.

As part of their plot to invade our freedom, these degenerate intellectuals sank their foreign fangs into the very bosom of American life: the kitchen!

The kitchen has always been the true heart of the home, but big city designers ripped it open and exposed its workings for all to see. They tore down walls and forced men’s private spaces to be violated in the most shameful ways. They called this “open concept” in a nod to their “open borders’ policy with illegals! They wanted the whole house to be watching, hearing everything like this was East Germany in 1957!

No one should be shocked to learn that “modernism” came out of Germany, where the Illuminati was also founded by the way. Years ago my Mother went to old Europe and learned they’re fond of “naked” materials over there and have an obsession with brutal precision. Stripped of all the fun and frills, the Germans have plenty of dull little boxes for their dull their little lives. Then the French swooped in and painted everything white and added giant glass windows all over. Suddenly walking to the toilet in your birthday suit became a community spectacle! And they like it that way… It’s no surprise there isn’t even a word for “curtains” in France!

If we’re going to blame anyone for this crisis, we’ve got to blame these so-called “architects.” Who gave them the right? In fact, most come from elite universities where between the pot orgies and communist museums they’re indoctrinated in the Deep State’s long con of ridiculous construction regulations. Thanks to them, we the people don’t even have the right to build our own homes as the Founding Fathers intended! It’s no surprise that many architects are confirmed Illuminati!

That’s why I support Donald J. Trump’s plan to outlaw the building codes entirely and get this nation back on track!

From left: Old Europe’s architecture emphasizes sexual exhibitionism; Trump is the “gold standard” for contemporary design; a homeowner-designed masterpiece for the New America.

Trump’s not afraid of ornamenting his ornaments or adding a gold ceiling or a third and fourth floor to a beach house! That how much he loves American freedom! Trump’s not afraid to knock down some trees and dig up some sand dunes so we can truly enjoy the nature God blessed us private property owners with! Is there anything more patriotic than that?

The stormtroopers with their “inspector’s licenses” will fight back, no doubt! They’ve grown too fat under the democrats and have a fascist addiction to controlling our lives. Many plumbers and electricians are also part of the game. They charge you outrageous fees to plug in a heater for your pigsty and then kick that money up the chain to their union bosses. Cents on the dollar will find their way into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, I guarantee it!

This is why regulations and unions are destroying the American middle class, sheeple!

But there is hope!

Folks are just beginning to realize that our new President represents far more than a political shift for America. He’s also spearheading a cultural revolution. And that means our long, national nightmare of the “architect” class is almost over. We need to shut down all those shelter magazines and arrest the Property Brothers. We need to rise up against HGTV and their “open concept” agenda!

But that’s just the start of it! We need a national slogan and we need it now that says, “Just say NO to architecture!”

We THE PEOPLE have suffered ENOUGH!